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The Reapers

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We are currently a tribe of 2 members and looking to find more tribe members to get bigger. join my disc https://discord.gg/G7RXVx or go to where it says join and type your steam name


  1. What's new in this tribe
  2. Name: LunaAlua (On discord as well) I have over 378 hours of play time, I used to play with my boyfriend and his friends but they got frustrated and quite playing but I've continued playing solo. I've never done a boss raid or anything else. I've only played PVE. But have tons of experience building/taming/breeding etc. Id love to find some people to start a new server with and play on! Timezone: Central Time Zone
  3. Hello, I recently joined this tribe. I tried to add you on discord but it did not go through. My discord is Veteran Robotace001#6345. I am some what new to ark but not knew to survival type games. I picked up the game fairly quick within a week, but I think at this point it would be best to look for people to play the game with. Regards, Chris,
  4. 7,436 hours level 140 character on official havent played in about a year Ketus#4768
  5. I play ark everyday for at the least 6-10 hours a day. i have only ever played solo but i am interested to learn new things. my steam is MENsTruAl_cycLe0766 Friend code is 1209250850
  6. Hi I would like to join this tribe. I am currently playing however some days I may not be able to play. I have 150+ hours on Ark and would be excited to join this tribe after playing as a solo and struggling. My steam is "Zapynes". Thank you for reading
  7. hello I would like to join the tribe. I am active playing unfortunately new on pc but I have many hours ark on ps4. my discord Scubaru90#0644
  8. im lookin to get back into ark. i have no problem grinding for the tribe or doin whatever yall tell me what to do. Discord is Quincy#3081
  9. Hey im looking for a tribe my dc is JayS#8420
  10. I'm relatively new to ark, I don't know nothing at all but I don't know a lot, just looking to make new friends and join a tribe. My discord is llurky#0525
  11. Hi are u still looking for new people my discord is slnmola#3049
  12. i want to joint the tribe, my discord keem#1802
  13. can i get a invite please , steam name: chonky donky (cat pic) discord: Feisty Man#6969 have 1.9k hrs in ark
  14. DC: Cowboy#5573 Hit me up
  15. Hey 1,7k hours in game. 24 years of age. Desperate need of a tribe Best regards Andy AKA Cowboy
  16. 1,200 hours in game, 2 accounts. My specialty is mass resource harvesting. I'm also a good tamer. Discord: R3volve#8963
  17. RenzoNesk#9532 and pamdorum#5624

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