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  1. Hi, i'm looking for a tribe on smalltribes. I have 1300 hrs can do anything from farming to pvp Adrakur#4602
  2. If you are still looking for tribemates i have 1300 hrs discord: Adrakur#4602 I prefer smalltribes
  3. Can't add you on discord, it says that it's wrong. If you want add me Adrakur#4602 or give me the correct ID
  4. Looking for tribes PC 1300 hrs played, EU, I can play pretty much every roles (pvp, farming, taming, etc.) lvl 101
  5. Still searching for members for smalltribes?
  6. Hi, i'm Adrakur looking for a tribe. Playing on smalltribes, have 1.3k on PC. I can play pretty much very roles (pvp, farming, taming, etc.), weakness is i don't have much experience with pvp. I want to join a tribe because it's sometimes i play smalltribes and can't start a decent base because every 2/3 days it gets destroyed.
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