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(PS4 Server!!!) HELLO! As you may have known, I had stopped this tribe, but now I want to start AGAIN!! We had previously gotten insides, so there are a couple new rules: - You have to gain our trust before you can gain access to admin buildings, change settings, kick members out, etc. - You are expected to work hard and respect the other members (PLEASE! We had multiple incidents last time lmao). And yeah, that’s basically it! So if you want to join my tribe, please follow the instructions below: 1. Message me on PSN - my user is: hjkussswweeeer (I know it’s ridiculous but I actually didn’t put that name in LMAO). I may or may not friend you. 2. You should receive a message from me with the details (server name, where to meet, etc). 3. Yay! You’re in! So... starting fresh on a new server, I haven’t done anything yet except for leveling up (my high level survivor got deleted). We need a base location, and people who have enough time to tame dinos (it takes a ridiculously long time to tame certain dinos and some people don’t have the time). We need grinders! We need builders! We need tamers! We need breeders! We want to be a MEGA TRIBE!! If you are willing to join, please message me ASAP. Here’s what you should know about me: I have school, which means I don’t have infinite time to be on Ark. I am an experienced player. I am FEMALE. I’m a girl gamer lmao. PLEASE PLEASE JOIN US TO BECOME A MEGA TRIBE! WE WILL HAVE A LOT OF FUN! Kind regards, Waterwolf


  1. What's new in this tribe
  2. Ik Dont know either how to join
  3. Are you guys full if not nobody can message hjkusss her name is blocked
  4. Joining I will forever be loyal to you if I can join. I will grind for hours and I love breeding and taking. I will do whatever the tribe needs whenever.
  5. How to join... ... if nobody is answering all the people? Please dont give hope, it hurts a bit
  6. Join Request pm'ed the leader on psn
  7. Join request Hey, I wanted to join. I already sent you a friend request with more information. I dont know if this is still on(the tribe) but i'd loved to join. Btw i have a lvl 82 character and im experienced in ark
  8. How do you reply to the main post? Can't figure it out, on mobile lol
  9. I would like to join I deffly got alot of experience i have started tribes from bottom up not a problem and i have alot of time to spend on this game because summer break is starting
  10. Join request Just sent you a friend request my character lvl is 103 with all the maps psn: xXMr_MusicXX
  11. My user is Linky71 i have alot of time to grind on this game because i am still in high school
  12. Hello my name is FungirlM1265 and I have been looking for a tribe where I can casually grind in without a ton of drama. I’d prefer not to be the only lady, and I do have school and work so I can’t be on all day but I do pull my own weight. I tried to message you through psn but your account settings wouldn’t let me. I’ll be able to send a friend request tonight. Hope to hear from you soon.
  13. Hey can I join your tribe My ps4 username is X_YeahMan_X I sent you a friend request I can play every day and I can do anything you want I do a lot of taming I have a level 73 character
  14. join reqeust i would like to join the tribe im on everyday i sent the friend request but ur settings does not allow messaging. PSN- timjim2000
  15. Sent Friend Request. Please exept
  16. Can reach me at my PSN Xx-T-GOTEN-Xx
  17. Been playing ark now for a pretty long time, almost 2 years. used to be in UC before the tribe collapsed and went into a civil war, looking to get off my unofficial server and get back into official. good at taming was in a lot of wars (vVv, SC, WW) so i have lots of PvP EXP. make decent turret towers, and can tame.
  18. Hello, I'm Chris. I'm a previous tribe member of this tribe and decided to leave because the tribe is not for players like me (who like to pvp more to get resources instead of grinding 24/7). I'm moving to small tribes when I get on. I'll be recruiting the first 5 people that message me regarding this topic. My psn is odysseyman1969. Message me and we'll get started soon. (remember this is 3x with 2x breeding). Good luck!
  19. Reeeeee, Everyone pretty much left on the island (136 bc im an ass). It DID take them 3 days to get a stone base up. My tame DID get KILLED. They DID refuse to replace my tame. bro all this is true dude. The leader never gets on. I'm leaving once i get on lol. (I have screenshot dude).
  20. ignore him he is a dirty liar. He insided my allies by lying on my old aberration Kind regards, ArrangedFire90 (Leader of Corrupted)
  21. Everyone that was told to not join this tribe by him and everything he told you IT IS A LIE. He insided my allies on my old aberration by lying to get in the tribe and inside all my allies. JUST IGNORE HIM HE WILL NEVER TELL THE TRUTH. Kind regards, ArragedFire90 (Leader of Corrupted)
  22. If you want to play and enjoy the game itself, check out my very old pve unofficial; RonaMax. They have The Island, Extinction, Aberration, and Ragnarok. If you want to enjoy the game and pvp, go to a 1000x and raptor around. I recommend going to SKY PVP. I'll be on next week so i can guide you a little bit.
  23. oh i see... hmm thanks for letting me know then! mayybe not for me.
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