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  1. I need a new tribe I’m 14, I’m level 105 and I have been playing for 2 years. I am really good at taming, breeding, and grinding. I love the underwater and currently just tamed a level 150 basilosaurus to bring over to your tribe. I’m looking for a tribe who will let me tame, breed, and use my Dino’s rather than not letting me take any out ever like my old tribe. Please respond ASAP I wanna play! Thx so much Ryan Slater
  2. Joining I will forever be loyal to you if I can join. I will grind for hours and I love breeding and taking. I will do whatever the tribe needs whenever.
  3. Interview I’m 14 I know your probably thinking too young, the truth is I might be young but that doesn’t matter when it comes to video games. I even though I’m not the biggest fan of grinding, will do it for hours, I love taming and breeding though. I can be on often and I’m on pacific time. You should invite me because I am loyal as heck. I will never inside, and if somebody insides us, I will hunt them down, and kill them, I promiss. I can be your right hand man and I’ll do whatever the tribe needs.
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