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Classic PVP

About This Tribe

We are a tribe that is looking for players looking to enjoy the game with others. Our core group has been playing games together in one form or another for years, so we have a mutual respect policy for our team, and strive to be graceful in victory or defeat. We regularly have contests for tribe members to compete in with prizes, and generally strive to create a fun environment. Direct PM me and I will get you the details. Cheers,


  1. What's new in this tribe
  2. new member hi im trying to join the tribe i have 1900 hours im 23 i have been inactive for a year because of college trying to get back into it i have all the dlc
  3. tribe so how CAN I join
  4. Looking To Join! Greetings! I am an experienced ARK player with 1222 hours who have barely stuck their foot in the water when it comes to pvp. I used to play on a lot of unofficial pve servers, I have a lot of general game knowledge, but I'm not sure about a lot of the basic fundamentals about pvp, and I'm looking for someone to teach me how to properly raid, and defend against raids, I will probably make mistakes, but I am willing to learn from these mistakes and become a warrior for your tribe! I am 18, and you can find my discord at HighCD#4782. Again, I need to clarify that I am not great at pvp, but I am willing to learn, I'm also probably a little bit rusty due to me not properly playing ark for about, a year I believe? It would be much easier if you responded to me on discord, but I will try my best to keep an eye on this site to see if you responded, thank you.
  5. Looking To Join New to PC Ark, dont have a mic, just switched from xbox to pc. Im not a terrible grinder but could be better.
  6. Interview looking to join
  7. looking to join i have minimum typeing skills . i dont have a mic . i have just resentle swiched to pc frome xbox. has some skill
  8. Can I join??? GT is TCOMP26
  9. Looking to Join Looking to Join
  10. Looking to Join I haven't played in quite a while. My primetime is 0100 - 0600 UTC.
  11. Looking to join .
  12. Looking to join
  13. Looking to join! Hey, I would like to join your tribe! Most of my gametime is spent on smalltribes just to point out. My discord is Char#7288
  14. Heya, Sorry for slow response! I check discord everyday add me to discord and I will get you set up BaronBowden#7588
  15. Heya! Sorry for slow reply! add me to discord and ill set ya up BaronBowden#7588
  16. Heya, Sorry for the slow response! Add me to discord and I will get you set up in the tribe! BaronBowden#7588
  17. Heya! Sorry i didnt respond earlier. You can add me on discord and I will get you set up BaronBowden#7588
  18. Interested in joining Hey guys, I'm interested in joining what seems to be a very stable and established tribe to get a good grasp at pvp ark. I have played for sometime but its always been Solo/singleplayer stuff and havent ventured out of that. I feel joining an experienced tribe such as yours would definitely teach me the ways of classic pvp. Please let me know what I need to do from here on such as lvling or whatever else I would have to do to begin. Thanks
  19. Looking to join Hey looking to join an active tribe after a break from the game! I was a member of an alpha tribe Downfall for a year with over 800 hours experience in-game, dedicated, friendly and very active in game as worker and raider.
  20. Would like to join!! Hi there!! My name us UCTwerkeley. I'm interested in joining your tribe! Can you invite me to discord or the server? Thank you!
  21. Couldnt find how to directly PM you; im looking to find a tribe to play with. Most of my time is on smalltribes, classic and crossark. 3.5k hours.
  22. Hello, I am interested in joining your tribe. Have around 1700hrs. Am a reliable farmer, comfortabel with breeding and pvp. have played in big tribes and small tribes. just looking for a good group of people to crush some ark with. 26 years old and have mic and discord.
  23. Played alot of small Tribes, solid grinder, lots of hours. I'm looking to get back into official and think I'd like to try the classic. Let me know, Cheers
  24. will do thanks dude!
  25. BaronBowden#7588 Hit me up on Discord and ill give you the details! Cheers, B
  26. i am an experienced player. would love to hop in a game right now and get to work
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