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About This Tribe

We are currently 3 people (2 NA and 1 EU) looking for 3 other members (pref. 2 player in the time zone GMT + >0). You should have played more than 1000 hours and be able to play around 6 hours a day. Message me if ur down for the grind. My Discord: CyberKillerPenta#6074


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  2. Hello, I have been playing ARK since 2015. I have many experience in how to play games effieciently. Currently, I am looking for someone or small tribe speaking English to practice my English skill. If you want to play with me, please accept my invitiation in Discord. My Discord: FSTG#3113.
  3. If u dont't mind, feel free to join us on discord https://discord.gg/8ACCFg2

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