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  1. Hello, my discord is FSTG#3113 I have been playing ARK since 2015 (I didn't have money at that time so I had played through offline version). Currently, I have already bought the game on Steam and I want to join English speaking tribe to practice my English skills. I have many experience in playing game, and I know many ways to tame the dinosaurs. I haven't bought any DLCs so I am very glad to play the game in Island, Ragnarok and Valguero maps. Thanks.
  2. Hello, I have been playing ARK since 2015. I have many experience in how to play games effieciently. Currently, I am looking for someone or small tribe speaking English to practice my English skill. If you want to play with me, please accept my invitiation in Discord. My Discord: FSTG#3113.
  3. Head to ARK/Shootergame/Saved You can find a folder which has the name of your map you are playing. For me, it is Valguero_Pxxxx. There is a file named Valguero_P.ark or something with the name of the map you are playing. This is the main save and the game will load data from it to restore your game. But it is useless because the game has crashed. Just copy to another folder to backup and delete the original. Head to the bottom of the folder, you will find the file named XXX_NewlaunchBackup.bak (or something like this). MAKE A COPY OF IT THEN RENAME THE COPY TO THE NAME OF THE
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