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  • Community Crunch 139: Re: Small Tribes Clusters, Community Livestream Round-Up, & Arena of Gods Tournament!

    Hey Survivors! Welcome to the latest edition of the Community Crunch! :Jerbhi:

    Regarding Small Tribes Clusters:

    We have an update for you guys on the Small Tribes clustering discussion. In our last Community Crunch we had announced a decision to cluster the Small Tribes servers together. This would have prevented wide scale transfers between all of the servers and limited them to approximately 8 other servers. We received a lot of feedback, with some players concerned that this would cause teaming to escalate on the now smaller set of servers. It was also brought to our attention that many players do enjoy the global server aspect and the fact they can transfer at their leisure. 

    For the time being we have decided that we will not be clustering the Small Tribes servers. We do however reserve the right to revisit this if in the future we feel the health of the servers would benefit from this change. We apologise for any inconvenience caused. Going forward we will attempt to increase our enforcement and monitoring prevent issues as they occur. We may also consider adding separate clusters in the future that do not affect the servers currently online, but at the current time things will be relatively unchanged. Ultimately we want to do what is best for the health of the game mode and the players, and we rely on that feedback to decide when to make changes (or not make changes in this case!). We thank you for your feedback on this topic.

    Community Livestream Round-Up!

    On July 5th we had our fifth Community Livestream. Thank you to all of those who attended and participated! The community team had a lot of fun and we hope you did as well. If you weren't able to catch the stream you can watch the video-on-demand on our Twitch page or by clicking on the video below.

    Our stream this time showcased a mod created by the Dragonpunk team called Arena of Gods. This is a battle arena style mod which involves solo players finding loot, gearing up, taming dinos and battling it out to see who will be the last man standing!

    We played a couple games on stream despite some technical issues that arose. We also spoke to some of the team behind the mod to learn more about their experience with mod making and what exactly is involved with creating a game mode like Arena of Gods.


    The Dragonpunk team is also holding a charity tournament using the Dragonpunk Arena mod. Registration for the event is now open and closes tomorrow. Matches begin Saturday at 12pm EST. They have prepared $10,000 in steam gift cards to give out as tournament prizes!

    The charity is hosted entirely by the Dragonpunk Team through Relay for Life, in support of the American Cancer Society. If you are interested in giving a little for a good cause while also having a bit of fun in process please check out Dragonpunk-Dan's tweet for instructions on how to participate.

    We are accepting any type of ARK related fanart to be featured in the Showcase section of the stream and entries are always open. This can be drawings, videos, builds, ANSEL screenshots, handmade crafts, anything ARK related!


    You can submit your ARKwork to our streaming email address: [email protected]

    Be sure to follow us on our Twitch page so you don't miss a stream! twitch.tv/survivetheark

    We'll be hosting our next Community Live Stream on Thursday, July the 19th! We hope to see you there :)

    Mod Community Updates!

    Good day, everybody! Zen here, with your dose of modding news.

    I am happy to see that people are making use of the bounty board. I have already received a good number of bounty requests. These will be reviewed at the end of the month before I choose which ones go up as active bounties next month. Also please note that I make this decision based on how many people show interest in those requests. If you see a request already in the form, please use it to submit the form so that I know you are interested in that topic, there are currently no restrictions on how many requests you can put in or how many different topics you can show support for.

    I have a new tutorial ready for you. We finally get to set up the user interface for our mod. It's certainly not very pretty yet, but it's there now and it functions! You can find the project files in the post, as well as some supplemental information about the video.
    Happy modding!

    Finally, Xanjis has earned the reward of the last Modding Tutorial contest, the topic was ocean & beach content. Xanjis made a tutorial for adding an underwater boss arena; a topic that I've been getting asked about recently, so I recommend checking it out!

    ARKaeology Event Live Now!


    There is currently an event going on in the world of ARK: ARKaeology! The event will run beginning today on all platforms until July 15th. Collect bones from fossil mounds and craft them into 4 new skins and returning skeleton costumes. 

    During this event all wild dinos have a chance to spawn with additional mutation colors: White, Yellow, Grey, and Black. There is also the mighty Tek Rex which you can find and tame, if you can handle it!

    ARK: Evolution Event!


    Survivors across ALL Platforms will be receiving a special Evolution Event perk this weekend! It will be active from Friday the 13th of July at 1 PM EST until Monday the 16th of July at 3 PM EST. All Official Servers across each platform will be undergoing this evolutionary change which includes:

    2x Harvesting Rates
    2x Taming Rates
    2x EXP Rates

    That's it for this post guys! As always if you’ve got anything to share you can find us at:

    Twitter: twitter.com/survivetheark
    Facebook: facebook.com/survivetheark
    Reddit: reddit.com/r/playark
    Instagram: instagram.com/survivetheark
    Twitch: twitch.tv/survivetheark
    Steam: steamcommunity.com/app/346110
    Youtube: youtube.com/survivetheark

    All the best,
    Studio Wildcard

    Banner artwork by mateaperic51: "Curious Hyaenodon meets a friendly Dire Wolf at the 'Dog ARK'."

    Edited by Jen

    User Feedback

    None of this matters until you add more small tribe servers. NA Ragnarok servers are constantly above 70/70 players

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    Are you still going to be adding the new servers highlighted by asterisks (*), even though you are not clustering the servers?

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    Would be nice to have some more smalltribe servers so some other players get to be able to build on the decent spots. All the good spots are taken for the most part and my tribe really wants to build on a few spots but every server is built on we checked all of them.

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    Can anyone help. I’m on 6 man servers and I was re stating my character at level 102 and server had major lag which caused me to pump melee and I had already mind wiped

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    On 9/7/2018 at 18:49, Meth_is_Deth said:

    Woooo larga vida pequeñas tribus!

    Es la mejor versión que pudieron hacer sobre la jugabilidad  😆😆😆 pero no puedo llevar mi personaje de oficial alla 😦😦😦 deberian permitirlo para no comenzar de cero, aunque no se puedan transferir cosas

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