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  • Trophy Room Contest

    So you've conquered the Island's caves; now it's time to show off the fruits of your labor! Send us your best, brightest, most creative Trophy Room in which you display the spoils of your conquests! Display those Artifacts loud and proud on Artifact Pedestals, top them off with some fanciful decor and mood lighting, then take a screenshot of them and show us what you've got! There will be one winner for this contest!


    Tweet your submission to us!
    Tweet @PlayARKMobile with the hashtag #ARKMobileContest to submit your entry!

    Deadline is December 11th, 2018 at 12:00pm Eastern Time



    • Must be 13 years of age or older to participate.
    • One (1) submission per person per category. You can submit to all three. 
    • Redemption of prizes will be delivered as one code for the complete prize pack.
    • Submissions MUST be sent to the appropriate form. If a submission is mis-submitted to the wrong category it will be automatically disqualified. 
    • Do not submit submissions via anything other than the forms linked below.
    • All contest rules are subject to change. Any updates will be posted here.
    • If your entry is from items shared with a Tribe, the first submission from the Tribe will be awarded the Prize.* 


    Photo Tips!

    • We're going to be posting these to Social Media, so framing your screenshots to where we can crop out the UI, or showing as little UI as possible on the screen, will help us share it if your photo gets selected. 
    • If you happen to be participating via Single Player and have the God Console, please take advantage of the Hide UI button for your screenshots!
    • If we can't see what's going on in your screenshot, it'll be very hard to pick your entry, now won't it? So, good lighting, or a healthy dose of mood lighting is a super help to your entry! Utilize lighting sources like torches, electrical lights (dyed lights make great mood lighting for some scenarios!) and the miners helmet to give your screenshot a boost if it's just a bit too dark to get a proper shot. 

    The Prize:

    There will only be ONE WINNER for this contest!

    The Winner will receive:




    *If you would like to split your prize with your Tribemates, please let us know after we contact you.

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