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  • SUMMER SURGE (July 2021)

    Summer Surge is coming to ARK Mobile from Tuesday, July 20th through Tuesday, August 3rd. We’re celebrating summer in style this year with wild Eerie dino spawns in multiplayer, Remix Dungeons, Gift drops, Increased rates and more. Put on your sunscreen, light up the campfire, and get ready to have a great summer experience on the Island!

    Event Start: Tuesday, July 20th at 12:00pm EST
    Event End: Tuesday, August 3rd at 11:00am EST

    For the duration of Summer Surge all wild creatures* on Official Servers will spawn as Eerie! 

    On Unofficial Servers, server owners will find the option to turn on Wild Eerie Spawns through their web interface during the event. Please note that this setting will be forced back off at the end of the event, after daily maintenance.

    *Due to technical issues, the Unicorn and Electrophorus will not spawn as Eerie.

    Gift boxes will spawn around the Island in ALL game modes during the in-game hours of 6:00pm - 5:00am. Find these drops and harvest them for your chance at 70+ different items including Ancient Amber, Eery Element, Premium Items and a whole lot more!

    For the entirety of Summer Surge you can enjoy increased rates! For the next two weeks the following rates will be active on Official Servers: 2x Breeding, 2x Egg Hatching, 2x Maturation, 2x Imprinting, 2x Harvesting, 2x XP (4x Primal Pass), and 2x Fishing Loot. 

    Unofficial Server owners are welcome to adjust their rates and join in on the fun.

    This wouldn't be a special event without special Dungeons to go along with it. We’re taking two of our popular previously-released Dungeons and completely remixing them with new surprises. Players over Level 40 may head to any Obelisk or TEK Teleporter to experience two Remix Dungeons.

    • Tuesday, July 20th: RMX Withered Haunt of the Guardian

    Features: TEK Generator, TEK Rifle, Ascendant Ghillie Chest, Journeyman TEK Gauntlets (low chance)

    • Tuesday, July 27th: RMX Restless Catacombs

    Features: TEK Sleeping Pod, TEK Chestpiece, Ascendant Fur Boots, Journeyman TEK Shield (low chance)

    This year sees another photo contest being hosted across social media. Enter for your chance to win a prize of 200x Ancient Amber! 

    This year’s contest is a Beach Photo Contest! Show us your best beach set up, whether it be the best party on the Island, a great structure build, or just you and your tames hanging out! 

    To enter, submit your entries on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook using the hashtag #ARKMobileBeach. Entries can be submitted now through Tuesday, August 3rd at 11AM EST - no entries will be accepted beyond that point! Three winners will be selected the following week and take home a prize of 200x Ancient Amber each!

    Each day of the week will see two different items on sale in the in-game store. The Anime Raptor Skin will also make its return and is available for free during Summer Surge.

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    Will there ever be a event where wild eerie creatures will spawn on single player? Not sure if there has been one before or not haven't been playing for very long

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    I am a Chinese player, this activity I think is very good, especially the color dragon, hope to be able to play better activities.

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    I appreciate what they do to keep the game alive since I have a lot of affection for it, but it would be great if they could try to correct quite common errors, example: the sound, which disappears in certain areas of the map, obviously has more mistakes like any game, but I do not see that they feel motivated with this same, even so thank you and happy day to all.

    Edited by AidenFex

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    Podrían por favor pensar en los que jugamos en solitario, nosotros también queremos tener dinosaurios errie sin tener que hacer las DUNGEON, siempre estan los dinos en multijugador. :´(

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