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      Note for players regarding Ascension (please open terminal/tribute before ascending)   02/04/18

      With the latest server update on PC (v276.493), if you're going to attempt ascension, before doing so please make sure you've opened a supply crate/transmitter/obelisk/ basically anything terminal/tribute inventories. It's a temp workaround to characters being lost when ascending whilst we're investigating character issues further.

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Found 69 results

  1. Base Spino Stats for Boss Fight

    I was just curious as to what the pre imprinting stats most of you had on your spinos for taking on the gamma aberration boss. I have 4700 HP and 340 Melee on my spinos. I have tamed 15 level 135-150 and not a single one has had more than 5000 HP after taming. The last one I tamed had 4200 HP and after gaining 55 levels through Mutton taming it somehow only ended up with 4700 HP. This grind for a decent HP spino is killing me. So what do your boss spinos look like?
  2. Abberant vs Standard Dinos

    So I was just curious as to what everybody thought about choosing normal or abberant variants of dinos to tame and breed. Aberrant Dinos do 10% more base damage, but have 10% less health, so for some Dinos this is a blessing and others it is a curse. A good example of a mixed bag is the Spino, the abberant Spino gets a nice boost to its attack yet is suffers from a 10% drop onto its base health which is pretty mediocre even on normal Spino variant. Which Dinos do you preffer standard and which Dinos do you prefer aberrant?
  3. Hey, I will pass level 100 and I hesitate between two options of stats. I would like to know what are yours to compare if you play with a lot of speed or more weight to get an idea of what I could do. Thank you for your answers PS: I'm talking about PvE Stats
  4. EVERFORTH ROLEPLAY SEVER XBOX ONE Hello everybody, we are hosting a 4x Roleplay server on Unoffical PC servers for the Xbox one, if you want to join a server with serious roleplay and fun scenarios, events, roleplay interactions join us, MUST JOIN DISCORD AT: https://discord.gg/d6gYzs NO DEFORMED CHARACTERS! No midgets, no Popeye characters etc! to Join step one: switch over to Primitive Plus step two: search up "Everforth" in the search bar but make sure it's on maps Ragnarok, and unofficial PC Servers, it is a Nitrado server and on PVP step three: Spawn at the welcome Center in Highlands North and read rules OIF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS MESSAGE GAMERTAG "Diego" yes, it's Just Diego no numbers "X's" etc. GT:Diego
  5. What roles do you provide your tribe? Are you a hunter? A resource grinder? Leader? Crafter...? Do your stats reflect your duty well? What stats do you think are optimal for that duty? Or are you all lone wolf? Getting it all done yourself?
  6. Keeping Track of Dino Stats

    So, I'm curious what methods do you all use to keep track of your dinos stats? I use to write it down, but that took a lot of time, so I started using a spreadsheet, but I didn't like having to exit the game to record the stats of new tames, so I switched to using the Ark Dino Stats app for iPhone, which is what I'm using currently. How do you guys keep track of what dinos are best to breed?
  7. Rex Stats?

    I am curious what stats everyone uses on their rexs for the boss fights on the center?
  8. Yuti Boss Stats

    What high stats should i be looking for in a boss yuti? I know that melee shouldnt play a part because they dont attack. And after tame what should i pump?
  9. Boss Fight Yuty

    Was wondering what to hope for in taming a yuty what stat is necessary for boss fighting, and post tame what should i pump into them.
  10. Flyers speed

    Could there not be a limit on how much you can upgrade a flyers speed? Rather than complete block? Maybe not for the better flyers, maybe just for pteradon. Even if it’s just you can boost it 5 times and that’s it, at least it’s something.
  11. Rex Boss Stats

    Was just wondering what is like a high hp stat that can be bred on official but still seems believable. Some guy was saying he had a rex that was coming out with 30k hp base. I haven't gotten into breeding so I don't know if this is insane or fake.
  12. Megalania Balance Idea

    Hello people of survivetheark, this is my first post so bear with me here :). I've been thinking about it lately after I tamed a lvl 130 Megalania, I absolutely love the look of these guys and prefer their size to Rock Drakes as well as their model. I understand that Rock Drakes are meant to be the Aberration equivalent to Wyverns but weaker, so I'm not saying the Megalania has to be nearly that strong or have a special ability on the "C" key like Wyverns Grab/Wingflap. The megalania as it currently stands cannot inflict MegaRabies to non-player/dodo creatures so their main "debuff" isn't' valuable at all in PvE, the megalania has two attacks one being a bite and one being a slash.The Megalania's bite does 10 dmg and slash does 18 dmg the bite is faster than the slash probably being able to get 2 bites to 1 slash. The Megalania is considered a "small" category dino along with creatures like Terror Birds,Direwolves and Raptors, The Raptor being arguably the weakest out of the nimble small class mounts does 15 dmg per bite and attacks rather quickly, compared to the Megalania I would estimate the Raptor could get in 1-2 more attacks on a target. The Raptor and Megalania seemingly have similar speed with the Raptor being faster but the Megalania can climb walls and ceilings. The Megalania has far better weight and health than the Raptor which is a huge plus and almost equals out. The main issue lies in the damage, the megalania can't hold its own to many different creatures. A 229% melee damage Megalania has trouble killing mate boosted jerboas it takes 3+ hits on each, the place you tame these guys, the difficulty of the tame (amount of narcotics) and the lvl (73) you learn the engram + the fact that its' saddles are in red drops really shows that they were meant to be strong. Megalania are tamed in caves (exlcluding Ragnarok) where many other swarms of dangerous creatures lie, on the island they are most abundant in the Swamp cave which is arguably the 3rd hardest cave on the map meaning this isn't just a Raptor you tame at lvl 20 and move on. I really love the TLC updates coming out so far and hope to see many more, my main hope is that they can keep the model as it is and just adjust stats to be more fitting to the creature. TL;DR Megalanis are meant to be strong, which they are but they lack the damage. -Zinogresword/Teostraclaws
  13. Okay I hope someone here has a better answer because I'm finding none right now. I recently linked my server with a friend's. We're both renting from Nitrado. We tried to match our settings on both. He's running Ragnarok and I am running The Center. We have run into a problem when you transfer a character to The Center map. Everything seems to work fine but the character stats are severely reduced. For example if my weight was 700 on Ragnarok when I move to The Center it's now 300. This does not happen to tamed dino's. Their stats remain the same. All of our friends are experiencing the same problem. Does anyone know what we're missing? Or if there is a admin server setting that's causing this? I noticed food/water are not affected and come out the same on The Center map. It just doesn't make sense to me. Anyone? Thank you!
  14. Can we get an option that displays the levels a dino had after taming but before being leveled up? At the moment it's theoretically possible due to the way stats grow differently between wild and tamed levels, but it's super inconvenient to try to do this for every stat for even one dino. This feature would help quite a bit when verifying the stats of a purchased dino or trying to breed dinos.
  15. I don't own a computer (surprisingly) and play on ps4. I know dododex is only able to calculate the stats of pretamed dinos due to the bonus they receive once tamed. Is there an app or website I can use on my smartphone to calculate my post tame stats? I want to start breeding up my 350+ post tame dmg megas, spinos, and ankys but want to make sure im starting with good #'s.
  16. Karkinos tamed dmg high?

    So I tamed a karkinos today and it finished with 414 dmg with 9k hp. Seemed kinda high on the dmg side, am I right or is it average?
  17. Hi, all. New to the forums. For breeding Dinos, do the original pre-tame Stats get passed down, or do the post-tame Stats get passed down?
  18. Brand new server on the center map, boosted stats are below. Still willing to take suggestions on stat changes. This is a 24/7 pvp Nitrado server with 32 slots. Search for,"JumpArk Boosted Nitrado 24/7" *50x Tame, 20x Harvest. *Boosted Drops. *Instant lvl 186 for Players and 7x XP for Dinos. *Flyer Speed is increased. *Boosted Dino Stats. *Offline Raid Protection is Disabled. *Boosted Weight (Players=10k per level. Dinos = Infinite) Discord Link https://discord.gg/YfGtxD Dino Damage Multiplier 2.0 Modifies the multipliers for damage caused by wild dinosaurs Player Damage Multiplier 2.0 Modifies the multiplier for player inflicted damage. Structure Damage Multiplier 1.0 Defines the multiplier for damage structures against players. Auto destroy of old structures 0.5 Sets an extra counter on structures after which they will be automatically destroyed Player Resis. Multiplier 1.0 Defines the multiplier for resistance of players. Reducing this value will increase the resistance of players. Dino Resis. Multiplier 1.0 Defines the multiplier for the resistance of dinosaurs. Reducing this value increases the resistance of dinosaurs. Structure Resis. Multiplier 1.0 Defines the multiplier for the damage done to structures. Reducing the value will decrease the damage done to structures. XP Multiplier 7.0 (for dinos. Instant level 186 for players) Defines the multiplier for experience. Taming Speed Multiplier 50.0 Defines the multiplier for the taming speed of dinosaurs. Harvesting Multiplier 20.0 Defines the multiplier for the amount while harvesting. Resources health Multiplier 2.0 Defines the multiplier for the natural health recover and allows longer harvesting of one and the same resource. Draining Multiplier 0.1 Defines the multiplier of water drain from a player. Starvation Multiplier 0.15 Defines the multiplier of starvation of a player. Dino-Hunger Multiplier 1.0 Defines the multiplier of starvation of a dinosaur. Stamina Multiplier 0.5 Defines the multiplier of stamina draining of players. Dino-Stamina Multiplier 1.0 Defines the multiplier of stamina draining of dinosaurs. Regeneration Multiplier 8.0 Defines the multiplier for the natural health recovering of the player. Player Harvesting Damage Multiplier 4.0 Higher number increases (by percentage) the damage done to a harvestable item/entity by a Player. The higher number, the faster you collect. Dino-Regeneration Multiplier 7.0 Defines the multiplier for the natural health recovering of dinosaur.
  19. Is my rock drake good, average, or bad?

    It's my first, so I have nothing to compare it to. I typed the stats into the Dododex calculator but I'm not sure if it works since it says type in wild stats. Level: 150 Health: 4712 Stamina: 1080 Oxygen: 495 Food: 7400 Weight: 576 Melee: 241% No imprints yet.
  20. Quick start guide to using Ark Smart Breeding to extract dino stats and get a breeding plan then share the database with your tribe mates.
  21. Custom Recipes!

    Hi all! I was trying to work on making custom recipes and was having a lot of trouble finding ideas. So I figured I’d make a list of some tried and true recipes to share. This isn’t a how-to thread. I want it to be more like a simple recipe book for anyone interested in custom cooking. Especially in Aberration! I’m still trying to figure out those mushrooms. 😂 Basic example: 10 Raw meat = Health 3 Citronal = Water Play around with amounts until you find stats you like. Please post recipes you find useful and what they do. ☺️ And please comment if anything is wrong! ANNNDDDDD GO! I will post recipes below! (#) Dodo eggs = Health and food
  22. Hi, I’ve recently started to progress into end game and I was wondering, is there a way to make Dino’s go unconscious faster? I have somewhat decent aim, but to knock out a lvl 50+ Rex it takes at least 60 Tranq arrows I know I should be using tranq darts but, there is a Rex I need for breeding in my area but if I leave it it will go away. So is there a way I can make it go unconscious quickly. And I’m not looking to cheat my way through it because I’m just lot like that.
  23. Player Stats Per Level

    Hello when I enter this setting to the maximum (Player Stats Per Level) so I will not play in the game thank you for your help. My xbox live profile mikiCZ20 Thank you for your help
  24. Dino stats remake

    I know creatures in ARK: Survival Evolved have unrealistic stats. In real life, you never would see 1000 lb Utahraptor easily killed by 180 lb Direwolf, or 10 m Tusoteuthis grabbing a 12 m Mosasaurus. I think they need to be remaked. About the attack speed - it means many, creature with lower damage and higher attack speed can kill creature with stronger damage and lower attack speed/ My idea about remaked stats (not all creatures, only rideable land carnivores here, herbivores, flyers, swimmers and unrideable carnivores would be added soon): Creature - New HP - New Damage - New Torpor - Attack Speed - New Saddle Level (HP, Damage and Torpor for level 1) Direwolf - 250 HP - 25 damage (+ pack bouns) - 160 Torpor - medium attack speed - rideable without saddle Sabertooth - 320 HP - 37 damage - 220 Torpor - high attack speed - 22 Level Thylacoleo - 400 HP - 40 damage - 350 Torpor - medium attack speed - 34 Level Direbear - 450 HP - 38 damage - 300 Torpor - low attack speed - 30 Level Daeodon - 380 HP - 34 damage - 500 Torpor - medium attack speed - 45 Level Baryonyx - 500 HP - 44 damage - 520 Torpor - low attack speed - 49 Level Dilo - 450 HP - 42 damage - 450 damage - high attack speed - rideable without saddle (now rideable and can't spit poison) Carno - 530 HP - 49 damage - 600 Torpor - low attack speed - 52 Level Raptor - 480 HP - 48 damage (+ pack bonus) - 300 Torpor - high attack speed - 27 Level Allosaurus - 650 HP - 60 damage (+ pack bonus) - 800 Torpor - medium attack speed - 60 Level Megalosaurus - 900 HP - 85 damage - 1200 Torpor - high attack speed - 75 Level Spinosaurus - 1400 HP - 82 damage - 1200 Torpor - low attack speed - 74 Level Yutyrannus - 1360 HP - 97 damage - 1400 Torpor - medium attack speed - 80 Level Giganotosaurus - 1500 HP - 100 damage (+ pack bonus) - 2000 Torpor - low attack speed - 82 Level Rex - 1450 HP - 135 damage - 1800 Torpor - medium attack speed - 90 Level
  25. Ok, so ive been wondering. So I know that with using nothing but your player (meaning no dinos, still using armor and weapons) what are you able to kill. Like I know a carno carno is pretty easy with 300 Hp and a small amount of melee damage with a pike and flak, but how much would you need to kill a trex with ease. And is it possible to kill a giga (Prolly not, but id like to know if its possible). (And I dont want any answers for tek or range. I want to know if I can use some sort of melee weapon with flak or riot with boosted health and melee and kill a trex or giga)