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Found 241 results

  1. Want to join in on the fun? Search "Hive" in unofficial PC servers, look for the No-Flyers PvP server! You can also join our discord for more info! https://discord.gg/AxPUKWf
  2. Been waiting to play Ark Survival Evolved with Mods for a while and finally found the time to get started, so I'm playing with the Primal Fear Mods, Structures Plus, Tame XL, Stacks Plus, Storage Plus, Awesome Teleporters and a few of the Eco decor mods. I would love to hear your thoughts or suggestions.
  3. Here is my video , enjoy and hope u can give me a like.There are other video in my channel too.
  4. Hey Just looking for constructive criticism on my video. The video is a rather short and simple alpha broodmother fight, however, I just tried some extra basic editing. Just curious as to what people thought.
  5. MrWhitehearth

    video Wanna spruce up your base?

    Wanna spruce up your base? Add some stables for your medium to small dinos so that they can sleep cozy at night. I hope you enjoy this. My channel: https://www.youtube.com/WhitehearthHall
  6. Hello Hi ! I am Azabelle, a french community player. Let me present to you a video I made myself, for the newest project of the Jungle Family, a 100% vanilla server. Circumstances made it so that our favorite game just celebrated its third year of existence. So this video is also an opportunity for me to thank Wildcard Studio for their wondeful work! If you're interested by my work and have some server project that needs a teaser, don't hesitate to contact me by email : [email protected] or on my twitter : https://twitter.com/AzabelleLazarus Enjoy :
  7. Ello, I finally got over my fear of platforms and built this "Little" base I would love to get some feedback - which I find this thread in the forum to be great for !
  8. kortniechan

    video Pugnacia on the Center

    Havent posted in a long while. thought i would share some of my recent vids. check out the whole series on my channel. this ones about a moschops named Lumpy and a hunt for unfindable flowers. LOL
  9. From MyGameMaps.com Don't feel like registering? Try the Trial Account! Simply click on Register in the top left then click the green Trial Account button in the popup.
  10. VIRTUAL REALMS - LATEST EPISODE - 05/29/2018 TOWER OF POWER - TRIKE POWER - Ark Survival Evolved Development continues on the Hidden Lake area in Ark Survival Evolved. It's time for a centrally located power station in the middle of the lake itself, and Trike power is the way forward. Fred and Barney would be proud.
  11. I miss the ARKitect comp, I started my youtube channel so I could enter, but I haven't stopped building here is what I have Been up to lately This is my How to build an amphibian pen video, With this build, I wanted a pen that would simulate the amphibians environment and bring their habitat indoors. I use eco mods a lot on other builds, I am trying to do more builds with no mods, so they are more accessible to people playing Ark on the Xbox and PS4, as well as players on official servers. I wanted to use the plant life around the swamp as decor for the pen to get around not having the mods, I used some Artifacts to bring a green glow to interiors at night and the creatures look right at home. I think it all worked out pretty well This is my Old Wild West church, based on those little old Spanish churches seen in New Mexico in spaghetti Westerns. Its got plenty of space for crafting and room for a few dinos. I think it's a fun place to live also if you get raided its an excellent place for a gunfight and going out in a blaze of glory Look up a 2000AD comic called FLESH Cowboys Vs Dinosaurs. hey, this is a How to build a Bronto platform base tutorial, its a Truck cab design using giant hatches to get the maximum coverage for the least amount of structure on the platform. I have my own server on official settings with no mods now so I can start doing some builds that everyone can have a go at.
  12. This is Jurassic Ark, I put a bunch of mods on and started building the Raptor pen and it kind of grew from there. it's a research lab and holding area for the new dinosaurs, there are Trex, spino, carno and giga pens and a massive aviary for Pteranodon.
  13. chancho33015

    video Fan MAde TRailer

    So I was bit bored today....had some time...and let my guitar do the work. Is my way of saying... #loveyouark I know this guys do hard work...and this is not easy. So... this is for you...The devs! We love you even when we throw the kitchen at you guys sometimes XD Song is Original Song: Survive By me 😛
  14. Hey guys, Recently I started a YouTube project for my gaming community. I've never really done much in the land of editing videos and said I'd get in to it as I've always wanted to work with video content. Since I started, I've started to really get in to editing and creating videos. I've called the web-series JRTV. It showcases my communities fails and feats in their gaming sessions. All content is user submitted so it's fresh. I edit the clips, put my spin on things. My latest video is here: Please take a look, I'll take constructive criticism. I understand this may not be everyone's cup of tea but I'd love to know what you think would make it better. I'm looking for more people to submit clips that I can work with. We accept any gaming footage from any game, but I want to get more ARK footage. ( I think so far I have only had one clip submitted for ARK) If you have any good clips to send in and to be featured please send them here: https://jrnetwork.net/jrtv/submission/?do=form or comment below / PM me with a link that I can use. If I use your clip I will feature your Twitch, YouTube, Steam or Gamertag within the video and in the description Thanks for taking the time to read and maybe watch my videos, interested to see what you think about my content. I'm open to people adding me / messaging me also if they want to speak about things too
  15. Hey everyone i'm new here and new to ARK, I've been a minecraft player for a while and felt like I needed a change. So, ARK has been on my list for at least a year lol, so I finally got some time to play it. Gotta say i'm completely hooked to the game now. I've been doing youtube let's plays for little over a year now and thought this might be a great place to share my first time play. Feel free to share any tips or suggestions you have that might help me up my game and improve my skills. I'm still new so go easy on me lol. Also share any feedback good or bad I don't mind lol.
  16. EmberDirewolf

    video Dening behavior

    Dening behavior in the wild Direwolf the female of the alpha pair of the pack she seeks out a sheltered hidden dense area to dig a brow for her pups cause the pups are blind for a while right? so for the first three week or so she doesn't allow the pack near her den till they can see or so during that time her mate brings her food so she can stay and guard her babies and when they start explore she let's the pack come see them now and the pups play ressle and make their own pecking order while the other wolfs go and hunt to feed them basically watch a wolf documentary I watched wolf documentaries and if you've ever watched walking with dinosaurs the mother T-rex she basically calls across the distance cause she has decided she what's to be a mum so she calls RAWWWR probably traveling listening until another T-rex answers her calls and this T-rex seems to be experience cause he caught a prey Item for her good for him he also keeps his distance while she feels cause she's bigger than him they do their thing over say over a week until she get fed up with him and says get out of here we're Over! he leaves with reluctance she builds a mountain out of what looks like a soil mound with her eggs in it to insulate them then she lies next to them to guard them with her life cause their are egg thieves now here is where you guys can use your egg thief where he tries to steal her babies the whole time she guards them she doesn't eat but I'm sure she'd eat the egg thieves if she can catch them she keeps singing or talking to them and they make sounds back when they're old enough then when they hatch she gently digs them out with her huge hand claws their clumsy and stupidly small she has got to watch where she walks now she watches over them a bit more but after not eating for a while she goes hunting I didn't see what happen while she was hunting if she was successful or not but at the same time her babies were being hunted and may have lost one baby she got back in time to chase him off so apparently a T-rex will take care of her babies for few weeks and if she can't get food she eat them but it never really did the full T-rex thing cause she die from old age just before the volcano erupted
  17. EmberDirewolf

    video Smarter predators and prey

    So guys. have you heard. of the new wolf. quest coming out right? and how they show you how their animals are moving now where the prey move less at night and more at day and the predators at night and they take shelter when it rains or the return to their den also they consider things like if your alone and there's only one of you and then they attack but if they're like say a raptor pack and your riding a Tex they won't attack but if you attack they'll circle around and nip at your ankles and back away when facing him but we need more realistic acting dinos like the Cleverer Coyotes of Wolf quest
  18. Alpha3agle

    video Our Ark Build world