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Found 299 results

  1. video 1x1 Compact Build.

    Suggestions on what to improve on are appreciated!
  2. Welcome to Unevolved Gaming, Recently our channel has reached 200 subscribers so first of all we would like to thank everyone for all your support on our videos. As requested in the comment section, we are going to take a closer look at Wyverns The Wyvern is a legendary flying creature that has often been confused with a dragon due to the similarities in appearance between them, the key distinction however is that a Wyvern only has two legs, whereas a dragon has four. There are 4 different variations of Wyverns, each with a unique pattern of spikes and fins covering it from head to tail Each type also possesses a different breath attack Fire Wyverns use a short range fire breath which leaves a damage over time effect for 10 seconds on any creature they hit, burning away 20% of the maximum health of that creature. The fire Wyvern is also the only variation that can come in an Alpha form. An Alpha Wyvern is a bigger and stronger version of the normal Fire Wyvern Lightning Wyverns use a concentrated beam of lightning against their targets, this lightening beam can do a devastating amount of damage at a decent range. The Shock coming from this attack will temporarily immobilize a survivor or mount, making melee attacks against a Lightning Wyvern nearly impossible and very dangerous. Poison Wyverns shoot acidic projectiles like the Arthropluera. This projectile of poisonous gas ignores armor and will explode on impact leaving a toxic cloud which deals damage to survivors and their mount simultaneously for 5 seconds. Ice Wyverns use a short range ice breath which deals a decent amount of damage and also will significantly slow down a target's movement speed for a few seconds. This gives the ice Wyvern enough time to attack again making an escape nearly impossible even when on a fast flying mount like a Pteranodon. All 4 variations of Wyverns are highly territorial and aggressive carnivores they will defend their airspace and nests at all costs. Poison, fire and lightning Wyverns can be found in the dragon trench called the world scar on the west side of the scorched earth map and sometimes in mountainous areas, On ragnarok they can be found in the Wyvern trench in the north east region and among the rivers in the south west tropical region. Ice Wyverns can exclusively be found on Ragnarok, they inhabit the snow covered mountain ranges from the highlands al the way west to the green obelisk and back towards viking bay Killing a Wyvern can be a very challenging undertaking. Not only are Wyverns one of the fastest fliers in the game but their ranged attacks can also deal a massive amount of damage, they do however have a rather large turning radius. This makes attacking it with an Argentavis or Griffin that is upgraded in health, stamina and melee possible as long as you can stay close enough to keep out turning it. Survivors that don't want to risk losing their mount or don't have access to a decent flier can also make use of heavy ranged weapons like homing missiles, ballistas or auto turrets. This can be very effective due to the fact that Wyverns are vulnerable to the same ranged damage modifiers as all other flying creatures. When killed a Wyvern can be harvested for hide, raw prime meat, sulfur and a Wyvern talon. Talons from fire, poison and lightning Wyverns are needed in order to be able to summon the Manticore boss in Scorched Earth on all difficulties. At this moment the Ice Wyvren does not drop a talon, this however might change in a future patch or update Wyverns can not be tamed in the wild. In order to get a Wyvern, a survivor must steal a fertilized Wyvern egg from a nest. Stealing an egg is however very dangerous due to the fact that Wyverns are very territorial and protective, they will attack and chase anything that comes to close. In order to get close to a nest a survivor will have to kill or lure away the Wyverns. The safest way to do this is with a kill box containing a generator and at least 2 auto turrets, set to high range and attack wild creatures. This will take care of a group of Wyverns in a few seconds. Once the Wyverns are dead or lured away a survivor can check the nests and collect the fertilized eggs without any risk. Unlike other creatures in the game Wyverns have 38 levels in the wild, giving eggs a maximum level of 190 when a server is set to the maximum difficulty Wyvren Eggs require a lot of heat to incubate properly This can be done with a minimum of 14 campfires or at least 15 air conditioners depending on the location. Once the egg is hatched the Wyvern baby can not be fed raw meat like other carnivores, they require Wyvern Milk as food and may even ask for it while imprinting. Wyvern milk gives 1200 food to a baby Wyvern and will keep it fed for a little more than 3 hours. Keep in mind that Wyvern milk is the only food a Wyvern will eat before it reaches adulthood. 5 Wyvern Milk can be collected from the inventory of a knocked out a female Wyvern. It is possible to trap a female Wyvern in a large closed of pen before tranquilizing it, this can make collecting milk a lot easier due to the fact that female Wyverns generate milk over time. A trapped female Wyvern can be knocked out every hour to collect an additional 5 milk. Keep in mind that a Wyverns torpor depletes very fast, it is therefor recommended that a survivor collects the milk as soon as possible. Killing an Alpha Wyvern will reward a survivor with 50 Wyvern Milk. The spoil timer on milk can be increased by storing it in a preserving bin. Wyvern milk can not be stored in a Refrigerator It's also possible to raise a baby Wyvern without milk, by using a Daeodon and stimulant. Not feeding the baby milk will drop its food to 0, this will cause the baby's health to drop and its torpor to rise. A Daeodon set to passive healing will restore or keep up the baby's health while the gained torpor can be countered by force feeding the baby stimulant or stimberries. Survivors will have to keep in mind that a Daeodon set to passive healing will use an enormous amount of food. Raised Wyverns do not require a saddle in order to be ridden. A raised Wyvern has 2 main attacks. Its signature breath attack can be executed by pressing the left trigger on your controller, this attack will however rapidly drain the stamina of the Wyvern and can damage tribe-mates and tamed creatures.Wyverns can also bite their opponents by pressing the right trigger on your controller. Both main attacks can be used by a Wyvern when on the ground or when airborne. Wyverns are also capable of carrying small and medium sized creatures. This can be done by pressing the right joystick on your controller while flying or hovering over a creature. When grounded a Wyvern can use its wings to perform a knock back, by pressing the right joystick on your controller. When using the knock back near a tree the Wyvern will collect thatch and small amounts of wood, when performed near a Joshua tree on scorched earth and in the future on Ragnarok a Wyvern will also collect cactus sap. A raised Wyvern can also be turned into a turret in its behavior options in the radial menu, this will make the Wyvern use it's signature breath attack to anything that comes into it's line of sight when its stance is set to aggressive. Keep in mind that this will only work on wild creatures in pve. In my opinion the Wyvern has its weaknesses however they are extremely fun to ride Wyverns are very powerful mounts on pve, their high movement speed and decent health will allow you to kill almost any other wild creature with ease. On pvp however there is hardly any use for a Wyvern because they are very vulnerable to any type of ranged weapons. The fact that a Wyverns breath attack uses a large portion of its already low stamina and its large turning radius make it a mount that is hardly suitable for aerial combat. Aiming a Wyverns breath attack can be very challenging for inexperienced riders and may require some practice at first. All variations of the Wyverns breath attack can also harm allies in both pvp and pve, survivors will have to keep an eye on their tribe mates and tames when using the Wyvern in combat to prevent their accidental deaths. When set to turret mode a Wyvern is not much of a defense due to the fact that their aim currently only hits the ground right in front of them, this may require some attention from the devs. That concludes our spotlight on Wyverns. Don't forget to leave a like and subscribe for more ark spotlights and comment to tell us which creature you would like to see in the next episode.
  3. video Unofficial Ark PVP Series!

    Full list of my adventures on the Unofficial PVP server I play on, I have them linked instead of just posting the link and have the thread be filled. Enjoy and please leave me some feedback! Episode 1 Episode 2 Episode 3 Episode 4 Episode 5 Episode 6 Episode 7 Episode 8 Episode 9 Episode 10
  4. LATEST EPISODE KAMAKA LAKE LODGE It's not the Murder Snow, but it's cold enough for me. Welcome to the cozy Kamaka Ice Lake Lodge in ARK: Survival Evolved.
  5. Tek Cave Door Death Bug

    I think nearly everyone in our small group has lost all their gear to the tek cave over the last few weekends.. Not to dying in the cave, but to the Tek cave door! Also since our server is NOT clustered, we have about 30 seconds after beating the overseer to get all our gear off ourselves and into a dino inventory or we loose everything there too! aand if we do manage to get all our gear on a dino, the dinos themselves are teleported right in front of the tek cave door again...and some are sticking through so if you mount them, you loose everything again... The tek cave and final boss fight are fun, its something i could do over and over again...but loosing all your stuff to silly bugs sucks all the fun right out of it! I made a quick video of the tek cave door murdering me and stealing all my gear...
  6. Welcome to Unevolved Gaming, today we are going to take a closer look at the Otter The Otter is a very small mammal with an appearance that shows great resemblance to the modern day Otter. It has a narrow stretched body and a long tail that is covered in a thin but insulating layer of fur. Otters are mostly aquatic animals, they have short limbs that are equipped with powerful webbed feet to propel them trough the water. The Otter is a friendly creature that poses no threat to survivors or tames unless provoked. Otters can be extremely hard to spot due to their small size, they are mostly found in shallow parts of the rivers in the south east region and in the rivers surrounding the Islands redwoods. The Otter has a very low health and can be killed fairly easy by using any melee or ranged weapon. When killed the Otter can be harvested for raw meat, hide and pelt Survivors will have to keep in mind that the area the Otter lives in is also the home of predators like the Baryonyx and Piranha, This can make taming an Otter in the wild extremely dangerous, it is therefor recommended to make use of a taming pen. Due to the Otters small size it can be picked up by all fliers and dropped in a taming pen on a location of choice. Players that don't have access to a flier or play pve can also make the Otter follow you into a pen by punching it once. Keep in mind that the Otter has low health so it is not recommended to use any weapons. Because of its small size the Otter will fit through a normal door frame, make sure to close the door as soon as it is in the pen. The Otter can only be tamed passively in a manner similar to the Hesperornis. Fish must be killed, and their corpses dragged to the otter. While still holding the fish, press the y button on your controller to feed the fish to the otter. Feeding the Otter larger fish can be somewhat tricky due to game mechanics, A taming pen situated in water might prove very useful in order to approach the Otter without the dragged fish blocking the feeding option Larger fish, and fish killed by the Ichthyornis, provide a higher taming percentage per fish Once tamed an Otter can be equipped with a hat and carried on a survivors shoulder. While carrying an Otter it will provide a survivor with extra insulation. Leveling the Otter's Melee Damage increases the amount of insulation provided, hypothermic insulation or protection against the cold is about 75 to 82% of the Otters melee damage while hyperthermic insulation or protection against heat is about 34 to 38%. This will allow survivors to travel to colder regions that otherwise would be hard to reach without freezing. Otters can also be used to collect small amounts of silica pearls and sometimes even black pearls from fish that they kill Hold the left bumper and press up on the d-pad while looking at a fish to make the Otter attack it. It is possible to make use of ranged weapons when cross hairs are enabled on a server for better targeting. Survivors will have to keep in mind that the Otter uses oxygen. Using the Otter to hunt fish in area's with large fish spawns or area's with obstacles that prevent it from surfacing can cause the Otter to drown. In my opinion the Otter is a very useful companion for starting survivors. It's ability to gather silica and even black pearls can be of great value for survivors that don't have access to aquatic mounts. The Otters insulation bonus can be very helpful in area's on the Island where a survivor would normally freeze, however when playing on Ragnarok temperatures can be so extreme that survivors will still freeze even when carrying an otter with high melee damage. Attacking larger groups of Piranhas or Sabertooth salmons is not advised due to the Otters low health. That concludes our spotlight on the Otter. Don't forget to leave a like and subscribe for more ark spotlights and comment to tell us which creature you would like to see in the next episode.
  7. With episode 60 the crew decided to offer some tips for players new to the game and share some of their own personal experiences, but that wasn’t all. A divisive conversation occurred over a GM’s response to a PvE tribe being dev wiped while an interesting discussion revolved around an insider posting a YouTube video of his dirty deeds. That and more on the latest episode of the ARKeologist’s Podcast. The ARKeologist's Podcast is a weekly show in which the crew is made up of players from Official PvP Servers on the PC platform. 0:00 - 21:20 - Introduction and YouTube Comments 21:21 - 27:47 - Dino teaser, tripwire alert for Razer peripherals 27:48 - 29:21 - Teaser for something to transport fish 29:22 - 31:51 - Separate PvP from PvE 31:52 - 44:10 - PvE tribe Dev Wiped 44:11 - 47:30 - Should Griffons be Nerfed 47:31 - 55:12 - Insider posts video of deed 55:13 - 1:03:38 - What is going on with PvP Servers on PC 01:03:39 - 01:05:27 - Survival of the Fittest 01:05:28 - 1:07:12 - Patch Notes 1:07:13 - ARK: Survival Evolved 101
  8. video PvP Arena! Red VS Blue!

    Alright everyone! Time for another MASSIVE build! All in survival of course! Hope you enjoy!
  9. More information about ARK: Aberration was revealed in a recent Q&A with Studio Wildcard while accusations of aimbotting continue to light up the forums and an incident with a Wildcard beta tester threatening another tribe with a dev wipe rubbed consumers the wrong way. But the crew spent a lot of time discussing whether or not ARK is still an Early Access game while arguing about what kind of standard and quality control there should be when a game is Officially launched. The ARKeologist's Podcast is a weekly show in which the crew is made up of players from Official PvP Servers on the PC platform.
  10. video Epic Waterfall Castle Base

    Ello, I just wanted to share my new base build I was inspired by this castle:
  11. video Epic Underwater Base

    Ello everybody! I just finished my underwater tek base with vaccum compartments and I would love to share it here and hear what you all think! This is the first building, I will try to make a whole city ^_^! My idea was to create something like Atlantis but a modern version kind of. Here is an image that inspired me:
  12. Welcome to Unevolved Gaming, today we are going to take a closer look at the Woolly Rhino The Woolly Rhino is a large sized mammal with an appearance and shape that shows a close resemblance to its modern day descendant the rhinoceros. It has a sturdy body covered in a thick layer of fur and a skull that is equipped with two intimidating horns. The Woolly Rhino is a friendly herbivore that tends to live in small groups however when attacked the Woolly Rhino can be a devastating opponent Woolly Rhino's can be found grazing in the islands snow biome and the cold area around it. Killing a Woolly Rhino can be a very dangerous undertaking, not only is the rhino a very powerful opponent but the area it lives in can be very unforgiving due to the temperature and other creatures in the area like the Yutyrannus and Direwolf. When under attack a Woolly Rhino will start charging towards its opponent. If a Rhino gets enough room to charge it will build up momentum to deliver a powerful blow that can kill even the largest animals in one hit. Survivors are therefor advised to use ranged weapons from higher ground or a strong and maneuverable mount that can stay clear from its devastating charges. It is also possible to stop a Woolly rhino in its tracks with a chain bola or a large bear trap however survivors will have to keep in mind that the Woolly Rhino's horns can still do considerable damage even when trapped. When killed a Woolly Rhino can be harvested for raw meat, hide, keratin, fur and Woolly Rhino horns. Woolly Rhino horns can be used as an ingredient to craft broth of enlightenment and lesser antidote. A Woolly Rhino can be stopped in its tracks by a large bear trap or a chain bola, however this is only for a short period of time as it will break free before it can be knocked out. It is also possible to pick up a Woolly Rhino with a Quetzal and drop it in a taming pen on a location of choice. Survivors that don't have access to a Quetzal or play on pve can use Giant bee Honey to lure a Woolly Rhino into a taming pen. Keep in mind that the Woolly Rhino is a large creature and will only fit trough a dinosaur gateway when it is not equipped with a dinosaur gate. Survivors can use ramps or leave the taming pen open on one side and close it off when the rhino is inside the pen. It is best to build a taming pen out of stone due to the high damage output of the Woolly Rhino. When trapped the Woolly Rhino can be knocked out fairly easy with tranquilizer arrows, darts or shocking tranquilizer darts A Woolly Rhino being a herbivore can be tamed with vegetables and berries however it prefers Terror Bird kibble to speed up the taming process. Only a small amount of narcoberries, narcotics or bio toxin is needed to keep a Rhino unconscious during the tame. A saddle to ride the Woolly Rhino can be crafted in the smithy when a survivor reaches level 53 this saddle will allow survivors to make full use of their weapons while mounted on the Rhino. Woolly Rhino's have a decent carry weight and can harvest large amounts of thatch and small amounts of wood by pressing the right trigger on your controller when near a tree, they also gather decent amounts of berries when the same attack is used on bushes. The Woolly Rhino is often ignored by survivors due to their rather large turning radius and the fact that they can get stuck on even the smallest rock they can however knock down trees while running without even slowing down. Despite being a herbivore the Woolly Rhino is well equipped for a fight, it has a decent health and high base damage that combined with its large knock back can already be deadly for most creatures. When running a Rhino will gain momentum indicated by a charge meter. A fully charged Rhino can do up to 12,5 times it's normal damage by pressing the right trigger on your controller when running into an opponent. In my opinion the Woolly rhino is an extremely useful mount in both on pve and pvp. Their high damage output when fully charged can be devastating for even the largest predators. A Woolly Rhino comes equipped with a decent carry weight and health, survivors are however advised to upgrade stamina in order to do multiple charge attacks without resting. Because the Woolly Rhino is a herbivore it might be useful to bring sweet vegetable cakes in order to keep up the rhino's health when attacking large predators. That concludes our spotlight on the Woolly Rhino. Don't forget to leave a like and subscribe for more ark spotlights and comment to tell us which creature you would like to see in the next episode.
  13. video Megalania Spotlight

    Welcome to unevolved gaming, today we are going to take a closer look at the Megalania The Megalania is a huge lizard that somewhat looks like a modern day Komodo Dragon. Despite its size, it is capable of climbing walls and ceilings like a gecko to sneak up on their victims. They tend to hide in dark places on the ceilings, making them extremely difficult to spot without a Tek Helmet or consuming a Shadow Steak Saute The Megalania can be found hanging on the ceilings of the caves on the island. The Lower south cave can be considered the easiest location to tame a Megalania due to its location, relative small size and accessibility with a mount. Even though the Megalania can be picked up by a flyer most servers do not allow flyers in caves. Similar to the Megalosaurus, Megalania are usually only found in limited numbers in a given cave When killed a Megalania can be harvested for hide, raw meat and sometimes raw prime meat. The bite of a Megalania can infect a survivor with rabies, a condition that damages both health and stamina very quickly for 90 seconds. In addition, someone with rabies can spread it to others around them. Rabies can be cured by consuming a lesser antidote. The Megalania spawns on the ceilings of the caves like a Thylacoleo spawns on a Redwood forest tree Shooting the Megalania wil make it drop down from the ceiling, a wild Megalania can not climb back up onto walls and ceilings. Only tamed Megalanias can climb on any surface. According to the Wiki you can stop a Megalania in its tracks with a bola, however after testing this seems not to be the case. A small bear trap on the other hand can be used to immobilize a Megalania long enough to tranq it. Due to the fact that a wild Megalania can not climb walls and ceilings you can also knock out a megalania shooting Tranquilizer arrows, darts or shocking Tranquilizer darts whilst hanging from a wall or ceiling with a grappling hook. While downing the Megalania is relatively easy, keeping its torpor up is a challenge as it goes down very fast. When your not careful you will find you're potential tame awake and angry within seconds. Therefor make sure to bring enough narcoberries, narcotics or Bio Toxin The preferred food for taming the Megalania is raw mutton followed by cooked lamb chop, Baryonix kibble and prime meat The Megalania can also be tamed with other all other meats and fish meats however that will extend the taming period significantly. When tamed the Megalania can be equipped with a saddle that can be crafted in the smithy when a survivor reaches level 73. A tamed Megalania can climb any surface from any angle including player build structures. This capability makes the Megalania extremely useful in caves as you can basically avoid all ground creatures whilst looking for a artifact or loot crate. Keep in mind that whilst traveling on the ceilings you can get hit by the Onyx and the acidic spit of the Arthropluera . The Megalania does however allow you to use weapons and tools while riding it even when you are hanging from the ceiling. Don't forget to bring a parachute in case of an accidental dismount from the Megalania or it might result in a deadly fall A Megalania can also be used on pvp to give your opponents rabies however keep in mind that the Megalania is not the best mount to use in a fight as it does not deal a great amount of damage and has relatively low health. A Megalanias jump or drop from a ceiling or wall does not inflict any damage. In my opinion the Megalania is a very useful creature to ride in caves and to have hanging around guarding your base however it is not the first choice to bring to a battle. The Megalania is however very much fun to ride and will allow you to see you're surroundings from a completely different angle That concludes our spotlight on the Megalania don't forget to comment, leave a like and subscribe for more ark spotlights and we will see you in the next episode where we will take a closer look at the Hesperornis
  14. The ARKeologist’s Podcast crew were not done just yet with ARK Lore as Rico was brought to task for some of his erroneous theories and ideas. However, the main topics of discussion revolved around Patch 269 which saw the flamethrower receive a big nerf and a new indirect torpor value being added to the game. The ARKeologist's Podcast is a weekly show in which the crew is made up of players from Official PvP Servers on the PC platform.
  15. video ARK Collector's Edition Unboxing!

    It finally came! After a shipping error delayed my acquisition of this grand and glorious box, Premiere decided to not use audio correctly, delaying the actual video by another two days. But now, it's finally done!