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Found 302 results

  1. Hey guys, Here's my quick guide on the best starting base locations. No Rads, less dangerous, easy to defend. Enjoy!
  2. video The Beauty of Ark

    Decided for my 2 Year anniversary to make a video featuring the beauty of ark. [flash=640,480][/flash]
  3. Welcome to Unevolved Gaming, As requested in the comment section, we are going to take a closer look at the Beelzebufo The Beelzebufo is a medium sized amphibian that shows a close resemblance to the modern day toad or bull frog, only far larger in size. It has a quick and lengthy tongue which allows it to kill and harvest insects such as the Meganeura or Titanomyrma almost instantly. Even though the Beelzebufo is a carnivore, it is not aggressive towards survivors or tamed creatures unless attacked. The Beelzebufo can be found in the swamps and marshy area's on the Island, the center and ragnarok. They do however not occur on the Scorched earth map due to a lack of their natural habitat. When attempting to kill a Beelzebufo survivors will have to keep in mind that the swamp is not the safest place to be on foot, there are many other hostile creatures in the area, such as the Kaprosuchus and Titanoboa. Even though the Beelzebufo is mostly a docile creature, its tongue attack can inflict torpor and can knock out a survivor in only a few hits, it is therefor best to make use of ranged weapons from an elevated position where their tongue can't reach you or a strong and powerful mount as the Megatherium. When killed a Beelzebufo can be harvested for raw meat and hide Survivors that want to tame a Beelzebufo are advised to clear out the area first or to lure the Beelzebufo to a safe location out of the swamp before knocking it out with tranquilizer arrows, darts and shocking tranquilizer darts. It is also possible to pick up a Beelzebufo with an Argentavis or Quetzal and drop it into a taming pen on a location of choice. Survivors that don't have access to a flier or play on pve can also make use of bola's and bear traps in order to stop a Beelzebufo in its track before knocking it out. When using a taming pen it is best to build one that is high enough so the Beelzebufo can not escape. When knocked out the Beelzebufo can be given all kinds of meat or fish in order to start the tame, they do however prefer Pulmonoscorpus kibble, raw mutton, raw prime meat and raw prime fish meat An unconscious Beelzebufo's torpor can easily be upheld with a relative small amount of narcoberries, narcotics or bio toxin. When tamed a Beelzebufoo can be equipped with a saddle. This saddle allows survivors to make full use of their weapons while mounted and can be crafted in a survivors inventory when they reached level 40. A tamed Beelzebufo is actually a very fast swimmer that doesn't need oxygen when submerged. On land they are fairly slow except when jumping. This jump can cover large distances and can be performed by pressing the A button on your controller. The Beelzebufo will regenerate most of the stamina that is used for jumping while in the air. A Beelzebufo can strike its opponents with its tongue attack. This attack can be preformed by pressing the right trigger on your controller and causes the Beelzebufo to attack horizontally with its tongue from a decent distance. Even though the Beelzebufo's tongue attack inflicts torpor, it is rarely used to knock out creatures due to the frogs low base health. The Beelzebufo can also strike its opponents at close range with a tongue swipe. This attack deals far more damage and torpor then the tongue attack and can be preformed by pressing the left trigger on your controller. Both of the Beelzebufo's attacks can gather decent quantities of Cementing Paste and chitin in a relatively short period of time by attacking insects and harvesting their corpses. It also appears that Leeches will not attack tamed Beezlebufos, this makes them very useful to harvest Leech Blood. When using the Beelzebufo to collect large amounts of cementing paste it is best to do this in the swamp as it has a larger population of Titanomyrma and Meganeura. These insects can usually be found in swarms and are attracted to dead creatures that are within their range. Insects that are scavenging a corpse will become aggressive when disturbed making them easy targets for the Beelzebufo. In my opinion the Beelzebufo can be a very useful tame for starting survivors on both pve and pvp. It's ability to gather large amounts of chitin and cementing paste can be of great use for those who don't have access to beaver dams or an Achatina. The Beelzebufo can also be a great mount when traveling the Island as they are fast swimmers and can cover large distances with their jump without using much stamina. On pvp servers the Beelzebufo can be useful when raiding an enemy base that does not yet have a large amount of defenses as it can jump over walls and tranquilize enemy survivors in quick succession. That concludes our spotlight on the Beelzebufo Don't forget to leave a like and subscribe for more ark spotlights and comment to tell us which creature you would like to see in the next episode.
  4. Welcome to Unevolved Gaming, As requested in the comment section, we are going to take a closer look at the Megalosaurus The Megalosaurus is a medium sized theropod that shows some similarities in appearance to other predators like the Carnotaurus, its back, head and tail however are covered with a thin layer of feathers. Even Though the Megalosaurus is considered to be in the same category as other aggressive carnivores its behavior is more similar to the Troodon as they are both nocturnal creatures. The Megalosaurus can be found in some caves on The Island, The Center and Scorched Earth, On Ragnarok however they can be found above ground east of Viking Bay. The Lower south cave on the Island can be considered the easiest location to find a Megalosaurus due to its location, relative small size and accessibility with a mount. Survivors will have to keep in mind that a wild Megalosaurus can only be found in a limited amount on a server at a time similar to the Megalania. A Megalosaurus that is found during the day is usually sleeping in a curled up position and can be approached in relative safety. When touched or attacked the Megalosaurus will wake up and pursue a survivor for a short distance, however because of its sleep deprivation during the day it will move very sluggish and its attacks will be relatively weak. As soon as the night falls the Megalosaurus wakes up and becomes a dangerous predator with glowing eyes similar to the Troodon. In this awoken state the Megalosaurus is no longer held back by sleep deprivation. This turns the Megalosaurus into a hunter that can outrun most creatures. The attack of a Megalosaurus during the night will have approximately double the normal the damage output. Survivors that are attempting to kill a Megalosaurus are highly advised to do this during the day when the creature is at it's weakest. Even though a Megalosaurus can be stopped in its tracks by a large bear trap it is still best to use ranged weapons from a safe location to avoid its grab attack. Survivors can also make use of grappling hooks or a mount like a Megalania in order to shoot the Megalosaurus while hanging from a wall or ceiling. When killed a Megalosaurus can be harvested for raw meat, hide, raw prime meat and keratin. When trying to tame a Megalosaurus survivors will have to keep in mind that cave systems can be very dangerous as they are inhabited by creatures such as the Arthropluera, it is therefor best to clear out the area or to lure the Megalosaurus to a safe location before knocking it out with tranquilizer arrows, darts or shocking tranquilizer darts. Even though a Megalosaurus can be picked up by a Quetzal most servers do not allow fliers in caves. Luring a Megalosaurus to a safe location can best be done during the day as the Megalosaurus will be so slow that a survivor can walk backwards while shooting it. It is also possible that a Megalosaurus will pass out without using a single tranquilizer due to the fact that it will rapidly gain torpor as soon as its sleep deprivation meter is full. When unconscious the Megalosaurus can be given all kinds of meat or fish in order to start the tame, they do however prefer Oviraptor kibble, raw mutton, raw prime meat and raw prime fish meat. Taming a Megalosaurus can become a bit confusing as they will wake up each night at approximately 8:30pm regardless of their torpidity. When a Megalosaurus wakes up during the tame all items that were placed in its inventory will be lost, taming progress and food depletion however are paused and will resume as soon as the Megalosaurus is knocked out again. Survivors will have to keep in mind that knocking out a Megalosaurus multiple times will have a negative effect on its health and therefor taming efficiency, it is recommended to use normal or shocking tranquilizer darts as they deal less damage than tranquilizer arrows. Only a small amount of narcoberries, narcotics or bio toxin is required to keep a Megalosaurus unconscious during the tame due to the fact that a survivor will have to knock out the Megalosaurus again after it awakes at 8:30 pm regardless of its torpor. A saddle to ride the Megalosaurus can be crafted in the smithy when a survivor reaches level 57 this saddle does not allow survivors to use their weapons while mounted. When tamed, Survivors will have to keep in mind that the Megalosaurus is ussually asleep between 5.15am and 8.30pm. It is posible to wake up a Megalosaurus during the day in its radial menu or by pressing the y button on your controller when near the Megalosaurus. When awoken during the day your Megalosaurus will build up sleep deprivation which causes it to move very sluggish. As soon as its sleep deprivation meter is full the Megalosaurus will go back to sleep or rapidly gain torpor. The Megalosaurus is also not the best battle mount during the day as it receives 20% more damage when attacked and deal only half the damage compared to the same attack at night. A Megalosaurus is actually a strong mount during the night ,it's bite attack which can be performed by pressing the right trigger on your controller is very fast and can be devastating for your opponents as it does double the damage. During the day the same attack is very slow and will cost significantly more stamina. On pvp servers a tamed Megalosaurus is also able to pick up small to medium sized creatures including fliers as the Argentavis and Pteranodon by pressing the left trigger on your controller without drawing agro from the creature. When carrying a creature in its jaws the Megalosaurus can bite down and shake its prey by pressing the right trigger on your controller. This attack costs significantly less stamina during the night. On pve servers however the Megalosaurus is unable to pick up wild creatures. It is also possible to make your Megalosaurus roar by pressing the right joystick on your controller when mounted, this roar however has no real purpose in the game. In my opinion the Megalosaurus only has a real use on pvp servers where it is able to carry small to medium sized creatures, this might be useful when attempting to knock out one of these creatures or when transporting them to a taming pen. Even though the Megalosaurus is a decent battle mount during the night there is hardly any use for it during the day because of its sleep deprivation. That concludes our spotlight on the Megalosaurus Don't forget to leave a like and subscribe for more ark spotlights and comment to tell us which creature you would like to see in the next episode.
  5. video QUAGSHIRE BASE Showcase!

    Hey guys, So, with my XBOX ONE X enhancements being so nice, i finally bit the bullet. After a mountain of streams (dating back to the release of Ark on xb1, a sadly deleted world completely when they dropped scorched earth, consequent rebuilds), i have made a showcase short video of my non-ded world QUAGSHIRE from my streams, made by myself and some Quagarmy tribe members. hope you enjoy!
  6. Okay, As requested, we took the famous Chicken Army of Doom™ into TheCenter and attempted the bosses there. We've taken 5 attempts at the boss, and there's a few interesting things to note: Broodmother is more a distraction then a boss, she dies instantly, and we even 2 tanked her at some point. Monkey does insane damage compared to TheIsland : 1000 per melee hit Monkey Stones WILL kill a rider, as does his AoE damage, stay clear (see video 2) For some unknown reason we got monkey to bug out twice. WC , please fix this.... Recommended Strategy We definitely recommend to split up for this fight. Send a smaller part, 2-3 therizinosaurs to the left and use them to lure and engage the Broodmother. She will die in roughly 30 seconds without too much trouble or danger. You just want to keep her away from the rest to reduce the overal damage output during the fight. We used 2 Therizinosaurs, mate boosted, 20/20 mutations, ridden by tribe members with full imprint. Everything else was sent to Monkey on the other side. Videos
  7. Hello, Another video recorded on The Lagoverse. This time, the famous "Chicken Army of Doom™" taking down our regular Alpha Broodmother farm. Running a tek base consumes quite the amount of element, so we basically do this fight every month to keep our Tek generator going.
  8. video Arkside of the moon promo vid

    Now on Ragnarok primitive plus RENTED 50 SLOT SERVER Join the facebook page today !! XBOX ONLY
  9. video HOW TO BUILD Rustic Castle

    Ello I made a tutorial on how to build this rustic looking castle :)! I think it is relatively easy, it just takes some time and resources
  10. Welcome to unevolved gaming, Today we are going to compare video footage of Ark: Survival evolved between the xbox one and the xbox one x Feel free to pause the video at any moment to get a better view of the details Hope you enjoy xbox one 1920x1080 30 fps xbox one x 1920x1080 60 fps
  11. Just wanted to share our community reaching its goal for the Extra Life Charity Event. Special thanks to Wildcard for their support on the team. It was very generous and appreciated!!