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Found 13 results

  1. Forgot to note the stats of a creature before leveling up? This tool helps to retreive the values that matter for breeding. Now you can also save your extracted stats in a library, see which creature has the best stats and view the pedigree of your pets. Sort your library to see which creatures are the best for breeding and compare which stats are inherited to the offspring. Feedback is welcome. Also I'm looking forward to see some awesome pedigrees, share yours if you got a nice breed. The latest version can be downloaded here: https://github.com/cadon/ARKStatsExtractor/releases/latest
  2. [The app is still new and although it works-for-me™ your mileage may vary] Having trouble finding those top stats for breeding? Lost your tames? If you play single-player or have access to the saved ARK then Larkator can locate tamed or wild creatures and display them on a map. It's a stand-alone PC app that uses and requires the brilliant ark-tools. Features: Find both wild and tamed creatures Filter based on species, gender, min and max levels Show the results on a map with full coordinates Creature stats are shown to help you find that elusive next tame Automatically re-reads your save file when it changes Supports all five standard maps As the tool is still new please consider this a beta test. Install from here, then help out by reporting bugs and suggestions in the Issues section on GitHub. Thanks! Changelog: v1.6: Now covers all five of the standard maps, selected based on the filename of the .ark selected.
  3. sparcmx

    tool Commander

    A program for builders tired of typing commands into the console. ARK Commander holds an up to date list of entities, dinos and mods that you can spawn with a simple 'double-click' plus many other useful functions. Commander Usage Double Left-Click to give 1 item Double Right-Click to give a stack limited by the Amount slider First time users, please go into Config first and setup your preferences. * The default key for displaying and hiding Overlay mode is "ALT" Running as Administrator may be required. CustomCommands.xlsx and MapBookmarks.xlsx are the only tables you can edit. The other xlsx tables in your "My Documents" are overwritten by the updater service. DOWNLOAD http://sparcmx.com/ Version
  4. I posted about my app, Forge Calculator along time ago, but it's improved a lot since then. It now has all fuel types, the industrial forge, the bulk forge, and a much nicer UI that's easier to understand. You can download it here - https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=ark.forgecalculator2&hl=en_US
  5. Hi everyone, i have made a A-Calc taming calculator and companion app for Android devices, iOS devices and Windows Apps (Windows UWP / Windows Mobil). The Dino Taming Stats from last Ark Dev Kit are included. I hope that Tool can help you. Check it out A-Calc Taming Calculator Main Features at a Glance: • Taming calculator and guide for every tameable creature or dinosaur in ARK Survival Evolved, Ark: Scorched Earth and Ark: Aberration • Compatible with Ark Survival game for PC, Xbox One and Play Station 4 (PS4) • Dino taming and foodrate multipliers for unofficial ARK Survival Evolved servers - e.g. "0.5" / "2" / "5" / "0.25" • An all-in-one cross-platform Ark wiki guide & taming calculator • Always newest ARK Dev Kit data and personal testing data • Knockout details and calculations • Torpor timer and starve calculated timer for starve taming • Dino stats, dino trainee level calculation and Ark Wiki links • Overviews for dinos and creatures: carryable, dmg, stun and fits through • Admin commands (cheats), engrams, breeding times, 3rd party breeding calculator, recipes and dyes, patchnotes for PC, Xbox One and PS4 • Ark Maps (Custom maps for the survivor evolved game – created by A-Calc - ARK Community Taming Tools) • Available in different languages: English, Spain, French, Italian, Russian, Polish and German • Clean and neat design with fresh and intuitive interface Die Hauptmerkmale des Zähmung Rechner auf einen Blick: • Taming Rechner und Guide für jede zähmbare Kreatur oder Dinosaurier in ARK Survival Evolved, Ark: Scorched Earth und Ark: Aberration • Kompatibel mit dem Ark Survival Spiel auf PC, Xbox One und Play Station 4 (PS4) • Zähmen Geschwindigkeit und Futterrate Multiplikatoren für individuelle ARK Survival Evolved Server - z.B. "0.5" / "2" / "5" / "0.25" • Ein All-in-One cross-platform Ark Wiki Guide und Taming Rechner der keine Wünsche übriglässt • immer das neuste ARK Dev Kit und persönliche Testdaten • Schläfrigkeit - Knockout Details und Berechnungen • Narkose Timer und Aushungern Zähmung Rechner Timer • Dino-Statistiken, Dino-Ausbildung Level Berechnung und Ark Wiki Verlinkung • Übersichten für Dinos und Kreaturen: tragbare Kreaturen, Schaden, Betäubung und Passt durch • Admin-Befehle (Cheats), Engramme (Skilltree), Brutzeiten, 3rd Party Brutrechner, Rezepte und Farben sowie Patchnotes für PC, Xbox One und PS4 • Ark-Karten (Benutzerdefinierte Karten für das Überleben Spiel – created by A-Calc - ARK Community Taming Tools) • In verschiedenen Sprachen verfügbar (jederzeit umschaltbar): Deutsch, Englisch, Spanisch, Französisch, Italienisch, Russisch und Polnisch • Sauberes und ordentliches Design mit einer frischen und intuitiven Benutzeroberfläche Showcase & Changelog http://www.a-calc.de/showcase.html Downloads: www.a-calc.de Google Play Store Apple Store Fröhliches Zähmen alle
  6. We wanted to make a custom "LevelExperienceRampOverrides" recently but it can take AGES. I mean... if I want lets say... make level 4000 cap. So we made a tool that generates the level ramp. Maybe, you just really hate MMO grinder - like playstyle? Well.. thats for you! Just adjust scaling to match your preferences . Player levels along with engrams and dino levels are all adjustable with multiple different styles and scaling options. WARNING! Newest version (v4) (as of 11.06.2017) may contain some bugs, that will be fixed as soon as you report them. Currently we know one issue that idk how to solve. It may affect very few, but still somebody. If you are having issues running the app and have ever installed QT framework on your computer, change name of QT directory if you have QT newer than 5.6.0 (for example from "C:\Qt\" to "C:\QtHidden\" features: -choose the number of levels you want to be created -set scaling (amount per level) -several styles including exponential, complex curve, static -in app tutorial/help -place for custom code -easy to follow UI DOWNLOAD http://dubba.pl/ark/ ------------------- current version change log: 4.6.101. iniial ------------------- version 4: -streamlined everything -maths re-worked -added real stock values and features like "real time preview table" -convenient wizard form! created by Dubba Thonny and myself. I have included a few screen shots.
  7. Loot Crate Editor Feature Custom Loot Crate Custom ItemSet content Disable Loot Crates Save and Load data Auto update Loot Crates Multiple Items Editing Guide Only include Loot Crates you want to change. Disable a creature's crate, then killing that creature won't give you garbage any more. If you want to change a creature's crate, make sure it has at least two ItemSet, otherwise, it won't work. To copy the content of other Loot Crate, just click the "From" button and select it. If you changed some ItemSets, click the "Update" button, it will automatically update the Loot Crates. Do not forget to save your job.
  8. Avijarel

    ARK RCON tool ACCIon

    I have a while looking for a RCON tool which manages multiple servers at the same time. Unfortunately I have not found one. That is why I wrote one by myself. And in case someone have same problem, I want to share it. ARK RCON tool ACCIon have the following function ARK RCON tool ACCIon ACCIon is a RCON tool for the administration of gameserver with RCON support. It's been developed for ARK: Survival Evolved, but was testet with Dark and Light. Functions Add up to 15 different servers for administration Get all the chatlogs from the server including timestamps, Steam name and ingame name of players Filter for specific types or groups of the chat Send ingame message, either to specific player or global Set different color for each server, for better readability Divide your servers into groups (e.g. game specific, PvE vs PvP) Show online players Mark new (unseen) players for seven days Send commands to all servers, groups or specific servers Commands can be delayed and repeated Delayed commands are shown in a query Commands can be set to a specific execution via the "auto" function Can be repeated daily Warnings can be set for auto commands (via broadcast message) with custom text. #time is available as a placeholder for the time left until execution Logs(Chat) are saved to log directory Download the last version here: ACCIon Let me know what you are missing or how you like it.
  9. dinomanager

    Dino Manager

    Hi all, My Dino breeding spreadsheet started to get a bit over-full and hard to navigate, so I decided to build a website that held the same function - but also available for others to use for their own breeding/tracking purposes. It's still being worked on, and I would be happy to hear any feedback, or ideas that would make it more useful for you. Find it at https://dinomanager.com - edit: for some reason link is not clickable after submitting, probably due to my low post count, so here is a few screenshots of the site. Filtered to only show Pteras: I'll be writing up some help texts in the coming days. It should be fairly self explanatory to use, but in summary it's a site to store the base stats of your dinos as you hatch/tame them. The highest value will be highlighted, so when you filter down to the species you want, you can easily see which dinos would be good breeding candidates. The goal is to have an entire row be highlighted. Eventually I'd like to add a tool to help calculate the base stats from a dino that has been leveled, but that can be a bit more tricky. The points that are displayed when entering a dino are calculated based on some testing I've done, but since the tamed dino nerf I'm not 100% sure those values are correct - the giganot is most certainly wrong. Use them as a rough guide - excluding the giganot, the values should be within 1-2 points of what is displayed. Planned updates, priority ordered: (order represents importance to devs, not necessarily how soon it will be done) Mobile friendly! Option of storing points or actual values Option of updating a dino with post-tame stat increases (XP based stats) while still retaining base stats for breeding referencing CSV input/output (or some other mass in/out) Fertilized eggs - a placeholder for a baby dino that remembers parents, but not stats Store dinosaur colours Family tree tracking, a baby should link to it's parents if the parent exists Having a 'notes' area for each account (handy for tribes sharing an account, or just leaving yourself some notes like 'breed baby x with baby y once mature' Images to store with the dinos Taming calculator similar to crumplecorn, with the ability to add to your dino's once completed Updates: All tameable dinos added Added some form validation to make it a bit easier to see what is needed Added the ability to hide individiual rows (handy if you have many dinos of a certain species you want to hand pick from)
  10. QuantumContinuum

    TLC Procoptodon & Gigantopithecus

    Hello! This is just a couple super small, super simple suggestions. Im super excited for the TLC patch, and I can’t wait to see what the Devs can do! That said, there are a couple things I’m hoping for, including the following: Procoptodon One thing that has always bothered me a little about the Procoptodon is seeing the males with pouches. While there are two known species of marsupial in which the males bear pouches, most male marsupials lack them. This kind of sexual dimorphism is already seen in game with the Megaloceros model - the male has antlers, and is useful for melee & harvesting thatch, while the female has greater speed. I propose something reminiscent for the Procoptodon. The females remain the same, with their pouches allowing for carrying players & small creatures. However the males lose their pouch in exchange for greater melee, using their kick as they would in the wild to defend their harems. The females retain the powerful kick too, though not as high damage. Gigantopithecus Super quick - hands. The thing has hands. I realize it’s getting a bunch of new abilities in the TLC update, but how can it not be given the ability to hold and use tools, when great apes have shown a capacity for doing so in the wild. The Gigantopithecus could be the Island’s equivalent to Scorched Earth’s Mantis in this regard. I hope these suggestions were interesting! Thank you for your time
  11. TL;DR: https://www.battlemetrics.com/rcon/about A web-based RCON tool that allows you to maintain a persistent connection to your server. Tracks players and admins so you can watch your community and staff. Many features to come. Hello everyone, Most RCON tools available for ARK are free desktop clients that give you some ability to run/monitor your server, but are often limited in what they can do and where you can take them. BattleMetrics is here to solve that problem. Our system maintains a constant RCON connection to your server, saving player information, chat logs, and administration logs so that you don't have to go scrounging when you want to find out what happened on your server while you were away. Currently we support BOTH getchat and -servergamelog as RCON options. Note, however, that -servergamelog can cause instability in servers. (Note: with getchat, only one RCON connection can be active at a time if you want to avoid chat constantly resetting. With our system, this is no problem. All of your admins will share the same connection through our server. You'll never lose chat logs again.) Here are a few of our key features: Triggers We allow you to automate routine tasks such as autobanning players with VAC Bans/VPNs, filtering and tagging player messages, send messages to new players, etc. We offer you an unprecedented amount of control in determining who you let in your server. Some interesting examples of user-created triggers: Reserving a player name for the Admin Sending an email to yourself whenever someone says "!<your name>" in chat. Kicking anyone with a player name that violates community rules via a regex filter Creating a de facto whitelist by kicking anyone who doesn't match the criteria (SteamIDs, for example) There are simply too many benefits to our trigger system to list. What creative uses can you come up with to make your job easier? Ban Lists Create and share ban lists with other communities to reduce the number of problem players joining your servers. Limit the permissions of those you invite to your ban lists: you have full control over what other communities do with your list. Opt-out and create exemptions for bans on a list so that you don't have to be bound by every decision on a shared ban list. Quickly ban players with pre-populated ban templates. Scheduler Send messages to the server on a customizable schedule. Automate your broadcasts by the minute, hour, day, or month (both by date and day of week). Pick the type of schedule that works for you. We provide three templates: Simple, Warning, and Advanced. VAC Ban Detection We automatically detect and flag users with VAC, economy, and community bans so that you can see who is more likely to be a problem. Staff Permissions & Security There's no need to hand out passwords to your staff anymore. In addition, you can limit what they can do. New staff member that you don't quite trust? Give them permission to issue bans up to 3 days long or however long you want. We've made permissions and staff roles fully customizable. Because we only use one RCON connection to your server, you won't have competing RCON clients erasing chat logs anymore. You can have as many users connected through our system as you like without disruption. Player Logs We track players based on name, Steam ID, IP, and GUID. We cross-reference these identifiers against other players in our database. When you go to view a player profile, you can see if they've joined under a different name, IP, etc. You'll also get to see what other servers we've seen that player on before. On the server information screen, we flag first-time players with a star next to their name. The player profile will also show if that player has ever been kicked or banned from the server before, easily allowing you to keep up with repeat offenders. Ban Synchronization We allow you to group your servers into organizations and then issue organization-wide bans. The bans are in our system so you can easily see and keep track of your ban list. You can store more information, detailed notes, and prevent a player from joining any of your servers at the click of a button. We also support exporting ban lists so that you can have backups if need be. Administration Log See a detailed history of what your staff has been up to. It has never been easier to see if your staff are using their powers responsibly. Mobile Since this is a web-based RCON tool, you can access and administer your server from anywhere. Dashboard- View Multiple Servers At Once We allow you to view all of your RCON-connected servers at once from our dashboard. You can issue most server commands and send messages to all your servers at once. You'll no longer need to keep multiple windows open to keep track of your server network. Our Bans May Cause a Banned Player's Game to Freeze Our system kicks banned players so quickly that they may never fully load into the server. Due to a bug or a feature with ARK, the player has to manually exit the program in order to attempt another connection. Steam ID to GUID Conversion For those of you with ArmA servers, you'll be able to tell who has been on both your ARK and ArmA servers. Let us know what you think about this tool in the thread below, or send us an email at [email protected] I hope you all find this tool helpful and good luck with your servers! Hordicus BattleMetrics Team https://www.battlemetrics.com/ TL;DR: https://www.battlemetrics.com/rcon/about A web-based RCON tool that allows you to maintain a persistent connection to your server. Tracks players and admins so you can watch your community and staff. Many features to come.
  12. lokifeyson

    Most OP weapon/tool in ark

    What's your guys thoughts on the most useful/powerful weapon or tool? I'm gonna say spyglass Not only do you see levels and other info, it's also an indestructible blunt object to beat things down with! Smarter or more persistent players can even make one at lower levels when it's even more essential. Just wish I could use it to see levels through green house glass
  13. EarlyBirdDev

    New Mod Organization Tool

    Hi everyone, I'd like to know if anyone would be interested in a new tool that allows the user to arrange, activate and deactivate installed mods? I wrote the tool for myself after having a few frustrating moments dealing with issues that cropped up when the mod order wasn't quite right and after a bit, I even forgot which mods were and weren't active. I just can't imagine going back to having to de-activate and re-activate mods to rearrange mod priority again. Originally this tool was one of several I expected to complete and package together (Features I feel WildCard missed which I would have included from the very start). The other phases of the project have not yet started and as this tool stands now, I have not included support for other languages and haven't tested it on the full range of what will ultimately be supported systems. However, if there is enough of a demand for it at this stage, I might be willing to put in the extra effort now before the next phases of development are finished to get this in the hands of those who would want to use it faster. In the case that there is insufficient immediate interest, I will begin work on the other phases of the overall project (mentioned below) and if that happens, it may be a while before I have time to dedicate to adding the finishing touches to this tool; distribution could end up being pushed back for up to a year or possibly even longer. P.S. I know there is a possibility of deprecation if WildCard changes the MOD UI for SP and this would indeed duplicate the functionality I have ready now. However, if you knew the full scope of my project, I'm sure you would undoubtedly see my dilema. To give you at least a general idea what would be set back, my completed project also encompases full support for SP character profiles as well as MP host profiles which will allow not only the option of selecting which character to play but also which world, config options and mods are in play for each profile independent of the others. In the end the full set of utilities will offer the ability to try different things out without screwing anything up; I guess I should also mention that I do have profile configuration sharing and a few other things planned as well. I expect the completed workbench to include tools for everyone (SP gamers, Server Hosts and Modders alike) to insure maximum compatibility and flexibility when it comes to those supporting and playing ARK. And once I have all of this trivial stuff out of the way, I'm going to be dedicating my time to the world of modding ARK (that is unless I have other ARK related projects underway first). If you like, you can leave a comment to let me know what you'd like to see happen. Thanks Everyone!