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  1. Hello everyone! Thank you for taking the time to check out our server! I am not an admin, but I have played on the cluster for two wipes now and I would like to advertise such a great cluster to new players and experienced ones alike! I could explain all this amazing server has to offer, but it is easier for you to just try the link! I guarantee you'll love it! Join our Discord: https://discord.gg/sCBBWjj (Imagine if everyone who saw this clicked on the link and hung around for a homie... anyhow!!!) LEGO MY STEGO SERVER WIPE FRIDAY 03/27/2020 Harvest: 10x Week/15x Weekend Taming: Instant Experience: 10x Week/15x Weekend 6 Man Tribe Limit All Maps Excellent Stats Max Player 105 Max Wild Dino 150 Egg Hatch 20x Mating Speed 100x Mature 50x 100% Imprint All Dinos Stack Mod Custom Drops Auto Learn Engrams New Dinos Spawn on Rag, Cen, Val, & Island Very Balanced! 1 Event Server! 1 Owner / 3 Admins The main reason why I love this server over all other ones is not only is it balanced, but it has an in game currency that is applicable to both those that donate and those that do not. I have not had the opportunity of donating yet, but each wipe I cache in my "Stego Cash" for tames, turrets, bps, you name it! As over powered as it seems, its not as frequently utilized by survivors. Check it out, I guarantee you'll love it!
  2. NEW CVD-19 LOCKDOWN PS4 SERVER. WILL BE MAKING CLUSTER RITB-SMALLTRIBE/FASTTAME&BREED/X30/AllEngrams/NOOFFLINERAIDS PvP, smaller server for more chilled community. Lightly boosted, not crazy God server. No admin rights, no BS. See you soon.
  3. [Filthy Casuals] Non-toxic PVP We run a server for players that want to PVP with online raids, some quality of life mods and settings that make it easy to recover, and slightly boosted rates. 6 man tribes 5 Map Cluster Mods like s+, Dino Storage v2, and Awesome Spyglass 6 days of New Player Protection run by an API Offline Raid Protection but a 2 hour windup to prevent combat logging Increased stack sizes and higher player weight gain per level Harvest 5x Purge style events Our full modlist can be found here: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1887466982 And our Discord is here: https://discord.gg/dj2mSYx
  4. INC Cluster 4/3 [PVPVE] 3XP.5H.10T.15B INC Cluster [PVPVE] This server is aimed toward people who work and/or go to school full time. With boosted rates so you and your tribe can keep up, but not so much it ruins the game. Rules and amnesty try to balance healthy PVP and PVE. The cluster was wiped on 4/3/20. Join our Discord for a full list of server information and rules. -https://discord.gg/bkGhfQ7 -The cluster consists of Ragnarok, TheIsland, Extinction, Aberation, and Genesis. Ragnarok steam://connect/ Extinction steam://connect/ Genesis steam://connect/ Aberation steam://connect/ Island steam://connect/ SERVER RATES -3x Experience -5x Gather -10x Tame -15x Mature -20x Hatch -Difficulty 5 -Max Wild Dino Level 150 -Max Player Level 105 -Customized Engram Points per Level -Player Stat Gain Per Level 2x (3x weight) Except movement speed -Tamed Dino Stat Gain Per Level 3x weight -Nights 25% Faster -Max Players Per Tribe 12 -Structure Decay Enabled -Gamma enabled -------------------------------------- Mods SalaStackThings- https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1626159787 Super Structures - https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1999447172 Nifty Things- https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1632715876 Platforms Plus - https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=719928795 Protected Passives - https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=954824957 Grappling Flare Gun - https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=755218392 TCs Auto Rewards - https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1260983937
  5. System Model: PowerEdge R620 CPU: Intel® Xeon® CPU E5-3690 V2 @3.00GHz (40CPUs) ~3.0GHz RAM: 128GB OS: Windows Server 2016 Hello everyone I am an admin on the aCw Ark Servers. We are hosting fun, fast paced, boosted PVE servers for our community and fellow ARK players. We have two Clusters for Ark, one cluster is PVP and the Other is a PVE and both have QOL mods. On our servers you will be able to enjoy the fun of playing ARK without the saltiness and the constant grinding of the official servers. Do you have all day to grind out metal, or tame a dino you need, or a week to raise a dino from infancy? We don’t either!! We have also unlocked ALL the engrams for you so there is one less headache every level having to choose what you need to learn. Do you want to soar through the air on Ragnarok from the back of a Griffin? How about gliding through the Aberration on a Rock Drake? Then come join us and earn points in the Shop and receive awesome rewards. If I have gotten your attention, then head over to our Discord and say Hi and come level up to 300!! See you on the ARK!!! Discord: https://discord.gg/6PBcCKd PVP Servers aCw Genesis PVP aCw The Island PVP aCw Scorched Earth PVP aCw Aberration PVP aCw Ragnarok PVP aCw The Center PVP aCw Extinction PVP aCw Valguero PVP PVE Servers aCw Genesis PVE aCw The Island PVE aCw Aberration PVE aCw Ragnarok PVE aCw Valguero PVE aCw Extinction PVE PVP Mod List https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails?id=2030501524 PVE Mod List https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails?id=2030507558 Rates: PVP x5 Tame Speed x10 Hatch Speed x10 Maturation x5 XP x5 Harvesting Rates: PVE X15 Tame Speed x50 Hatch Speed x15 Maturation x10 XP x15 Harvesting
  6. Bootlegged Ark PVP Solo/Duo/Trio-Valg-5G-10XP-15T-Modded New Valguero Map Launched I'm a laid back admin with a low bullpoop tolerance, I made this server because every server I play on is always missing something I want in my experience. So if you are looking for the same desired mods and settings I look forward to gaming it up with you! I will also take suggestions and requests seriously via discord, input is desired as this is hopefully the start of a new cluster. Mods: S+ Classic Flyers Bettery Reusables Reward Vault (Plans to add QOL items based on player preference) Valguero Dino and Map Extension Meat Spoiler Hg Stacks 5000 -90 Kibble Craft Station Bitou2k's Binocular Solo Farm Anky Offline Guard System (5x offline structure health and turret damage) Auto Engrams Dino Colourizer Haircuts and Emotes Simple Spawners(will be using to add nests and egg spawners for rock drakes and all wyvern types) Server Settings: -150 Max Dino Level -Boosted Per level stats for both dinos and players (Subject to change based on player preference) -No annoying spawn animation -.25 food and water drain -Admin Logging On -Longer Days -Lenient Breeding (Easier to get full imprint) -Max Loot Quality for drops and fishing -Server will auto update with 10 minute restart warning Additional maps will be added based on request and population. 123 or other similarly named survivors and steam accounts move on, this server is not for you. PVP is welcome, please keep the griefing and flaming in chat to a minimum. Be courteous to newer tribes. https://discord.gg/5ARRX9b For more info and a look at server configs.
  7. Temporary Increase in rates to 6x for all but taming rates to mirror the increase for Easter event. Genesis Map inbound transfers will be opening on April 1st. All server settings will match the rest of the cluster. PVP, Official-like rules, Never wipes, and 3x (Taming, Harvest, Breeding, and EXP) rates among other small changes. Single owner/no admins (0 abuse). A full list of server settings is available on our discord channel, we do have a few non standard options in play such as a slight modifier to weight stat and tribe members being able to imprint for you! Join us in Discord: https://discord.gg/hTxkwtZ or reach me directly at: valistar#0709 TO FIND THE SERVERS (XBOX/WINDOWS) SEARCH FOR MYTH_ WITH UNOFFICIAL PC SESSIONS CHECK MARKED IN THE BOTTOM CORNER ~Platforms~ Windows 10 XBOX One ~Servers~ We have ALL maps and will be adding the newest Genesis maps as soon as they are available. [US] Myth_CrossArkPVP_Genesis 100 Slot [US] Myth_CrossArkPVP_Ragnarok 20 Slot [US] Myth_CrossArkPVP_Valguero 10 Slot [US] Myth_CrossArkPVP_Extinction 10 Slot [US] Myth_CrossArkPVP_Aberration 10 Slot [US] Myth_CrossArkPVP_ScorchedEarth 10 Slot [US] Myth_CrossArkPVP_Island 10 Slot [US] Myth_CrossArkPVP_Center 10 Slot
  8. Grimey Grinders – Solo Tribes Grimey Grinders – Solo Tribes Long term cluster that wont wipe. 8 maps and 2 event servers Tired of big tribes running the cluster and raiding you while you work or spend time with your family ? Want to play on a server that actually runs events and not just talk about them? Grimey Grinders gives you a chance to survive as a solo player. Weekday Structure damage off because people do have lives. Artifacts and boss items have been added to drops so boss fights are more practical with solo tribes. Harvesting and taming have been increased. Active daily community looking to add other mature players that want a challenge. Grimey Grinders on Facebook <---Join there Grimey Grinders on Discord <---Join there Maps: Ragnarok / Valguero / Center / Island / Extinction / Aberration / Scorched Earth// Genesis Server Settings and Info: Player Level- 105 Dinos Max Wild Level - 150 Auto-Unlock Engrams Approximately 1:30 on interval timer Taming: 50x Baby Mature Speed: 50x Harvest Amount: 20x Spoil Time: 2.0x Egg Hatch Speed: 150x Player Food Drain: 0.2x Player Water Drain: 0.2x Fuel Drain: 2.0x Crop Growth Speed: 15x Turret Damage: 5.0x Cave Damage: 2.0x Turrets on Platform Saddles : Not Allowed Player Stats Per Level: Max Level 105 Health: 1x Stamina: 3x Oxygen: 200x Food: 5x Water: 5x Weight: 1000x Melee Damage: 2x Movement Speed: 2x Crafting Skill: 1x Fortitude: 3x Dino Stats Per Level : Max Level 150 Wild Health: 1x Stamina: 3x Oxygen: 4x Weight: 1000x Melee: x1 Speed: x1 Rules: -Grimey Grinders Rules- Common Sense Rules No Meshing / Explioting the map(s) No Alliances (Blue Tags) No Teaming - This is a solo server. While not every situation is the same the object here is to play vs each other and have some fun without getting wiped by big tribes. Raiding - After you are done raiding its your responsibility to clean your FOB up - Its a solo server so people should have a chance to rebuild unless you are taking control of the location No blocking Obilesks , drops or terminals No trolling or grieving Artifacts cave building is ok(artifacts in drops) Turrets on Platform Saddles : Not Allowed Any FOBs or spam MUST be taken down when structure damage is turned off. Flyers Allowed on Aberration Message me on xbox @ McTuck88 or join the discord or facebook group to get a quicker response https://www.facebook.com/groups/GrimeyGindersCluster/ Grimey Grinders Discord - https://discord.gg/f4G7fF3
  9. PVP 7 Map Cluster | 25x Discord: https://discord.gg/vxxqzE3 Donation Store: https://shop.247gaming.gg/ PVP Commands and Info: https://goo.gl/dgVnCU A bit about us: 24/7 Gaming was established in 2013, with the motto in which still standing 'Built by the players, for the players'. We currently are running ARK servers on PVE and PVP, each game-mode with a 7 map cluster (base rate 25x). We are running dedicated servers with no lag, we have 3 free kits (farmer, builder and starter) in which each has 3 uses (this is cluster wide, meaning all servers are synced with their usage). We have timed points for playing, in which you can purchase cool kits and Dinos, rewards those loyal players for their time. All items, dinos and characters can be transferred between clusters. Our Discord is prioritised for all communication (such as); Admin Support Changelogs Weekend Event Announcements Community Announcements (discord and server related) Giveaways All other information such as stats, mods ect can be found below. PVP Vote Links: Extinction - https://toparkservers.com/server/ Ragnarok - https://toparkservers.com/server/ Genesis - https://toparkservers.com/server/ Center - https://toparkservers.com/server/ Island - https://toparkservers.com/server/ Valguero - https://toparkservers.com/server/ Abberation - https://toparkservers.com/server/ Decay Times: Thatch - 2 days Wood - 4 days Stone - 6 days Metal - 8 days Server Rates Harvesting = 25.0 (5.0 for Element - All variants) Taming = 25.0 Breeding = 25.0 Mating Interval Multiplier = 0.1 (10x) Egg Hatch Speed Multiplier = 25.0 Baby Mature Speed Multiplier = 15.0 Saddle Armor Clamp = 112.5 (Rock Elemental)/ 200 (Most Dinos) Weapon Damage Clamp = 500% Armor Durability Clamp = 2000 Turret Limit = 125 Loot Quality = 1.2 Fishing Loot Quality = 1.2 Server Settings Tribe Size = 6 Alliances = False PvP Enabled Max Player Level = 150 (195 with Max Ascension) (200 with Ascension + Chibi) Max Wild Dino Level = 150/190 (125 additional levels at 1.25 Million Experience) S+ Nanny Imprint Cap = 100% Admin Logging = True (Discord) All Diseases = False Unlimited Mindwipe Respecs = True 2x Turret Damage Online 4x Turret Damage 4x Structure Health ORP (/setorp) Dino Movement speed 300% capped Weekend Rates Harvesting = 25.0 Taming = 50.0 Breeding = 50.0 Egg Hatch Speed Multiplier = 50.0 Baby Mature Speed Multiplier = 30.0 Loot Quality = 1.5 Fishing Loot Quality = 1.5 Untamable Creatures Ice Titan Forest Titan Desert Titan Titanosaur Removed Engrams ALL S+ Turrets & Variants Following S+ Tools (Demo Gun, Pillerator, Visibility Tool) S+ Personal Teleporter Crystal Cracker & Gacha Gavager Tek Buggy Following S+ Structures (All S+ Pillars, All Dynamic Gateways & Pillars, All S+ Triangle Foundations, All XL S+ Trapdoors, S+ & Vanilla Metal & Tek Fence Foundations & Supports, Vacuum Compartments, cooking pot) Following S+ Stations (Cloning Chamber, Industrial Cooker, Drone Terminal, Charge Station, Mutator, Tek Stove, Tek Cooking Pot, Tek Forge, Tek Fridge, Tek Chem Bench, Repair Station, Incinerator) Mods: HG Stacking Mod 5000-90 https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=849985437 SPUK Emergency Fix For S+ (5 Sec) https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1996505207 Structures Plus https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=731604991 Ark Better Server Security https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1840739225 Awesome Spyglass https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1404697612 Solo Farm https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1941328406 HG Pick Up Gun https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1928871727 Editable Server UI https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=924619115 Naj's Speedy Flyers https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1083349027 HG Cake Fix https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1757776400 Valguero Dino and Map Extension (Valguero Only) https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1786522940 Ingame Commands: /discord - Prints information message. /raidwarning <minutes> - Sets the raidwarning to <minutes> 0 = Off. /setdiscord <username> - Sets player Discord username, no quotes needed. Example: /setdiscord SNiPERTONY247#0001 /setdiscord <authkey> - Authorizes player with received code. /suicide /dinostats or /ds (All these commands are done in game) New Player Protection (PVE Mode): /pveoff = off pve-mode for player/team /pvestatus = get player/tribe pve-hours /pvecheck = check if player exist in pve-players Offline Raid Protection: /orpcheck /setorp <name> - sets orp centered at your current location /setorp <id> or <name> - replaces old orp location with new orp location /listorp - lists all orps (for finding id) /orp - tells you if you are in an orp area or not Lootboxes: /lootboxes - View lootbox balance /lootbox <BoxName> - Use a lootbox ARK Shop: /points - Shows current amount of points. /buy <ID> <Amount> - Buys the item from shop. /trade <'CharacterName'> <Amount> - Sends points to other player (' ' - are necessary). /kit - Shows all kits. /kit <KitName> - Redeems the kit. /buykit <KitName> <Amount> - Buys a kit (if kit has a price). /shop <Page> - Shows a list of available items in the shop. Vote Plugin: /claim - Checks for votes and awards player. /vote - lists vote links to players Structure Limit: /ShowLimits - Shows amount of player structures. Dino Colour Command (VIP): /sdc <Region> <Colour> Private Messages: /pm <CharacterName> <Message> /r <Message> Engrams: /giveengrams Free Kits: /kit farmer /kit starter /kit builder Server IPs: Aberration: steam://connect/ Ragnarok: steam://connect/ The Center: steam://connect/ The Island: steam://connect/ Extinction: steam://connect/ Volguero: steam://connect/ Genesis: steam://connect/ All other information such as events, news, announcements, wipes, rule updates, changelogs ect are posted in our community discord. Remember, don't be shy. We'd love to see some friendly new faces about.
  10. ARK Remastered Cluster Welcome to ARK Remastered. This is a cluster server with the following maps: - Ragnarok - The Island - Valguero - Extinction - Aberration - Genesis # Server Settings: - XP: x2 - Taming: x6 - Harvest: x2 - Mature: x8 - Max Player level: 155 - Max wild dino level: 150 - Max extra levels: 226 - Increased drop quality - Increased fishing loot quality - Tribe member limit: 6 - Tribe dino limit: 200 This server is PvPvE so you can choose to play either as PVP or PVE. And u will be allowed to switch from PVE to PVP at anytime. We are planning to do 1 event every 2 weeks. Varying from admin base raids to genesis mission's. And the rewards wil vary from shop points to loot. All admin commands are logged in chat so you can be sure there will be no admin abuse in any way. We are always open for new ideas to improve our servers. For any question's about the server u can join our discord: https://discord.gg/kPkDdCh These are the mods we are currently using : - Structures Plus - Platforms Plus (Open Source) - Tribute and Element Transfers - Valguero Dino and Map Extension - TCs Auto Rewards This reward vault includes special weekly dino's and starter packs - Offline Guard System Activates 10 min after logout, +1 minute for every turret with a max of 90 minutes. Max 2 per tribe, per map. - PvP Safe Zones v2 - HG Stacking Mod - Better Reusables - Editable Server UI - Awesome SpyGlass - Classic Flyers - Ascension For All Ascension packs are available to buy with ARCs from the reward mod.
  11. 24/7 6 MAP PvP Cluster 𝕎𝕖𝕝𝕔𝕠𝕞𝕖 𝕥𝕠 ℂ𝕦𝕝𝕥 𝕠𝕗 𝕥𝕙𝕖 𝔸𝕣𝕜 Our 24/7 PvP cluster consists of 6 maps: Ragnarok - 20 Slots Aberration - 20 Slots The Island - 20 Slots Genesis - 32 Slots Extinction - 20 Slots The Center - 20 Slots Adjusted Server Rates: Harvest: 8.0 XP: 7.0 Taming Speed: INSTANT Consumption Speed: 1.0 Egg Hatch Speed: 20.0 Baby Mature: 15.0 Mating Interval: 0.115 Lay Egg Interval: 0.05 Floating Text Damage: Yes Unlimited Respecs: Yes Corpse Locator: Yes Crosshair: Yes Player Location on Map: Yes Structure Collision: No Anyone Can Imprint: Yes Other Information: Dino and player stats are increased a fair amount per level. Our server settings are designed to ease the grind, yet still provide fun and appreciation for your items and accomplishments. Some crafting material requirements have been reduced on some items such as cementing paste, gunpowder, etc. We have a custom store! We offer paid and free ways to earn COTA Credits, and 100% of all paid donations go right back into the cluster. XBOX & WINDOWS ONLY. At least until Wildcard someday adds full cross play. Want even more information? CLICK HERE to check out our website!! Looking for a community of players to help you? Or are you looking to find out who the Alpha Tribe is? CLICK HERE to join our Discord!! Have any questions? Feel free to ask down below, or tag an admin in our Discord.
  12. [PC STEAM]Vicious Circle 5xRates/3xXP[PVP]6 Map Cluster[PVP] Vicious Circle 5xRates/3xXP[PVP]6 Map Cluster[PVP] Join Vicious Circle small but growing community. Cluster has a rapid growing community. Our goal is to focus on a healthy pvp environment and complete with others for the top spot. Server if planning for a long future with Genesis, Crystal Isle, Genesis part 2. Even though the world can be Vicious at times dose not mean we have to be savages. Events coming soon to server. New players and veterans are welcome make sure you join the discord for rules and server information MAPS/Mods Mods: Spyglass,Kaetokid's Stack Mod Maps:Ragnarok, Aberration-Flyers Enable, The Island, Extinction, Valguero,Genesis-Flyers disable. RATES: Experience: 3x Harvest/Gather: 5x Taming: 5x Hatching: 10x Maturation: 10x OTHER SETTINGS: Admin Command Logging: Enabled Tribe Limit:15 Alliance: Disable Friendly Fire: Enabled Floating Damage Text: Enabled Gamma: Enabled Cross-hairs: Enabled Structure Clipping: Enabled Discord link: https://discord.gg/EnQ25jU Steam connect info: Ragnarok: Aberration: The Island: Extinction: Valguero: Genesis:
  13. Any norwegian / Scandinavian players wanna tribe? Are you norwegian and need someone to tribe up with? Im looking for some norwegian / scandinavian players to make a new tribe. Comment with she and ps4 name if you are interested. (I have played since 2017)
  14. Wipe 20/03 Legacy Ark 7X/6Man/Orp/S+ Cluster Welcome to Legacy Ark Community Cluster.Server Info:Harvest x7XP x7Taming x7Breeding x10WildDino lvl 150WildTekDino lvl 180Player Level 105MaxTribeLimit: 6CaveDmg x6Orp:5X Offline Turret damage2X Offline HPMods:Editable Server UIHG Stacking Mod 1000-50Bitou2k's BinocularHG Pick Up Gun V1.0S+Cake FixIngame shop (Limited amount of things to buy)Rules: You can read the rules on our discord-server. https://discord.gg/RRsksym
  15. - Dragehend.com - - https://discord.gg/vDrueSy - - Dragehend | 4 Working Adults | Balanced Shop + WildCard Rates | 7+ Maps - - Add Server Dragehend.com:27015 - - or Steam Connect through Dragehend.com - - Ragnarok Launched on 4/6 - - Genesis and Extinction Launched on 3/21 - We are building a new community cluster for laid back casual players. Rates are pretty close to what you'd expect to find on official servers and a few tweaks that add to the original experience. This server is great for working people who like playing ark with friends. We currently have 6 maps with all the awesome spots still open and will be adding more maps in the future. New Player structures are protected up to level 60. After this protection wears off Tribes may request to become PVE. Tribe admins may return to their tribe to PVP status at their discretion. - Maps and Dino Levels - The Island Level 120 Scorched Earth Level 150 Valguero Level 150 Aberration Level 150 Extinction NEW! Level 150 Genesis NEW! Level 150 Ragnarok NEW! Level 150 Full Details: http://dragehend.com/maps.html All Dino Decay is disabled There are no restrictions on cross ark transfers. Dino uploads expire after 333 days. - Mods - Go to Dragehend's Mod Collection. Click 'Subscribe to All' to easily install all the mods before joining the game: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2044338658 - Features - Capitalism Physical Store NEW! Cross Cluster Chat integrated into discord Balanced Points Shop and your points are synced across the cluster Public Teleporters - Breeding - Dino Mating Interval 0.75x Reduced by 25%, cuts down time dinos lay fertilized eggs. Egg Hatch Speed 4x Eggs Hatch 400% faster Baby Mature Speed 6x Babies Mature 600% faster. Enables users to raise a baby in a single evening. Cuddle Interval (imprinting) 0.65x How often babies need to be cuddled. Value decreased to try to allow 100% imprinting with reduced baby mature speed. - Environment - Global Item Decomp Time 3x Decomposition time for all dropped items including poop. Items stay in the world 300% longer. Lay Egg Interval 0.5x Dinos lay eggs 50% faster. Hair Growth Speed 0.3x Hair grows 66% slower so that you stay in style longer. Corpse Life Span 2x Survivor corpse stays in the world twice as long. - Rules - See http://dragehend.com/rules.html - Upcoming Features - Event Server is being built to host events with prizes. Custom Beacons (Useful loot but not overpowered) Global chat is integrated into Discord, and the rest of the cluster, so you can easily chat to anyone on discord or actively playing on any map in the cluster. - https://discord.gg/vDrueSy -
  16. Server Info Main Server Map: Ragnarok Cluster Server Maps: Island, Valguero, Aberration, Extinction & Genesis Steam & Discord Link Ragnarok: steam://connect/ The Island: steam://connect/ Valguero: steam://connect/ Genesis: steam://connect/ Aberration: steam://connect/ Extinction: steam://connect/ Discord: https://discord.gg/EgxtxBD Rates Experience Rate: 20x Harvesting Rate: 20x Taming Rate: 20x ** Note: Optimized Harvesting is enabled for server optimization purposes. Player Stats Health: 1.2 Stamina: 1.2 Torpidity: 1.0 Oxygen: 1.5 Food: 1.5 Water: 1.5 Temperature: 1.0 Weight: 15.0 Melee Damage: 1.2 Speed: 1.1 Temperature Fortitude: 1.5 Crafting Speed: 0.8 Tamed Dino Stats Health: 0.2 Stamina: 1.2 Torpidity: 1 Oxygen: 1.2 Food: 1.2 Weight: 15.0 Damage: 0.17 Speed: 1.2 Other Configurations Max Player Level: 150 with Chibi Max Wild Level: 150 Max Levels After Tame: 100 Max Players in Tribe: 10 Max Bases per Tribe: 2 per map Max Bases per Tribe: 3 across cluster Max Tamed Dinos per Tribe: 300 Max TPs per Tribe: 10 Max Turrets per Tribe: 200 Max ORP per Tribe: 2 Breeding Multipliers Mating Interval: 0.2 Egg Hatch Speed: 20.0 Baby Mature Speed: 20.0 Baby Cuddle Interval: 0.1 Baby Food Consumption Speed: 1.0 Mods Installed Super Structures (S+) HG Stacking Mod 5000 Automated Ark Awesome Teleporters Awesome Spyglass Najs Speedy Flyers HG Pickup Gun Offline Guard System Death Helper Editable Server UI Advanced Engram Unlocker Valguero Dino and Map Expansion Offline Raid Protection / ORP Activation period: 30 mins Activation Extension With Ally Inside: 30 mins Max Range per ORP: 45 Structures in range HP: x10 Dinos Damage Reduction: x10 Turrets Damage: x3
  17. Most Updated Rules and Server Info will be on our Discord Server: https://discord.gg/vzuvDqy [Server Info] 10x Exp - 5x Harvest - 15x Taming - 10x Item Stack Maps: Valguero, Ragnarok, The Center, Extinction, Island, Genesis Starter Kits Custom Air Drops Custom Boss Drops Custom Beaver Dams Custom Semi-Easy Craft Titanosaur Disabled Titans on Extinction are not tameable 8 man tribe - No Alliance Max Player lvl 300 Max Wild Dino lvl 330 All Tek Engrams auto unlock at lvl 100 All Genesis Tek Engrams auto unlock at lvl 150 Bloodstalkers and Reapers spawn on Valguero Snow Owls spawn on Ragnarok Manas spawn on Center Megachelon spawn on the Island VOTE FOR US HERE! [SEARCH FILTER]
  18. WIPED 3/6/2020! PvP Server Names: Team6ix 25x PvP (Ragnarok) 20 Slots Team6ix 25x PvP (Genesis) 20 Slots Team6ix 25x PvP (Center) 20 Slots Find us in the Unofficial PC Sessions List Rates: 25x Taming 25x Gathering 100x Maturation 100x Hatch Speed Custom Crafting Requirements Custom drops Other Information: Unlimited Survivor and tame weight Survivor Oxygen increases by 10000 per point spent Survivor Health increases by 25 per point spent Survivor Speed increases by 4.5% per point spent Survivor Stamina Increased 25 per point Survivor Fortitude increases by 800 per point spent on Fortitude Crafting x1000 per point Boosted tame stamina Unlimited tame weight Crop growth speed x1000 Custom Stack Sizes Rules: FULL listing of our rules and guidelines on our Discord over at The best way to stay up to date with the server and community is to join our Discord! https://discord.gg/ykhNw7X You will find all the server info, events, tournaments and also other helpful information on our discord! VIDEO TUTORIAL ON HOW TO JOIN OUR SERVERS!
  19. UNIQUE RAID SERVER ( connected to the cluster) This server gave players a unique pvpve experience. its a dedicated raid server handcrafted with world bosses and epic raids. theres different level of difficulty beginner to mythic screenshots infos and loot tables available on our discord ( https://discord.gg/rJSkggx ) This server weekly rollback every sunday you must bring your stuff from the normal cluster, beginner raids can be done with tamed dino but mythic need tek turret / building lots of good breed very high leveled dinos with good saddles and tons of allosaurus ( they inflict 5% bleeding damage over 10 sec when having the alpha buff but get 1shot by any sources of damage). in this server the HP PER LEVEL is increase and turret damage incresed to x4 in order to reduce the number of turret per raid to avoir lags on our server and the hp per level is to be able to customise our boss fight more easely and adding the fact to have high level dinos being important in order to face harder raids. Raids might look ridiculous when reading but definatly requiere some skill to complete. we offer a 250k points reward to the first tribe to complete de last raid 100% completion (need video for proof and content )because its actually really challenging and only the best can beat this raid. but each boss of every raids have his reward vault or loots in the group leader inventory, so even if you dont plan to beat the raid you can stop whenever you want and be rewarded for the progression done. the best loot in the game are inside the hardest raids some bosses take more than 30min even some hours for the hardest raid to complete and the server is pvp be warned. We are a nice group of experimented players actually having around 15-20 active players but we are looking to grow way bigger. we frequently help new peoples for bosses and OSD. even if its triotribes teaming for content if very fine but when it come to pvp its only 1tribe vs 1tribe no one can help by any way not even the most imaginative one its triotribe for a reason we want clean pvp and must respect that. What requiered for raids fobs with turrets to defend against possible raiders and have a safer spot to heal ur dinos ( they have more hp so take slighty more time to heal)Daeodon with cooked meat for healing. lot of velo for free damage. tek turret for higher difficulty for the knockback effect or the extra damage.allosaurus for the bleeding effect ( but get 1shot by any source of damage they are glass canons) materials for traps and building turret/velo towers.structures,very good armors,tek gun/rockets/explosives for higher difficulty common tactics caging adds and focus on the boss or just make it easier to bleed with the allo. hard/mythic diff have more building and dinos on follow so caging wont work at higher difficulty using tankers and let velos do the job. take lot of time but actually the safest way to go on easiest difficulty. med+ will need way more damage income in order to complete in a decent amount of time let tek turrets do the jobs. on beginner-normal it may cost you more element than you gain and on higher difficulty arthropluera and ennemies building will ruin ur day if you dont use em correctly. using a swarm of dinos can be a good idea for some fight but their hitbox can sometime cause the bosses dinos to do way more damage than the dinos you control and you may get overwhelmed fast on higher difficulty. using swarm to disctract adds in order to use the allo is a most efficient strategy. in short the best way to complete them is using ur brain with the best tools you have. they are not easy and are greatly rewarding in ressources bp armors mek elements saddle and more. its a really good way to get disctracted outside of traditional pvp. NEW FEATURES latest updates brg over 100+ loot platform that contain good loots and every week 3-5 ramdon high quality bp/loots will be hidden in random platform making this server a treasure hunting one added to the raids. THE FIRST TRIBE TO FINISH 100% COMPLETION THE RAID : LAIR OF THE DREAD KING WILL RECEIVE 250k points good luck ^^ ( need at least video/proof of everystep been done legitimatly) JOIN US: https://discord.gg/rJSkggx for people interested to look at whats look like the raids we talk about:
  20. UNIQUE PVP CLUSTER This cluster is unique and made by very dedicated player , we have 12 server including every official map and crystal isle, We offer the best plugins actually available our shop is filled with over 750 different item to buy/sell based on a strong economy and trade system, our loot system is strongly inspired on diablo/poe/wow. we have no pay to win system we aim to give player the best pvpve experiences by keeping the endless progression system with max lvl 200 and rng system making best possible loots to get barely unobtainable. our community is not toxic we encourage pvp with same level of progression ( we have rules against griefers and genocide) we are still a starting cluster but we target to get on the top. scroll down to get most of the cluster and join us on discord to speak with us directly : https://discord.gg/rJSkggx Watch ours introduction videos intro : visit our website : https://www.apcluster.com/ Starter Player Protection 5 day structure protection ( also cannot damage ennemies structure) if any player who have lost his pvp protection join the tribe the pvp protection is removed Tribe leader can manually remove the protection ORP SETTING pvp cooldown = 1hour time to activate = 30min time to activate when pvp active after everyone offline = 1hour max orp duration = 12hour structure resistance x5 passive dino resistance x5 non passive dino resistance x2 ANTI POPCORNING when recent pvp ARENA SERVER our new arena server actually offer deathmatch. quick queue with random weapon kit ( everyone have the same kit) the Last man standing win rewards in form of point added to a random loot. Loot table is huge and price earned can be very good,this server also include a colliseum with bossfight(admin requiered to run the event) and will include several other deathmatch/team deathmatch futurely. dont wait and jump into the arena. event example : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qqIfNJNNb4Q warzone Each weekend we open the warzone server for a Fob war. each fob is equiped of everything we need. 16 turrets filled and locked by permission like the gen to avoid kids and trolls to mess around. theres common flak and sniper given for poor beachbob who would like to participate outside of that people bring all they want outside turrets wich are restricted. stealing tribemates stuff will result in a suspension of warzone event and in case its obviously intended to act like $&#% it might end up into a ban like the insiding rule mention. leaving worthy stuff in upload is advised. basic ressources on disposition to repairs kits. points are given over time via tcs reward and need to be added manually by admins otherwise you wont receive the 15 point per 15min to ensure only participant get rewarded. being afk for more than 10min is restricted, players who think they can afk for long will get suspended. when planning to afk for more than 10min transfer to you original server , never log out into the server, when warzone is completed the server is shutdown and will get wiped before next event team will get splited at event start and players who join once started will get send into the less populated / weaker team. each 30min gamma to alpha boss will be spawned mid way several timer call will be sent. keydrops and loot table work on boss so they have a good kill value rewards : 50 points you get 500 elements. saddle bp quality go from 100-150 armor and price range are betweeen 200-5000 points. flak bp quality vary between 525-650 armor and 750-1000 durability, price range also between 200-5000 points. spending time and ressources on warzone is not only fun and good pvp, some of the best stuff in the game can be purchased here. tribes in wars who want to solve their conflict in a warzone can post in the dedicated section on our discord and when admins available they will setup the server ( week only) and the reward stay the same. admins have the right to record fight and post to our channel for community content purpose. vidoe showing the Warzone early preparation peace cooldown and first boss spawned :https://youtu.be/OLKI43Mx77U Starter Zone The starter zone is where you wanna start if you dont want to get grief at start. this server wipe everymonth,the last week upload/download is activated so you have plenty of time to get started.NEXT SERVER WIPE : February 9, 2020 UNIQUE RAID SERVER ( connected to the cluster but with different rates) this server contain several raids and world bosses, Dinos hp per level been increased and turret damage is set to x2. raids include several bosses. each boss come with his Treasure vault (beginner to medium its in the group leader inventory) bosses take time and need strategy in order to down. bosses and Treasure vault contain huge amount of element and vault contain a lot of bp armors saddle and mats of all kind. allosaurus are used as glass canon his bleeding effect cause 5% damages on raid dinos but they do get 1 shot by any source of damage, laying traps caging adds every tactic is good to use in order to speed up the raid otherwise some fight can take over 30min but the reward is great and worth the trouble . This server was tested by our players the raids are really entertaining and make the end game state way more challenging with endless content. The last raid is not a joke best loots of the game are inside and the first team to do 100% completion on the raid will win 250k points as reward.join our discord for the raids picture/info and the loot table ( need at least video/proof of everystep been done legitimatly) this server is the wilderness. no rules every man for himself. server rollback every sunday gmt-5 HUGE ShOP SYSTEM We have the best shop plugin available actually with the most complete shop with over 750 different items on the shop shop setting 5 point per 10minutes. /trade 'charname' (points) to trade points UNIQUE ECONOMY possibility to sell/buy ressources dinos/boss trophy can be sold for high amount end game stuff into the shop are rng based. prices are really well balanced. over 750 different items/pack into the shop. a solo player can totally have his place into the cluster without being too much beind with this economy system a lot of diversity making points a very valuable currency Loot Table chest quality loot table : common : Mostly small amount of any ressources with a rare chance to get flak armor rare : up to 5000 points, up to 1000 elements , medium quality saddles/armors/guns/tools with very low chance of bp, ressources Epic: Up to 10 000 points, up to 2 000 elements, high quality saddles/armors/guns/tools with low chance of BP , ressources rare chance to get legendary key, very rare chance to get mythic key Legendary: up to 20 000 points, up to 5 000 elements , very high quality saddles/armors/guns/tools With medium chance of BP , ressources, rare chance to get mythic key Mythic: up to 100 000 points, up to 25 000 elements, top quality saddles/armors/guns/tools with high chance of BP, a chance to get a unique lvl 235 fully imprinted phoenix,karkinos,king reaper, griffin,rock golem,wyvern,rock drake, tek forge, tek fridge, and more ???: our loot system is vast and full of mystery *getting a high amount of points/elements are extremely rare* Keys dropped from : Common : given to players every hours Rare : commonly dropped from alpha and bosses. Epic : rarely droped from alpha dinos and commonly from bosses Legendary : very rare drop from alpha dinos and rare drop from bosses Mythic : very rare drop from alpha version of bosses and titans. rockwell ,overseer , king titan have more chance to drop it ???: our loot system is vast and full of mystery REWARD SYSTEM on our tcs reward vault shop(level 5 item) you gain 2 point per 15 min. you can buy several packs at the cost of 250 point each this is a kind of fidelity point system. 7 pvp maps (all official) never wipes upload activated download activated server ratio unchanged DISCORD JOIN US: https://discord.gg/rJSkggx Serverstart: 11 september 2019 Next Wipe: Never wipe. rules No teaming in pvp only. its 4mantribes for a reason No cheating,Meshing,Meshbiting,Quetz cage No insiding No genocide strong anti griefing rules ( more info on our discord) need a unique character name. human and 123 are not allowed. mods super structure -HG Stacking Mod 10000-90- TCs Auto Rewards - Awesome Spyglass-auto engrams - solo farmer - dino tracker PluginsARkshop mod/plugin - Mesh Police - Cluster Chat linked to discord - Lottery- orp Subscribe to them all: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1848653781 removed items from structure plus : s+ repair gun s+ tek forcefield s+ personal teleporter s+ vacuum structures s+ blueprintmaker S+ Tek ATV s+ Mutator s+planetary shield sleeping bag gacha gavager s+ flame turret s+ tranq turret s+ rocket turret server cluster : The Island The center Ragnarok Scorched Earth Abberation Extinction Valguero Starter Zone Crystal Isles Raid server arena server MORE COMING SOON join our servers in one click https://ark-servers.net/group/578/ Extinction: steam://connect/apcluster.ovh:27019 The Island: steam://connect/apcluster.ovh:27015 The Center: steam://connect/apcluster.ovh:37015 Ragnarok: steam://connect/apcluster.ovh:27016 Aberration: steam://connect/apcluster.ovh:27018 Scorched Earth: steam://connect/apcluster.ovh:27017 Valguero: steam://connect/apcluster.ovh:37020 Crystal Isles :steam://connect/apcluster.ovh:37031 Event Servers arena server :steam://connect/apcluster.ovh:37040 Raid server: steam://connect/apcluster.ovh:37018 Starter Zone : steam://connect/apcluster.ovh:37017 not allowed yet: steam://connect/apcluster.ovh:37024 server rates Harvesting x5 Ressource respawn x10 XP table been reworked (1-135 is quicker than smalltribes 135-200 take way more dedication) Taming x10 Breeding x10 baby food consumption speed x5 Food and Water consumption reduced by 50% ( thx god) Servers Info 4 mans Tribes No official alliances s+ heavy and tek turret slot been reduced to match normal turret maximum slot to avoid ricidulous amount of bullets in turrets Auto unlock every engrams outside tek ( repli,gen,turrets are unlocked) 170 PlayerLevels + 30 Ascension Levels ( movement speed and crafting skill reduced by 50%) Elements can be transfered 150 turret limit Cave structure damage reduced to X2 Interserver chat linked to discord New Server Cougar Conquer Case with Full Custom Watercooling with 2 Radiator for best results Motherboard: Asus ROG Crosshair Hero VIII CPU: Ryzen 9 3950X 16-cores 4.7Ghz O.C SSD: Corsair MP600 1TB speeds of up to 4,950MB/s. PSU: Corsair RM1000x Full costum EKWB Watercooling Fans: x5 Noctua NF-F12 Industrial 3000 OS: Windows Server 2016 64bits. Admins streaming on discord regularly
  21. InfamousOnes Solo/Duo PvP 2XP | 3H | 5T ORP !NEW! InfamousOnes Solo/Duo PvP 2XP | 3H | 5T ORP InfamousOnes Solo/Duo! ABOUT We currently are hosting PvP on one map to encourage more PvP! Events will be hosted for your chance to win some of the new dinos like a Ferox, Bloodstalker, and even a Magmasaur! We will even be doing events with a raid challenge and your chance to win a load of BP's and materials! Come join in the fun today! CONNECTING Map: Valguero IP: Discord: http://www.discord.gg/tkkh4gJ Mods: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1504604310 2x Experience 3x Harvest 5x Taming See Discord for rules and information!
  22. New Alexandria\ Fresh Server\ pvp\ No admins\40x Welcome, New Alexandria is a 20x server with some ezcraft for certain materials, we have just started the server and are in need of a population. There are no admins and no bullpoop. We have boosted breeding but not op, we have lvl300 wild dinos, and have boosted exp. The server is on xbox and windows 10 ark survival The name is: New Alexandria on the map Ragnarok When we get more consitent players we will be upgrading to cluster
  23. After some time away from the game , I decided to restart that little project of mine. Goal is the same, which is to build up a decent Ark community with a twist. I'll open up only storyline maps when someone defeat the boss of the current map. As always, will add servers/maps and increase max players count as needed. - Tribes are limited to 3 players. - PvPvE settings, no hardcore enabled, no ORP. - Cave damage multiplier enabled. - No periodic server wipe of any kind. - Difficulty setting to 5. Level 150 max dinos -> 180 for tek ones -> 190 for drakes/wyverns. - Rates are 1.5x on harvest. - 2x on taming. - 1.25x on all sources of experience. - 8x on incubation/gestation, maturing. - Imprinting timers set to 4 hours. - All tribemates can imprint for another member with no penalty. - No decay timers on structures/dinos, so if you ever want to take vacations... - Daily server restart at 5 AM EST, including a full wipe of all wildlife. - No mods. - BattleEye enabled. - Zero tolerance regarding undermeshing/exploiting/hacking of any kind. I live by the CoC, plain and simple. Here is the cluster info: Island : https://www.battlemetrics.com/servers/ark/4036846 Scorched Earth : https://www.battlemetrics.com/servers/ark/4245377 Aberration : https://www.battlemetrics.com/servers/ark/4328652 Extincition : https://www.battlemetrics.com/servers/ark/4796222 Genesis : https://www.battlemetrics.com/servers/ark/5765878 Newcomers can freely ask for a starter set which include hide armor, basic tools & commodities. Regards.
  24. [XBOX] Frosty Hungry Penguin 15x PVP This is a new server that we just started its 15x server! Because this is a new server we dont have custom supply drops. join our discord at https://discord.gg/fmdp2tC for more info! We have a shop currency is black pearls
  25. 1- Tek suit protect from radiation but not of heat or cold. The tek suit can't protect from heat and cold, imagine have powerful armor but some parts you have a fur protection! 2- Rex can have a bite similar of the ''GIGA'' but not too big, to not have mesh bite! They can' bite stuff behind and can get dead easy! 3- Replicators can keep in loot crate of genesis everyone bobs and experiente players can get !But the replicator no anymore can give any resource in grinder and demolish. can remove the option too, in grinder like Item-no-grinded! PVP servers Replicator can easy get destroy by |4-Rocket| or |3 C4| |1-Element in primitive rifletek| |3-4 shots with cannon ball| and they don't have pin code so everyone can access. ''But i don't have genesis to get replicator easy'' hard way bro>The island or aberration metal>Gacha black pearl or Ragnarok >Element:Chairs, tables, gacha or vein on extinction>Or spawn Gamma boss! 4- Cryopod and cryofridge now can craft on fabricator 5-Fabricator now have 100 slots 6- Quetz a buff in the speed 7- Exit to main menu rework- Disconnect command is better for all people 8-I think the limit of ''make stuff'' can be over 1.000 or unlimited! every time you press(A), scale by 100 till 1.000. Let the scale by 100 by 100, but unlimited!because have the option- Craft Amount____ . If you press[ right click]
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