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  1. I have a problem with Gen2 Quest Loots. We wanna open up the transfer to our Gen2 maps tomorrow aswell and did a complete rework of the loot to balance it with the other maps. It works totally fine until yesterday we learned that you cannot change the loot table for the gauntlet mission "Survive the ARK". My research in the DevKit showed that all quests are named in the same way: MissionType_<ActualMissionType>_<MissionName>_<Difficulty> i.e. MissionType_Race2_MilkGlider_Alpha for the Maewing Race The only exception from this is the mission "Survive the ARK": G
  2. We had several players losing their quest progress, most of them were able to summon the alpha boss fight. This is a real serious issue as it jeapordizes with ascensions.
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