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      Note for players regarding Ascension (please open terminal/tribute before ascending)   02/04/18

      With the latest server update on PC (v276.493), if you're going to attempt ascension, before doing so please make sure you've opened a supply crate/transmitter/obelisk/ basically anything terminal/tribute inventories. It's a temp workaround to characters being lost when ascending whilst we're investigating character issues further.

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Found 3124 results

  1. Server is a pvp server, we do not use any admin commands unless absolutely needed. 25x taming, 10x harvesting, 250x egg hatch, boosted stats and loot crate quality. Add the xbox account xXShadowMan14Xx to join the server. Owners are BoostArk247 & megaMEATYMAMBA. Message either owner if you have suggestions for server settings/rules.
  2. Looking for new survivors to join my ark server we are currently running The island [PVP] with mods. I am hoping to create a sustainable ark community where survivors can enjoy the game. [WIPED-17/2/18][PVP]-10xG 20xT/EXP-S+-AA-2.0 join our discord at: https://discord.gg/kUP7SKZ Mods include: S+/Structures Plus ORP2/Offline Raid Protection 2.0 AA/Automated Ark Utilities Plus Classic Flyers HG Stacking 5000 Boosted Fabricator 2.0 Fister's Fog Remover Super Spyglass WBUI Server UI ACM/Admin Command Module if you are interested in the server and have some questions PM me or if you want to join directly you can join through here: https://arkservers.net/server/
  3. Information Ragnarok 2x all, PVPVE, ORP, Vanilla-Like, No-Wipe Myth-Core was created for a community that enjoys a vanilla-like progression not found on most unofficials, while at the same time not having the issues of griefers and mega-tribes found on officials. Ark Server Link Server Website Myth-Core.com Rules Same general rules as official servers apply, no cheating, abusing game mechanics, harassment, etc. #####PVPVE Open World PvP and raiding to steal resources is acceptable. Wiping or killing passive tames is not. Admin Admin Logging is on. Admin Transparency is a top priority. Admin's will not spawn anything on the server unless something is lost due to a server-related issue. Tribes Tribe limit is set to 10 as the server's focus is on smaller tribe communities. Important Settings + Dino Difficulty -- 5.0 + Harvest -- 2x + Breeding -- 2x + Hatching -- 2x + Taming -- 2x + XP -- 2x + Structure Clipping -- On + Max Tribe -- 10 + Offline Raid Protection -- 15min + Platform Structure Limit -- 1.5x + Building/Dino Decay Enabled -- 2x longer than default + Night Speed -- 1.5x (Shorter Nights) + Admin Logging -- On #Mods + GlassMetal
  4. Hi All, Unreal Aussies is an Australia-based gaming community with our own physical servers (in Gold Coast, Australia) for many games including ARK (obviously). I run the ARK part of the server and am happy to take feedback onboard for changes to the server settings. Our Ark server is currently on The Center running Extinction Core and S+ mods (plus a few other small ones). We have increased rates, but not stupidly so. Taming and hatching is 20x; Harvesting is around 10x (with a few custom changes); Maturation is 50x; and slight increases on stats due to max wild Dino level being 600 (Max player level is 300, and there are +300 Dino levels) If you are interested you can join by clicking the link below, or jump in discord for a chat (https://discord.gg/4CdeAtb) [uA] Unreal Aussies - Extinction, S+ 20x XP/G/T Your friendly server manager, Tashie
  5. Retrograde PVP Nitrado Cluster Retrograde-Ragnarok is a 10 slot Ragnarok PVP map Retrograde-Island is a 10 slot Island PVP map Retrograde-Aberration is a 20 slot Abberation PVP map For full server info and communication of server news and events please join the Discord! Use this link to join! https://discord.gg/GSXCYK2 ___ Base settings are - 2x XP - 5x Taming - 4x Gather - 8x Mature - Difficulty override is 7 (max level 210 wild dinos) Full settings can be found on discord ___ PVP Tribe/Raiding Guidelines: ___ This is a Community PVP Server. This means the Community determines what is acceptable, and punishes what is not. Admins will not be involved in regulating day-to-day PVP activity. The general philosophy of the server is based on Wild West Rules, Everyone is free to do what they choose. Be warned, the community may decide it is not acceptable and round up a posse to deal with any degenerates or other nefarious players. As in all things PVP, it is recommend that you hope for the best, but prepare for the worst. Defense, Defense, Defense - 7 day grace for raided tribes (you must notify an admin to be added to the grace channel and fly white flags) ___ GENERAL RULES & Server info - Toxicity is not tolerated, no abusive or racist comments, be respectful. - Admin Tribe (AdminAgency) WILL NOT engage in PVP and is used to maintain the server, enforce rules and provide server wide events. DO NOT target any of their structures/dinos. Only contact admins for serious issues with proof, or in game issues that you are unable to manage on your own or without the help of another available player. Donations are not required to play but are appreciated! GLHF
  6. ★★★Triassic Period★★★ Click Here Crystal Isles Or Add a server to your steam favorites, launch steam —-> Select ‘View’ (Next to ‘File’) —-> Click ‘Servers’ —-> Click the ‘Favorites’ tab —-> Click ‘Add Server’ at the bottom, then add the IP. Or You can join the Discord, and join directly from there. There are four servers on this cluster The Island (PvE) Ragnarok (PvE) Aberration (PvE) Crystal Isles (PvP) Click here for the ★Discord Channel★ ★Server Multipliers★ ►XP 15x ►Harvesting 5x ►Taming 10x ►Egg Hatch Speed: 25x ►Baby Mature Speed: 10x ►Crop Growth: 30x ►Food/Water Drain: 0.3 ►Player/Dino Heath Regen: 3x ►Supply Drop Quality: 2x ►Fishing Loot Quality: 2x ►Player/Dino Health Recovery: 3x ►100 Player Level (Plus Ascension) ►195 Wild Dino Level ►No Tribe Limit ►All engrams learnable at level 100 (Except TEK) ★Mods Used★ Steam Mod Collection ★Crystal Isles Mods★ ►Crystal Isles ►WBUI ►StackMeMore►Structures (S+)►Classic Flyers►Platforms+►Dino Mind Wipe ►OSM Admin ►Protected Passives ★Location★ Our servers are hosted in Eastern USA, but all players from all over the world are welcome. We have no region restrictions. We believe in a multinational and multicultural community with respect for other nationalities and religions. This is what we demand from our players too. We want to have fun with you and the game and this is what we will always working for!
  7. Server name; ArkNado Nitrado 24/7 PVP 15g50tame instant level admin only on to give starter pack Griffin with an indy forge. NO OTHER ADMIN INTERFERINCE Only rules don't abuse orp 70ppl server Unofficial Pc Session LVL300 dinos Instant level Unlimited Weight ORP active Modified Drops Good server to breed on imprinting is also lowered can get 100% on all animals. Good place to build nice bases and enjoy the PVP The server will be active until the last person stops playing Search; ArkNado 70 man server to find server quick
  8. I am hosting a xbox ragnorok server by nitrado. it is pvp with orp. only one admin who plays legit, and does not raid unless attacked. there will be an arena for events soon, but there will only be a shop on the pve server. but you can still transfer dinos and items between both servers. there are wild 300 dinos, and character and tamed dinos can lvl up 200 times. stats are boosted. 25x tame, 12x gather, 50x maturation, 75x hatching. instant crop growth and custom drops and all engrams are unlocked including tek. the only rules are no building on major resources, and no attacking the pve tribe.(not accepting any more pve tribes or admins so don't ask). there is now a pve center server in the cluster. the day of the server from this post is 2547. but the server is always renewing via auto decay timers. white through purple drops also drop element along with the normal boosted stuff. for mrawsomexx in the search bar in game, or just type mr
  9. Tile says it all. If you want to play add ZonateAura0216 on xbox and join there game to get on. We have ORP enable.
  10. Welcome to WorldWarArk! The official name of the server is ‘WorldWarArk (25x server)’. Please make sure your filters are on unofficial PC Sessions and PvPvE on Ragnarok. Below you will find our stats, a few rules and some more information about the community center and other great things! Fresh wiped on 2/22/18. Admins: “AJBOXHEAD” is the only admin on the server (At least for the meantime, may add another if things get busy) and he is PvE. He will not participate in any PvP or alter the outcome of any PvP event. Please message him for starter pack, store purchases, or any concerns about the server. Command Logging is enabled in case anyone is still skeptical. Starter Packs: Apprentice flak armour set, metal tools, glider suit, longneck, 50 tranq darts and normal bullets + a choice of a level 75 (Ptera, Argy or tapejara). Message AJboxhead when you join the server and he will take care of you. Community center and shop: The community center is located at the broken stone bridges on the end of Vikings Bay. This is also where starters will be handed out. It includes forges, chem bench, smithy, fabricators, cooker, grinders and more. There is a tek replicator on the second floor, this is only accessible by messaging AJboxhead and he will allow you in only for crafting BP’s that cannot be made otherwise! Rules: PvP is 24/7 with no ORP. Absolutely no raiding the admin or any admin structures. This will result in a ban and admin wipe of your tribe. No racist, sexist, homophobic slurs. Will also result in a ban. PvP is not allowed at the CC at any point. Shop: The shop is not currently open, we want everyone to get settled in and built up before we open it up. The currency will be hard polymer and we will sell dinos, BP’s (Moderate quality), artifact bundles, glider suits, Aberration content and more! Stats: Any stat questions message admin. Not all listed obviously, also open to changes. World Stats: XP: 100x (Auto unlock engrams) Harvest: 25x Taming: 25x Breeding interval: 0.25x (4x faster) Baby mature speed: 25x Egg hatch speed: 50x Crop growth: 50x Structure collision is off. Corpse locator Map location Player Stats: Health: 1x Stamina: 5x Oxygen: 5x (100x multiplier for swim speed) Weight: Unlimited Melee: 1x Movement: 5x Fortitude: 5x Dino Stats: Health: 1x Stamina: 5x Weight: Unlimited: Melee: 1x
  11. BRAND NEW PS4 PC HOSTED SERVER WELCOME I have recently launched my Brand New RAGNAROK server. Events shall be coming Very Soon , HOW TO FIND THE SERVER Change the Session filter to Unofficial PC sessions then go to the search bar and type TMK12 then hit search and it should come up TMK12/RAGNAROK/x3 SERVER SETTINGS Harvesting: 3.0 Breeding: 2.0 Taming: 3.0 XP: 2.0 Structure Limit: 3000 Max Player Level: 100 "for now" PLAYER NOTES Health: 2.0 Stamina: 2.0 Torpidity: 2.0 Oxygen: 2.0 Food: 2.5 Water: 2.5 Melee DMG: 2.0 Movement Speed: 2.0 Crafting: 2.0 Weight: 10.0 DINO NOTES Health: 2.5 Stamina: 2.5 Food: 2.5 Weight: 3.0 Melee DMG: 2.5 I hope to see some new faces in the server soon if you would like anymore information just message me on PS4 or PM Me !! PSN: TheMoonKiller12 I also take input and feedback about the server as well if you have any hints or tips to help better the server !!
  12. New Annually renewed server open to all on Ragnarok! Search Annual Renew/pvpHighLv/M-F ORP/InstaTame to join, NO password needed This server has a 40 player limit and is in the process of working on a cluster with abberation, SE and the island as well New York based so great PING for US players It is 50xboosted harvesting, but the level boosts are much different. We do have very high level caps as well to make most dinos actually strong and only have to worry about pvp deaths instead of getting killed by a pack of allo's or something. As of right now the Offline raid protection will stay always on until the server has plenty of people. THIS SERVER IS NEW COME GET YOUR BASE BUILT IN THE BEST LOCATIONS AVAILABLE BEFORE THEYRE TAKEN Very Friendly admins and I am the owner of the server. No admin abuse and many gifts for newcomers as we'd like this server to stay relevant for a long time as its paid yearly. Message KillsNoobs on PSN for any issues, questions, or problems.
  13. Server name AAA coliseum Non dedicated pc server on ps4 ARK server settings: Admin command logging disabled, ARK data downloads disabled, Third person Allowed, non-hardcore mode, pvpve, Crosshair enabled, Floating HUDs allowed, map player location enabled, pvp structure decay disabled. Here is whats up join in and join a tribe make your own or go lone wolf whatever you want to do but no offline raiding you can raid all you like but only if that person is online. every friday at 12:00am peace time starts and ends at 12:00pm after the peace period a war among the clans takes place the winner gets rewarded by the server admin and then you can go about your buisness raiding, gathering, building, ect. Theyre is no admin abuse so you dont have to worry about your mounts randomly dissapearing and the admin DOES NOT GIVE THING OUT TO ANYONE you have to build up your stuff from scratch if anyone is caught cheating or breaking server rules they will be raided and banned. Regular server rules but we do have the ark drops amped up so you find ascended blueprints often. if you would like to join my clan on the server its aw5h1tadragon its just me and one other person in the clan so we could use the help if not have fun and we will see you in the clan battles also feel free to bring friends along to help you
  14. Brand new PVP server already populated 50 player slot limit Admin commands all shown in chat log No blocking of artifacts/drops Cave building is allowed Dino rates slightly increased (stamina & weight) No Tribe limits ! Tribe protection is available upon request (5 days) Any tribe with protected is not to be raided, however open play (outside off base) killing is allowed Dont be a griefer , Give noobs to the server a chance Any breaking of the rules will result in a server ban (NO EXCEPTIONS) Active facebook group can be found by searching https://www.facebook.com/groups/1628681153885855/ UK based server We are all here to have a laugh and have fun , everyone on the server is 20+ at the moment , Come and enjoy yourself but PLEASE respect the RULES
  15. I will be starting a dedicated server in an hour. If anyone is interested in joining with me/admins contact me. I have a lot of big plan for this long term server. LiveTag: Str8prox
  16. So my entire tribe have been plagued by a tribe called MIA, they came across to our island server and completely wiped us, leaving us even with literally nothing, no beds (which is quite concerning and questionable as the beds that we had placed down across the map were in very hidden locations, including ones hidden in rocks, other than going under the map to find them i don't understand how they even found every sleeping bag/bed). Even after salvaging what we had and hiding it, when we came back online to transfer they found our boat followed us, so we gave up after being flanked by 3 Wyverns & a Ptera and gave them everything we had left which they ended up killing us everytime we tried to get near wouldn't even talk to us. We tried to rebuild a stone 2x2 and they destroyed it again and again. The sometimes go by the Name of Trinity or Nemises when they transfer to other servers to raid. However by a miracle chance in finding a new server we have managed to find them on PS4 PVP Ragnorok 412, the base we found was in the Jungle 1 in a cave. From what we can tell bilelDZsauvage is their leader. There are holes in there bases perimeter and they have water dinos. We can guarantee that they have at least a few sets of ascendant bps (longneck, sniper, sword, pike, flak, riot & scuba), at least high level 15 wyvern eggs, including quite a lot more loot due to what us and our allies had before being wiped. We have set up again now on a different server however would like to see them get what they deserve. I understand PVP and wiping, but wiping to the extent of that and then not even letting someone start again is just over the line.
  17. Introduction: Welcome to AA Gaming. With our clustered map, play how you want to play with access to resources and engrams found only on certain maps. Our goal is to encourage healthy and fair PVP while maintaining and growing a friendly community. Our maps have custom ini changes to help boost quality of life while making PVP fair for all. We hold events for players (mazes, jousting, races, dino fights, hunger games, etc!) to help bring the community together and to win prizes for your tribe! Our friendly community and admins are always around to help and answer questions. So if you have any feedback, just join the discord and let us know! We are always looking for more people to be apart of our survival/fps gaming community! Servers: https://toparkservers.com/1/search/?term=aagaming The Island: Ragnarok: Aberration: Server Location: North America Discord: https://discord.gg/vU4W6fv Settings: Experience = 15 Taming = 15x Harvesting = 15x All Servers: Difficulty = x6 (up to lvl 180 wild dinos) 100 Max Player Level (+30 with ascension) Egg Hatching/Breeding = 25x Maturation = 20x Cave Damage x3 (50% official settings) Increased weight on players and animals Increased crafting speed in crafting structures Decreased player food and water consumption Third Person Mode = Enabled Crosshairs = Enabled Gamma enabled Floating Damage Text = Enabled Map Location = Enabled Why should you join our servers? We have a very active admin team that really cares. All servers are clustered, meaning full ascension is possible on the one character. Server Shop! - Gain points for playing and participating/winning event. Points can be used to purchase fantastic prizes and kits. Events held frequently including big weekend events We have custom crate and beacon changes on all maps making them worth gathering. Beacons have a very low chance to yield "Jackpot" loot. Bosses yield 1.5x normal element with a small chance to yield x2 element Mods: [Server Plugin] Shop, Currency, and Kits v2.0 Ark 2.0 (Adds a new tier of structures between metal and Tek) Death Helper Eco's Tek Decor Engram Unlocker (Automatically learn engrams as you level) G.F.A.R. Re-usable Grapple Kibble Table Naj's Speedy flyer Pimp My Home (Home decor, mailbox disable) Platforms Plus Protected Passives Rare Sightings Structures Plus Super Spyglass Ultra Stacks Rules: No building on obelisks. All player should have unhindered access to all obelisks for cluster transfer and boss fights Cave building is 100% allowed. However, blocking off access to artifacts is not allowed. Players should have clear access to all artifacts at all times. Also, blocking off surface access on Aberration is also not allowed. The use of cheats, bugs, or exploits is prohibited. Doing so will result in disciplinary action. No racism, bigotry, and hate speech in chats or as a part of tribal or player names. Most importantly have fun!
  18. I had always been told that kiting dinos into another persons base was a bannable offence. It recently had it happen to me and was able to record it and got a response "Hello Survivor, Thank you for contacting Studio Wildcard Customer Support. I am GM Fury and I will be addressing your issue today. I would like to thank you for taking the time to reach out to me about this issue. I am sorry to hear that you are having an issue with the players luring dinos into your base. As a fellow survivor, I know how heartbreaking this can be and how much time, effort, and love goes into each base and tame. Unfortunately, this is not an issue that customer support is able to take action on, due to internal policy. Being a mature rated, survival game where dinos can wander into a base at any time, we advise players to build defensive bases in order to prevent this from happening. I am again sorry that you have had to experience this. I am here for any further questions you have for me at this time. Sincerely, GM Fury Studio Wildcard" This is god news and bad news. bad news, I got kited and WC wont do anything about it. Good news is you can kite people and WC wont do anything about it. And invite the whole server to watch... Game on...
  19. Boosted Drops, No Admin, No Abuse. I'm a 44 year old man, rented this server for a full year for my grandson. He's now doing physical therapy back and forth to Cleveland and won't be on much. He doesn't have control over the server, although he does at times message me to help him change settings. I think he's made up his mind now, but poor guy won't be on to play with his friends for awhile, so I'm not letting it go to waste. Rest assured no one will be in spawning things for anyone. That was one of his biggest reasons why he begged for this server. Enjoy it and have fun with it. Almost forgot to give you the name. It's under Primitive Plus (of course) Map is Ragnarok, Filter is Unofficial PC Sessions and the name of the server is "Dino Wars Instant 300 Boosted Drops No Admin.." Enjoy!
  20. Item transfer on Xbox eu crossark 11 is disabled. Wondering when it will be enable again?
  21. This server is brand new as of 2/22. Come and be the first to build up! The Island: http://apex-ark.arkers.io/ This server is for people who enjoy having a good and unique Ark experience. We will have events for players (mazes, horse jousting, races, possible building competitions, hunger games, etc!) to come win prizes and supplies for their base! This server also allows you to breed your dinos more efficiently. This is due to the baby mature speed and breeding interval being higher. Keep an eye on your eggs as well, they hatch much faster! The load time is kept short, we will never have more than 15-16 mods. All mods help the quality of life and add more creative aspects to the game. This server is admin abuse free. Max Dino Level: 300 Max Player Level: 100 SERVER RULES: Have fun and make sure others are also having fun. You will probably be killed and raided. You should also kill and raid. Each tribe gets one main base. Please don't litter buildings everywhere. No dropping/kiting wild dinos into people's base. No building on major resource spawn areas. PVP RULES: Have fun and don't be a jerk. Kill and raid as you please. NO KILLING PASSIVE DINOS No base wiping No Offline Raiding (that's for people who don't have skill) Battle Quetzals may have ONE mountable turret. No plants or autos, and caging in dinos is not allowed. Boosted Rates: Harvest - x4 Taming - x15 Experience Multiplier - x10 Custom Boosted Stats Mating Interval - x0.2 Baby Imprinting Stat Multiplier - x10 Baby Mature Speed - x20 Baby Cuddle Interval - .02 Egg Hatch Speed - x20 Night Time Speed Cycle - x8 Crops grow slightly quicker Can unlock all engrams No official server downloads BattleEye enabled Admin-logging enabled Unlimited Respecs Gamma Enabled Mod List (This list is up to date): Structures Plus (S+) Classic Flyers Resource Stacks Death Recovery Mod Better Beacons 2.0 SelVision OSM Admin ACM Utilities Plus Homing Pigeon Allskins- Chest Unlock Haircuts and Emotes Snappy Saddles & Rafts eco's Tek Decor eco in Wonderland Undies Evolved Discord: https://discord.gg/efR3vqB Subscribe to All Mods: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1310222100 Website (states everything here): https://nevermorphosis.wixsite.com/apexark
  22. Just started the server a few hours a go. The cap is currently 20 but will raise if we get more populated. 6X taming, 4X harvest, 2.5X exp. I'm trying to incentivize small tribe pvp. all stats subject to change. ORP is on so people that don't have as much time as others still can keep their base when their offline. Join our at https://discord.gg/EqMD6X Rules are as follows 1) No resource dino wiping. Other dino's will need protection and will not be protected. 2) No griefing. Move on after a raid and kill. ( will get more set up and have a more professional look soon. also a discord is on the way if we can get a good population going.) first server I ever hosted so just get at me if you need more info) -- to Join search for" Arkislife JB " on unofficial pc servers.
  23. Got a cluster server with the island and rag only 3 days old the server names are eu arkcluster island eu arkcluster rag Stats are xp 5 gather 10 mating 20 egg hatch 5 maturation 30 food water drain 0.5 player stats per level health 10 stamina 20 oxygen 700 weigh unlimited melee 5 speed 2 fortitude 40 player levels 150 dino levels 300 also a level 300 drake as a starter all welcome plenty of room to build and a friendly community
  24. official ORP pvp questions

    Hello all, Generally speaking, is it a ban-able / GM wipeable offense to block caves / surface entrances etc on an official ORP PVP server with pin coded offline gates with an alt tribe that's sole purpose is to block/protect assets of an active tribe? The glowtail cave on my official aberration server has been blocked by a tribe that's always offline since December but members of a certain tribe can always be found using the pin code and even parking tames behind it. I don't understand how its fair to use ORP pin coded gates if the tribe is rarely on long enough to destroy the gates or if its basically an alt tribe used to gain an unfair advantage.