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  1. Ark Casual Extinction PVE/PVP Server Server: ArkWarzone:CasualServer (No Password) Server location: Miami We have an open server that has been going on for 15 days for anyone to join for casual game-play and maybe even open for wars if it is agreed upon. A few boost are involved such as: 4x Taming 2x Harvests 2x XP 3x Item Stacks 10x Crop Growth 3x Egg Hatch 4x Maturation. Difficulty Set: 7 Be assured that this server is set up for months in advance, for anymore information join the server's discord for any news or discussions: ArkWarzone (Disc)
  2. Kaiju's Ark Small Tribes PVP Cluster - BRAND NEW! Kaiju's Ark is a brand new, high-performance, 4 server cluster hosting the following maps (we will add a 5th, Crystal Isles, upon its release next week): Aberration Extinction Genesis Valguero Our settings are mostly Small Tribes vanilla PVP with offline raid protection (except for Extinction, which is full PVP). Our current settings are: - 3x harvesting/taming/experience - 2x hatching/maturing/mating/gestation - Level 150 wild dino limit - 4x longer structure decay timer - 50% reduced resource respawn timer - 30% resource respawn distance from structures - 4x structure limit on platforms and rafts - Boosted structure resistance (as we write mods to fix broken end-game PVP) - Limit of 8 survivors per tribe - Survivor/Dino/Item transfers allowed, except for dino downloads to Aberration - Offline raid protection, except for Extinction which is full PVP We plan on enabling a very limited set of mods and focusing mostly on aesthetic mods rather than game-changing mods. We current have the following 3 mods enabled: -Castles, Keeps, and Forts: Remastered, https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1814953878 This cosmetic mod adds great medieval-style building structures in the wood, stone, and metal tiers. It also offers some small improvements over traditional structures. For example, foundations are stackable and structures may be picked up even after the 30-second limit if they are undamaged. - Eco's RP Decor https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=741203089 This cosmetic mod adds furniture, flags, food, etc. - Rare Sightings https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1300713111 With this mod, you will get a notification with location info for a rare spawn of a greater-than-max-level dino with unique coloring. You can either tame the dino or kill it for special loot Please join our Discord at: https://discord.gg/r8q6tZM You can join our server cluster immediately by going to: Aberration: steam://connect/kaijusark.net:27015 Extinction: steam://connect/kaijusark.net:27016 Genesis: steam://connect/kaijusark.net:27017 Valguero: steam://connect/kaijusark.net:27018 Or you can find our server by searching for "Kaiju" in "unofficial servers" in Ark. If it doesn't show up for you, you can add KaijusArk.net as a favorite in Steam (go to "view" -> "servers" -> "favorites" -> "add a server" -> "find games at this address"). It will then show up in your favorites next time you log into Ark. Our website is coming soon and will feature a direct link to our server and more information about us. Hope to see you soon!
  3. NZ/AU Cluster currently running 10 servers and 1 Mod Server PvPvE with Offline Raid protection. 1 Hour Cooldown for Offline Raid Protection to kick in Genesis Ragnarok Aberation Extinction Island Valguero ISO Crystal Isles Center Scorched Earth PvP 10x 1: Rotating Map on Wipe with Primal NPCs 2: Ragnarok Primal Fear, Expansions and NPCs We have Discord which features: -Active Admin -Cross Server Chat -Chat to any server without being in game -Own private tribe channels, -Tribe Logs can be sent to channels Server Rules and Server Details can be found on Discord Rates and Info PvPvE XP: 1.5 Gather: 2x Tame: 5x Maturing: 10x Breeding Intervals: 0.4 Egg hatch: 7x Dino Tribe limit: 300 Max Wild Dino Level: 150 Corpse Locator: Enabled Unlimited Respecs Gamma is adjustable 2x Turret Damage to compensate for increased breeding rates and S+ All rest is default Boosted Rate Events No Wipes Rates and Info PvP 1 XP: 10 Gather: 10x Tame: 10x Maturing: 10x Breeding Intervals: 0.2 Egg hatch: 10x Dino Tribe limit: 300 Max Wild Dino Level: 150 Corpse Locator: Enabled Unlimited Respecs Gamma is adjustable 2x Turret Damage to compensate for increased breeding rates and S+ All rest is default Regular Wipes - Map will rotate on wipe Rates and Info PvP 2 XP: 10 Gather: 10x Tame: 10x Maturing: 10x Breeding Intervals: 0.2 Egg hatch: 10x Dino Tribe limit: 300 Max Wild Dino Level: 300 Corpse Locator: Enabled Unlimited Respecs Gamma is adjustable 2x Turret Damage to compensate for increased breeding rates and S+ All rest is default Mods Standard Cluster Structures Plus (S+) Platform Plus ISO Crystal Isles The Volcano eco's RP Deco Mods PvP 1 Structures Plus (S+) Platform Plus eco's RP Deco Primal NPCs Mods PvP 2 Structures Plus (S+) Platform Plus Primal NPCs Primal Fear Primal Fear Boss Expansion Primal Fear Aberration Expansion Primal Fear Extinction Expansion Primal Fear Noxious Creatures Discord https://discord.gg/cpPpeV2
  4. Discord: https://discord.gg/X8UkZq Hi there! Insidious ARK is a Vanilla + PvP Cluster with balanced mods, settings, plugins and QOL Features! Season 3 Starts on 5/23! Hope to see you there! Features: New players get PvE protection on or after day 6 of wipe! This gives new people 4 days to build up! 4 Map Cluster - Ragnarok, Aberration, Extinction, Genesis. Crystal isles on release date! We will add Crystal Isles when it full releases on official! ORP times - 1 hour till ORP kicks in No PvP Cooldown. 6 Hours on PvP Cooldown so people cant just log out while being raided. These times will be increased some as the season progress. You will see 2 hour ORP times on day 4 and 3 hour on day 8. ORP is full protection! ArkShop - Points are earned for time played on the server which you use on the shop! Kits - Has free starter items and dinos to get you going! Better kits are bought with points earned from spending time on the server. You can not buy points for real money. Points are only earned for time played on the server. Points wipe ever season to keep the server fair day 1. Can't Popcorn loot while on PvP timer. Makes dumping loot and transferring out stuff a lot harder for the tribe you are raiding. Fight till the end! Babies don't wander or have ally look on when they hatch. Custom Loot. Better quality on average from higher end drops. Removed unnecessary BPs and Structures. White Beacons drop kibbles and Seeds. Green Beacons drop most crafted consumables. Blue beacons all the way up to Red Beacons are vanilla loot tables with quality increased and junk removed. So if you look up what items drop in each beacon on the wiki it will match! All Story maps have same Dino level spawns as on Ragnarok. So easier to find higher levels dinos. Example levels chart https://gyazo.com/75a3295a45e721186fd26814041b9617 Settings: Admin Logging is on! Mesh bite protection is on! Crypod nerf - 25% more incoming damage and 90% less outgoing damage for 10 secs Taming x10 Harvest x10 XP x10 Breeding/hatching/gestation x10 Water and food drain .7 Vanilla stats except weight on players and tames Player weight is 25 per level Tamed dino weight is x3 per level Level 105 base, 155 Max Unlimited mind wipes Crop growth is x3 Turret limit is 150 You can use S+ water intake anywhere! All structure locking is on No collision building is on Damage text is off PvP Gamma is on Max tribe tame limit is 300 Max wild level is 150, TEK variant wild level is 180 Rare Sighting dinos can be anywhere from level 165-180 You can use auto unlock all engram command or ezace items at level 100! All TEK Engrams are unlocked at level 100 Cave damage is x6 Tribe limit is 6 Egg lay is x3 SS turrets are disabled Upload & downloads are allowed for items/tames SS Settings: ElevatorSpeed=400 DisablePickupWhenDamaged=true ResourcePullRangeInFoundations=25 GrinderResourceReturnPercent=25 BookshelfSlotCount=1000 FridgeSlotCount=300 MetalStorageSlotCount=200 PreservingBinSlotCount=100 VaultSlotCount=1000 BeerBarrelCraftingSpeed=1 DisablePersonalTeleporterBeacon=true DisableDinoScan=true AllowIntakeToPlaceWithoutWater=true DisableAbilityToPlaceTekGeneratorOnSaddles=true DisableAbilityToPlaceTeleporterOnSaddles=true NannyRangeInFoundations=30 MinimumGlassTransparency=0.25 DisableAbilityToPlaceVacuumCompartmentsAboveWater=true IndustrialForgeCraftingSpeed=2 FabricatorCraftingSpeed=1 ForgeCraftingSpeed=2 ChemistryBenchCraftingSpeed=4 MortarAndPestleCraftingSpeed=2 SmithyCraftingSpeed=2 SPlusCraftingStationCraftingSpeed=2 LargeStorageSlotCount=125 DisableAbilityToHideStructures=true DefaultDoorConfig=1 Mods: Quick subscribe - https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1188370084 Super Structures Haircuts & Emotes Server UI Rare Sightings HG stack mod 1k stacks HG pickup gun (anti dupe) HG remap stack for PvP Dino Tracker Awesome Spyglass EZace Server IP's: Ragnarok: https://arkservers.net/server/ Aberration: https://arkservers.net/server/ Genesis: https://arkservers.net/server/ Extinction: https://arkservers.net/server/ Join the Discord: https://discord.gg/X8UkZq for more info or questions!
  5. Y.U.M Ark 30x discord.gg/juzRugf Player Stats Health-25 Stam- 50 Oxygen- 8k Food- inf Water- inf Weight- inf Melee- 20 Speed- 6 Craft- 1 mil Fort- 30 Drops White Drop- Starter (Flak with some tools/weapons) White Ring- Colorings Green Drop- Dino Consumables Green Ring- Player Consumables Blue Drop- Boss Items Blue Ring- Boss Items Yellow Drop- Building Items Yellow Ring- Weapons Purple Drop- Saddles Purple Ring- Saddles Red Drop- C4/Rockets and BBS Red Ring- Turrets/ARB Max Wild Dino lvl 300 Give aways/events Berrybush seeds are currency Maps Rag Cen Val Abb Ext Gen Island Scorched And will add more
  6. Ps4 Primeark Join PrimeArk on ps4! It’s a developing community with a cluster of all the maps. Join discord to be informed of polls deciding the game play, events, and other important information.
  7. Introducing LoyaltyArk x100 6 Man cluster SERVER HARDWARE``` **i9-9900k CPU** **64GB RAM DDR4 2666MHz** **2 TB NVME DRIVES** **1Gbit Ethernet** **Wiped 22th May** x100 Harvesting & Taming rate Offline Turret Damage x3.5 Custom made community mod! Raid Balancer System! Higher Harvesting, XP and Taming for Solo and Duo players! Custom VoteParty System! Low mating interval SS (S+), Awesome TPs!, Reusable Grappling, Speedy Flyers! PvP balancing! Lots of PvP and active players! Awesome plugins like shop, lottery, MAGA, NoMoreUndermeshing and much more! **------ 6 MAN CLUSTER ------** Ragnarok - steam://connect/cluster.loyaltyark.es:27015 Extinction - steam://connect/cluster.loyaltyark.es:27017 Valguero - steam://connect/cluster.loyaltyark.es:27019 TheCenter - steam://connect/cluster.loyaltyark.es:27021 Genesis - steam://connect/cluster.loyaltyark.es:27023 DISCORD SERVER https://discord.gg/rymUuzN
  8. Come join us on the Corruption Cluster. There are 3 Maps as of now. Friendly Admin and plenty of locations available for base building. Come join today and become Alpha Tribe. Element and Tek gear are by chance in Red Drops. Maps The Center Ragnarok Extinction PvP Tek grams auto unlocked Fast taming XP 10x Harvest 10x 6 man tribe Max dinos 150 Custom drops High weight and slightly boosted health/stamina/movement/melee No nights Boosted breeding times (1 hr hatching Reduced crafting Clusters started 5/6/2020!! Search "Corruption Cluster" unofficial. Crossover is available.
  9. Venom 2.0 ps4 Cluster 3xharvest/exp 10xtame fast breeding Come join Venom 2.0 Cluster We have the island, rag, extinction and a rag map to be changed to crystal isles upon release. -3x exp -3x Harvest with some resources more boosted for balance -10x taming -FAST breeding -Orp with purge weekends -Max dino level same as offical with boosted weight, health and melee -Character level same as offical with slightly boosted stats -3x turret damage to match dino health -1x cave damage -Modded Drops (no tek) -Auto engram except tek -Boosted element from boss fights with boss materials in white drops, enough for 1 alpha -Admin shop with bushberry currency -No pay to win for donations just colored tames to show appreciation for helping the server -active admins with no abuse -Discord https://discord.gg/XqsQ7KQ Will increase slots as pop grows. 5 man tribes
  10. [XBOX] 4MapCluster FastPacePvP 30x ORP Mon. to Fri MAPS: RAG VAL EXTINCTION, GENESIS Will up slots once full STARTERS IN GREEN DROPS 110 max player lvl 300 wild dino lvl 30x harvesting/gathering insta taming insta breeding insta level up 4x players&dino stats some customcrafting but no ezcraft crafting skill boost boosted weight CUSTOM DROPS Bush berry store BOOSTED ELEMENT BOSS DROP Reasonable Rules OPEN TO SUGGESETIONS JOIN DISCORD https://discord.gg/v94rrWc
  11. EndGame 20xH15xT - 15 server Cluster Thank you for talking a look at our cluster information. We have over 4 years experience running ARK servers, have spent hundreds of hours setting up our servers and refining the configuration and spent thousands of $$s out of pocket to help bring you a fun gaming experience. I would like to invite you to come in and check our servers out! Basic Information: Server settings, Rules, Mods, and wipe dates are all voted on by the community at the end of each season. Admins DO NOT PLAY OR RAID. We are here to help you, not to get involved with game politics or to destroy your stuff! Custom Shop with Graphic interface Custom made boosted drops. APIs that run on the server to add functionality without adding more MODs We have 15 servers in this cluster including all official maps as part of the main cluster. There are also theme park maps, Official Conquest maps for raiding, event maps, solo farming map for single players with auto farming Dinos. We also have a High speed PvP map that is set to no Tek and 100x H 50xT (no item/dino transfer in or out.) 48 hour NPP, light ORP on core maps, heavy ORP on the solo player map Raid time limits during the week, because people have jobs and stuff. You can find all rules, full cluster feature guides, server information, support tickets and much more in our Discord, https://postimg.cc/fVVqDrGq Basic Information: XP and rates - Level Cap is 106 +40 levels when fully ascended. There is also +5 Ciibi levels on top of those. - Max wild dino level 150 normal, 180 tek, and 190 wyvern - Taming and breeding 15x - Player and dino XP x20 - Harvest x20 Tribe and PvP settings - 10 players max per tribe, 1 Alliance - Tribe dino cap per server: 450 normal server, 750 per high performance server (See 》start-here》 Map Information) - Turret damage x2.5 - Mutator x5 - Turret limit 1000 heave, 500 tek, 10 flame per tribe per map. (API enforced) Gameplay - Boss can be done on the Boss Fight event map. - Drops are custom made and can contain really good items, no one likes water jar blueprints! - Drops can have different items depending on what server you're on. - Aberration and Genesis is Tek flying only. - Have fun, we have custom raid base servers, raid base servers loaded from Official ARK, and custom event servers! - The core is a 20x PvP cluster and hopefully there is always something fun to do! "Server Mods" To download ALL mods click here: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1857658273 "Event server Maps" In addition to the Core PvP Official Maps, the event servers will have a mix of the following mods and maps: -Grumpy Town Map -The Octopus Map -Valhalla Server List: Aberation: steam://connect/ Extinction: steam://connect/ Ragnarok: steam://connect/ Scorched Earth: steam://connect/ Inception: steam://connect/ The Island: steam://connect/ Valguero: steam://connect/ Center: steam://connect/ Boss Map: steam://connect/ Test Lab (admin only): steam://connect/ Conquest Raid Maps: steam://connect/ Zombie FPS: steam://connect/ Legacy Raid Maps: steam://connect/ Genesis: steam://connect/ Solo Tribe server: steam://connect/ GL/HF please msg me in Discord if you have any questions!
  12. Welcome to Phantom Brand New Cluster Info: > 20x XP/Harvest > 0.1 Food and water drain > Custom Drops > Max Player 105 > Max Dino 200 > Taming Speed 100x > Xbox/Windows Crossplay > Stackmod (Bullets 500) > 100x longer fuel > Custom Boss Drops > Non P2W > 3 Maps, Rag, Val, Ext More coming soon Server Just Opened! Discord: discord.gg/twGJA4J Giveaway currently happening on discord. Website (With counter): https://phantomark.cf/ Trailer:
  13. Ark Survival Evolved! Rates: 5x (TAMING, HARVEST, XP) 10x (Mating, Maturation, Incubation) Mods: Auto Anky, Awesome Spyglass, TC AutoRewards, Auto Engrams, Super Structures, HG Stacking 1000-50 Map: RAGNAROK, VALGUERO COMING SOON (June 4th Will be adding Crystal Isle) and more We offer rewards based on play time dino packs, extinction Dinos, harvest Dinos and a tool kit with metal pick, axe, sickle and more. EVERY NEW PLAYER STARTS OUT WITH 1,000 POINTS AND EARN POINTS EVERY HOUR IF NOT MORE FREQUENTLY How to Connect Ragnarok: steam://connect/ Discord: https://discord.gg/3y6Uc4x
  14. http://www.rotrp.com Player Timezones - Kingdoms timezones range from GMT to Central US Average Players - We're steadily growing with 5-10 people ALWAYS on and averaging 25-30 a night the past few weeks. We are growing in numbers every week! Event Calendar: https://teamup.com/ksepc1cwdvzds1yn75 Welcome Everyone! We are a role play server for ARK:Survival Evolved that is loosely based on Game Of Thrones. It’s our goal to have a class system and economy that helps drive our story lines. The admins and mods are experienced with both ark and running a server. We’ve got thousands of hours in the game and have been playing and running our own servers since 2015. We started two years ago running RP servers as we found them to be extremely entertaining, active and a great community of players. This is our first Game of Thrones related RP server, but we are huge fans of the show as well and have run medieval setting servers in the past and they've always been our favorite. Speaking of community, ours is FANTASTIC. We have a great group of like-minded individuals who enjoy playing together, coming up with new ideas for story and RP, and just an all around nice people. We are just beginning this new adventure so we're a small server that will hopefully grow in time with other like-minded individuals who enjoy RP. You do not have to be an expert on RP to join us! We always welcome those new and experienced to RP and Ark itself. Our members are friendly and willing to help you get started. If you’re thinking of taking that leap into RP there isn’t a better group of people to start with. We also do not require you to know anything about Game Of Thrones or be a master of all GOT things ahead of joining the server. We are only loosely based on GOT, more so for the locations because we LOVE Noot's map. We all will create our own lore since we're 900 years in the future of Westeros and most of civilization has been wiped out from the Third White Walker War. What actually happens in the show is long in the past. We like to think of ourselves more as a medieval style server with GOT flare! We strive to make a fun environment where both the admins and the players shape the story and events. We are constantly working on new, fun events that will supplement game play without hindering it and love working with players on storylines they come up with and events. We are always up for new things and stories so come share yours with us! We have a discord that allows OOC and IC channels to help aid you in your adventures and to get to know everyone. Joining discord is a requirement, so if this is not for you our community might not be the best fit. Join the Discord Server: https://discord.gg/WjbJefT Server Configuration 50X Gather 30X Tame 10X XP Crosshairs On Map Pin On Third Person Allowed Increased Egg Hatch Increased Baby Growth and Cuddle Decreased Mating Timers Increased Corpse Life Proximity Chat On Extended Day/Shorter Night Higher Amount of Structures allowed on Platforms No flyers Mod List https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2059789424
  15. Unable to hide S+ Engrams using ASM (PC) I am having trouble hiding certain engrams using ASM. I've talked to Ark Server Manager directly, and they have looked into it for me and all the ASM stuff is correct - they're not sure why my engrams aren't hiding. I am running a dedicated host from my home. Can you please look at the attached screenshots and tell me what i am doing wrong? All the engrams i want to hide are always there! Thank you.
  16. [PC] Sigma Draconis' Project ARK cluster. RP controlled PVPVE Ark players interested in a roleplay PVP/PVE play style, Sigma Draconis is interested in providing you with an ideal gaming experience. Seven servers with moderators and admins available to help you through the up’s and down’s of Ark gameplay. Outfitted with mods including Better Dino’s, Eco Decor Mods, Awesome Teleporters, Automatic Engrams and more. Maps hosted by Sigma Draconis are storyline maps; Island, Scorched Earth, Aberration, and Extinction. Free DLC maps Ragnarok and Valguero are also available. Upon release, players will have a Genesis server to look forward to! PVP players are permitted a no-rules barred gaming experience on Scorched Earth with players and NPC’s to contend with. Claimable loot Outpost to protect and farm as long as you can defend it from your competitors. For PVP players interested in playing a hostile role, a Rules of Engagement is active for all other servers to allow satisfying gameplay for both PVP and PVE players. We provide events and rewards on a routine basis to keep things spicy! An Arena Mod map is hosted for events and special challenges with many loot opportunities! Loot from custom loot tables! Currency implemented on the maps in the form of ARc! Use to purchase items from the Reward Vault or trade with fellow players for tames and resources! Also included are a handful of plugins such as the ARK shop vote rewards, and lotteries. If interested feel free to join the Sigma Draconis Discord and we can answer any questions you may have. With a friendly and supportive community we can provide the gaming experience you desire. We look forward to any and all new faces! May you earn the Ark’s favor! Currently looking for moderators! If you are interested then join the discord and ping an admin to schedule an interview! https://wiki.sigmadraconis.games/doku.php?id=ark:start#ark_server_ip_s https://discord.gg/c7eq7DN https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC8bL08nDXlQNCc9G6TAzsrA/playlists
  17. A bit about us: CryptoArk is a new server with a small community (last wiped 20/5/2020) and is trying to give new and old players a better experience of ARK with less bugs as possible, better mods giving a purpose in the game and a great friendly community that grows rapidly. We are doing our best to bring new content either by adding new/fresh mods or by adding different events, special and unique plugins to change the gameplay itself. • Server Settings • -Map: Ragnarok -x10 XP -x10 Harvest -x3 Tame, Hatch and Mature Speed -x3 Cuddle Interval -x0,5 Mating Interval -Anyone can imprint -Difficulty 5 (max wild dinolvl 150, max charlvl 135) -Crosshair enabled -Third person enabled -Map location enabled -Damage text enabled • Server Mods • -Structures Plus (Open Source) -HG Stacking Mod 10000-90 V296 -Classic Flyers -ARKomatic -Better Reusables -Water for ARK -Editable Server UI (WBUI) Open Source -TCs Auto Rewards -Advanced Engram Unlocker Dino Storage v2 Backpack Simple Spawners Arkaley Musicbox • Server Specials • -Saturday and Sunday is Double Exp-Tame-Resources -Cave damage is x2 times more than on any other terrain -All new players get 72 hours PvP protection (you can't attack other tribe members or other tribe dinos and you can't get attacked by them).You can turn it off anytime though -Per specific levels free rewards and points from the reward vault -7 free Kits which you can get 3 times each (A lot of variety events will be added soon!) • Extra Details • Server: steam://connect/ Subscribe to these server mods: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?edit=true&id=2106055689 Discord: https://discord.gg/YaDvrF3 Personal Steam ID: 76561198039168786 Have fun playing!
  18. [PC]BServer - Don't Rock the Ark https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2111670643
  19. We have high rate servers to bypass the tedious grinding so you can get to building quicker, to pvp quicker, and back on your feet after an invasion quicker for that sweet revenge. Do you like to breed dinos like a mad man? We got you covered. Do you like to be the protector of the server and mediate for others? We got you covered! Do you like to PVE but also like knowing that opposition can be lurking in a bush nearby? We got you covered!! Do you want to finally get the chance to fight bosses on a server with others? WE GOT YOU COVERED! By the way. This server does not wipe! Except for that one time... When the settings significantly changed... Wiping may have a fun, fresh, and exciting feel for a few days or so, but for those who invest in a server it can be annoying, pointless, and needlessly disruptive. A lot of servers like to wipe to give that fresh feel to everyone but with higher rates the fresh feel doesn't last long. We want long term players here. Players that care to invest their time and know a server wipe will not destroy that investment. Besides, players can do that part. Wouldn't it be more rewarding to join a server as the underdog, make allies, build up, then go after the big dog and put a muzzle on them? That's what a Badd Neighbor does! When you join our cluster you can press F1 to read up on all of our goodies to include server info, events, rules, mods, and also to join our Discord if you haven't done so already. As a tribe, you also get your own very own tribe tab. This tab has 2 sections. A section for everyone to leave notes, and another for tribe admins to leave notes and messages for everyone. Come join our community and help the server thrive. **-------------------- Server Settings --------------------** - Maps on the cluster: Aberration, Extinction, Ragnarok, Scorched Earth, The Center, The Island and Valguero - Special maps on the cluster: an event map (where special events can take place) and a starter map (where noobs can start their life free of larger tribes then transfer over) - 7.5x experience - 15x gathering - 30x taming - 25x baby maturation - 25x egg hatch - 3x cave damage - 2x wild dino spawns - 0.5x passive feed time interval (passive tame twice as fast) - 1.5x turret damage (50% more damage) - 0.2x mating interval (can mate more often) - 3x spike wall damage - 1.5x player health increase (15 per point instead of 10) - 1.5x player weight increase (15 per point instead of 10) - 2x player food increase (20 per point instead of 10) - 2x player water increase (20 per point instead of 10) - 0.75x player crafting increase (7.5 per point instead of 10) - 0.5x player max torpor (100 max torpor instead of 200) - 15m auto save interval - 45s structure damage repair cooldown - 5x crafting speed on fab, smithy, chem, and s+ station - 2x crafting speed on indy grinder and laboratory - 10x crafting speed on indy forges and cookers - 10x crop growth speed - 2x quality of fishing rewards - 2x global spoil timer on scorched earth only (takes twice as long to spoil) - 1.25x wild dino damage (they deal 25% more damage) - 1.1x wild dino resistance (they take 10% less damage) - 2x fabricated pistol damage (100% more damage but only to other players) - 0.75x railgun damage (25% less damage but only to players and tamed dinos) - 20h timer on uploaded items, dinos and characters - 60s reuse cooldown on beds - 30s reuse cooldown on bunk beds - 15s reuse cooldown on tek sleeping pods - 20s pvp death respawn interval (if pvp killed again within 300s adds an additional 20s) - game difficulty = 10 (official = 1) - max wild dino level 300 - max wild tek dino level 360 - max wyvern, rock drake, and magmasaur egg level 380 - max deinonychus egg level 300 - max player level 250 (level 200 then +5 from chibi and +45 from ascensions) - tamed creatures can be leveled up 88 times(same as official) - creatures are limited to 150 points on a single stat (instead of the normal 255 max) - tamed creatures ally look is defaulted to disabled on all creatures - 100 turrets in a ~33 foundation radius (same as official) - intake pipes produce water anywhere (not just when placed in water) - no server wipes (except that one time...) - reward vault system (see rewards page) - enough engram points to learn everything - no afk/idle timeout timer - 1000 entry tribe log instead of 100 - tribe logs can be configured to be sent to discord! (join discord to find out how) - cluster auto restarts everyday around 8:00am eastern time - cluster auto updates and restarts within 7 minutes of a patch release - cluster auto updates and restarts within 7 minutes of a mod update release - 7 player tribe limit - alliances disabled - player join notifications disabled (does not work - ticket submitted to wildcard) - player leave notifications are disabled - fun events cluster wide - s+ doors/gates default to manual operation instead of auto open - floating damage text is enabled - gamma changing is enabled - maximum tamed dinos per tribe = 400 - maximun tamed dinos per map = 4000 - platform dinos with structures on them increase dino count by 10 - character respawn animation after death is disabled - unlimited mindwipe use (24 hour reuse timer) - flyers dismount rider if flying in/near most caves - no collision check on structure placement - flyers recover stamina while being stood on (quetz/wyvern/griffin etc) - any tribemember can help imprint babies for other tribemates - creatures/rafts/motorboats become claimable by anyone if tribes/players do not log in for 8 days - wall spikes damage riderless dinos - there are discord channels for each map with real time automated status updates on when maps restart - you can talk to players across all maps on the cluster via in game global chat - you can talk back and forth to players in game via discord - griffins can pick up anky's, doed's, and beaver's even when they have a rider - max creature grab weight for argent claw pickup is 195 (vanilla is 180) - max creature grab weight for argent beak pickup is 195 (vanilla is 80) - max creature grab weight for griffin is 195 (vanilla is 80) - max creature grab weight for alpha wyvern is 425 - griffins are naturally breedable - moths are naturally breedable - autofly disabled on tape, ptero, moth, argent (similair to when you mount owls) - ptero spin attack has 1 second cooldown (default is ~5 seconds) - moth fart attack has 3 second cooldown (default is ~7 seconds) - structure pickup disabled when structure is damaged - structure limits per tribe: 1 s+ cloning chamber, 1 s+ element catalyzer, 2 s+ charge stations, 2 s+ mutator, 2 s+ gavager, 3 s+ transmitter, 3 s+ teleporter, 3 s+ forcefield, 4 s+ hatchery, 4 s+ nanny, 5000 structures per tribe (the vanilla version of the s+ structures listed here do not have structure limits) - the following items cannot be found or obtained on this cluster for various reasons: vanilla spyglass, tek atv, s+ tek atv, s+ blueprint maker, s+ dynamic gate, s+ dynamic gateway, s+ dynamic pillars, s+ personal teleporter, s+ internal piping, s+ internal wiring, s+ spray painter, s+ pillarator, s+ repair gun, s+ transfer gun, s+ command tool, speedy flyer mod griffin charm - the following items must be bought via reward vault: wooden cage, handcuffs - the following items must be found via loot drops: alpha leed blubber, speedy flyer mod wyvern charm, speedy flyer mod phoenix charm - the s+ mutator will not work on the following creatures: zombie dodo, mek, titanosaurous, gacha, reaper, golem, basilisk, giga, alpha wyvern, forest titan, desert titan, ice titan, and alpha raptor - the s+ mutator has the following mode disabled: create corruption pulse - managermr's have 5 jumps 6 strafes and 1 dash before landing compared to 3-5-1 on vanilla - managarmrs spawn on valguero at blue obelisk - snow owls spawn on valguero throughout the snow biome - vultures spawn on valguero in the tundra zone - griffins spawn on valguero in the scotland zones - shinehorns spawn on valguero in the aberration zone - phoenix now have a natural airbrake so they slow down quicker - phoenix movement speed increase works on their rocket high speed move - phoenix can melt scrap metal into scrap metal ingots - when on follow ridable flyers will no longer fly up your baloon knot - ridable flyers can walk backwards **Custom Made Beacons:** Red Beacons Only Contain Saddles Yellow Beacons Only Contain Armor Purple Beacons Only Contain Weapons Blue Beacons Only Contain Tools Green Beacons Only Contain Placeables White Beacons Only Contain Consumables Cave and Deep Sea Loot Crates Contain Red, Yellow, and Purple Beacon Items (but with increased quality and quantity) **Reward System:** - Players earn ARc (Auto Reward Credit) points over time for playing on the server and being active - 1 point for every 15 minutes of being logged into the server - 5 points for every day you have logged in to the server - ARc is used to purchase rewards packs from the Reward Vault - You can earn lots of ARc by keeping your character logged into the server while you are away. - Events on the server will rewards players with ARc points - Free starter packs are available in the vault (low level farming dinos and metal tools) - Certain items in the game were removed from learning the engram but added into a pack to buy with your ARc - There are several dozens of different reward packs to choose from. To name a few: Items/materials/dinos from expansions (incase you dont have those expansions) Skins you cannot normally obtain Dinos that are rare/untamable like the Phoenix, Alpha Raptor, or Zombdodo **Mods:** StackMeMore - alters the stack qty and weight of items Structures Plus (Open Source) - adds tons of useful items and structures into the game Naj's Speedy Flyers - lets flyers have an increasable speed stat and lets griffins breed Protected Passives - passive dinos become safe from damage if certain criteria is met TCs Auto Rewards - rewards players for playing every 15 minutes and every 24 hours Editable Server UI (WBUI) - shows server rules/info by pressing the F1 key in game Super Spyglass (custom) - lets you view a dinos level up point distribution The Last Grapple - reusable grapple with no cross bow reload glitch! Classic Armors Skins - craft skins to make you look like you are wearing other armor **Plugins:** No Ally Look - Automatically defaults "ally look" on all dinos to disabled Structures Limit - used to limit the qty of certain structures Advanced Chat - allows chatting across all maps on the cluster and to discord ARK Adverts - used sparingly for timed notification messages like a reoccurring MOTD WeaponDamageCustomizer - alter weapon damage to wild/tamed dinos or players PointLimiter - this plugin is designed to cap the stats of players or dinos Anti Cannon Raid v1.1 - cannons deal 0 damage to structures **Links:** Join us in Discord - http://discord.baddneighbor.com/ Server rules and more information at: http://www.baddneighbor.com/ Permission granted by awhiteguy
  20. Ares Ark Wars Cluster Boosted and Modded Ares Ark Wars now has ALL maps on the cluster! We hold events hosted by players with the help of admins. We also have raid bases. We have a casino on Valguero with a jump pad course to use for fun or make bets with people. There is also a Survivor Roulette wheel in the casino. FREE DINO! Send a message to IvySixx in discord saying you came to the cluster from seeing this and get a max level dino of your choice! All servers: Max level normal dino 240 25X harvest Auto-Engrams Modded Drops Stack mod Fast breeding Fast maturing Raid bases Events Reaper Queens added to Ab zone on Valguero Active Admins Discord(code BFbX45J) Welcome Center on Valguero On Genesis: Tek suits enabled(jet pack works) Flyers Enabled All loot crates modded On Extinction: Corrupted Gigas, Corrupted Rex loot modded Small dino loot modded OSD unmodded Artifact drops modded
  21. 500T dino AUS, 3x breed, 3x gath, 2x tame - The Island 500T dino AUS, 3x breed, 3x gath, 2x tame - Ragnarok 500T dino AUS, 3x breed, 3x gath, 2x tame - Aberration Hi all! I have started a new AUS cluster and have now opened it to public. Currently I play with a handful of real life friends but would like to invite all of you to join. The rates are: 3x Harvesting. 3x breeding/hatching/maturation, 4x XP 2x taming The settings are designed to resemble a offical server with a 24/7 evolution event. 500T is a pvp server but we do discourage complete base wiping and griefing. As the server is new, no massive tribes exist yet, so everybody has a fair shot at developing to the endgame. Currently the servers have a 12 player limit to save money but I will happily upgrade to whatever is necessary as needed. We have the island, Ragnarok and Aberration and intend to get extinction very soon.
  22. WIPED 4/7/2020! PvP Server Names: Team6ix 25x - 6Man (Ragnarok) PvP Team6ix 25x - 6Man (The Center) PvP Team6ix 25x - 6Man (The Island) PvP Team6ix 25x - 6Man (Valguero) PvP Team6ix 25x - 6Man (Genesis) PvP Team6ix 25x - 6Man (Extinction) PvP Team6ix 25x - 6Man (Abberation) PvP We also have 2 ORP Servers within the cluster! Team6ix 25x - 6Man - ORP (Genesis) PvP Team6ix 25x - 6Man - ORP (The Center) PvP Find us in the Unofficial PC Sessions List Rates: 25x Harvesting 1000x Experience 1000x Breeding Insta Hatch Speed Insta Taming Custom Crafting Requirements Custom drops Custom Stacks Other Information: Unlimited Survivor and tame weight Unlimited Survivor Oxygen Survivor Speed increases by x2 Survivor Stamina Increased by x2 Survivor Fortitude increases by 800 per point spent Crafting Skill x10 Crop growth speed x1000 Rules: FULL listing of our rules and guidelines on our Discord over at The best way to stay up to date with the server and community is to join our Discord! https://discord.gg/ykhNw7X You will find all the server info, events, tournaments and also other helpful information on our discord! VIDEO TUTORIAL ON HOW TO JOIN OUR SERVERS!
  23. The Server: Just Ark Things is aiming to be an attractively optimized PvP server with game play geared towards a wide variety of players. We want a community that is fun, PvP driven, and most of all fair. We use plugins MAGA and Raid Balancer to offer ORP and balanced raid options so smaller tribes feel they still have a chance and solo players will get help from their base to help defend. We have other things in place like flyer restrictions and a non-pay-to-win donation system geared towards players getting the most out of their time on our server!** The server will go LIVE Friday May 15th. Come join us from a fresh wipe and enjoy A FRESH START!!! The Info: Map: Ragnarok, the supreme choice. We also have an option for lawless lands to be enabled by donators! These maps will be blood filled dangerous places with little to no rules to save you. See Patreon for more information! Experience: 2x (Logic? With a little Google, anyone can level faster than really necessary. Enjoy the game, die a lot, have fun!** Harvest: 2.5x with 5x harvest health. (Logic? You get better rates, but still have to work, and be weary of the open world elements and PvP longer. Taming: 2.5x with 2.5x Wild Dino Consumption. (Logic? Kibble is still viable but tame times are not awful) Breeding: 12x with .8 Mating Interval The Mods: S+ Naj's Speedy Flyers Better Reusables Awesome Spyglass Dino Storage V2 (Better Cryos!) HG Stack 1000/50% The Plugins: Ark Shop Lottery Vote Rewards MAGA ORP Raid Balancer Engram Unlocker (Boss fights still needed for Tek Engrams) The Join: Come say Hello in the Discord: https://discord.gg/N8JWapt FIRST SUBSCRIBE/DOWNLOAD THE MODS!! Mod List https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2087516557 THEN CONNECT!! Direct Connect: steam://connect/ IP:
  24. | PC Server | 5X | Soft Mod | PvP | WIPING 5/29! LOST CLUSTER SERVERS LOST Cluster Servers is looking for additional players to join our community! We currently run 7 servers: The Island/Genesis/Ragnarok/Aberration/Extinction/Valguero/Crystal Isles, plus a spare Event Server! We have our own dedicated server box for maximum control and cost efficiency; all donations help grow our community and fund upgrades to the box! Our active and friendly admins want you to join our group for some fun PvP! Server Discord: https://discord.gg/Nc729ZW Our Servers: • Excellent balance between PvP and community interest in Quality of Life mods! • Admins reachable on discord 24/7 via Adminmail Bot. • NO Admin Abuse! (Everything is logged, Admins cannot Raid) • 99% Server uptime and quick for updates. • Server discord for everyone to use. • Wipes, average every 3 months. • Server events, donor perks, TopARK Vote Rewards, and more! Looking forward to seeing you on The ARK! Mods Super Structures SelMods Dino Storage v2 Dino Tracker HG Stacking Mod 10000-90 Editable Server UI (WBUI) Open Source HG Cake Fix v1.0 HG Pickup Gun v1.41 OSM Admin v1.33 Tools Evolved BA Auto Collectors V5.3 Ark Better Server Security Server Links: Aberration: steam://connect/ Genesis: steam://connect/ Extinction: steam://connect/ The Island: steam://connect/ Ragnarok: steam://connect/ Valguero: steam://connect/ Crystal Isles: Coming Soon! Battlemetrics Links Aberration: https://www.battlemetrics.com/servers/ark/2988718 Genesis: https://www.battlemetrics.com/servers/ark/2988735 Extinction: https://www.battlemetrics.com/servers/ark/2988735 The Island: https://www.battlemetrics.com/servers/ark/2988719 Ragnarok: https://www.battlemetrics.com/servers/ark/2988743 Valguero: https://www.battlemetrics.com/servers/ark/2988742 Crystal Isles: Coming Soon!
  25. 24/7 6 MAP PvP Cluster 𝕎𝕖𝕝𝕔𝕠𝕞𝕖 𝕥𝕠 ℂ𝕦𝕝𝕥 𝕠𝕗 𝕥𝕙𝕖 𝔸𝕣𝕜 Our 24/7 PvP cluster consists of 6 maps: Ragnarok - 20 Slots Aberration - 20 Slots The Island - 20 Slots Genesis - 32 Slots Extinction - 20 Slots The Center - 20 Slots Adjusted Server Rates: Harvest: 8.0 XP: 7.0 Taming Speed: INSTANT Consumption Speed: 1.0 Egg Hatch Speed: 20.0 Baby Mature: 15.0 Mating Interval: 0.115 Lay Egg Interval: 0.05 Floating Text Damage: Yes Unlimited Respecs: Yes Corpse Locator: Yes Crosshair: Yes Player Location on Map: Yes Structure Collision: No Anyone Can Imprint: Yes Other Information: Dino and player stats are increased a fair amount per level. Our server settings are designed to ease the grind, yet still provide fun and appreciation for your items and accomplishments. Some crafting material requirements have been reduced on some items such as cementing paste, gunpowder, etc. We have a custom store! We offer paid and free ways to earn COTA Credits, and 100% of all paid donations go right back into the cluster. XBOX & WINDOWS ONLY. At least until Wildcard someday adds full cross play. WE HAVE A BRAND NEW REBATE SYSTEM!! Want even more information? CLICK HERE to check out our website!! Looking for a community of players to help you? Or are you looking to find out who the Alpha Tribe is? CLICK HERE to join our Discord!! Have any questions? Feel free to ask down below, or tag an admin in our Discord.
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