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Found 2824 results

  1. Hey all, After playing for almost a year on the PS4 we finally got ark on the PC. We are a group of friends who like to play by the original rules without any mods. Server info: Map: Ragnarok Mode: PvP Slots: 32 We are also looking for other servers to form a cluster, This server will be running for atleast 4 months. Feel free to join steam://connect/
  2. i want to buy a lightning wyvern egg 190. PC legacy PVP
  3. SURVEY! New Ark Server

    Are you sick of hopping from server to server? Are you sick of Admins who claim they are active and helpful but when you make one complaint they all of a sudden turn on you? Are you Looking for a better experience in game? So Am I... So I will be hosting a great low key PVP server like in the old days when ark was real... This is where the survey aspect comes in... I want to create a server that isn't a REVOLVING DOOR. I want people to come, stay and play. I want a server that polices itself and has respectful players. So heres my question to you the Survive The Ark Community: WHAT DO YOU WANT? Let me know below. I will be setting up the server today. We will go live as soon as i feel its ready... could be in 2 hours could be this weekend. Subscribe to this feed. Here are the settings/gameplay that I want to see: Primitive only (like the good old days. No explosives(trolls) No Metal. Nothing that wasn't in the original primitive server release) Limit on Which Dinos are tameable (open for discussion) Boosted but not insane gather and weight Platform Plant turrets again... something about a battle quetz gets me wet Boosted flyer speeds Nerfed Ptera Damage (trolls) I love the island server but i am open to other maps. Maybe start on Island until we build up a larger CONSISTENT group of people then Rag. or we can go straight to Rag. Heres what I will do as admin: Police the server for trolls Maintain regular Dinowipes For Ping Manage Structures around server, REMOVING all vacant/unused structures Helping with the day to day needs of the server. Rules: We can discuss here as a server. A Couple To Start That Are Non Negotiabe NO PASSIVE TAME KILLING NO ORP WHITE FLAG RULE ALLOWING NEW PEOPLE TO BUILD FOR A TBD BY SERVER TIMEFRAME I WOULD LIKE A THEMED STYLE OF SERVER IF THAT WORKS FOR THE SERVER AS WELL; Game Of Obelisks Kingdoms territory based Open to other ideas as well. Let me know in the comments below what you want to see. Lets get a great server going
  4. lost Server Outage (Xbox 578-581)

    Hello, Yesterday, we play with a friends on the "Eu-Pvp-officialxbox580" on legacy and around 1h AM in France, the server down and since this down, it does not appear anymore. I have a preta out of my base with rare stuff.. please help
  5. Currently Online, the largest most active WoW guild in the world. We're expanding our communtiy into more games outside of WoW and provide game servers for the most played games within our community. Our ARK server is a vanilla experience and we'd like for anyone interested to come and join us there. Server Details Name: Currently Online ARK IP: 40 Slots Lvl 120 Dinos Thirst drain .25 Taming x3 Hatching x3 Password: Message Doolie#3691 on our discord If you have any interest in the World of Warcraft part of our community, head over to our website for all the infomation.
  6. COME JOIN US! Experienced and Inexperienced players welcome! We're looking for active players! Recently opened PvPvE Server on the original Island map. Very active admins here to help when needed. Startup Care Packages will be given to anyone who wishes to receive one. Come tame some dinos, explore the caves, defeat the bosses and ascend with your tribe! Startup Care Packages include a leveled Argentavis loaded up with all the necessities to start a solid base; metal building materials, tools, armor set, weapons and a leveled fishing pole! Our only rule is NO TROLLING Community Area located at Herbivore Island is a no PvP Zone. The current Community areas consist of a Colosseum and Public Neutral Fishing Hole (Marketplace and more coming soon!) Events held will be advertised in advance so everyone has time to prepare! Server is located on the US East Coast Server Stats Max Difficulty Wild Dino Health & Damage ++ XP Multiplier 1.3x Player Resistance 0.6 Harvest 6x Corpse Location ON Cave Flyers Allowed Baby Mature 2x Tamed Dino Stamina/Weight +++ Player Fortitude/Damage +++ Loot Crates 3.5x Fishing 5x Please feel free to add Antonn84 or Flyby Hooligan5 with any questions or simply comment below. You can also drop your Gamertag in the comments to be added. Hope to see you on the Ark!!
  7. Just love how when a tribe starts to really get their poop together and get established alphas and bets decide it's time for a purge to cleanse the server. Personally I think it's just a way to say your getting too close to getting even with us and can't have anyone close to that so they wipe you out so you either have to move or start all over seems like some folks are afraid of losing their control over servers. If you been on the server I'm speaking of in the past 12 hrs. you know what I'm talking about. But trust your day will come when you piss off the wrong folks and you're the ones having to rebuild. And betas shouldn't Ally unless they can actually come thru on their promises of protection in these situations.
  8. Welcome to ArkJaya! The goal of this server is to provide a fun PvPvE experience, where adult players of any culture or gender feel welcome. RE: Rates and Max Levels - This is a PvPvE server with 30xHarvest, 30xExperience, and 30xTaming rates. - Player Stats level up a bit faster for Health, Oxygen, Weight and Fortitude. - Max Level for Wild Dinos = 390 (Difficulty 13) - Max Level for Players = 220 - Extra fast swimming speed (depends on Oxygen level) RE: Beacons/ Loot Crates - Custom loot sets include S+ and AA items, plus higher possibility to get Ascendant blueprints Mod list: Server Rules: - Be nice and have fun - Adult language = no problem - Racism, sexism, homophobia = goodbye ban (To report abusive behavior click the discord link below to #report2admin, with screenshots please) - Open world PVP is encouraged, so shoot on site if you want (but avoid killing passives). You can even kill players with "PVE_", but don't raid their base. For new players: - If you are a solo player and you want to join a tribe, try becoming allies with a tribe first. Show them you know how to play a bit. - Note that 6x cave damage applies to most caves. 1 x C4 Charge can destroy a foundation. Build smart. RE: raiding The usual rules apply: - Raiding the same tribe over and over = griefing. Don't do that. - When raiding, take what you need, let them rebuild instead of wiping their base to the ground. - Please do not raid tribes with "PVE_" at the start of their tribe name. However if you are pretending to be PVE and raiding others, expect revenge from multiple tribes. RE: building - No blocking entrances or building in artifact caves (obviously). - Don't block important resource spawns (e.g. metal, crystal, obsidian, pearls) or else your tribe's structures will be destroyed. By default, foundations or pillars with ceilings will stop resources from spawning in a radius of 15 foundation spaces. - Build an ORP as soon as possible (4 max per tribe = default). ORP are made invisible to promote hidden bases. RE: Deathmatch Mode From time to time, this server will enable the Deathmatch Mode, where you will see a message inviting you to enter a mini-game Deathmatch Mode by pressing ALT + End! Server options include where: ***You can play solo vs dinos ***You can play Deathmatch (free for all) ***You can play Team Deathmatch (minimum 2vs2, maximum 5vs5) RE: Ark Shop In chat type the following codes to interact with the Ark Shop plugin: /points - show current amount of points /buy <ItemID> <Amount> - buy the item from shop /kit - Show all kits /kit <KitName> - redeem the kit /shop <Page> - show a list of available items in the shop Example of buying: /buy ptera 1 If you spell the ItemID incorrectly then nothing will happen. /buy pteeera 1 It is not recommended to try to buy more than 1 at a time, as you might waste points. Don't do this: /buy ptera 2
  9. Hi guys! Do you hate the tedious chores of Ark like filling up species x for an hour everyday? Do you also think the turret changes are absolutely ridiculous? How about going back to the classic flyers and having pteras with 350 movement speed? Well good news! That server is here and it's on ragnorok! We have 3 mods at the moment including classic flyers, automated ark, and structures plus! More may come as I discover more. The goal is to make the game as enjoyable as possible and allow someone playing by themselves or with only a couple other people to still make a large base without having to worry about always doing the small things! 4x HARVEST, 5x TAMING, 5x mating, MATURATION, GESTATION AND MATURATION! Want an army of super dinos without having to spend months just to breed 4 or 5 gigas?! Now you can!! As more people join I will add more slots, and if needed, will start up another server with another map and allow cross ark between the two! So come join me! Mssg me if interested! Mssg me in here or on steam. Steam username sologod spartan
  10. Brand new 24/7 Nitrado Hosted PvP server on Ragnarok Map is now LIVE!! Hey Survivors! I just started up a brand new PvP, Nitrado hosted server that is now live! Rally up your tribe and be the first ones to claim the best spots on the map! Hope to see you all out there and good luck surviving the Ark! Stats: Difficulty= 6.8 10x XP 10x Resources 10x Taming 20x Egg Hatch Speed 20x Baby Mature 7x Crop Growth Speed - Days longer than nights - Flyer Movement Speed increased - Player and tame stats slightly boosted - Increased loot quality for drops Server Info: · No Rules! · No Admins! · Admin Logging: ON · Currently there is 20 slots available but I will upgrade for additional slots when the server gets more populated How to Join: 1. Click “Join Ark” 2. In bottom left-hand corner, change Session Filter to “Unofficial PC Session” 3. Search Name Filter “ArkPVP24/7 10x” 4. Click on “ArkPVP24/7 10X” then click “Join” If you have any questions please feel free to message me personally or comment on this post anytime. I will reply as soon as possible!
  11. Mythology Evolved (PVP 15X BOOSTED 2000+PLAYER LVL CAP) No starter packs. Boosted enough to make easy to start off.
  12. Ok so i was trying to think of suggestions that would work in relation to all the turret limit hysteria, how about a dedicated turret tower structure? like a large structure with a big ass auto turret on the top that would do enough damage to kill a battle bronto (over time) so rather than needing thousands of turrets to defend your base you would only need like 10 around your base perimeter to deter raiders or at least cause them enough problems to have to bring in the big guns to actually raid you. Perhaps these towers would have an upgrade option that would cost you the equivalent of thousands of turrets in order to reach the full damage capability of the structure or maybe the option could be similar to putting points into a dino with sub abilitys for farming but instead of levels you would use resources to upgrade the damage, structure hp (or armor) and range (to a max obviously). So what do you guys think would something like this work?
  13. (EU) Treasure Island Extinction 10xall25xTame AA/S+ ORP2 IP: Come and join us at Treasure island, a new pvp server with Extinction Core!!! This server has almost 0 rules, the only two rules we got, is respecting each other and not blocking obelisks and artifact locations. Besides that you are free to do whatever you want!!! Everything is 10 times, only taming is 25 times. Improved loot drops and fishing loot. Crafting Speed from Structures plus and AA is speeded up for faster crafting Mods: Ragnarok beta version Extinction Core Structures plus Automated Ark Hg Stacking Reusable plus Super spyglass Engram Unlocker ORP 2 WBUI ACM Max level player : 187 Max level wild dino : 150 Levels after tame : 200 Xp : 10x Gathering : 10x Taming : 25x Crop Growth Speed : 10x Egg Hatch Speed : 10x Baby Mature Speed : 10x Gamma : Enabled Floating damage : Enabled Location : Enabled Crosshair : Enabled Hitmarkers : Enabled Third person : Enabled For more info join the Discord server:
  14. Hello and thank you for taking the time to check out our community. We are a role play community and are hoping to build our ranks with some new rpers and experienced ones all the same. Server Location : Los Angeles, CA Server IP : Some people have been reporting problems finding the server in the unofficial list, Entering just Epoch in the search field should be all you need and give it a few minutes. Join our Discord: Link Coming soon Server Founded: 10/31/2017 Quality Roleplay! However not everyones super good at roleplaying sometimes, so please leave elitist attitudes at the door. It's a learning experience for some. Server updates as soon as they deploy. Immersive Currency and Bounty system The server utilizes the Capitalism mod and makes use of the currency system for trade with other players. The Server has set up a neutral tradepost for selling and buying mats/eggs/dino's these grounds are to be respected and not abused. The Trade Tables at the trading post are automated and monitored, They use a supply and demand feature that makes it to where people can not spam sell mats. Server Events There will be several server events where people have a change to win extra things such as extra currency to dino skins and player skins. Server Arena There is a giant arena that players will be able to challenge other players and spectators can watch and bet on. The arena will also be used in conjunction to the server events and people have a chance to earn many things to include custom default dino skins. Active Admins We have a few admins who are regularly on and monitor the server. There are also designated community moderators who help with server management. Admins remain neutral but still play Admins play on the server and use their powers to address problems on the server. Admins are people too and enjoy playing, They may enter into alliances with tribes on the server, however this does not mean they are abusing their powers to help those tribes. If you have an issue with an admin or you believe an admin is abusing their power, please report it to the owner. They are viewed as players as well and are not immune to the rules. Boosted Tame/Player Fortitude This server is meant for people with real lives and thus we felt that taming should not be a half a day burden for every single dino. You will find almost every tame is no more than a hour here. We felt that player Fortitude needed a increase as so when it rains with some outfits you would not simply freeze to death anywhere on the map. Death snow area's still will kill you however. Offline Raid Protection We felt that people should be able to log off and not worry about their dino's and or base. so after 800 seconds your stuff is safe. Rules, Guidelines & Features for EPOCH Playground Worlds Bounty Hunter System There is a bounty hunter board at the trade post and can be utilized to place a dead/or/alive bounty on a player. If you place a bounty on somone you may only try to capture or KOS them in the open world. (does not mean you can camp their front door) BOSSES Events/Battles From time to time there may be a gathering of people who wish to fight boss's to gain element for tech gear. Anyone is free to join up when these are announced. Before the battle the group will agree FIRST on how the rewards will be divided up. The rewards should be divided based on the contributions of each member. (If I bring 2 Rex and you bring 1, I should get Twice as much as you) Declaring War If your tribe is established and wishes to declare war on another tribe you MUST AGREE with the other tribe that both of you are going to war. You must give each other a minimum of 1 week to setup and prepare a forward base to fight (location can be also agree'd upon) These forward bases are free to be completely destroyed. The main base from which your tribe operates from is protected by server rules (see below). If your tribe and another tribe have openly announced they are at war with each other then they may freely KOS each other out in the open (the below KOS rules will be exempt only in this case) General Rules No KOS. (Kill on Sight) Exceptions to this rule: KOS is allowed at Supply Drops. However there are conditions for this: - Combat at a supply drop is anonymous and there are no reprocussions for it. Even if your logs tell you who killed you, you may NOT take revenge. - If you plan on contesting the drop. You must stand your ground and combat the person around the supply crate. However if the fight is too much, you can flee. - You may shoot at the person as they fly away/flee. But you must fire from the area of where the supply crate is, or once was. - You may not give chase to the individuals looting the drop. If you want to combat them, you'll have to do so from the area of the supply crate or where it once was. - You may not combat someone you THINK looted a supply crate, you have to be within visibility range to see the crate before it's destruction to engage the people around it. - You may not camp a supply drop. You may only go to them with the intention of immediately looting them. - You may not snipe down at a supply crate from some nearby area, or from atop a quetzal way in the sky. - You may not pick people up with birds and try and kill them by dropping them far away or high in the sky. - You may not kill a riderless dino if the rider is already dead. However if the creature is attacking you, or has turrets that are shooting at you, you may kill it in self defense. KOS is also allowed in Caves. However there are conditions for this: - Combat in Caves are anonymous and there are no reprocussions for it. Even if your logs tell you who killed you, you may NOT take revenge. (If we feel as though this gets out of hand, we will add reprocussions) - You may not camp the entrances of caves,However placing IED's and traps is totally fine. - You may not engage in pvp in Caves with fliers in ANY fashion. Not even for if it's just for transport to jump off and engage on foot. If you do, that person can freely KOS you or your bird to defend themselves, but you cannot KOS them. - You may not give chase to the individuals that flee outside of a cave. Once they make it outside, they are free from pursuit. (Outside of cave means there is sky over your head) - If you have a base that is within 100 feet from a cave entrance and you constantly use it as a launching pad to attack people in the caves, it may be raided - You may not kill a riderless dino if the rider is already dead. However if the creature is attacking you, or has turrets that are shooting at you, you may kill it in self defense. - You may not engage people outside the caves, or shoot into the caves. Combat must only occur within the confines of the caves. Please do not complain about KOS in chat. Simply take a screenshot and send a admin message with the screenshot. Please limit meta-gaming when it involves PVP or War As in, do not mix information you know of out of character into information your character knows This is a lax rule when it comes to certain scenarios. But when it involves combat, and potential out of character drama, do not drag it ingame please, it can ruin it for everyone. Examples of metagaming would be utelising nameplates of creatures for gain, nameplates of players, nameplates of structures and so on. Roleplay is a requirement. However the roleplay doesn't have to be SUPER serious, it can be goofy and odd. Robbery is allowed, so long as whats taken is within reason. Dont take everything. Make it roleplay friendly. Theft of objects from open containers (Not pinned) is allowed. So long as you dont have to destroy anything to get at the objects, or kill any dinosaurs to do it. If your doors are left open and containers unlocked, your things are free for the taking. Only 1 Large Tribe Base Is Allowed. A tribe can claim a large territory with structures and build within it, however only that territory is protected. Built bases that are away from your main compound are exempt from this protection. Example Image: You MUST put Giant Metal Billboards around your main base stating that it is your "MAIN COMPOUND" (if your compound is down in a valley surrounded by hills please put signs on the hills) Tribes may ONLY build a 2nd forward base if they plan to go to war.(see above rules on war) Tribes with more than 2 bases and 1 mining outpost that refuse to remove one base can have the last base built destroyed. Building large bases close to one another is perfectly fine. ( Mainly referring to those who have bases all over the map.) This rule is to prevent big tribes from deterring new players from building on the server. Violating this rule wont get you banned, however these structures can be removed by an admin. Exceptions to this rule: If the structure is an official Point of Interest. A tribe of any size may have 1 mining outpost of a modest size. (No guns, plant x, Agressive/neutral dino's, etc) Wyverns, Rock Elementals. and Gigas are not allowed to be used in PvP or War if you have a obvious advantage over the tribe you are fighting (dont be a sausage) They are not to be left on neutral either for self defense against other players. You are not allowed to use Rock elemental or giga to safely loot supply crates either. No blocking or extensive building within caves and underwater caverns We would like to have events like treasure hunts that will use the caves (Building to the point of blocking both supply drops and spawns. Essentially anything beyond 2 foundations is excessive) We have one exception to this rule of course, so long as they do not build in underwater caves that are near supply drops. Your roleplay has to be centered around underwater life/culture. Simply wanting a cave to be a tryhard to use it as a pvp advantage or a good place to hide your loot will not be tolerated. Behemoth/Dino Gate Wall Spam should only be a temporary solution, and not a permanent one. Bases with outer walls that are just dinosaur gates or behemoth gates should be replaced with walls as soon as possible. It's an uncreative and ugly design, as well as a tryhard attempt at protection. Any bases with these long term will have their walls destroyed. No blatantly disrespectful/racist/trollish character names. Names have to be RP oriented. However names can be humorous, so long as it's still classy. DifficultyOffset=1 (Lvl 150 Dinos) 3x Experience 2x Gather 15x Tame Speed (people have real lives and do not have time to babysit the game) 2x HarvestEXPMultiplier 0.5 Egg Laying Interval (Less=More Edible Eggs) 2x PerLevelStatsMultiplier_Player[7] (+4 To Player Fortitude per level) 0.5 MatingIntervalMultiplier (Less=More breeding) 5.0 BabyCuddleGracePeriodMultiplier (If you step away for a bit, you wont lose already made progress for quite some time.) 10x EggHatchSpeedMultiplier 5x BabyMatureSpeedMultiplier 5x Baby Imprinting Stats Multiplier 0.5 Cuddle Interval (With the faster breeding, this helps) PvPDecay=1 AutoSavePeriodMinutes=15 ShowFloatingDamageText=True AllowAnyoneBabyImprintCuddle=True bPassiveDefensesDamageRiderlessDinos=true (Spike walls kill wild dinos) Tribe Size limit=8 (may change in the future) Collection With All Mods Issues joining? Q: When I try to join for the first time, it keeps giving me 'Connection Timed Out" error. A: This typically means you haven't pre-installed all the mods that are on the server. Click through all of the mods listed above and click Subscribe when logged into your steam account. This will enable them for download through your steam client. Give it time, there are a lot of them. However sometimes this means the mods have failed to install properly. I will offer up a detailed walkthrough (Or link one) of how to fix this in the near future. Q: I cant join, it's saying "Make sure your server is up to date on mods" A: If you see this, please PM me asap so I can restart the server to install the mod updates. Q: I cant see the server in my list. A: This could mean the server is either restarting, or the server isn't up to date on it's mods. You can confirm this by joining via the IP, or off of a friend who's on the server. Check the Updates & Info section below for up to date information. Q: Isn't EPOCH a ARMA 3 thing? A: YES!!! and Epoch Playground Worlds is run by the Developers of EPOCH
  15. VenomArk

    hi all I just wanted to advertise my dedicated server. stats are attached below. we don't do starter packs but we will help out where we can no abusive admins but we expect what few rules we have must be followed and we will enforce them.
  16. Join my server that is ran by the site Nitrado. The server name is: 24/7 PVP server. Admin GT— Goatalicious. Xbox one. My GT is Goatalicious if you have any questions. First come first serve on spots!!
  17. I’m looking to populate my server and have a good time anyone who serious about joining please go ahead and join do not bother asking will do events and open shop after there enough people that frequently join add oblong planet 53 to join on Xbox one server no rules for the most part I don’t be a sausage That’s pretty much the only rule hope to see you on there’s only one admin that to me feel free to join looking to do bosses and acquire tech eventually looking for people who might want to do that as well but for the most part I’m looking to build a fun and friendly community OK good luck surviving out there
  18. BananaLand [PvP][x10XP][x15T][x10H] Info: [*] Map: Ragnarok [*] PvP [*] Max Player Level is 200 [*] Wild Dinos Spawn Up To 240 [*] No Structure Decay [*] No Wipes Ever [*] CLUSTER coming soon Stats: [*] x10 XP [*] x10 Harvest [*] x15 Taming [*] More Engrams Per Level [*] Normal Nights Longer Days (Nights are normal lenght Days are longer) [*] Player Food And Water Drain Reduced [*] Boosted Mating Interval (Takes 4 Hours To Allow Mating) [*] Boosted Egg Hatch Speed [*] Boosted Maturing Speed [*] Boosted Imprinting Stats Rules: [Rule 1]:No Building or Blocking Caves with Artifacts. [Rule 2]:No Building Structures in Resource Rich Areas. [Rule 3]:No Using Exploits to Build or Farm [Rule 4]:No Racism/Sexism Mods: Click Subscribe to all: Difficulty 8 Ark Advanced Structures Plus Classic Flyers HG Stacking Mod Auction House Unlock Haircuts And Emotes Awesome Portals Raft Extender Reusable Plus Pet Finder Better Beacons Offline Raid Protection ACM Discord: Connect: IP:
  19. Join our cluster! PVP! Ark Syndicate- Rag Ark Syndicate #2-Center Ark lives matter- Rag Ark United - Island We will have aberration once it is released. Stats: 10 xp 20x taming 5x harvest 100x egg hatch 6x mature rate 3 imprint stat .2x mating multiplyer Boosted loot crate
  20. If your looking for a fun friendly server then look no further, your st your destination! Justice Server is a fun frequently server that values having a great time. Note: At the moment the server is still quite fresh, so you can most likely get your desired base location! The Server Rules List: Only Raid Weekends No Killing Passive Flyers No Fighting in Community Center Dont bully fresh spawn No Trolling (if you thinks it trolling it’s probably trolling) Thats about it! Only a handful of small rules that can ensure everyone a awesome experience. The Rates Are: 7x Tame 5x Gather and XP 11x Breeding There is a Community Area where everyone will meet up for Server Events which happen as often as a few times a day depending on the amount of people on. Also the Community Area has forges, smithys, etc. There are many events that take place o the server there is: Quetzal Drop, Battle Arena, Jousting, Dodo Scavenger Hunt, Slingshot Dodgeball, and many more to come! The Admins gamertags are: JONNYmidKNIGHT OMGiTzz WaRren JIMMY RUNZ FAST and RyanRealz (JONNYmidKNIGHT is the most likely point of contact) Finally you do get a starter, to redeem the starter go to green ob, to do this you may use “The Freedom Trail” that starts at 60,35 which will guide you to the Community Area if you follow it! Thank you for taking the time to read this post, and I do hope to see you soon on Justice Server! Have a great day -JONNYmidKNIGHT
  21. Do you like playing on the Center, but you want to go grab Wyvern eggs from Ragnarok? Do you want to travel to the Island so you can ascend? Currently running all three with cross ark play enabled! You can take your survivor, gear, and dinos wherever you choose; no cool down between movements. No starters; no admin assists or do overs (Admin lives in Hawaii and only gets on around work). Just come PvP... ADMIN will plan/announce/post events in the Facebook group to pay entry into boss battles and the Ascension Cave. Any Tribe that brings their own dinos/gear can give a go at getting tek and ascending... but be ready for the fight! Details with a schedule to follow. Search in the server list for "A11TCM" to find Nitrado Cross Ark Cluster of The Center, The Island, and Ragnarok! 32 slots per server, plenty of room for now and will grow if demand increases. PvP, boosted (short list is 7x taming, 50x breeding maturing, 4x XP, 5x survivor harvesting, thirst/hunger reduced by 90%). All stats posted on Facebook group M3atL0afCupcak3; screen shots of all settings for public review. Come solo or with a clan. Set up wherever you want. Server has been on since day one of Nitrado, but traffic has been below 10 folks on any given map at a time. I don't check here often, so please lookup and join the facebook group (M3atL0afCupcake) if you have questions and need a response. I look forward to seeing any survivors that want to PvP.
  22. Server type: PvP Server Started On: 11/5/2017 Dedicated: Yes Server Location: Canada Map: Ragnarok Rates: Exp: 8x Taming: 12x Harvest: 12x Resources spawn twice as fast Max Dino Level: 150 Baby Mature Speed: 30x Egg Hatch Speed: 5x Max Players Per Tribe: 12 Max Alliances: 1 Max Tribes In Alliance:3 Player Weight Increased Slightly Dino Weight Increased Slightly Increased Engrams Points At Higher Levels Nights Are Twice As Short Mods: Classic Flyers ORP2 Small Stacks Corpse Finder S+ Structures Rules: 1. Node Blocking - Blocking Nodes is not tolerated. 2. Abusing Bugs - Example - Using a Squid to pull people out of a cave through the ground. 3. Speach - No Racials Slurs 4. PvP - We consider this a PvP server. However we would like to have big pvp battles. Held on weekends when everyone can play. 5. PvP - Wiping someone every day is bannable (With Screen shotted Proof). 3 Day Grace period after a wipe minimum. 6. Tribe Drama - We arent responible for your tribe drama. 7. Reporting - If you see someone break a rule. We ask you attempt to ask them to stop first. If they persist, then report to one of the Admins. 8. World PvP - World PvP is allowed on this server. World PvP includes being attacked while farming and flying outside of your base. 9. Passive Tame Killing - Passive Tame Killing is discouraged, but not bannable. 10. Tribe Limit - 12 11. Caging players - No longer than 30 min. To connect, make sure Steam is running, hit Win+R to bring up the run box and paste this link Ragnarok: steam://connect/ Discord:
  23. Hello everyone, We would like to invite you to our new ragnarok PVP server. See the information below: ----- server IP---- ---------------------------------- Taming is x20 Everything else is x10 No duping wild dino's max level is 300 Server restart @ 6.14 AM Chat: English in global chat Be respectful in global chat No racism Respect admin decisions at all times. Mods: Automated Ark S+ Classic Flyers Kibble crafting Reusable plus StackMore Engram unlocker ORP2 offline raid protection platform plus Tranquilizer weapons 1000 torp (dino only) Better beacons 2.0 Few things are boosted on the server. Spino spawn rate buffed on the normal locations, more spino spawns Players stats slightly buffed Tamed dino stats slightly buffed We hope you enjoy Blackrose gaming!
  24. Okay so scouting a server i noticed a base that had seemingly 1000's of spiked metal walls around it... no real turrets mixed in ...just 1000's of spiked metal walls clogging the path up to the base. The base itself was fortified with turret towers and x plant... but my question is.... Am i missing something? A few guys with rockets could clear those spikes out in seconds. What would all those spikes be good for? Much effort has gone into placing that many so it must be something to it
  25. We are looking for new people to join our server. No admins, friendly community, a damn good owner, and a bunch of awesome mods. We have two servers, a 10x and a 100x. Need people. Elder Dinos Insects-Plus RAWR Beacons Death Helper Mini Vault StackMeMore Reusable Plus Structures Plus (S+) Kibble Table Boosted Fabricator+ [2.0] Super Spyglass Scorched Earth Plus Map Extension: Base Builder Resource plus (No Fly Version) EZTek Classic Flyers Editable Server UI (WBUI)