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  1. There is a tribe on the center sever that will wipe you daily and you cant get anywhere, they have gone by multiple names such as Double ended dodos, in and out, gfys, democrats etc. me and my friend keep getting foundation wiped and we cant progress enough to be able to fight back. Us and another tribe are going to try fighting them but they recently mover their base so we are not sure where they are. We are the only tribes left because everyone leaves after they are wiped and we have just stayed hidden. They seem to be trolls and are from another server and I need help wiping them off this sever so it can be a friendly community with tribes that trade again, pls help msg on xbox @ Qx Fusion. Edit the members names are (teetzilla lvl 104 and M1$F1T lvl 103) not sure if there are any more.
  2. Welcome to Dead Beach Bob's PvP - RagnaroK Come and try some PVP with us. This PvP server is completely fresh & new to our cluster, we’ve always been PVE only. Now we have started to expand upon our fun & friendly community. We will be adding Aberration soon so stop on by! The server is fresh as of 10/4/18. There is plenty of time and space to get on and build a base. The rates are really good and we've got a great selection of Mods. Admins are online everyday playing and working to make this the best PvP experience for everyone. Contact Discord Email Join Here steam://connect/ - RagnaroK Maps RagnaroK Aberration - *Coming Soon* Rates 3x XP 10x Harvest 15x Tame 25x Breed MOD Collection List Dead Beach Bob's - RagnaroK PvP
  3. Vendetta PvP is BACK! Wiped 10/1, now is the perfect time for new players to join the servers! We're a cluster of 4 maps - Ragnarok, Aberration, Island, & Center. We at Vendetta are dedicated to giving you the best ARK experience, at a faster pace than official and with some mods that we all love. Our Admins are active and involved with the server, so you won't have to wait for help when you needed. We're around nearly 24/7, always moderating the servers and enforcing our rules to provide a safe, fair environment. Admin Logging is always enabled, so there is no question of Admins cheating in PvP. We work together with the community, and put most of the changes made to the server up to a poll so that everyone has a say in how they want the server to progress. We have an active Discord community, where we interact with our players and so that they can reach us easily if they need help. We're a mature, fun community, looking to expand and bring new players to the server! Interested in joining the server, but have some more questions first? Join our Discord! https://discord.gg/DDNqwgJ Connect to our servers: Ragnarok: Island: Aberration: Center: Extinction: -- SOON. We host weekly events, including Dino Raffles, Gladiator duels, Dino wars, treasure hunts, and more! To see a full list of our mods, go here --> https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1441530207 (easily subscribe all at once!) For a full list of our settings and features, see below. ⁕ Player level cap 105 ⁕ Wild Dino lvl cap 150 ⁕ Player XP x5 ⁕ Harvesting x5 ⁕ Harvest health multiplier: x3 ⁕ Taming x10 ⁕ Mating interval: 0.09 ⁕ Maturation: x20 ⁕ Egg hatch: x20 ⁕ Player food & water drain: 0.5 ⁕ Crop growth speed: x2 ⁕ Day cycle speed: 0.2 ⁕ Cave dmg multiplier: x4 ⁕ Turret limit: 200 S+ settings: ⁕ Mutator stacks x5 ⁕ S+ fridge has 300 slots ⁕ S+ hatchery has 200 slots ⁕ Unable to pickup damaged structures / items Other features: ⁕ Crosshair enabled ⁕ Admin Logging enabled ⁕ Third person enabled ⁕ Floating dmg text enabled ⁕ Unlimited respecs allowed ⁕ Custom beacon loot tables ⁕ Data expires in 72 hrs ⁕ PvP gamma enabled ⁕ Map player location on ⁕ Gamma = 200 element, beta = 400, alpha = 600 ⁕ Public teleporters around the maps ⁕ Server events We hope to see you all there! ☺️
  4. DarkMousy

    pvp Fresh server

    Starting a fresh new server on ragnarok. 5x xp, taming, and harvesting. Currently at 5 out of 10 slots, looking to increase if necessary. Everyone who joins will get one dino of their choosing (no giga or titanasaur) and one phoenix. Also plan on server events once it gets rolling. If interested, get at me and we will work on getting you in the server! Xbox gamer ID: Dark Mousy 89
  5. Exiled Island has just launched a new PvP Server! Old community, new server! Settings: Modded Semi-Passive PvP 30x Taming 20x Exp gain 10x Harvesting 500+ player level 2x Stat gain per level +300 tamed levels 500+ leveled wild dinos Shorter night time Better supply drops Scorched Earth + Aberration dinos Ragnarok map Connect Now! Mod collection Steam Group Community Discord Feel free to join up and help us populate! Get a head start while its not too late!!!
  6. yellowaznrice455

    pvp pvp/30pick up/insta lvl/rag/

  7. Wyvern Den 24/7 Nitrado Server Ragnarok Looking for a Server where you can have fun? Come join us, staff does not cheat to get ahead, and we don't allow Tribes to wipe each other for no reason. Weekly Events, and community made events, keep everyone entertained. We do have a discord if you interested https://discord.gg/uswgJDD As a Recap. 1. Primitive+ 2. PVP 3. Weekly Events 4. Cross Play 5. Friendly staff 6. Rules to insure a Fun environment for both pvp and pve players To join your welcome to reply to this post, join the discord, send me a message directly, or Look up our server in the Unofficial PC servers.
  8. Looking to get new players to your ARK game server? We've created great ARK game servers' list where players can find servers according to: - platform (PC servers, Xbox one ARK servers or PS4 ARK servers); - server's location; - ARK map; and others. We constantly monitor the number of players on each server, server's status (offline/online ARK servers) and its uptime. You can find this ARK servers list here: https://ark.goodgameservers.com/en/gameservers/all To add your ARK server (it's free), just fill out several fields. You can make a great description of your server, add its name, a colorful banner, and so on. All these things will let you attract more new players. We'll keep on improving our service and planning to add more new features.
  9. Server Name: Lost Archeon Evolved Features: Maps: Island, Aberration Clustered Server Multipliers/Features CONT.: Taming: 8X Gather: 8X XP: 6X More Engram Points per level up Cross Aberration Mating: 2X Egg Hatch: 5X Mating Cooldown: 1/2X Rare Loot: 5X Rare Fishing Loot: 5X Cuddle Buff: 3X Tribe Size: No limit Building Clipping Enabled Infinite Respecs Wild Dino Leveling: 1 - 350 Admin Command Logging: Enabled Mods Used: Human NPC Mod Classic Flyers S+ Resource Stacks Advanced Architecture TCs Auto Rewards Armored Storage Stands Upgrade Station (Revamped Bush People Mod Coming soon) Connect: Map Island https://www.battlemetrics.com/servers/ark/2381515 Map Aberration https://www.battlemetrics.com/servers/ark/2381512
  10. The Lost Arks [No Wipes][Points/Kits][3XH10XEVERYTHING ELSE] ADMIN LOGGING Greetings, The Lost Arks please come join us and get prepared for Extinction we currently offer The Island and Abberation in the cluster but will add Extintion on release. Join us in Discord https://discord.gg/zzJ334 WORLD SPECS: Difficulty = 5 Maps = Island / Abberation PvPvE Player Max Level = 150 # Mods Being Used = 13 Admin logging = Yes keep the game fair! Wild Dinos = up to level 150 Server Settings Crop Speed = x 10 Egg Laying = 10x Egg Hatch = 10x Baby Mature = 10x Day Length = 2x (twice as long) Reaource Replenish = 50% faster Show Map Location = Yes Third Person Allowed = Yes Hit Marker = No Anyone Imprinting = Yes Unlimited Respecs = Yes Structure Placement Collision = Disabled Auto-Locking Structures = Yes Supply Drop Locations = Random Player Stats Multipliers: Weight 2x Melee 2x Tamed Dino Stats Multipliers: Weight 2x Melee 2x -AB mods can be found here :https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1501835678
  11. What's up everyone, So I am new to forums and to running a rented server but I am seeking people who are looking for a server to play on. My Server name is SonsoftheChomp. It is 5x harv, 20x Tame, 20x mating, hatching, and maturing. Modded drops, shoulder pets, and ab variants of normal dinos. I have my Rag server clustered with my Center Server which has the same settings without the ab stuff. The Center server will be switched to Extinction when it comes out. Both servers are 30 slots and run thru Survival Servers. My tribe and I are simply looking for other solo players or tribes to come and compete. We want it where beach bobs are left alone and given a chance at growing. We had a good server that set the tone for what I was looking for when I set up my own server, but those admins made some mistakes and killed their server so I hope to avoid that with my own. My tribe and I will be on competing like anyone else and hope to create a server that people can get on and have a good time. We have ideas for events and look forward to seeing what comes of owning a server. We have a discord if you have any other questions, Discord name is SonsOfTheChomp. My Psn is ForGodandTexas. Thanks and I hope I posted this in the correct forum.
  12. (10/7) Void Ark PVP Cluster S+ 5xG 10xT 5xExp Come check out our fun, new pvp server. Rates - XP: 5x - Gather: 5x (Unclamped) - Taming: 10x - Maturation Rate: 20x - Small Tribes (6 member) - Orp - Kill feed Mods S+ (modified for pvp) Editable UI (for extra info) All S+ changes listed on discord. Join our experienced player base for some fast paced pvp action, on the most popularly played map. As a bonus, we are also adding EXTINCTION as soon as it drops. Join us on discord - https://discord.gg/75BDDGe Or copy and paste this link into your browser for ragnarok - steam://connect/ Or this one for aberration - steam://connect/
  13. Just a friendly PvPvE server. Our first cluster contains 7 maps. This includes: Skull Island (The Island) Pandora (The Center) Perfection (Scorched Earth) Valhalla Rising (Ragnarok) Nostromo (Aberration) Yataland Arena (Eventmap) Mod Info Bismuth (Volcano) Mod Info We have also added a few mods to the servers. These mods are: Ark Steampunk Mod (679529026) Structures Plus (S+) (731604991) Bitou2k's Kibble: Craft Station (926028694) Boosted Fabricator+ [2.0] (778345456) StackMeMore (v1.34) (1184731864) (Mod versions might not be updated on this post but are updated on server) We also have two other clusters that as of now have 3 maps total. We plan on adding more maps to these clusters. Cross Ark global chat is enabled. When a player chats in global on one map it is sent to all maps. For more info and to connect to the servers - Click Here
  14. GHOST DIVISION -Ark Server Network- Introduction Our PvP cluster is suited for all players that want to enjoy the benefits of two worlds; classic & arcade gameplay! Let's face it, most PvP server suffer from imbalance and waste hours of your valuable time on unnecessarily long and forced fights that are meant to happen in minutes. There is no challenge, a proper hit means next to nothing, everyone can just outrun a fight or even TP away, anyone can tame a low level dino and make it ridiculously strong which rejects the need for smart breeding or your small tribe is being raided by 20 guys... It's all about high numbers, not real skill! That's no fun, is it? Our concept combines the classic and harsh gameplay with the fun of fast-paced gameplay and being strong but not OP. A good tame or blueprint are actually valuable and buffs mean something. Breeders are rewarded with animals that truly differ from the low level tames that just have tons of XP pumped in them. Raids have to be well prepared, defense and dino level are tared and a player's mistake or your good hit has severe consequences. It depends solely on your skill and tribe's teamplay if you'll get rewarded or fail. Last but not least, admins aren't playing on the PvP cluster, yet we give full support. This eradicates any fear of admins playing and abusing their powers. Each server is part of the PvP cluster that includess all official maps and allows you to travel from each server to the others: ►The Island ►The Center ►Ragnarok ►Aberration Server Settings: ► Small tribes: 6 members ► No official alliances ► Taming & Breeding x10 ► Harvesting & XP x3 with custom level system ► All engrams learnable ► 150 Player Level: 120 XP level + 30 ascension level ► 150 wild dino level + TB + 125 XP level ► 150 turret limit ► 200 dino limit ► Adapted speed and crafting skill ► Custom Drops with increased BP chance ► More challenging bosses with the chance to drop 10% more element ► Mods: Structures Plus, StackMeMore, Super Spyglass ► ORP active with a 15 min. cooldown Server IPs: The Island: The Center: Ragnarok: Aberration: Hardware: It's very important to us to provide the best possible gaming experience to all our players. Because of this we are using the best available hardware to host our ARK: Survival Evolved cluster. We are running a maximum of 4 server per machine. Each machine has an overclocked i7-7700k at up to 5GHz, 64GB 2400MHz DDR4 RAM and 2x 480GB NVMe SSDs with RAID 1 configuration. Our DDoS protection is optimized for ARK: Survival Evolved, so our players won't notice any changes in latency if our infrastructure should be attacked. This is important to us and our provider, so we all continue to improve it. Important Links: Homepage: www.the-ghost-division.com Forum: www.the-ghost-division.com/forum/ Discord: https://discord.gg/9SF2s9T TS3: the-ghost-division.de Support: https://the-ghost-division.com/ticketsystem/ Server rules: https://the-ghost-division.com/pvp-en/ Other Our servers are hosted in central Europe but players from all around the world are welcome. We have no region restrictions. We believe in a multinational and multicultural community with respect for other nationalities and religions. This is what we demand from our players too. We want everyone to enjoy the game and company of other people and this is what we will always strive for! http://www.the-ghost-division.com/ Check our rules at: https://the-ghost-division.com/pvp-en/ JOIN US NOW!
  15. PvP Server: Ragnarok Platform: Xbox One PvP Server Name: Team6ixGaming.com Rag/NoRules/CustomCraft/ModDrops Team6ixGaming.com Abb/NoRules/CustomCraft/ModDrops Team6ixGaming.com Island/NoRules/CustomCraft/ModDrops Find us in the Unofficial PC Sessions List Rates: 20x Taming 20x Gathering 20x Maturation 20x Hatch Speed 20x Experience Gain CUSTOM DROPS *Element & Artifacts in RED drops* Other Information: Survivor Health increased x2 Infinite Weight Survivor Stamina Increased x3 Survivor Crafting increased x5 Survivor Oxygen increases by 200 per point spent on Oxygen Survivor Speed increases x2 normal rate Survivor Fortitude increases by 20 per point spent on Fortitude Dino Stamina increased x2 Fuel consumption slowed x5 This is Team 6ix Gaming's own community server fully paid for and operated by our staff. The only things EVER spawned into the server are for server events or in-game GIFTS that we give out for our survivors that donate. However, nothing outside of Official Server realm. No level 1000 tames. We understand that not everyone can play this beloved game everyday of the week, therefore it makes progression on official servers sometimes very tedious and very difficult. This is exactly why we're here! We're here for YOU! We love the amazing community we have created so far and we cannot wait to continue to grow! The best way to stay up to date with the server and community is to visit our site http://www.team6ixgaming.com/ You will find all the server info, events, tournaments and also other helpful information on our site! VIDEO TUTORIAL ON HOW TO JOIN OUR SERVER!
  16. Introduction A brand new Ragnarok Ark Server hosted in London with the latest configurations and mods. The main purpose of this server is to provide a server for all types of players with easy rates and latest most favorited mods used among servers. Server Info Main Server Map: Ragnarok Cluster Server Maps: Aberration Rates Experience Rate: 25x Harvesting Rate: 25x Taming Rate: 25x ** Note: Optimized Harvesting is enabled for server optimization purposes. Player Stats Health: 2.0 Stamina: 1.2 Torpidity: 1.0 Oxygen: 1.2 Food: 1.2 Water: 1.2 Temperature: 1.0 Weight: 25.0 Melee Damage: 1.5 Speed: 1.2 Temperature Fortitude: 1.5 Crafting Speed: 0.4 Tamed Dino Stats Health: 0.2 Stamina: 1 Torpidity: 1 Oxygen: 1 Food: 1 Weight: 25.0 Damage: 0.17 Speed: 1.0 Other Configurations Max Player Level: 150 Max Wild Level: 150 Max Levels After Tame: 100 Max Players in Tribe: 6 Max Bases per Tribe: 2 Max Tamed Dinos per Tribe: 250 Max TPs per Tribe: 15 Max Turrets per Tribe: 200 Max ORPE Terminals per Tribe: 2 Breeding Multipliers Mating Interval: 1.0 Egg Hatch Speed: 20.0 Baby Mature Speed: 15.0 Baby Cuddle Interval: 0.04165 Baby Food Consumption Speed: 1.0 Mods Installed HG Stacking Mod 5000-90 Structures Plus (S+) Automated Ark Classic Flyers No Replacing during Raids Offline Raid Protection Evolved (ORPE/OBPE) Awesome Teleporters! Awesome SpyGlass! Better Reusables Editable Server UI (WBUI) TCs Auto Rewards OSM Admin Survival Zone - Random Box Auction House Shop System This server uses the TCs Reward Vault in replacement of the Shop Mod from the Ark Server API. It has a nice Graphical User Interface and users can see their own earnings and packs available from one window. No need for any commands to be entered. Easy to use and Items and Dinos have their thumbnails shown, which is very attractive. Events 1. Admin Raid Base Event This is an event where admins will build a base with varying difficulty and location and players are free to raid it when ever they want to claim the reward that is held inside. The difficulty of the raid base and the number of turrets / dinos in it will vary after each successful raid. The rewards will be based on the difficulty. Rewards may include armor sets of high quality, weapons of high quality and some blue prints of either armor / saddle / weapon. Till the raid base is raided (rewards looted), the admins will not interfere with anything related to the raid base. - No structures will be repaired - No dinos will be added - No ammo will be added *** However, if a raid base is not touched for sometime by anyone, the admins will redistribute the REMAINING ammo to all the REMAINING turrets. 2. Death Match Event A Death Match Event will take place at random intervals. A minimum of 3 players will be required to start the event. Once a match starts, the participants will be ported to the Death Match Arena. A random set of gears and weapons will be selected and given to each player. Last man standing wins the event and rewards are given at random. *** You have to be naked without gear/weapon/inventory to join *** You cannot join an event while mounted 3. Maze Runner A maze will be build by admins for players to finish it. The maze will have dangers inside and cave drops placed inside. There will be only one exit and who ever finishes will receive the final rewards. After a maze is completed, it will be made again different with varying dangers and rewards. Steam & Discord Link Steam: steam://connect/ Discord: https://discord.gg/yc2Ty7j General Rules - No hacks, bots, exploits or any other form of cheating. - Strictly no under-meshing. - No raiding a base over and over again, 3 days given for rebuilding. - No excessive damages / dino killing. - No building random turret towers in the forest and spawn areas. - Two bases per tribe. This includes all dino pens. Any extra base found will be deleted without notice. - No placing structures for no other purpose than to disallow building there Building Prohibited Areas - Player spawn locations. - Entrance to caves with artifact / loot crates. - Inside caves with artifact / loot crates. - Obelisks or their respective crater. - High resource spawn areas/caves. - Up in the air. - Wyvern egg nests, scar or wyvern cave. - Surface and entrance to surface. General Guidelines This is a PvP Server. Do read the rules and follow them. If you have a complain of someone or a tribe going against any rules, be ready to provide the proof. If you have any suggestions or want certain things to be changed, go to the discord suggestion channel and post them there.
  17. Hello there , are you looking to enjoy ark and build big but at the same time have some fun PVP well this serevr if the right place for you !! Heres some info about our serverOur Discord - https://discord.gg/7f3Wu2y-INFO-Player Max - 104Dino Max - 150 Crafters - 2x Ragnarok - Soon to be clustered with another map of server vote 0% Admin Abuse - Admins are neutral they dont raid unless there base is attacked so if you wanna have fun with the admins its your choice kill couple of our dinos and we come for ya Harvest - x20 Taming - x20 Breeding - x50 Hatching - x50-MODS- https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=812655342 https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=731604991 https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=899250777 https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=928102085 https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=895711211 Server link - https://toparkservers.com/server/ Dont Exploit / Hack Undermeshing , Duping Ect2. DONT be racist / sexist 3. Clean up all your FOB's after an raid. OR admin will4. DO NOT foundation spam as this causes server lag. IT IS ALLOWED to claim land with a few foundations but not 1000s of foundations 5. Max 3 Bases per tribe. 6. Max 2 Tribe Alliance if i see more then 2 tribes in an alliance the owner of the alliance will recieve a warning 7. DONT threaten to DDOS 8. Please keep Salty behavious in ark 😃9. Enjoy yourselfMax Warnings is 1/3 if you recieve 3/3 warnings you will get a 2day ban if i see more rule breaking it will be permanent
  18. Welcome to FuryOfArk Server, this is the perfect place for players who want to enjoy ARK in a friendly community. We have created a PvPvE cluster that includes Aberration, Ragnarok and Shigo Islands map. You can travel between the servers and take all your items or dinos with you. This server is a Hosted standalone server, resources are not shared with other people. This makes it so that we don't experience any performance fluctuations. The server is up 24/7 🙂 FuryOfArk Shigo PVPVE 2xAll 4xTame: https://ark-servers.net/server/105382/ FuryOfArk Ragnarok PVPVE 2xAll 4xTame: https://ark-servers.net/server/109890/ FuryOfArk Aberration PVPVE 2xAll 4xTame: https://ark-servers.net/server/113952/ Read more about the settings, mods and rules on our steam forum: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/FuryOfArk
  19. If you're tired of the same old boring servers with just different states, want a community? Want something a little different and exciting? Come join AUSARK247 (x10 server) Friendly small admin tribe consisting of mostly Aussies with a couple Americans. WE WILL NOT BULLY YOU! Like other servers do. We as admins what to play through the game from start to finish and want to meet some new friends along the way. We will be holding weekly arena and tournaments BIG PRIZES TO BE WON! Raffle draws to be won (no real life money to be spent), FREE bunnings snags available! Beer is also provided. Medical stations for contestants available. During deathmatch nights a taxi service will be available for those who perish but still wish to spectate. Event notices will be displayed a week in advance so those who wish to participate can prepare! Better yet we hold a permanent treasure hunt! That's right find the clues, follow the riddles and see what awaits you. Making sure our players have fun is out priority so for this reason we offer a suggestions box! Yep your ideas for events could be the next best thing! And dont worry we will be sure to let people know that you're the reason they are enjoying themselves that night. 1 SERVER RULE. NO RAIDING DURING ARENA NIGHT YO ENSURE THOSE WHO WISH 5O PARTICIPATE BY EITHER JOINING OR SPECTATING ARE NOT LEFT DISADVANTAGED NOT FOLLOWING THIS RULE WILL RESULT IN BANISHMENT. We are a slightly boostered server of x10 for most things making it that bit easier but also some work. Any questions or looking for an invite to the server message DJSKRIBBLES08 on xbox
  20. Wiped 9/24 Discord: https://discord.gg/VhsSnSB Hello there! Tac Force One is looking for more wonderful people wanting to join our community! We are playing Ragnarok this wipe. This server is a Vanilla + experience with QOL mods and I have balanced S+ for PvP best I could. We also have a reward system through the TC Reward Vault Mod. Where you can get some tames and items with points overtime just by playing on the server! I also add rewards progressively as time goes to keep things balanced for current and new players! We will have a extinction server as soon as it releases! We would love to have you in our community, so give it a shot! Settings & Features: Admin Logging is on! Taming x10 Harvest x5 XP x3 Breeding/hatching/gestation x10 Water and food drain .7 Vanilla stats except weight on players and tames Player weight is 25 per level Tamed dino weight is x2 per level Level 103 is max Crop growth is x3 Turret limit is 300 S+ Turrets have same slot counts as vanilla You can use S+ water intake anywhere! Certain Fog Is disabled! All structure locking is on No collision building is on Damage text is on PvP Gamma is on Max tribe tames is 300 Max wild level is 150 Rare Sighting can be anywhere from level 150-180 All TEK Engrams are unlocked cave damage is x6 tribe limit is 6 Egg lay is x3 x1.1 beacon quality and fishing loot Loot table is Vanilla to make things more valuable MaxAlliancesPerTribe is 1 MaxTribesPerAlliance is 1 S+ Turrets: Heavies, Tek, Minigun, & Auto - Rest are removed Upload & downloads are allowed for items/tames S+ Settings: ElevatorSpeed=400 DisablePickupWhenDamaged=true ResourcePullRangeInFoundations=50 GrinderResourceReturnPercent=30 BookshelfSlotCount=1000 FridgeSlotCount=400 MetalStorageSlotCount=200 PreservingBinSlotCount=100 VaultSlotCount=1000 SPlusAutoTurretSlotCount=24 SPlusHeavyTurretSlotCount=96 TekTurretSlotCount=5 BeerBarrelCraftingSpeed=2 DisableShieldPlacementOnRaftsAndSaddles=true ShieldRespawnDelayInSeconds=3600 ShieldRegenDelayInSeconds=1800 ShieldHealth=250000 MinShieldPlacementDistanceInFoundations=15 DisablePersonalTeleporterBeacon=true DisableDinoScan=true AllowIntakeToPlaceWithoutWater=true MutatorModeBlacklist=AllowBreeding,GenderAssign,GenderSwap (means turned off) MutatorPulseCost=10 MutatorBuffMaxStackCount=1 DisableAbilityToPlaceTekGeneratorOnSaddles=false DisableAbilityToPlaceTeleporterOnSaddles=true NannyRangeInFoundations=30 Mods: Quick subscribe - https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1188370084 Structure Plus Death Helper Dino tracker Haircuts & Emotes Server UI Rare Sightings HG stack mod 1000k stacks TC Auto Rewards Mini Industrial Forge Tek Helper - Element Crafting is disabled on this mod Super Spyglass Server IP - Discord Info Ragnarok - PvP - wiped 9/24 Click to join server! https://toparkservers.com/server/ steam://connect/ Discord - https://discord.gg/VhsSnSB Rules are found in the discord or on the server's UI in game. Hit f1 in game to use server UI!
  21. visit thedeviousark.com for more details the devious youtube
  22. Come join us at the NCA server cluster to play some Ark and have some fun. We have 2 PVP maps and 1 PVE map in the cluster. You can transfer survivors and dinos to/from the PVE map, but not items. If that sounds like something you would enjoy, scroll down to the connection information at the bottom of the page. Server Information Maps: Ragnarok and The Island (PVP)... Ragnarok (PVE) Server Location: United States Gamma: Enabled Max Player Level: 200 Max Dino Level: 351 Experience: x5 Taming: x15 Harvesting: x5 Harvest Health: x2 Breeding: x25 Days: x2 Nights: Halved Crop Growth: x5 Tribe Limit: 15 Tamed Dino Limit: 300 Tribe Alliances: Enabled Obelisk Time Limit: 6 Hours Respecs: Unlimited Mod Information Resource Stacks SEL Vision Universal Server UI TC Rewards S+ Reusable Plus Auto Engrams Cross Aberration Human NPCs Arkomatic Automated Ark Connection Information To connect, you can either click the "Connect" button on the battle metrics links below (top right of the page) or add the servers to your Steam favorites. To add in Steam, go to Steam -> View -> Servers -> Favorites -> Add Server -> IP Address... listed below: Ragnarok PVP Link: https://www.battlemetrics.com/servers/ark/2717436 IP: The Island PVP Link: https://www.battlemetrics.com/servers/ark/2720027 IP: Ragnarok PVE Link: https://www.battlemetrics.com/servers/ark/2720479 IP: Discord Link: https://discord.gg/86GQjhN
  23. Just Lunched on 10/20/2018 Forgotten Ark is a five server cluster for PvP game play with free transfer between the Ragnarok, The Island, The Center, Aberration and Scorched Earth. Will be adding Extinction day one to the cluster. We are keeping things simple with just a few mods and mostly vanilla settings. If its not posted then we did not change it. Come check us out! The servers are run on a dedicated box set up by our owner which allows the servers minimal lag with superior performance. The only thing running on the servers is just the Ark servers. All mods and settings are equal across all servers. Check out below for our set up. Server Details: Cross server chat. Makes the cluster feel like on big home. Auto update to mods, if restart is need it will broadcast a countdown. (This is automated) Daily wild dino wipe and restart at 2:00 am pacific time.* (This is automated) Dedicated server hosted in New York City Intel Core i7 7700K 32 GB DDR4 SSD Unlimited Bandwidth (10TB Full Speed) Dedicated 1 Gbps Port How to Join the Servers, Discord, and Steam Group: You can join any of the servers below directly by following their link and clicking the **Join IP** address. The Island @ Ragnarok @ The Center @ Aberration @ Scorched Earth @ Server Settings: Exp: x5 Harvesting: x5 Taming:** x5 Baby Baby Maturation: x5 Egg Hatch: x5 Max Player Level: 150 (pre ascension) Max Wild Dino Level: 150 Dino Level After Tame: 100 Rules: Do not grief players No Blocking artifacts and or limiting access to them No Blocking MAJOR spawns and or limiting access to them No Cheating Have Fun Mods: List of all our mods here HG Stacking Mod Classic Flyers Structures Plus SelVision Grappling Flare Gun Events: I would like to do a arena and event map. I would be willing to allow player on that map alone to spawn in items to make arenas. Transfer of items, Dinos to and from this map will be blocked. If this interest you hit me up and we can talk. I have not decided on a map for this and am totally open. I will probably put the castles and forts mod on this server.
  24. Hey guys! I'm running a Primal Fear PvP server. The website to join is http://battleforragnarok.com and our Discord is www.cadecavediscord.com Server now has the following features: Public Server - anyone can join Resource Pumps - for automating farming and reducing grind Backpacks - Offhand item to increase carry weight Awesome Teleporters - Makes Teleporters easier to build and use. There are some public teleporters as well. Also, it functions as a dino tracker and you can recover your corpse/items from them. Engram Unlocker - Unlocks most engrams as you level S+ - Cause vanilla structures are gross Primal Fear mod - Adds different tiers of dinos (toxic, alpha, apex, primal, and more) for more scaled taming and combat Better loot in drops - They're worth going for during early game to tek tier stage Boosted settings for fast-paced PvP Unique PvP rules with Strongholds and Outposts, large battle events, and open world PvP (see website for full rules) Great discord server hosted by CadeCulture.com Clustered Ragnarok, Aberration, and Extinction (when released)