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Found 3704 results

  1. New xbox server starting today!! Server is up ADD GAMERTAG -- ARKserverTO 2 admins will be running the server so if it crashes it will be up sooner (hopefully) altho there will be NO admin bases Admin - HerStonedKing - ThreeFeatherUp Slightly boosted but not crazy, instant tame and increased weight, x100 harvest no dino harvesting for lag reasons No rules yet other then a 3 day grace period to build your base unless you raid it ends immediatley, grace is on base not you. Let others have a chance because its always more fun to raid a built base not 4 foundations Going to be creating a community crafting center to help players get further faster. We are easy going so open to most suggestions. UPDATE community center at viking 1 just north of spawn PVP Free zone Join today and become alpha over your friends!
  2. pvp PC Server NEW 9-16-17

    New PVP server all are welcome Ragnarok 15X taming Several mods including S+ 2X harvesting and much much more \ steam://connect/
  3. Xbox one player dedicated server The Island. 24/7, pvp. 1st off it is worth noting the Island is the "only" map you can actually unlock all Tek Tier and enjoy all aspects of the ascension endgame and rewards. The Host plays but doesn't engage in raiding or attacking other players unless provoked. Admin's base will be surrounded by turrets so be advised to stay clear of their base if you wish to not be shot at. The server is slightly boosted for resources. This means resources will never run dry. Mature players are encouraged to join the server but it is not a requirement to be an adult over 18 to join. The Host simply likes to keep a peaceful server running with very limited conflict between players and tribes. The host does not expect everyone to get along but the host encourages players to respect each other. In regards to raiding, take what you want if you can. Raiding other players or tribes and killing their Dinos is allowed but not recommended unprovoked unless you wish to be hated by all other players and tribes on the server. Stealing and killing other players and/or other players Dinos without warranted reason is very much frowned upon. If your intent is to just randomly kill players and steal from them completely unwarranted this is "NOT" a server for you!!! Everyone frowns on purposely killing "passive" tames. Unless you want to be the most hated player on the server it's best to leave other peoples "passive" tames alone. You can build almost anywhere but please do not block off Artifact caves, obelisks, and rich resource areas. Please be advised, without warning, the Admin will demolish tribe structures too close to Artifact caves and obelisks if they think they prevent other players from accessing these places safely. This server is designed to cater to players and tribes who wish to play for long term but without having to spend hours and hours just to accomplish simple tasks or tame a Dino that would normally take ages to tame. Difficulty level set at max Crosshair, map location, and third person enabled XP multiplier set at 8 Harvest Amount and harvest health slightly boosted Player water and food drain set at .6 (made more realistic where you don't drink and eat 100 times more than you actually do in real life) Spoiling time set at 70 (consumables at least taking a full day to spoil) ask Admin for narcs if you are a new player, till you can let your meat spoil. The best way to deal with this is to place meat in creates and unstack them one at a time. Once you acquired one carnivorous Dino it becomes pretty easy to get spoiled meat if you stack their inventory up with it. The main reason for such long spoiling time is to deter trolls from being able to quickly tame high level Dinos within their 1st day of playing for the only purpose of reeking havoc on the server. As well as spoiling time set high the same thing has been done with fuel consumption. It takes longer to create charcoal. The reason for this is the same reason spoiling time has been set high. This deters random uninvited Trolls from being able to create too much gunpowder on their 1st day of playing for creating explosives and ammo for the sole purpose to reek havoc on the server. (note: An Industrial forge still makes charcoal at the same rate as it should normally) Diseases disabled Player and Dino weight has been slightly boosted player stamina has been slightly boosted as well as tamed Dinos player speed has been slightly boosted Dino Breeding has been boosted and imprinting improved Taming speed boosted to 8 Game settings will be adjusted over time to better balance the world. Suggestions on how to improve the server settings welcome. The Host is "ArkServer5438" send friend request to "Arkserver5438" in order to join (some time takes 24 hours to get a friends request back If you wish to instantly join just add the server as a friend and then instantly join game by joining game through your friends list). If you have questions send Arkserver5438 a message, will eventually reply back ASAP. looking for more tribes and players to join the server with plenty of prime real estate to take over on the map. Currently there is about over a dozen or so players on the server who play frequently, this is including the Admin. The server is a very peaceful and open place to almost completely fully explore without worry of trolls. But still advised to set up base defenses to hoard off trolls who may randomly visit the server which are very rare on the server. For a limited time the Admin will be placing random crates around the map filled full with Element and Blackpearls almost every day. Element and Blackpearls will become a form currency on the server where players and tribes can trade items and Dinos with each other. Every new player who joins the server will receive 150 stacks of Element to start them off "if" requested when the Admin is online. Admin is "willing" to help other players unlock their Tek engrams (This does not mean admin will do all the work for a player or tribe.) Admin will help players and tribes fight bosses in the boss arena and help them run through the ascension cave "when and if the Admin is free to help". Players and tribes must 1st farm their own artifacts and spawn items for the boss arena for Admin to help them. This includes Players and tribes to use their own Dinos, items, and armor. Starting 9/14/2017 Admin will be randomly spawning in up to 3 randomly level wild Griffins on the map after every weekly wild Dino wipe and/or server maintance for a limited time. If this new addition to the server works out well, other Dinos that do not naturally exist on the Island map could possibly be following in future changes to the server. For a limited time all new players who join will receive a startup kit. This includes Ascendant Tools: Metal Hatchet, Metal Pick, and Metal Sickle with backup blue prints. They will also receive one GPS, one Spy glass, an Ascendant Crossbow (with backup blueprint), and an Ascendant Pike (with backup blueprint). This start up kit also comes with 15 stacks of Narcotics. To receive this startup kit send the Host a message on xbox live or request for a startup kit when the Admin is present on the server.
  4. Hey all! My friends and I have a 50 slot PC hosted Ragnarok server on PS4 which is 24/7 PvP. We're looking for new and active players to help the server thrive. Server Name: The Syndicate PVP 10x Boosted Soon we will be giving new players a "starter kit" in which will contain metal tools, pike and some other goodies as well as a starting Argentavis! (I'll update post when the starter kit contents have been finalized) The server runs with boosted weight, this way you no longer have to worry about being over encumbered. Boosted harvesting to help build and assemble your base much faster than normal, it also helps you rebuild after being raided. Speaking of raiding there is a rule that we enforce and that is no full base wiping and no killing of passive tames. Just get in, get what you need and get out. We also have a market place set up for buying and trading of goods. As seen in the picture below, we have constructed our coliseum! We hope to gain some server activity as we will be giving out rewards such as; Deep Sea Crates, Blueprints, Tools, Weapons, High Level Dinos and Wyvern Eggs, Dino Coloring, Bulk Resource Bundles and plenty more. Server tribe "The Syndicate" and admin(s) are all friendly and willing to help out if and when needed. For those who decide to join our server and help populate it will then be rewarded for their time and effort and to keep up with server updates/changes please feel free to join our PlayStation Community called "The Syndicate Ark PvPvE" If you have any questions or are a fellow server owner who wishes to cluster servers, please message the server owner Oximodious via PSN for more details. Any other server details are listed in the picture attached. *SERVER RATES ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE* I'll bump this post every so often to hopefully keep traffic coming to it.
  5. The Noctech Server English(US) speaking server PC hosted. Experienced admins. x 3 gathering/ x 3 XP/ x 5 Taming, Breeding and Maturation/ AdminLog Enabled/ Ragnarok Map/ 18+/ ORP Enabled/ Events With Prizes!/ No Griefing/ No Killing Passive Tames/ No Hiding Loot on Passive Tames/ No Base Wiping/ 5 Players Max Per Tribe/ No structure clipping. Server launches 22/09/17 2:00 utc central time. Looking for players who want a friendly pvp small tribe experience. PSN community page set up under the same name. The Noctech Server.
  6. Ok, so I'm new to,the game but have been really getting into it. I'm on a pve primitive server but with everything that was just released I plan on starting over on a new server. I play solo, which on PvE isn't an issue. I kinda want to try PvP and get the full experience, but I'm afraid as a solo casual player I would be wiped out constantly. Just wondering if anyone else has attempted this? From the looks of it, I need to either stick to PvE, or join a large tribe if I want to try PvP. I don't know why, but it won't let me reply on this thread anymore. Just wanted to say thanks for all the tips and advice. I'm currently getting a little more practice in PvE, but plan on watching a few videos and starting a PvP character this weekend. Thanks again
  7. Hello chaps and chapets, we are looking for a bunch of players for a set of cluster servers that will not wipe. Have a ganders at the info below and see if it tickles your fancy! If you have any questions, comments, suggestions or fancy a chat hit me up on Steam or here. Server: Hosted Paris Exchange, 4.7 GHz+ Intel i7 7700K, 64GB DDR4 ECC Memory, 900gigs of SSD Drives and running Windows. Maps: Ragnarok, The Island, Scorched Earth - Will be adding Aberration when it drops. Steam Connect: -Rag steam://connect/ -The Island steam://connect/ -Scorched Earth steam://connect/ -Join Info on[UK]ROw -Steam Group: Rates & Settings: -3X XP, 3X Gather, 3X Tame, 5X Baby Mature, 40X Egg Hatch -No lvl cap on Mindwipes. -Old Oxygen stats. -Old Flyer Stam recovery (dismount will regain health in the air). -No Building collision. -ORP set to 15 mins. -Buildables take 50% less damage from explosives. -All items are locked by default. -Players: Lvl cap 115 (15 with ascension) 2X weight, 0.5X health more per lvl up. -Creatures: 150 wild 2X more weight per lvl up. -Player Limit 70 per server. -No rules (will add if something becomes an issue) Thanks for reading, hope to see you in game!
  8. SEG LOTL PvP No Wipe Clustered Ragnarok, The Island, SE and The Volcano Star Empire Gaming proudly unveils our new clustered Ragnarok, The Island and The Volcano maps. These are PvP servers with offline raid protection and boosted rates. They have everything you've ever wanted from Official servers and none of the fear. The added fresh new maps to explore will be a welcome distraction from the well known Island, Center and SE. C'mon and join the SEG community for some good ARK fun. You can find the servers at the link below as well a listing of installed mods and server rates. COMING SOON!! 4th Clustered map featuring Abberation Map DIRECT CONNECT TO SERVERS VIA LINK BELOW INSTALLED MODS - ORP2 - Refining Gas Forge - OP Feeding Trough - Omnicular - Ultra Stacks - S+ - Platforms + - Ammo Pool - Auction House - Castles n Keeps - Medival Structures - Medival Props - Bridges - Vacuum Sorter - Craftible Element - CLASSIC FLYERS!!!!! - Aviary Structures - Ark Advanced - Upgrade Bench - MrRadtools Inc - Dino Tracker RATES - Exp = 2.0 - Taming = 4.0 - Harvest = 4.0 - Egg Hatch Speed = 2.0 - Mature Speed = 8.5 - 4 hrs daytime 10 mins nightime (roughly) Come join us, we have been gaming together for years we want to fill up these servers to make it as dynamic as possible. we have nearly 24/7 admin support spread across 3 times zones. Griefing and other such actions will be dealt with in the old fashion ark way. Only cheats will get banned. Ark Server mods By: partiesplayin
  9. Hi. I have a small server that I want to cluster with others that think like me. My server is with boosted drops (x2.5) and lowered water (0.6) and food consumption. As admins we do not abuse power or interact with world in any way. Just taking care of abusive players and griffers. I'm hoping to find other admins like me that have servers with maps other then The Island. Please PM me for details and propositions. Thanks
  10. Hi all, Server started since 08/26. Around 60 ppl atm Description : Mods : S+, Classic Flyer, Kibble Table ,HG stacking Mod, Automated Ark, Meat Spoiler, Reusable plusSettings : XP100, breed X30, Taming X100, Harvest X100, Player max lvl 100, dino wild max level 150, FastAutoDecay (4X faster than vanilla)Rules : No construction behind and inside ARTEFACT cave. One insult => 24HBAN.To Know : Loot crat quality improved Steam group : Join Steam group !
  11. The CatBit Cluster starts all fresh on 22th september at 16:00 UTC. It's located in germany, so primarily for EU players. Join our Discord: The connection infos for the servers will be posted shortly before they go online. Currently they run in test mode as i am still changing and testing settings. You can join them and test if you like. Infos are in our Discord. Unique Features: (maybe not 100% unique but not many server have them) Tribe Log gets pushed to Discord channel (video below) custom loot crates with blueprints of S+ structures instead of vanilla structures Settings: PvPvE Difficulty 5.0 (wild dinos up to level 150) Experience x1 Resource Harvesting x2 Taming x3 Structure Collisions deactivated Auto Turrets and Plant X allowed on platforms Damage Numbers activated Corpse Locator activated Unlimited Respecs activated Baby Mature Speed x20 Cuddle Interval x0.08 This are the most important settings, there are much more tweaks. You can read up on them in our Discord server, there is a complete list of settings. Mods: Structures Plus Automated Ark ORP2 Ticket Mod Insects-Plus Structures Plus and Automated Ark have quite some stuff deactivated or tweaked to keep them in balance. Full list of settings is on Discord. Servers in the cluster: Island Scorched Earth Ragnarok Aberration (as soon as it's released) I host ARK servers since a few weeks after it hit early access.The CatBit cluster was the longest running set of ARK servers is hosted. The decision to wipe them and start over wasn't easy. But the fact is nobody except me and my tribe mate played on it anymore. And nobody was interested to join a server that was running for almost a year already. So we decided that we start over. And use our experience to select new mods and tweak the settings to our liking and hopefully yours as well. The two major points against unofficial servers are admin abuse and uncertainty how long the server will be available. I want to address both of them. Admin Abuse: We have a clean track record of zero cases of admin abuse. I am the only admin on the cluster and never did abuse my power. I subject myself to the very same rules as any other player. I did never broke them and i will never break them. If you suffered from admin abuse on another server, give this one a shot. You will notice that i am just a normal player on the server. Everything that can be automated is automated. Like updates for the server and mods. So i can't be influenced by what happens in the game. If a timer for an update hit's, it hit's. It's not my descission. This is done consciously to avoid situations in which i could abuse my admin privileges. There are very few rules and if i need to enforce them, i will. If no one breaks the rules, you will never see me having admin privileges in game. We actually have a track record of zero banned players, you can insult me as much as you want. I only care about you following the rules. As long as you do this, you will not be banned. Uncertainty how long the server will be available: We are financially secured. We don't need any money from the player base to keep the server running and we don't want any money from our player base. The last cluster was running almost a year and is only being wiped because no one is playing anymore. We had players playing over 1k hours on the server but eventually they all lost interest. A few of them will actually come back, when we start fresh. I promise you that i will not shut down the cluster as long as a single person is playing on it. If it will be shut down i will provide the save files as i did with our previous servers. Rules: It's a unmoderated server. So you don't have to be nice to people, you don't have to be politically correct. Everything you write in chat is considered part of the game. As long as you don't dox people you can write or say what ever you want, i don't care. No cheating, this includes bug abusing or exploiting. You are not allowed to abuse a game breaking bug, for example duping. There are a lot of small bugs that will not get you banned. If you are not sure what will you get banned and what will not get you banned, just ask me in Discord. Since we are using the ORP2 mod for offline protection we need to restrict the use of the offline protection, so you can't block content. You are not allowed to offline protect obelisks and caves with artifacts. You can still build there, you are just not allowed to offline protect there. You are not allowed to have alt tribes and characters for the purpose of protecting your stuff by abusing the ORP2 mod. You are allowed to have alt characters, however they need to be in the same tribe as your main character. You will not get compensation or help for stuff you lose to bugs. This is mainly so no abuse happens. If an admin loses stuff, he will never spawn it back. The same goes for every player. If you get stuck, you will not be teleported out. Ask players to help you. Or simply die. Losing tames is not as hard of a hit on our server as we have very fast breeding. This is a hard server with no admin intervention, but it's one you can be certain there is no admin abuse. There are no warnings and there are no punishments. If you don't stick to the rules, you will be permanently banned. This is a server you can do all kinds of stuff on without admin intervention. If you can't stick to the few rules we have, we just don't want you on our cluster.
  12. Welcome to our ARK fans community. Our server owner is well known person and never ever abuse admin powers (only if he has to deal with hackers or players who doesn't accept server rules and doesn't respect other players). Our servers are already over 2h years online and all costs has been taken care by admin. Server are hosted by HostHavoc and locating in France. Without good community and players there are no point to keep server, we gladly are open for adjust setting and append mods what players are requesting. But still we would like to keep ARK as a SURVIVAL game and hope you understand why some adjustments will be denied. Ragnarok (PvP) went online on: 13.06.2017, 07:00 (CET) Island (PvP) went online on: 07.07.2017, 17:00 (CET) Server: Center:30, Ragnarok: 35 Player Slots. Nightly Offsite Server Backup and Updates Hosted in France No Wipes! Main Language: English/Estonian Rates 5 x Taming, 5 x Harvesting, 5 x Experience, 10 x Hatch, Mature, Mating 4.0 x death bag, body spawn time 60 min. 10 x AutoDestroyOldStructuresMultiplier 10 x PvEDinoDecayPeriodMultiplier 10 x PvEStructureDecayDestructionPeriod Gamma disabled Tribe Limit - 5 Difficulty - 5 AdminLogging - Enabled Offline Raid Protection Player Max Level Vanilla Dino Max Level Vanilla Player Map Location Enabled Structure Decay Enabled Third Person Enabled Mods: 1. Resource Stacks 2. Reusable Plus 3. Structures Plus (S+) 4. Scorched Earth Resource Stacks 5. Platforms Plus Rules: * I think i should not remind to you all, No racism, no sexism, no chat spamming, no outside server promotion. * Please bring with you together a good spirit, fun and be nice! Respect Admins and players. Just don't be a ♥♥♥. * No cheating, hacking, duping, glitching or exploiting! (This will end up with a ban). * All players ensure your storage boxes,gates and doors are locked. Any open and unlocked door/chest is viewed as free to loot. It means that the player looting will not be penalized. Why we should do it? * PLEASE lets keep the server clean and destroy old bases, unused builds,taming boxes, fireplaces etc. * Starters protection: you are not allowed to destroy and kill players who are under 70 lvl bases and dinos. Its not fair to bully players who just started and would like to be part of our adult community by some high lvl players .. So PLEASE respect new players and later we could have better fair pvp actions. NO GRIEFING Causing intentional dmg to someone's bases or dinos. This includes alpha luring and using wild/tamed gigas to cause unnecessary structure or tamed dino dmg and/or loss. This section falls under offline raiding rules and can result in a server ban. GRIEFERS AND STARTER Bulliers If we found out some players are griefing or bulliing starters (under lvl 70) then they will be banned and all griefers tribe dinos and bases will be destroyed immidiately and account will be banned. How to find us: (1) Go to the "View" menu at the top of the steam client. (2) Select servers and click the select tab. (3) Go add server at the bottom of favorites tab. (4) Copy and paste " or" (Minus the quotation marks). (5) Connect Dont hestitate to contact with me, if you feel interested and want to join us.
  13. OG RMW's 24/7 PVP Paradise 6x Taming 6x Gather 6x Exp 6x Egg Hatch & Maturation Cave Flyer [ON] Offline Raid Protection [ON] Add "OG RMW" on XBL to join. Survive and Thrive
  14. Hey, Im trying to populate a really fun server. Stats: 40x gather, instant hatch and grow, 100x XP, 5K weight per point. other stats are playable and well organised. If your looking to join message SE209 or the host account : Battleaxolotl. There are already a few tribes decently set up. The alpha tribe are really kind and would most likely help you out.
  15. I have opened a server designed to take PvP to the extreme. There are 50x rates, which may seem way too easy, but do not be fooled: not only is it just as easy to get wiped as it is to build up, but wild dinos have their stats boosted to 10x the normal amount while your tamed dinos are not boosted at all. In addition, there are 100+ new creatures to tame and fight, ranging from rideable otters to torpor-inducing griffins, and even to creatures never before seen on the Ark, such as new prehistoric creatures, indominus rexes of multiple varieties, and colossal scorpions capable of massive damage and torpor output. The server will be in a constant state of shifting powers. Your base is never defended enough. I.P.: (Click Windows Key + R (windows) or open safari (iOS) and type steam://connect/ to be automatically connected) Mods: Other Notes: Gamma is enabled Admin Logging is enabled No transferring Upon restart (Which occurs whenever the game or a mod updates and no one is online), all wild dinos are deleted for respawn. If you find a creature you want to tame, don't wait on it! All flyers can carry multiple C4 and can enter caves. Be aware of and make use of kamikazes! Server will NEVER be wiped unless a unanimous vote decides otherwise or there is an update of incredible importance, such as the full release update, but it is extremely unlikely that that will happen again. If interested, leave a comment here so I can expect you. Get here quick, before it becomes impossible to compete! (It will actually still be possible to compete, but it will be harder to get to that sweet spot) I will take suggestions for mods that you want to be added as long as they fit. But I will NOT add mods of the likes of Extinction Core, Pugnacia, etc. (Bump up server update times and control the gameplay of the server) Join now!
  16. pvp tek help please

    look i need help i cant get my tek to spawn every time i try it dose not spawn in it dose no work can someone help
  17. New 24/7 Player Ded Server on Ragnarok Server name and host gamertag: Sightedkitten86 Facebook group: Ark Immortals We have an admin account to do dino wipes and one admin to do dinowipes when we are not online. Admin logging is ALWAYS ON. PvP is highly encouraged. No one is protected from PvP ( admin and server host are fair game) Offline Raid Protection: OFF Rules: 1. No full wiping bases. Get in, take what you want and get out. 2. No griefing. 3. No blocking resources. And no blocking cave entrances where artifacts spawn. Stats: Long days and shorter nights. XP and Harvest: 5X Taming and Breeding stats: 10X Weight stat gain for players and dinos is boosted to 10X (for every 1 pt added to player weight you get 100 weight added) Fort: 4X Food/water drain: 0.5X To counteract the flyer nerf we have increased the points added to dino speed when tamed. TO JOIN: 1. Add the host gamertag: Sightedkitten86 3. Click join game. 4. (optional but recommended) Join the facebook group Ark Immortals to report a problem or get information on server status.
  18. Dedicated pvp server been up since launch looking for new players. Admins are willing to help new players get started so they aren't over powered by larger tribes. Weight, stamina and speed boosted on dinos and all stats boosted on players. x2 Xp and harvest. 6x mature rates. We have reduced structure damage during the week and boosted structure damage from 12pm central Friday until 12pm central Sunday. Xbox server name DevilishPuppy89 Discord join
  19. The server is a new, literally started September 17th, Ragnarok survival PVP map. All rates remain unchanged except due to the tribe size limit Exp is 1.5x and Taming is 3x. The rules are simple: 1. Tribes must be no more than 4 people. 2. Don't Build On, near is fine, Resource Spawns If you play and see any of these rules being broken please message me. Server has a maximum of 60 players and is located in North America. The server will be up 24/7. So besides the rules, the server is meant to be a safe place for smaller tribes to still gain the pvp experience of ark. Events will be held at random intervals. Sometimes may be a holiday or just because enough people requested it. IP: To contact me and if you decide to join the server we now have a discord at And if your tribe would like their own channel on said discord hit up the admin-help chat.
  20. *All credit to the creators of the S+ Mod* Description: "...[D]ynamic, flexible pipes & wires that will connect nearby pipes & wires (for linking up separate grids that wouldn't fit a normal pipe/wire)." The level of forethought required for building one electrical grid and/or a singular basewide pipe system is unrealistic for long term gameplay. I believe the creators of S+ did an excellent job in their approach to the issue and its success supports that Wildcard should adopt this approach as well. *Photo Credit to S+ mod Devs Please post any comments or concerns.
  21. ARKitects Base and building designs

    One of the reasons I love Ark is for for the creative side of building. I have looked in the forums and seen scattered posts about building, but we need a dedicated area. I wanna hear or see screenshots and videos about your builds. So many people have amazing ideas and designs for buildings. Show us your breeding pens, egg farms, work stations, unloading areas for quetz, green houses and every thing. Do you have it all into one EPIC GIANT base or have you made into small dedicated building connected together.
  22. Ragnarok PvPvE Just a friendly PvPvE server. This server has not been server wiped and we never plan on doing a full server wipe. For more info Click here
  23. pvp Any tribes need wiping?

    Any tribes you need wiped?
  24. Thunder Dragoons Upon the arrival of Ragnarok on Xbox One several friends and myself are putting up a server of EPIC Proportions. Time: Opening August 29th Server Gamertag: FUTTY 3 Server Admins: Senior Admin: UrsineGG, Admin: UNLIKELYDANGER Core Server Stats XP: 10x Gathering: 18x Taming: 10x Weight: Really High Mating Interval: 0.1 Egg Hatch Rate: 25x Dino Maturity: 20x Crop Growth: 10x On Thunder Dragoons we are looking to build a community that is social, friendly, and competitive. We all want to enjoy ARK and we all want to enjoy Ragnarok. There will be events that I will put up randomly that give out sweet precious loot. Once a week there will be a Challenge Boss which we encourage people to participate in, Team up and take it down; or mass murder each other to glorious bloodshed and riches. Once a month there will be a BOSS Fight. I will randomly pick one of ARK's bosses and set it free on the map (Not near bases) for amazing LEWT rewards. This will be at peak player times and everyone will know in advance when the beast will be unleashed. You are still more than welcome to use the obelisks for bosses but this will be a fun twist for a server event. Community Area The Community Area will be at the Castle area on the Ragnarok map. We will have Industrial Forges set up and other crafting tools. There will be a community greenhouse but you must bring your own seeds and your own fertilizer. There will be community toilets! No killing at the Community Area. You are responsible for what you bring to the Community Area if you are not watching your stuff and it is stolen that is your fault. If you catch somebody stealing your stuff contact an admin (Must have proof.) Server Rules This is a PVP Server. There is no Offline Raid Protection. It is exploited against it's intended purpose so it will not be turned on in this server. Meaning if you join the server there is no PVE. This is a PVP server so if you like competiton. Dont Harass, Have Fun, and Be Social. -Right off the bat constantly harassing the same tribe over and over will not be allowed. If you are raiding take what you want and leave them alone. If they attack you immediately after your raid it is fair in an act of retaliation. The Raided grace period is 24 hours. Example: If you attack Tribe of Newbs and raid their base then you are no longer allowed to raid them again for 24Hrs. However they can still raid you in an act of retaliation if they successfully raid you then they cannot raid you again for 24Hrs. This ONLY affects individual tribes. If Tribe of Newbs is raided by Tribe of Kookies; Tribe of Kookies cannot raid Tribe of Newbs for 24Hrs this protects Tribe of Newbs from Kookies ONLY. So Tribe of Snookie can still attack Tribe of Newbs. Simple rule. -Player Kidnapping: 20 Minutes MAX. Players cannot be captured, caged, held hostage for no more than 20 Minutes. If there is a Tribe War/Base Raid going on between tribes then prisoners can be held for as long as the raid/battle/war goes on. -No killing resource spawns -No killing Passive Tames. NOTE: IF you use passive dino's to block or shield your base they are fair to kill. If a Passive Dino is used in PVP then it is fair to be killed at anytime. -The Admin Tribe is not PVP. For the sole fact to avoid people accusing server admins of cheating. DO NOT attack us. If you do; You have been warned we will retaliate in any means we see necessary. -No Killing at Community Area. -No Base Wiping. (Admins will determine a base wipe based off of base size.) -Use common sense. -If you have a situation to dispute with a Server Admin we will hear you out; However you need proof. Take screenshots, Take Videos. If an issue arises we will meet up in a private party, hear your case, and then you can show us any sort of proof you have. -Finally; last but not least: Have Fun, chill, compete, socialize! Enjoy The Thunder Dragoons! Join our Discord!
  25. {HoF} AusRag- PvEvp (Mods: S+/Eco/+) Low Rates, [ORP2] is an Australian based server, survivors from all over the world are welcome! Aus Ragnarok is focused on community, keeping standard rates on the low scale (although higher than default), throwing Evolution Events regularly and spicing things up with different rate combos more often than not. We aim to bring to you a server that everyone enjoys playing on. We have kept mods to a minimum but have thrown in a few that are aimed at decor and building ease. Structures +, Pillars+ and Platforms + are some of the top building mods and alongside Castles, Keeps and Forts, Advanced Rafts and a selection of Eco’s Decor mods, we hope that you and the community enjoy your Ark experience! Our server now uses Offline Raid Protect 2 mod, which allows you to safely log off and have peace of mind your base will be safe from offline raiders (which are not welcome on our server and offline raiding will result in being removed from the server). We don't have stacking mods, reusable mods and any major game changing mods as this is not our vision of how we want our server to be. If there are any issues or questions, you can post on our Discord group for the quickest response. Our dedicated and active admin are approachable and keep the server running and updates daily or wherever needed with minimal delay where possible. Sometimes we may overlook a need to reset so please notify us if the server is outdated/unjoinable. Although the server is PvP and open to war/skirmish, we would love to see a community grow into its own system of trade, breeding and general fun, mischief and chit chat. We are not a highly active PvP server, which may or may not change over time and the current player base is more relaxed and have a pve style play. If looking for an active PvP server, we may not be what you are after. Our discord is open for conversation, screenshot sharing, trades, voice, tribe only channels, and a music bot! Some helpful info! Standard Base Rates are as follows:- Max Dinos: 150 Gathering :x3 XP Multiplier: x2 Taming: x2 Mating Interval: 25% Faster Hatching: x2 Maturing: x3 PLUS fortnightly Evolution Events where a selected combo of rates are higher for the weekend! For more info on other settings and full mod list, drop in and say hi on our community discord! or follow the link below for our mod list. Find us by searching for HoF AusRag- PvEvp (Mods: S+/Eco/+) Low Rates, [ORP2] Or by using the IP Server Ip Address: Port: 7827