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Found 292 results

  1. Hello! Today marks the start of the ARKpedia Nitrado dedicated server. Currently a 20 slot server.( Will be upgraded as needed) The goal is a balanced server, with moderately boosted stats and rates to rid the excessive grind of official servers. We are always looking to recruit players who are looking for a long committed server. With many planned events. As for now the server is only Ragnarok, we will open a cluster map based on what the community wants to do. Server is PvPvE, we encourage both walks of life. That being said we will have incentives for PvP players. We ask that everyone joins the discord. All info on events will be posted there. As you will also have direct communication with the admins. Link: Some base rates and settings: .5x water and food consumption 2x turret damage 2x spoil time 1.5x Regeneration Rates 2.5x Loot Quality 8x XP Multiplyer 5x Taming 11x Egg Hatch and Maturation Player stats: 3x Health 1.5x Stamina 5x Oxygen 10x Weight 10x Fortitude 2x Speed 2x Melee Tamed Dino Per Level Multiplayer 2x Health 1.5x Stamina 5x weight 4x Speed 1.2x Melee Damage As the admin we are looking to create a fun and active server. We have many events planned and are always open to suggestions/ ideas or any tweeks to over all gameplay. This will be a long running server and I hope to see you on the Ark.
  2. Come join us! We have a nice cluster set up with both The Center and Ragnarok so you have everything the game has to offer! (Except Ascension but eh.) We have boosted rates, community centers on both maps, and event buildings are in progress. Just search ArkofMisfits in the Join Ark unofficial pc sessions and both servers should pop up and be properly labelled with their coresponding maps. **We will be launching an Aberration server that will cluster alongside the other two maps** Sunday evening through Friday evening structure resisrance is set to .2 and turret damage is increased. After 9 pm EST Friday night, all raiding stats are set back to normal. Max dino level: 210 Taming: 15 Gather: 10 Egg Hatch: 40 Mating interval: .3 Maturation: 38 Exp: 5 Minimum dino reupload time: 3 hours Player Weight: 500 per point ---------------- Any other misc. stats you would like to know, feel free to ask! We also have a Facebook page (same name as the server) for announcements and whatnot. My GT is Synryze if you would like to contact me on Xbox.
  3. We are a PVP weekend and PVE weekday server. Ragnarok on nitrado! We have a sizeable community area with forges, chem benches, fabricators, smithys and even a public fishing hole! We have a dino chess board, a gladiator arena, an fps arena, an equus jousting ring, and a race track. We will also have dodoball and boat building/battle events. We have a store for tames and mc bps. The accepted currency is berry bush seeds that are awarded after events. The CC, fishing hole, and event areas are pve only outside of the events themselves. We also have a rule against passive killing. We also have a friendly and growing player base! Join today! 5x Xp 10x Gather 10x Taming 15x Maturation PLAYER STATS 1.5 Health 1.5 Stamina 1.5 Melee 1.5 Movement speed 10x Weight 10x Oxygen 10x Fortitude DINO STATS Dino stats have only a few changes. Dont want to create massively op dinos. 3x Stamina 1.5x Movement speed 30x Weight Personal starter: 150 griffin Tribe starter: indy forge Above is a link to our FB page.
  4. SERVER STATS 20x Gathering Instatame Fast breeding but long enough to get imprints Boosted but not insane player stats Boosted Crafting Speed Friendly Admin - GT: EvolvedGun Rules PLEASE READ: Three Strikes And You’re Out No trolling Grace period for beginners - white flag outside base - message me TheTipsyTaco, if I do not receive a message from you and you have a flag you’re still free game. - last one week. If you raid and the proof is sent to me or EvolvedGun then your flag must be removed and you will receive a warning. No repeatedly raiding the same tribe - give them awhile to build back up, we all hate that feeling of getting raided constantly. No destroying community center - I used my own resources to help the fresh, don’t ruin it for everyone. (Will be built by me on green obelisk 12/10/17) No PvP at Community Center No stealing others resources At Community Center - If you take their resources they have all permissions to get it back in any form, besides blowing them up at the community center because that would be bad yo. No blocking artifacts DO NOT BLOCK REDWOOD CAVE - if you do that will take up two of your warnings Server Name: evolved international cluster - no capitalization under unofficial PC sessions - it’ll take a few try’s joining to get into the server. We hope to populate The Island server, if the server is constant full or close to full we will increase the population {Currently 20, soon to be 32} We want this to be a long term server for people, we will have server meetings where a representative from tribes on the server will meet to discuss issues between other tribes or just have a great time with eachother. There will be beer and burgers at the meeting for everyone. Meetings will be on Saturdays (unless a urgent matter comes across)
  5. This is a public server but MSG ATLAS907 info we want serious players this server new but boosted enough is a small grind and more reward.
  6. Arkanium Ragnarok - Island - Aberration Cluster Wiped 2/5/2018 Ragnarok server is live, Abberation server and Island will be unavailable for a few days for adjusting. Community Based, Player Enforced Ark Nitrado Server 24/7 PvP on Ragnarok and Aberration! Seasoned Server for those who want to be challenged! Please read below for important news about the server. 12/12 Aberration server launches! Join us as we delve into the forbidden Ark! Just search Arkanium Under Aberration. Server Rates: Gathering |3x| Exp |3x| Taming |4x| Growth Rate |5x| Egg Hatch |10x| Increased Maturation 15x Max Difficulty |Level 225 Wild Dinos Max| Slightly Increased Player/Dino Stats ❗️Do not kill passive tames exception under certain conditions. ❗️Let new players get settled before raiding them. ❗️Do not completely wipe bases. ❗️Don't ask for admin, The answers NO. ⚔Failure to follow these rules will result with A warning and in serious cases Ban. 2 Warning system before Ban. Players will gain control over Law Creating and Enforcement once the admins deem it ready to.⚔ Flyers have increased speed. Customized Engrams Quetz platform saddle lvl70 Raft lvl 10 Admin GTs ♿️Mhymel Or ♿️Stankfingered. Experienced, Adult Hosted and Managed! Only 2 Admins including the host who are only there to host events, Work the Shop, Or last resort enforcement. Strict No admin abuse policy, with limited intervention from admins. Community based, Player driven & enforced server! Admins will only intervene on rule breaking offenses as a last resort and only for the most serious of incidents. Players will police each other, and work together to create an exciting environment for everyone you play on. PvPvE Type server. This means you will not be limited to choose one, but have the freedom to work with other players/tribes or battle with them. Server Rules: Do not ask or beg for free items, Spawns, Dino's, etc from admins. We do not spawn anything outside of event rewards, and logging will be on once Nitrado fixes the bug. Killing/Raiding new players is frowned upon and skill-less. Use your common sense for judgement on who is new, and who isn’t, If you're constantly forcing new players to leave due to raiding/killing then expect retribution. Do not destroy, or disrupt the server trading post & Event Arena. This area is designed for the community to use as a safe spot to trade, or Events held in the arena. You will get caught, and an admin will punish accordingly. We want this server to be somewhere that everyone can enjoy, without the hassle of official rate grinding, or dealing with the harassment on official servers. If you come here only to be disruptive, or cause a toxic environment then please move along. We will never become a High boost easy-mode server, They are a dime a dozen. There will no admin recruitment, spawned items outside of events, favoritism or abuse on this server, And asking for an admin position or spawned items will only reward you with being blocked. This server is not meant to be an easy mode server, nor will it cater to those who suggest otherwise. You have to put in time and effort to become something here, and you will hit problems along the way. Host GT Mhymel Support GT Stankfingered In order to join the server you need to go into the games main menu, Join Game, bottom left drop-down menu (Unofficial PC Servers selected) Then in the search bar type Arkaidia. To avoid the joining server stuck bug please allow the server list to completely load before trying to join. Note for fourm mods: If I did not post this correctly please notify me of issues and I will promptly change them.
  7. Ark of the Covenant A new server will be starting TONIGHT (yes tonight!). At approximately 5:30 PM EST a new 32 slot Nitrado Raganarok PVPVE Server will be launched. As admin, I will not actually be playing to ensure impartiality. Some of the rules (subject to tweaks) and setting are as follows. Join Search Unofficial PC Servers for: Ark of the Covenant - PVP, SLIGHTLY BOOSTED Map Ragnarok Rules ORP will be on from 6 PM EST Sunday nights to 6 PM Friday nights So ORP will be OFF from 6 PM Friday until 6 PM Sunday for weekend PVP Limit of one Bronto per Tribe Settings Slightly Boosted XP - 5 Taming - 3.5 Harvesting - 2.5 Hatch - 8.0 Maturation - 8.0 Crop - 2.5 Dino and player stats boosted slightly Weight boosted dramatically This post will be updated as more information needs to be added or tweaks need to be made. Discord:
  8. New server started 12/28/2017. 32 slots on Ragnarok. SERVER NAME IS "[ARKISTAN] NO ADMIN, LOGGING ON, INSTA TAME, BOOSTED" THE SERVER IS PC HOSTED VIA NITRADO - go to join ark>change filter to pc hosted> search for "no admin"> and you should be able to find the server. Decently populated, with no admin tribes. Im the only admin and I do not raid. The server is insta tame with 25x gather, boosted drops, NO ORP. PLAYER STATS - Inf weight, oxygen, fair melee and health, 3% per level in speed, fair player resistance DINO STATS - INCREASED dino turret damage at first to allow ppl to build up, flyer speed around 250, weight infinite, stamina boosted, fair health and melee. I am currently building a community center at blue ob. which will include an indy forge and chem benches. The server stats are subject to change based on the communities comments, message "RL Stahlin"
  9. This is a PVP server where PVE players are also allowed to be in peace. PVP tribes may declare war against each other and conduct their own shenanigans. The only general rules of war would to not kill another tribes work Dino's if their on passive and to try not to level enemy's bases to nothing. The boosted stats of this server are: 6x Taming 8x Gathering 3x Xp Gain Boosted Survivor Wieght Boosted Dino Stamina Everyone in so far is nice and here to have a good time. If interested, the server name is 24/7 Boosted PVP/PVE NO KOS ORP on Buck. You can search just buck and it will show up. Also a list of gamertags you can reach out to is: Dangit Scooter Eye4EyeWGB Dezuhls BuckToothOrphan All on Xbox one of course.
  10. Arks Finest Dish To join open Ark on your Xbox console. Select join game. Set search filter to "Unofficial PC Sever". Type in the search bar Arks Finest Dish. Tah Dah! Come on in! (please visit the website for server rules - barely any) CLUSTERED with Aberration PLAYER/DINO/ITEMS = 100% transfer (no fliers into Aberration see rules on website) Server Name: [US] Arks Finest Dish RAG/100x/TEK/250lvls/PvP/Drops ONLY TYPE the first three words to search for the server: Arks Finest Dish Teleporters open to the PUBLIC located at all OBs (green/red/blue) and one out in the desert. Community Center (PVE) located at the Castle on Ragnarok map Community Center Amenities: Industrial Forges (6 count) Smithy’s (5 count) Mortar and Pestle (15 count) Note: Admins are active but don’t play actively (if that makes sense). They are there for help and managing the server along with Community Center and Fishing Areas. We will be adding games/events/tournaments/etc. in the future the admins will run. Current Admins are: Mr C (TRIBE: Admin – PVE) Bruw (TRIBE: Admin – PVE) Server has a auto restart feature that is set for 12:00am eastern standard time every day. Come check us out and become part of the Arks Finest Dish Community. **Please don't upload characters, items, or dinos. We're currently working with support to get this working correctly. Everything uploaded will be lost**
  11. New nitrado hosted server starting 10/12/17 Server Rules: 1:PVPVE server, all PVE tribes must have PVE in tribe name and have white flags up around base clear enough to see from all angles. No raiding, killing or griefing of PVE tribes and those tribes cannot do the same. If a PVE tribe act like PVP then white flag rule don’t apply 2: ORP will be set to on with a small log off timer to keep bases safe but avoiding log off when raids etc happen. When raiding base wiping is not allowed, nor is killing passive tames. 3: No excessive pillar/ foundation spamming auto decay will be set to a realistic timer and no blocking of major resource areas and no building in caves with artefacts 4: Tribe limit of 4 per PVP tribe and limit of 2 per PVE tribe (this could change depending on population) will look to have at most 3 PVE tribes to encourage PVP. Server settings Food & Water consumption x5 Turret damage x2 Spoil times x3 Regeneration rates x2 Loot quality x2 Resource health x3 Crop growth x3 Taming x4 Harvest and gathering x5 Experience x5 Egg Hatch and maturation x7 Player Multipliers HP x2 Stamina x2 Oxygen x2 Weight x5 Melee x2 Fortitude x5 Tamed Dino per level gain Multiplier Health x2 Stamina x1 Weight x5 Melee x1 Speed x2
  12. Hello survivors, Me & a friend recently opened a Nitrado server on Xbox. We're running a "loose" PvP Ragnarok map with some boosted stats. I say loose as yes it's PvP but there are rules to keep it fair. We have 2 admins that are on pretty much every night & I am contactable at pretty much any time. I will list bellow some of the stat changes...... XP x3.0 Harvesting x4.0 Taming x10 Mating intervals x0.6 Egg hatch speed x15 Baby mature speed x15 Override Official difficulty x5.0 Now because it's a new server, we are still playing with some of the stats like taming speed & egg hatch speed to see what works best for people without making it too easy as I know for the average person who has a 9 - 5 job, spending hours taming a dino is just not going to happen. With that in mind we are basically trying to make it a server for everyone & keep it as balanced as possible. We do have a couple of rules, mostly regarding the PvP side of things, il list briefly below.... if there is any thing else you would like to know, feel free to contact me on Xbox. Rules: 1. Must be over 16. 2. No offline griefing. 3. No offline stealing 4. Can only declare was aslong as both tribes are online to agree. 5. If you agree to "war" you accept the consequences & can't cry if you lose. 6. War can be ended with both tribes online & agreeing to end or leaving a white banner outside your base. 7. 1 base per tribe, if you move, you must destroy your old base. 8. Have fun! *Broken rules will be looked into & players banned if necessary* Obviously if PvP is not your thing then thats fine also, as stated, PvP must be a mutual agreement! Im all for the PvE experience myself. We are definitely open to the idea of having separate or one big tribe, totally your call when you join. & also will be holding events & boss fights in the not so distant future. If it sounds like your kinda server, you will need to contact me "Just Rixta" on Xbox for a little introduction chat & then given the password to join 😊 We want it to have all the great elements of Ark but in a fair environment, unlike the official servers. Contact Xbox gamer tags: Just Rixta (Owner) Jonah Grey (Admin) Hopefully see some of you stomping past soon ✌
  13. I rent 2 servers from Nitrado on Xbox to form a cluster. I have the exact same settings on both servers however on Ragnarok, the harvest rate is broken. My harvest rate is 4x however it feels more like 1x when using a dino and 2x by hand/tools. I have dino harvest damage set to default (3.2x) and player harvest damage set to default also (1x). Is this a bug or Nitrado issue? Either way I shouldn’t have to counter the issue by increasing the harvest damage multiplier.
  14. I've had ark for quite some time now and have owned a nitrado server for about 2 months, I've had players on and off but I can't get a stable population, please if there is anyone out there who has more experience in these situation, I would love your help, my xbox gameplay is fangedcar2
  15. Fresh Ragnarok PVP East Coast Server (Nitrado paid 365 days) with a moderate boost to taming and breeding. All containers are lockable e.g. your fridge. Cluster with SE/Aberration Discord Server: Slight Boost to Drop Crates 2x XP 2x Harvesting Health and Multiplier 2x Resource Respawn Rate with increase to Dino Harvesting Damage Dino Starvation Rate .75 6x Crop Growth with Decay Rate at .5 6x Taming and Egg Hatch Baby Multipliers: 5x Mature Speed; Cuddle Interval Multiplier .8; Imprinting Stat Scale 1; Cuddle Grace Period Multiplier 5; Food Consumption .5; Cuddle Lose Imprint Quality Speed Multiplier 1 Anyone in tribe can imprint I'm here to breed dinos. If you need help, need a stud service, want to enjoy a mature adult server... then this is likely the server for you.
  16. Hey all was just browsing through Nitrados Wiki page on CrossArk Clusters for xbox and it says that having a password on clustered server can cause issues. This is a joke right? Can I really not have a password if I want to cluster my server? I just purchased a second server in preparation for Abberation and now I read this BS. Please tell me its not true!!! I run a private password protected PVE server and absolutely need to be password protected. @Nitrado @NitradoAndre @NitradoSupport Please tell me I haven't wasted all my time and money for it to be ruined by something so simple.
  17. Hello I have created a new rag pvp server on Xbox only 20 spots for now will upgrade when i have more people. Boosted level up speed and materials. Very active admin. New players recieve starter packs will start handing them out tonight. I’m also open to ideals on how to make server better for you as the player. Planning on doing admin created raid bases for players to have another way to get better items. Come join me on my server and have fun. Server name is 24/7Pvpp under pc unofficial.
  18. New Nitrado Server! Currently day 165 Server Name - "[US]Jacks Official PVP Boost weight 8x Gather No Rules" 50 Slots Hate those mega boosted servers? Sick of admins that cant handle getting raided? Love official pvp but hate the official grind? Join our server and get started. There are no admins. The server owner (me) plays on the server, but is not an admin. MAP. The Island PVP NO RULES We don't have any specific rules, but we ask that you be respectful. Please don't cage noobs on the beach lol. If you wipe someone, don't get mad if they wipe you back. No Starters. RATES/STATS. Rates are slightly boosted to take the edge off. Weight stat is boosted on players and dinos to help gather more efficiently. 8X Gather & Taming 4X Exp Weight - 100 Per lvl Boosted breeding/hatching. A Ptera will hatch, and fully grow in about 20 minutes Crop growth is almost instant. Stats are able to be slightly changed. We are open to suggestions. Message "A Vampire Pie" or "Cc Smoke cC" on xbox For more info. Tribes are beginning to build up! Come reserve your spot today!
  19. Join new unofficial pc server on xbox "Tivoli Gardens" map is ragnarock, x7 taming, x15 XP, x8 gathering, weight is really high and other stats have been raised slightly, offline raiding is on with 25mins cool down before being immune 😁
  20. Come join us on our new 24/7 boosted island server, the stats are as followed.. 18 stone per pick up 30 x taming 50 x maturation 50 x hatching 50 x mating interval 6 x crop growth 3 x turret damage 4 x loot crates player stats are... +30 health +30 stam +100 oxygen +1000 weight +10 melee +4.5 speed +12 fort dino stats are... X 3 health X 4 stam X 100 weight X 2 melee X 3 speed How to join? Go to join ark then in the bottom left corner select unofficial pc the search NV ARK. Rules of the server No brontos any Brontos found wil be killed. No building inside of caves. There is 1 admin who rarely plays and there is no starter pack. Good luck and have fun
  21. 24/7 Ragnarock, PvPvE, boosted server looking for players and tribes of all sizes! Weekly events at our arena, and a server store where you can buy colored dinos and resources (See FB page and visit The Community Center for details). All our servers are run through our FB page, so check out for server info, stats, news, updates and to contact admin. Only contact admin tribe through the Facebook page. To join, search (Ark Is Lyfe) under the Unofficial PC Sessions. Make sure Ragnarock and PvP are checked. Starting area under Blue Ob with crafting tables, rules and a hatching center. The PvE area is under Green Ob (Map of PvE on FB page) -ALL NEW PLAYER MUST HEAD TO BLUE OB TO READ OUR RULES IN DEPTH BEFORE PLAYING- Server rules - No killing passive tames, no harassing players, no brontos or steggs, no left over structures, Mercy raid rule (Details at Blue Ob), No PvP in neutral zones (PvE area under Green Ob and the Community Center under Blue Ob), no raiding during server events. (READ ALL RULES AT BLUE OB) PASSIVE PvE RULE - The designated area under Green Ob (Map of PvE area on FB page) is a passive PvE area! Anyone who decides they want to play PvE on the server is welcome to build at the peaceful area. Players who are a PvE tribe are not to be raided or harassed in any way! PvE tribes may also not raid or harass anybody else. This is for players who are trying to build and tame. White flags must be up on all PvE bases in the peaceful zone at all times! There is no switching back and forth, you are either PvE built in the peaceful zone, or PvP built everywhere else. (If anybody breaks this rule they will be banned and wiped!) PvE players need to let admin know the location of the base on the Facebook page. Only one base per tribe in the peaceful zone. If caught building or moving anywhere else, you will be wiped.
  22. Come join our new fresh Rag PvP server hosted by Nitrado,,50 Man seerver. Its boosted, 15X Gather, instant lvl 100 and instant tame. The only rule is to have fun, its PvP. Try not to kill passives or raid lesser tribes. Search East Coast Ark to join.
  23. I plan on renting a new Nitrado server for me and a few buddies to play on. I was going to just do a 10 man server, but figure I would come on here and see if there are a few people who would like to join us and I will get a bigger server. It will be PvP offline raid protection will be enabled after a 45 minute period. Rates will be 2x down the board except taming, breeding, maturing etc will be at 3x. No mega tribes will be allowed and PvP is open at all levels. I plan on giving you enough EP so all players will be able to learn every engram to try and push small tribes and solo players. I will be playing solo and under no circumstances will I ever use admin commands to help myself or any player on the server. Let me know!
  24. HI Me and my friends just started a new Nitrado hosted cluster with Rag and the Island Servers are 50 player cap for now. This is brand new just came up today so plenty of places to build. This is a pep cluster with 40 minute timer. There Is a couple of admin accounts on the server just to enforce the rules when needed or something major happens and Admin logging is turns on. We want this server to be fun pvp tribe vs tribe warfare so please try to build up a good base and get ready for some pvp. There is pvp 24/7 and raiding is allowed at all times. We want this to be the best server cluster in ark today right now we have 3 servers but in 1 month could have up to 5 servers its all about how much this cluster can grow together as a community. The club on xbox for the cluster is the Real Ark Purge PVP would like at least 1 person from tribe to join for any server updates any complaints or questions post them there. There is now 3 servers ark battlegrounds is 32 slot rag with similar rates but player and dino stats are boosted.CUSTOM DROPS!! white drops give all imprint kibble and milk green gives starter packs and blue give artifacts and veggie cakes. Rules Do not block artifacts people need to be able to get to them if you build in there Passive killing is allowed Don't be a asshole and you know what I mean by that Don't grief tribes if you raid them let them build back up No clipping is turned on but do not abuse it Rates Harvest amount 10x harvest Taming speed 30x Baby mature speed 20 egg hatch 50 crop growth 5 turret damage up to 1.25 player harvest damage 1 XP generic 20x XP harvest 20x XP craft 20x XP Special 20x Loot drop quality 1.5 Stats Player stats are official expect weight and oxygen go up 100 a piece Dino stats are just like official but weight and oxygen are increased a little ANY Questions ask Gt Landshsrk527 How to join *Bottom left search filter needs to be set on unofficial pc sessions and name filter search the real ark should be cross ark with rag and island 50 slots.
  25. Are you tired of only finding servers that have dumb-boosted stats, highly aggressive players, and just really aren't fun to be on? Well, you're in luck, my friend. The Nuclear ARK is none of those things -- we have a lightly-boosted, friendly PvP server that hosts a variety of events, like fishing, raids, jousting, boss battles, and much more! Our rates are as follows: 8x Taming Speed 3x Experience Gain 4x Harvest 50x Egg Hatch 13x Maturation Speed CrossPlay is ENABLED! If you have any questions regarding the server, please join the server Discord! Or, you can message me, NuclearRacc00n, on Xbox! We hope to see you on the Nuclear ARK!