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Found 244 results

  1. I have a 20 slot Nitrado Server on Ragnarok. Just started 7:31PM 11.16.17 Arks and Recs is the name of the server. All are welcome! No grieving. ORP is active on a 10 minute interval. No passive tame kills. Hope to see you there! Dino Damage Multiplier - .7 Structure Damage Multiplier - 1.5 Player Resis. Multiplier - 1.5 XP Multiplier - 10 Taming Multiplier - 10 Harvesting Multiplier - 6 Player: Health - 2.5 Stamina - 2.5 Oxygen - 2.5 Weight - 5 Melee Damage - 2 Speed - 2 Fortitude - 15 Crafting Speed - 5 Dino: Health - 2 Stamina - 2 Weight - 5 Melee Damage - 1.5 Speed - 2
  2. Hey Survivors! I have a cluster with Ragnarok, Scorched and The Island. We are looking to grow! We are on Nitrado Dedicated PS4 I have the server set so that you can achieve 100% imprint and egg hatch time is 99x and Maturation is 40x. So a Wyvern,Rex takes 2 hours and 22 mins and a Giga is just under 8 hours. (from hatch to Adult) We have 15xs Harvest and 30x Tame. Drops are boosted as well as fishing. I make raidable PvP bases for some awesome loot and Eggs. We have no white flags and ORP is off. Mature Admin and I Don't play in Admin unless I am needed in an emergency. We are not a bunch a a$$holes that grief and raid you as soon as you show up! We want a healthy populated server and a strong community. (I know hard to believe but true) We have all player stats slightly boosted and decent weight... Caz no one likes spending their day encumbered. Dino stats are boosted for stam and weight Flyer speed is boosted by 1x but you can not put points into flyer speed. (for a little pick me up) Our server name is 247Tek Cluster 50X Hatch Boosted Drops Insta PVP We are adults on these servers. We kid, we play, and have fun. Caz... well it's a game .. Come on over and check us out! Hope to see you there!
  3. I have rented a server through Nitrado and want to let any one in. This is a PvP with increase taming and XP. We do encourage Tribes and some Pvp, as that is what makes the game fun, and want any one who wants to join. There are NO admin cheats used so we are completely fair in that aspect. Come join!!! Server name is Gatorade is Better.
  4. Hello i'm running a 24/7 PVP Aberration server through Nitrado. All stats and rules are below. If you have any questions at all feel free to message my main account: TwoStomachKoopa or my brothers account: Vz x Damage To join click Join Ark in the menu then at the bottom where is says session filter select Unofficial PC Sessions then search the server which is Comtpon Smash Bros then select the map as Aberration and change it from pve to pvp and will say [US] Compton Smash Bros 20 Slots for right now will be raising it as soon as more people join Events almost every Sunday with huge rewards! There is an Ark store that sells various items and dinos as well as other services such as dino painting and skins. Currency will be hair so start saving up! You also win hair from events There will be a 1200 hair payday every Sunday 1 per tribe. I will only be giving it out that day, so make sure you're on I also placed 10 chests around the map containing good loot! if you find one let me know and i'll cross it off the list. Please let me know before you open it. No Data Downloads Boosted Stats: XP: x10 Tame Speed: x10 Harvest Amount : x10 Harvest Health: 2.50x Harvest Respawn Period: 0.7x Floating Damage Text: On Crosshair: On Boosted Player Stats: Stamina: 2.4x Food: 3x Water: 3x Weight: 10x Fortitude: 5x Boosted Dino Stats: Weight: 20x Stamina: 2.5x Speed: 2.05x Boosted Breeding Stats: Mating Interval: 1x Egg Hatch Speed: 50x Baby Mature Speed: 35x Baby Food Consumption Speed: 0.5x RULES: 1. No raiding tribe named "The Empire" Since he runs the store. 2. No Trolling/Griefing anyone. 3. No wiping allowed, no reason to destroy all their structures and kill all dinos. 4. No bullying new players 5. No killing dinos on passive If you see anyone breaking any of the rules please record it and message me EVEN IF IT'S AN ADMIN OR MODERATOR. i will not side with them. There is currently one player that has admin control my brother (He will be running the store) and two moderators that let me know what happens through out the day. This is a friendly server and we all want to enjoy the game so PVP is encouraged. If you see anyone breaking a rule please record it and send it to me and i will view it ASAP.
  5. I am already well aware of this issue but wanted to let others know that this is ongoing. Nitrado made Wildcard aware of the issue immediately after launch so I’m hoping it is addressed soon. I would suggest server hosts to be extra vigilant, letting your community know in advance of commands if logging is enabled or potential outages. I use my Xbox club for all announcements but discord is also a great alternative. Once broadcasts have been fixed, Nitrado already implemented a countdown timer to appear before your server closes down for restarts/updates which counts down every 10 seconds (max 5 mins). Edit: I have timed restarts at 12pm everyday, and everyone knows to log out before that time. It’s the server updates that throw me off. Unfortunately, the Nitrado phone app only warns you when the update is about to drop, not leaving enough time for peeps to log out, as that would have been what the currently invisible countdown timer was for.
  6. Deimos Server - Ragnarok Map - Nitrado - PvP 70 players and growing fast! Deimos is a 24/7 Nitrado server. There are no rules in-game, if someone kills your passive then strike back or build up your defenses, all I ask is that you join the Discord, I'm keen to build a community and I feel this is the best way! Requirements: You must join the Discord chat, either use the following link: https://discord.gg/gWan6du or put the following code into the app: gWan6du Settings: We will make all settings public knowledge and they won't change on a whim. 3x Harvest 5x Tame 2.5x XP 8x Breeding Maturation .4 Mating Interval .7 stamina drain .4 Food drain .7 water drain .85 dino character food drain Maximum decompose time No map marker and No cross-hair No downloads at all Gamma settings disabled Respawn animation disabled All other settings standard Admins: We want to play the game just as everyone else does, attack us if you fancy. You will not get banned for attacking admin/mods, think of us as any other normal tribe, we don't spawn items in and we don't get a head start on you, everyone starts equally. Admin logging is on and commands are only used for sorting glitches and dino wipes. Deimos was a dedicated server I ran for close to 4 months earlier this year, only closing due to the dedicated wipes thanks to some bad updates, I think that 40+ players returning shows that it was well run, I'm hoping with the Nitrado back ups and speed that we will have an even better experience this time round! How to join: 1. Join the Discord. 2. Say hello in chat.
  7. Hi guys, I run a nitrado hosted server on PS4. It's a PVE server, with some of the stats boosted, harvesting at x25, taming is instant, XP is set at x25. Mating stats and stuff, such as maturing speeds, egg hatching speed, is all set at x50. The server is called, RagnarokUK25x247. With friendly admin on, there will be starter packs available if you want them, a shop, a fishing area, and a general community area for crafting. If you would like to join please add me on PS4 my PSN is Char_J94KK. Cheers
  8. Hi all, as it states in the title, a slightly boosted PvE Ragnarok Server. I have a 10 Slot Nitrado Server, currently have 2 Fulltime players and 2 Part timers. Just looking to fill the server with people who are dedicated to playing the game. This is also going to be a long term server as well with maybe having Cross-Ark features in the future. There is an Admin on the server but no abuse of commands. Some of the Rates below, Difficulty is set to have max 180 dinos XP - x5 Taming - x4 Harvesting - x3 Dino + Player weight - x2 Dino Stamina Increased - x2 Mating Intervals 0.5 Egg Hatching - x25 If you would like to join my server or have any questions please contact me on Xbox Gt - DarkShadow0108 After a quick message asking me why you would like to join I will give you the Server Name and Password to join. Thanks
  9. ok so iv been trying for like a week now to fix this dam server I got.. and I cant seem to do it. Iv looked up stuff and its just not working.. Im trying to set up a 100X pvp server on the center map, I cant get the stats to go up. light weight and I want to give everyone more engram points. I was able to up the structure limit but I lost the ability to clip into the terrain. can someone please help me?
  10. Forbidden Landz Nitrado Server paid for 1 year on Ragnarok. Boosted stats ; XP , Gather , weight. Balanced stats for everything else. Come join us and see if you can hang. Join in game by searching "Forbidden Landz" or you can add my gamertag "McTuck88" and join off me if im online. Best connection ive seen on a server
  11. Xbox Roleplaying Server What are the first steps? As a Roleplay server, we are dedicated to making your experience with us a good one and creative one. We are currently based on the TV show Vikings and other shows like it! Please understand that we are not like other PVPVE servers this is a ROLEPLAY server if you don't understand what that entails we will teach you! Just ask. This is a Nitrado rented server and is called [US] Laurasia Vikings Roleplay Server The server is PVPVE for now unless there is drama- it is based on Ragnorak- and the theme is based off of the Vikings TV Show and other shows like it. There will be area marked as neutral zones and they should be respected as they are my builds for the whole community to use! There will be events form time to time with special prizes things you typically cant get or are very rare. Owner/Admin GT - ShroudedDravyn The server is 24/7 20 slots a adequate amount to keep lag down - To start. And may become a cluster in the future. 18+ only please Some basic stats- Primitive+ Crossplay enabled - + Aberration Creatures are spawned randomly and Aberration's Engrams and Resources available through admin store TamingSpeedMultiplier=8.0 HarvestAmountMultiplier=10.0 XPMultiplier=5.0 Mature=13.0 Please remember the Laurasia is a Values Roleplay over pointless Raiding https://laurasiavikings.wixsite.com/home
  12. I've posted this on the Nitrado forums, but no luck. I'm hoping someone may have heard something about this functionality. Essentially will we get the ability to Assign Guest Access to Xbox Servers? https://wiki.nitrado.net/en/Guest_Access_Rights Thanks Daman
  13. AHODIN Network would like to invite you to our Ark Survival Evolved Ragnarok server! AHODIN.nitrado.net Boosted Harvesting, taming and loot! We offer starters for those who ask in the form of: LvL 50 Pteradon Metal Pike Metal Pickaxe Metal Hatchet and some bonuses depending on the admin, but beware: each admin has a purpose. Survive the mischief, the dino spawns, the arena and the PvP paradise that is: AHODIN.nitrado.net Available on PC dedicated servers in your server filter on Xbox one, Rules are simple: No Bronto taming to avoid lag issues Viking Bay is PvE for Thatch buildings only, within it you will find our arena for future events. Team of admins are: All are welcomed. KCCO folks! ...and NO I will not make you an admin Please donate to give the server life! https://server.nitrado.net/donations/donate/1301311
  14. Dookie boys are hosting a pvp server located on the island, we are also looking at clustering it to a rag server, if any other owners would like to cluster with us. we are a close nit group and have played for a few years together, we have quite a decent following on xbox, and we would like to get more people to join our servers to have fun, without the official grind. i will list all stats below. we will be running pvp events during weekends or if any of the population wants to run some during the week we can do that also. The server is visible and named Dookie Boys gaming Facebook group is up and running, we will put news and events in this event. the website is still in development we hope to have it up and running soon. XP X10 GATHER X10 TAME X10 BREEDING X10 we have boosted some stats, like weight fort and oxygen on people and dinos to make the experience less tedious This server is not crazy boosted we want people to experience as close to official without having to spend hours to get things done. No ORP, so protect yourself we will take care of any people that are being racist, or sexist we want this to be clean and fun, and grow the Dookie community. we will adjust stats if the population agrees, as long as it is inline with our vision. if you have any questions ask here or on xbox kg Str8xSinxx Hope to see ya soon!!
  15. Hello, all! We have a 32 slot server up for all to join! It's 24/7 PvPon Ragnarok. We chose PvP, because that's half the fun of ark online, but we want to focus on the late game grind. We've always played on servers and when we got to almost late game, bam! Wiped. It's disheartening, and a waste of effort. We're a tribe of 6, so that leaves 26 slots open for you and your friends! Anyone can join, but if you're specifically looking for a laid back PvP server, where you can choose your battles and not have people just smack you, here it is. No admin abuse, or anything like that. We're just playing the game, just like you. We have had the server up while we optimized the settings, so we won't be attacking anyone unless provoked. We are very serious when we say no admin abuse. If you get to the point where you want to challenge us though, feel free. We love us some PvP. No full wiping, no killing passive tames(but no switching to passive if you attack), and just try to be reasonable. No starter packs and we'll do any painting you guys want at certain times during the week. Server name: Ark with the boys Stats: XP x8 Taming speed x10 Harvesting x4 Food and Dehydration is at 0.5 Lay Egg interval 0.75 Mating multiplier 0.20 Egg Hatch Speed x50 Crop growth speed x4 Baby Mature Speed x15 Player Oxygen 2.0 Melee damage 2.0 Speed 1.5 Stamina 2.0 Health 4.0 Weight 4.0 Temperature fortitude 4.0 Food 2.0 Water 2.0 Dino (tamed) Stamina 3.0 Weight 5.0 Speed 4.0 Health 1.5 Melee damage 1.25 If you're having any troubles joining or finding the server, message me on Xbox! My gamertag is Aimsworth !
  16. WELCOME TO SANGUINAR Sanguinar is a brand new and small ARK PvPvE Community Open to EU players, our small team of admins consisting of myself (DaffyMindie), Ben (benevs) and Liam (ixhardingxi) hope to bring to you a community of like-minded and mature individuals! Open now to the public, we currently have 17 slots remaining on the server, though we're hoping to boost it in the future to 30 to allow for the growth of the community, which we plan to do through a donation-based system. The stats on the server are boosted in a way that it will not kill the enjoyment of the server, but will allow you to drop in and get started on your PvPing pleasure. We have the following events planned up: EVENTS!!: Raptor Brawls 'n' Races! Equus Jousting! THE RAGNAROK ARENA! Bounty Hunt Wyvern Racing Once-A-Month Admin Events Tavern Brawls Dodo/Dilo pit fights (All this and more in our Arena District, located at the Circle of Pillars) SERVER RULES: 1. No trolling We want this server to be both fun and respectable for all our community member. That means, no trolling of any kind is permitted on this server. What we personally define as trolling within this game is Club-knocking (i.e. Flying around and clubbing people - if you want people's stuff, just raid them), continuous harassment for no reason (that includes constant raiding - let them rebuild) and Random fly-bys. We want direct and very war-like PvP on this server. 2. No Spamming I mean, yeah this is pretty simple. If you spam the server, you're just gone. I have no time for people who rando-spam stuff in chat. If you have a question, just DM one of us, otherwise, you will be either kicked or permanently banned. 3. No Disrespectful Conduct This protrudes to passive tames and bases. While we understand that some tribes can be sausages, please do not be disrespectful in chat. That also covers wiping bases for revenge and killing passive tames. These are a no go on the server. The only people who can wipe people's bases will be the Admins, who will only wipe bases if they are inactive, or if they were previously for event purposes. HOPE TO SEE YOU SOON, IN SANGUINAR!
  17. Server 1 [EU] The Lost World Welcome to the peaceful Island of the Lost World, Where the lost survivors have a chance to create their own Kingdoms and be part of a modern era, With Banks and Arenas to help you and entertain you . This world brings you peace and even protects you when your OFFLINE . However be warned 24/7 PVP so dont upset people Stats Taming x5 Harvest x3 Egg Lay x0.7 Mating x0.7 Egg Hatching x5 Maturing x5 Server 2 [EU] The Lost World Wastelands The Forgotten Wastelands The Most Dangerous Island Found by Humans with heat waves and sandstorms. Are you strong enough to survive? With no rules and no help on the island this remote destination has great resources and high stats great oppourtunity for explores to cash in on all the available resources and to find the Phoenix. (The portal is always opend to cross over to Lost World) Stats Taming x8 Harvest x7 Egg Lay x0.5 Mating x0.5 Egg Hatching x8 Maturing x8 Loot Boosted Player Weight 20 Crafting speed 10 Oxygen 10 Temperature fortitude 10 Stamina 10 Torpidity 10 Speed 5 Dino (tamed) Weight 20 Stamina 5 Affinity Dino (tamed) Speed 20 Server 3 [EU] The Lost Under World STATUS UNKNOW , UN EXPLORED AREA GOOD LUCK Stats Taming x5 Harvest x3 Egg Lay x0.7 Mating x0.7 Egg Hatching x5 Maturing x5 Cross Travel Enabled www.lost-world.net
  18. Looking for a PVP server thats not overly boosted with friendly admins? We may be the server for you. We're looking to build up pur player numbers on our rented server. Stats are 4x taming 20x hatching 4x maturation 3x gather 3x XP. Player stats stamina and weight go up 100 per point, speed goes up slightly more than official as well. Dino stats only weight and stam are boosted but not by alot. No rules other than don't block artifacts. ORP is off. Events will be hosted as well. Starter pack will include: Prim flak Set of tools (pick,hatchet,pike, sickle) Crossbow + 50 arrows Dodo kibble + narcs Search 'Requiem Ragnarok' and join us.
  19. I’m glad to see so many Nitrado server hosts on here. I started hosting August 2016 on my Xbox and have lost every save due to corruption. Now 15 months on, the adventure begins again. I wish you all the best with many many months of enjoyment.
  20. I used to run a player dedicated server with another Xbox and recently made the switch over to a Nitrado server when they came out. After doing some moderating, I've found that the Message of the Day and certain admin commands are not working. Message of the Day is set and does not appear when logging into the server. Broadcast message of the day in the admin manager does not work. The following commands used to be functional but are not working: teleporttoplayer serverchat showmessageoftheday broadcast There was another command that wasn't working, but I can't remember what it is. Thanks, Kibl
  21. Hi, i have just just set up a new server with some friends and we are looking for players to come and get involved. we are aiming to have a very active server, full of community activities and public spaces such as stadiums, shops, villages, towns etc where people can take on different roles eg government, policing, farming etc we want to have active events in our built stadiums such as boxing matches, Dino fights, sword fights, painting competitions etc We would like to fill and grow this server and let you become kings or farmers or whatever you wish to become. We would like to have weekly town hall/server council meetings where we can discuss how to improve the server or recommend events. Server info: Xbox One Unofficial PC Sessions Name: The Ark Society Current boost: 8X map: Ragnarok PVP please feel free to add me on Xbox my get is iNeckle hope to see you soon!
  22. Hi, so me and my friends just started a Nitrado server, and are looking for players to populate it. Currently on the island but will be starting abberation when it is released, so just having some fun right now. Settings are boosted x4 resources and X2 taming and breeding hoping to get a good group of people that are friendly but up for some PVP. Trolls will not be tolerated and will be dealt with by the admin. Server name is EU The Truman Ark
  23. Just started our own 50 slot Nitrado server on Ragnarok looking for some new people to join us ! Lightly boosted pvp/pve server with light roleplaying we will have kingdoms and events. First event will be this weekend sometime (come join our facebook group for more info) https://www.facebook.com/groups/151437872258687/ we are a 18+ server (have friends younger then 18 or your own kids that play with no ?) No problem at all just vouch for them and they can also play. You will be held responsible if they break any rules though. Rules are explained on the fb group but are pretty similar to all the other servers. Worried about admin abuse? No worries we only have 2 admins myself and a very close friend (Admin Logging is still turned on) looking forward to seeing everyone (bring your tribe of 4 and get rewarded with 1 gather dino of your choosing and metal tools) Gather dino will include (anky,Dodi,beaver,mammoth,trike)
  24. **FRESHLY WIPED - 24/12/2017** 24/7 PvP Nitrado Cluster - 4 maps Center/Rag/Island/Aberration How to find us: 1)https://discord.gg/SrJttQf 2) Change search from Player Dedicated Servers to PC Unofficial Servers 3) Type 'thearklifexbox' into the search bar! 4) Choose your map! We are a fun friendly community of players Players who wish to join should join the discord now and chat to the players use the link below! https://discord.gg/SrJttQf Lvl 330 Wild Dinos Max player level 216 No tribe Limit No store no starters All round Boosted 10x gather 20x taming 30x mature Highly boosted Weight and Fortitude(all other stats close to official) Custom loot drops on all maps Crop Growth Boosted 6x white drops contain stone base + metal tools spino sails in purple drops on rag 24/7 PvP(No ORP) Full stats and rules @ thearklifexbox.co.uk Admin Logging Enabled Add GT of Host: theCorbinator No Admin Players Community gameplay encouraged SEE YOU SOON