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  1. Nitrado Rented Xbox Server 32 slots Live today 6pm when the update drops Server Location UK 18+ PVP Weekends (Fridays 6:00pm - Sundays 12:00pm Prim + Map Ragnarok Admin logging on Admin EN4H (is a PVE builder and will not raid) Looking for a server with adult players who play with honour and respect then look no further than Sword Ark Online, As a rented server the ping is low and stability is much better than a second Xbox, we are not charging to play on the server but we are looking for like minded people to come and join our 32 slot server. As any community based server there will be server wide events, events include Players vs players, jousting, Dino vs dino, server wars, shops and more We have few rules that are as follow Max 4 per tribe Events and shop areas are not to be destroyed When raiding do what you need to do to get in with minimal structure damage no foundation wiping and loot dumping No trolling Server settings 3x XP 4x harvest amount 14x taming 30x Breeding Player and Dino stats slightly boosted For a full breakdown of stats check out photos Join the Facebook group and comment on pinned post Gt, ign and tribe name link below P.S the owners of the server will be switching the map to aberration when it's released https://www.facebook.com/groups/155126755089819/
  2. A.B.S. Gaming BRAND NEW RAGNAROK, ABERRATION & ISLAND SERVER 24/7 These servers will be run from Nitrado (Ragnarok has 32 slots * The Island has 20 slots * Aberration has 32 slots, Increasing the cap that best fits the servers needs), and will be up 24/7. We want to build a strong community where people can coincide together and enjoy PVP raiding without feeling like you lost all of your hard work but instead had fun. We heavily encourage trading amongst other tribes and working together, but we also understand not everyone gets along which is perfectly fine, so we just ask; follow the rules and don't be a sausage. Arks: The Island * Ragnarok * Aberration Platform: Xbox One Host Xbox Live Account: bloodvoodoo Hello and Welcome All Tired of the hassles and heartbreak on official servers? All of your hard earned hours of taming/building/work just to be trolled or grieved? Trust me, I know your pain all too well... but look no further friends! Join the ABS Community today! I've been a server host for Ark for almost 2 years. In the past, the server was hosted on an Xbox One. These 3 brand new servers will be hosted from Nitrado. Server lag and crashes should be a thing of the past now. All of the servers ARE clustered. For those who don’t know a cluster server is, it means that you will be able to transfer dinos, items, and characters freely between maps, but only between our three servers which will be linked to one another. Why and how can I join the server? Joining the server will be pretty simple. Search for "ABS: Ragnarok" or "ABS: The Island" or "ABS: Aberration". Make sure you are searching under the correct session filter. Single player or whole tribes are welcome! Spread the word. A few quick reasons why to join: 24/7 Friendly and helpful community on the server and forum Survivors from all regions of the world are welcome! Boosted stats! EVENTS! Server store and district Friendly server admins! Base max character lvl is 150 (165 with ascension) Wild dino lvl is 225 on Ragnarok, lvl 300 on the Island and Scorched Earth Are there any admins? There will be a few of admins (including myself) playing along with you. I know every single one of them in real life so they're all trusted. The admin tribe is "The Overseers" There will be NO admin abuse. I repeat, absolutely NO admin abuse. When Aberration is released the admins will NOT being using commands or anything. Will be playing like anyone else. The tribe will not be the overseers either. We want to really experience the new expansion. Will there be a starter pack? YES! There is a starter pack but only on Ragnarok. Head over to blue ob where "Newcomers Hall" is built. Our starter packs consist of: Lvl 300 Pelagornis GPS Spyglass Canteen Full Hide Crossbow & Tranqs Hatchet and Pickaxe 5 Large Crop Plot Stone foundations, walls, and ceiling (25 each) *** Rarity for items varies from Journeyman, Mastercraft, and Ascendant. NOTE: Admins do hold the right to refuse giving out a starter pack. If an admin is not on, continue to play and wait till one is on. Donations? If you do love playing on the server and want to help out we do accept donations. Currently, Xbox Store cards work perfectly fine. I am able to use my Microsoft account funds to prolong the server runtime and increase player caps. You can also donate by "Server Boosting". To server boost, you have to make an account on Nitrado and use their app through the Xbox or your computer. Then you have to look up one of the ABS servers with the code provided below. The Island: gik5y2dg Ragnarok: xjcxgsmb Aberration: b2u4renv I will also be giving out donation packages to show my appreciation for helping out. I will add of the list of the packages later on. Server Rules: **All rules are subject to change and can be adjusted depending on what the majority of the people want. There will be a few rules to establish a healthy running server. Remember that this is a PVP server, meaning.. you can be killed anywhere (like the real world) so prepare yourself. Do NOT raid new players. We want people to build and get established. Hit tribes your size. DO NOT NAME YOUR PLAYER HUMAN, BOB, or JOE! If you named your player this before knowing the rule, I am able to change it with a command. Although it is easier to make a new character early on. NO blocking resources (building on metal spawns, etc. Building on metal spawns with only a few rocks around is okay, just don't build on big metal spawns) NO building at obelisks (only community structures) NO building around beaver spawn/dams CLEAR OUT BEAVER DAMS. NO PVP at or around community structures. Admin/Owner enforced. NO building in or directly outside of caves containing artifacts. Other players have to be able to reach artifacts. Clean up after yourself. If you move bases or just have random structures out and about, please destroy them. NO PROMOTING/RECRUITING PLAYERS TO JOIN ANOTHER SERVER. Other Key Notes: Trolling and Griefing are very frowned upon, but not against the rules. Admins are fair game. They are playing the game just like you are. With this being said, do not complain once they attack back. Eye for an eye. The server store currency will be spark powder, metal ingots, and cementing paste. Events will be hosted quite frequently once admins are settled in. There are no build collisions. No longer will that skimpy little half a boulder stand in your way from completing your prideful fortress! Build without having to worry about placement! Remember, your reputation will precede you. Treat others how you want to be treated. If you go around raiding everybody, don't be surprised if you see an angry mob at your front gates. The server setup is NEVER final, most settings will always be up for discussion if a change in any area is needed. I may be the admin but this is your home too. VIDEO CAPTURE IS YOUR FRIEND! If you seek justice, we will require evidence! There will be a community district that will be available to everyone who plays on the server. There will a server store where players will be able to buy or sell their items and dinosaurs. A Coliseum where people will be able to show their true skill in battles to the death. There is going to be a wild variety of community buildings on all of the servers that will benefit everyone. I cannot stress this enough, NO PVP AT COMMUNITY STRUCTURES. These areas are for people to use and feel safe. Players shouldn't have to worry about getting ganked while at the store. Do NOT completely empty the community vaults. Take what you need and leave behind what you don't want. NEWCOMERS HALL Newcomers is located on the Ragnarok server at blue ob. It is where new players are able to claim their starter pack. It is also where the community vaults and Blood Bowl are located. The community vaults are for anybody to use. They are filled with goodies here and there. The Blood Bowl is used for 1v1, 2v2, small FFAs and dodo fights. There are also a bunch of signs and billboards in this area giving players more info. Events: There is going to be a wide variety of events happening on this server. Here are just some ideas we have in store for you guys. If you have any other suggestions, leave a comment! Dodo Fights - Tame a dodo and make it fight to the death against your opponent. Does your dumb bird have what it takes? Raptor Boxing - Breed your champion. Horse Racing - Use your Equus tame in a race from point A to point B. Get to that finish line to claim your reward. Gladiator & Beast Battles - Speaks for itself, the most violent sport known to mankind, since the Romans, now the Survivors! Take your shield, choose your weapon, walk out onto the battlefield that's stained red, 1v1 battles, tribe style team battles, and a main Battle Royale type event! Claim your glory here! Hardcore Ninja Warrior - A parkour like obstacle course. Very dangerous, much death. Scavenger Hunts - Hints will be handed out. First to find it wins the prize! Could be a vault filled will goodies or a rare colored dinosaur. Jousting - 1v1 Who will reign supreme? Spike Maze - Metal Spikes will form a small maze and the first survivor to get through wins! More to come ^^ With Halloween already behind us, expect the server to have some sort of Christmas events and themes. Server Notes: The new Aberration server will have item and dino downloads disabled for the first few weeks. The reason behind this is because we want an equal playing field for everyone. We don't want players to be able to set up massive bases right away. You will be able to upload new items and dinos you tame on Aberration and bring them over to the Island or Ragnarok if you please. Server Settings: **All server settings are subject to change and can be adjusted depending on what the majority of the people want. If a setting is not listed below, assume that it is at its default setting. If you want to make sure about a certain setting, leave a comment! Difficulty: 2.0x & 2.7x MAX WILD DINO LVL 225 ON RAGNAROK AND LVL 300 ON THE ISLAND & SCORCHED. MAX BASE PLAYER LVL 150 ) XP Multiplier: 3.0x Taming Speed Multiplier: 5.0x Harvest Amount Multiplier: 4.0x Player Water Drain: 0.7x Player Food Drain: 0.7x Player Stamina Drain: 0.7x Dino Stamina Drain: 0.7x Player Health Recovery Multiplier: 1.25x Dino Health Recovery Multiplier: 1.25x Regrow Radius: 0.5x (meaning trees and rocks will respawn 50% closer to your structures) Platform Max Structure Multiplier: 3.0x Custom Recipe Effectiveness Multiplier: 5.0x Custom Recipe Skill Multiplier: 5.0x Lay Egg Interval Multiplier: 0.25x Mating Interval Multiplier: 0.05x Egg Hatch Speed Multiplier: 25.0x Babby Mature Speed Multiplier: 25.0x Baby Cuddle Interval Multiplier: 0.04x Baby Imprinting Stat Scale Multiplier: 2.0x Baby Food Consumption Speed Multiplier: 1.0x Supply Crate Loot Quality Multiplier: 4.0x Fishing Loot Quality Multiplier: 4.0x Crop Growth Speed Multiplier: 5.0x Crop Decay Speed Multiplier: 2.0x (crops will decay twice as slow) Fuel Consumption Interval Multiplier: 5.0x PVP Zone Structure Damage Multiplier: 1.0x (this was 6.0x by default) Day Cycle Speed Scale: 0.20x (the overall whole day of server is longer) Turrest Damage: 1.5x Override Structure Platform Prevention: Enabled (meaning you are able to place spikes and turrets on your platform saddles) Cave Flyer: Enabled 3rd Person Option: Enabled Crosshairs: Enabled Player on Map: Enabled (meaning that when you look at you map it will show you your location) Force All Structure Locking: Enabled [Makes it possible to lock/pin lock all item containers (so fridge, smithy, etc.)] Passive Defenses Damage Riderless Dinos: Enabled (allow spike walls to damage wild/riderless Dinos) Floating Text: Enabled Allow Anyone Baby Imprint Cuddle: Enabled Non Permanent Diseases: Enabled (once you die they go away) C4s on Dinos: Enabled (you are able to put multiple C4s on any dinosaur) Only Decay Unsnapped Core Structures: Enabled (only unsnapped core structures will decay. Useful for eliminating lone pillar/foundation span on PVP servers) Fast Decay Unsnapped Core Structures: Enabled (Decompose not link structures with 5- fold speed) Destroy Unconnected Water Pipes: Enabled (After two days real-time the pipes will auto-destroy if unconnected to any non-pipe (directly or indirectly) and no allied player is nearby) Allow Platform Saddle Multi Floors: Enabled (allows more than one floor per saddle platform) Unlimited Respecs: Enabled *WARNING* I have this enabled but for some reason its not working. If you have problems talk with an admin. Corpse Locator: Enabled (upon death, a beam of light shoot into the sky to help the player locate where they died) Disable Structure Placement Collision: Enabled ( allows placement of structures that clip into terrain) Friendly Fire: Enabled (don't shot your pals) Max Structures In Range: 50,000!!! Note: With Nitrado server I am also able to control the spawn rates of certain dinosaurs. If you have any suggestions on any dinosaurs that there should be less of, leave a comment below! Currently, these dinosaurs are being affected: Lystros: Spawn rate 50% slower and 50% less Moschops: Spawn rate 50% slower and 50% less Player and Dinosaur Stat Settings: **All stats are subject to change and can be adjusted depending on what the majority of the people want. Player Stats: Health: 5.0 Stamina: 5.0 Oxygen: 50.0 Food: 50.0 Water: 50.0 Weight: 100.0 Melee Damage: 2.5 Speed: 3.0 Fortitude: 10.0 Crafting Speed: 3.0 *example: If you were to put 1 point into health, you would gain 50 health. 5 * 10 (which is the default increase) Wild Dinos: All wild dinosaur stats are set at default Dino (tamed): Weight: 25.0 Stamina: 5.0 Health: 1.1 Melee Damage: 1.1 Add Dino (tamed): Weight: 25.0 Stamina: 5.0 Speed: 5.0 (this is the setting that will increase flyers base speed) Health: 1.05 Affinity Dino (tamed): Weight: 25.0 Stamina: 5.0 *Have any other rule & rate suggestions? An event idea? or just a statement about the server in general? Feel free to post a comment down below or message bloodvoodoo or deadlywhentaken on XBL. Taking all suggestions (within reason) into consideration. Thank you for taking the time to read our forum! Spread the word!
  3. Me and my wife have a Nitrado server on PS4. The server is running The Isle map and is PVE. We are both over the age of 35 and we are looking for mature players with mics. You can join our tribe or start your own. The server will be up for at least 6 months. Currently we are running it with zero modifications to the base game settings. Send Sgt_Fusty a message on PSN if you are interested.
  4. Hey so like the title says im having issues switching my renterd server map. Im using the server company nitrado and i cant seem to get my map to switch from the island to Ragnorok. Ive gone into settings already and changed them and nothing seems to work. Anyone have any ideas?
  5. - 24/7 Nitrado Hosted Ark Server Search "The Hive" on the public server listing - Primitive+ PVP on Ragnarok - Offline Raid Protection - Grace Period for raided tribes ("white flag") - Up to level 255 Dinos - Command Logging Enabled - Optional Roleplay - Currency System + Starter Pack - Weekly Events - Real Life raffles, competitions and prizes ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- - 10x Gather, Taming and Xp - 16x Hatching and Maturing (+100% imprints are possible) - Boosted stats Players get the following per level; Health = 20, Stamina = 20, Oxygen = 200, Food = 30, Water = 30, Weight = 50, Melee = 10, Movement = 6, Fortitude = 8. Dinos have increased weight and minor tweaks to balance. - Boosted Settings 30x Crop Growth, decay resistance etc - It’s a Democracy, the community votes on any changes - No clip (you can build into terrain etc) - Cave flying allowed - Double loot - Double fishing - Double crafting - 1x Cave Damage ---------------------------------------------------------------------- - No trolling - No raiding with Griffins, Wyverns or Rock Elementals (you may defend your base with them, just not attack bases with them) - When raiding please get in and get out without causing unnecessary damage. No base wiping. - We do not operate a no passive killing rule as such but would rather you tranqed out passive tames to look for loot, we're a community, not a safe space for trolls so dont be a sausage. Excessive unnecessary passive killing will result in a no passive killing rule being enforced. - No Raiding or combat whilst events are on unless stated, this also includes travelling to and from the events. - Patreons using a PvP Shield must announce it prior to structure damage being turned on. - No Artifact cave blocking/building - No whining, whinging, moaning or begging - Firm but very fair admins - If any issues occur which are out of your hands, such as dinos randomly dying or being stuck in a glitch please record a video so an admin can replace anything you have lost. Anyone found abusing this generosity will be kicked. The same goes for any grievances with players constantly trolling or insured starter pack dinos dying, evidence is needed to take action or replace. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Join our group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/thehiveserver Follow The Hive on other social media: https://www.facebook.com/thehivehq https://www.facebook.com/groups/geek.buy.sell.trade/ https://www.twitter.com/thehivehq https://www.instagram.com/thehivehq . Join our Discord: https://discord.gg/nNgmxer Server Donations Link: https://www.patreon.com/thehivehq (rewards for Patreon donators) -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  6. UKARKSERVER: PVE Community Servers, 2 x 50 slot Nitrado hosted http://www.ukarkserver.com Friendly server cluster on Ragnarok and Aberration, with midly boosted rates. Always looking for new survivors to join in and help build on our community. We hold regular events ranging from organised dino fights and jousting to an ever increasing maze and obstacle courses. We have a true community which supports each other. Max level wild dinos level 180 and all Tek engrams auto unlock at level 85. We're paid up with Nitrado until September 2018 and don't plan to stop there, we've had a server online 24/7 since Feb 2016 and now with our Nitrado server cluster it's even better. Check out our website for details on how to join us. http://www.ukarkserver.com Watch our server trailer https://youtu.be/46gGj30yekM
  7. A small group of friends and i are starting a dedicated server using the new nitrado servers. We have preordered a 32 slot server and will be testing it for a few weeks after the servers become available. It will be a RP server on Ragnarok. There are 25 open slots and would like to invite people to join. Pve with pve and pvp events. We're trying to start a community and will use Discord app to relay any server info. I can post more server info if needed just ask. There are no specific setting numbers right now since the servers aren't open till 11/6. But we have a general idea what it will be. In response to the reply The characters weight will be boosted along with dino. Not a ridiculous amount but enough to where you won't have to put but 2 or 3 weight points into most mounts. (6 points in weight will get you to at least 400 or 500 weight.) Stamina will be boosted as well and Dino stamina drain will be noticeably slower. This server will in all aspects be balanced and not Over Powered. Other settings to mention : Gathering amount will be increased. Player damage will be 20% more than normal. The difficulty will start at 0.2 but there will be events were that will go up for a weekend (along with a wild dino whipe of course) the reason to keep the difficulty low is because this is a RP server. Also keeps the bosses at a Do'able level for small tribes. Tame speed boost not sure how much yet. Was thinking around 8x and increases when the difficulty is increased. Egg hatching and maturation speed increased. (Argi egg will hatch in 10 mins) (wyverns mature in 8 or 10 hours) all with baby food consumption lower significantly. ( this keeps people more involved in the RP and less worry about keeping the baby alive.) That should be the most note worthy settings.
  8. BoostedARK143 Refer to Bottom for Instructions to Join Welcome to BoostedArk143! This server will be run from Nitrado (Starting with 32 slots, Increasing to 50 soon), and will be up 24/7. We welcome all players who want to build up and play PvP without having to play for hours. That being said, there are some rules in place to help ensure PvP remains PvP Discord Link: discord.gg/TXuqScM Donation Link: fcayp6ku Rules: 1. Passive killing is not allowed on this server. We respect the time it takes to tame and don't appreciate losing hours of work from a few grenades. Exceptions: Dino's being ridden and/or being used to attack whistled to passive in combat are still fair game. Also, dinosaurs that are killed as a result of exploding through structures are not subject to this rule. Passive Dinos can still be tranquilized for saddles and loot. 2. No foundation or pillar spamming or glitch spot building. Any player found to be doing this will be immediately banned and their resources shared amongst the server. 3. Building inside any of the caves with artifacts in them is not allowed. 4. No foundation/crafting structures wiping. This includes smithies, forges and other crafting structures. Any structure that is pin coded/locked is allowed to be demolished. 5. Players can be caged for 30 minutes, or if raiding they can be caged until the raid finishes. 6. No griefing or trolling. Examples are repeatedly picking people up for no reason, or wiping everyone you find. This being said, picking people is still a game mechanic and please do not complain to the admins if you get picked, as there are already so many ways to make people drop you. Although this rule is vague, you can always ask an admin to step in if you see another player doing something along these lines. Video Evidence is your best friend! Please take a quick clip while breaking into bases to clear up any doubts These rules (except number two) are based on a three strike policy: Strike One: Warning with Compensation for affected tribe Strike Two: Base location revealed on Discord (Bounty on your base) with Compensation for affected tribe Strike Three: Ban and the server players get to share all the resources Player Stats: Health: 2x (20 per point) Stamina: 5x (50 per point) Oxygen: 10x (100 per point) Speed: 1.5x (3 per point) Melee: 2x (10 per point) Fortitude: 10x (20 per point) Torpidity: 2x (4 per point) Server Stats: Max Difficulty: Enabled Xp Boost: 10x Taming: 6x Resource Harvesting Rate: 3x Dino Harvesting Rate: 6x Egg Hatch: 20x Mature Speed: 40x Mating Interval: .8x Water Drain: Disabled Build Anywhere: Enabled ORP: On Monday-Friday (see explanation) Dino Stats have been slightly modified to increase flyer speed, stamina and make weight infinite. If you need to know more stats, message an admin Explanations: Taming is low enough to keep emphasis on kibbles and better meats, but boosted enough so you won't be waiting for hours. Wyvern's are pesky to raise and feed, and with these stats the babies will grow on their own without needing food. That being said, they will still take a bit to grow up. The harvesting rate is in place to help you get big faster, and help you recover from raids without having to grind for days. Dino stats will be slightly modified to compensate for slow flyer speed and stamina (weight will be infinite). Offline Raid Protection will be enabled Monday morning through Friday morning for the first week. This is in place because the server is starting on Monday, and we want to give people time to build up over the first week. After this, it is up to the community to decide whether they want to keep ORP or not. No clip building has been enabled to get rid of pesky building problems. All stats are open to suggestion Events will be run on weekends on our server, with loot for available for the winners (Events hosted at Green Ob) Spike Maze: Metal Spikes will form a small maze and the fastest survivor to get through wins! Death Pit: High level Gigas will be placed into a pen with all the participants. The one who survives longest wins! (PvPvE Encouraged) Vault Drop: A vault full of goodies will be placed at a specified location, and the people who blow it up get the loot inside Purlovia Scavenger Hunt: Purlovia's will be hidden in an area all containing loot, with one containing extra rare loot More Events will be added over time, if you have an idea for one feel free to comment in the discord! Admins: There will be 3 active admins on this server including me. We aren't here to harass you and will never spawn anything in except for events. Everything the admins have were collected and crafted. We will always be online on the weekends, but you won't see us on much during the weekdays. The admin base can be raided, but don't expect us to not raid back Admin Logging is enabled to ensure the admins don't use commands without you knowing Donations: Nitrado Servers do not come free of course and a recurring monthly bill is a lot to foot for someone in school . If you are in a position to donate to boost the server, we would greatly appreciate your support. The donation link is fcayp6ku and you can donate through the Xbox Nitrado app or the Windows 10 Nitrado app. People who donate on the server get access to re-painted dinos and rare skins (Nothing to give any pvp advantage of course). Feel free to send me a message if you're having trouble! There are also cyber monday deals on server boosting till tomorrow. Dino Shop: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1suNpAExnuIUKkWbj3hPZ-BwsEH163CjZrfB5RnbrKMo/edit?usp=sharing Prices are also available to view on Discord. 30% off everything for solo tribes, and weekly sales up to 30% off also occur. This week has a 30% discount on Sabertooths. Miscellaneous Info/FAQ: Banned Engrams: Bronto Saddle, Titanosaur Saddle Leedsichthys has been effectively disabled and structure limit has been increased to make raft bases a thing again. Plans for a community center and beach house are in place. Schedule: The server will be up 24/7, and will restart to dino wipe at 3 am (CT). Any other restarts will be announced on the discord. The Broodmother and Megapithecus can be spawned in as long as you collect all the artificats and materials. To join the server, just search "Boosted" into the "Unofficial PC Servers" section in the game menu and find our server name or message an admin for help! PLEASE READ ALL THE RULES FIRST BEFORE JOINING! If you have any more questions, feel free to message me or leave a comment in the discord: Discord Link: discord.gg/TXuqScM (Not required to join but highly recommended, Server base bounties, events and restart info will be posted here) Admin GT's: Sirpiranha, Th3Tru3born, SedativeCat **Update** Some people have had trouble with getting in the server getting stuck on the joining server screen. What worked for me was while it was stuck, I went to the settings menu, then to network settings and went offline for a couple seconds, and then went back online. When I returned to the game the joining screen went away and when I pressed join again, it let me join. **Update 2** We now are averaging 10-15 people on per night on this server. Egg hatching speed, mature speed and mating interval have been decreased closer to official levels to make breeding a little more realistic based on community opinion. Wyvern's will still mature without milk. Movement speed has been decreased a little bit and Dino and Item download have been disabled. **Update 3** Movement speed has been slightly decreased, and torpidity resistance has been decreased for balancing. Dino Shop prices are going to be increased to emphasize taming and breeding. Harvesting has been slightly decreased and flyer speed has been slightly increased. Events are starting next weekend. Starter Packs have ended. **Update 4** Due to popular opinion, the harvesting amount and taming speed has been slightly lowered to bring server a bit closer to official stats. Dino harvesting has been brought up to compensate. Mature rate has also been decreased to make breeding more realistic, but imprinting timer has also been decreased to allow some imprinting. Dino and Item download has been disabled because of problems with people bringing tek onto the server. The glitch on joining the game has been fixed. **Update 5** People having tek on the server is no longer a problem and people are safe to build whatever they want now. ORP was left on during the weekend to prevent any more wipes by the tek tribe. There are still many spots open to build in and we are still actively recruiting. **Update 6** ORP is being turned off for this weekend. The server will be kept to 32 slots for this next cycle, but there are different groups of people getting on during different time zones during the day so there are still plenty of bases. We hosting a great event tomorrow with lots of good loot so join the discord if you're interested. **Update 7** ORP is back on and the server usually has 10-15 on in the morning and 15-20 on in the evening. We are growing fast but there are plenty of great base spots available. Currently Sabertooths are on sale for 30% off. Come give us a try! **Update 8** Averaging 20-25 on every weekend night now, lots of raiding and pvp bee going on. 6x cave damage has been turned off as that applied to some of the non-artifact caves that are fun to build in. Building in artifact caves is still banned. Slots are filling up and we are still recruiting!
  9. **TheArkParade** New Ragnarok PVP Server **New as of 02/04/18** Welcome to TheArkParade. A fresh PVP server with the goal of being your new Ark home. The aim of this server is to allow a community to grow, Fight, Ally and explore together. Creating a friendly, Mature PVP environment which I’ve struggled to come across in recent times. **Dino Store** TheArkParade has a fully functioning Dino store that allows you to purchase any dinos of your choice through earnt Credits, or by the way of donations. Also available is a **Starter Pack** For more information, in pricing and how to obtain credits, please join the server Discord https://discord.gg/KYtqATm **Rules** - This Server will run on as few rules as possible. But a few are still needed for the sake of server health. - If raiding, Please try to not bring down and kill everything. There are no rules against passive tames, but be respectful and spare a thought for the time people put in. - Do not grief, or continuously attack the same tribe, try to let the server grow. - Any Racist or abusive language toward another in-game or in discord will warrant an immediate ban without warning. - Don’t block artifacts - If raided, let me know in discord and I’ll put you on a small grace period **Basic Settings** - X6 Gather - X4 XP - X6 Taming - Unlimited Respecs - X10 Egg Hatch Speed - Custom Drops - Player & Dino stats slightly tweaked to a more enjoyable level. Weight being the main one with 50 Points per level. All settings can be found in the discord https://discord.gg/KYtqATm Custom Drops will be added along with the Easter event. Drops will give slightly better loot. **The First event will be live tonight as soon as the server is live, all info in discord** As the server grows, maps will be added to the cluster based off community votes. I hope you enjoy your stay at TheArkParade! https://discord.gg/KYtqATm cross play enabled
  10. TheStonedZombie

    Ark Roleplay server

    ArkSurvivalists is on it's way to going live! Feel free if you are new to sign up, and we will take you through the application process. If you are a returning member, welcome back! We hope to see everyone back on the server once our launch date is definite. Until then, stay strong survivors. I'll see you on the island! http://www.arksurvivalists.com/ clicking the forums and then server applications to find how to apply Also join the discord https://discord.gg/ByjBFbJ
  11. Server Name: x10/NoOfflineRaid/Real Fun & Friendly Cluster Hosted on Nitrado - 24/7 - Long Term Players Make sure when searching to select "Unofficial PC Sessions" and search NoOfflineRaid in the search bar. Server Rules: No blocking obelisks or artifacts Come check out the server and start to build up! Servers go live today 4/19/18!
  12. Is there a way to enable to Helloween event on dedicated Ark servers hosted on Nitrado? I have a few players asking for this, but don't if it's possible. Any feedback appreciated!
  13. Hello survivors, we are looking for people to join our pvp cluster hosted by nitrado, we have all 4 maps, all pvp. slightly boosted rates 3x exp 3x gather 6x tames 20x breeding ORP Is enabled. no in-game admin and admin logs are enabled. server names are SavageDodos-crossark-respectivemap, you can join our community Savage Dodos ARK Cluster or message me directly for more info at TurbulentZeus_ (that's an underscore at the end). Join us and have fun! cheers
  14. New Pc hosted PvP server Light boost on Ragnarok Xpgaming \/ PVP \/ Rag Light boost (really light) on taming,spoil timers and xp, and harvest. I still want to keep the challange in the game but lightin up the grind almost default settings Some rules and info For now it's 20 slots, if there is enough people joining slot will be upped when needed. Offline protection is on, 15 min after last tribe member loggs off. Caves have 6x's structure/decay damage be aware *Some rules* Give everyone a chance to surrender, players choice to do so or fight Leave new survivors alone give them a chance to build up Try to keep raiding levels equal, example if you have a metal base don't raid wood or thatch bases. Destroy only what is needed for raid don't wipe survivor's off the map NO killing tames on passive More rules will follow when needed I'm not a young kid and I prefer to keep the server 18+ Also join Mre4u2 community on ps4 for updated news and info Happy hunting
  15. LOOKING TO REBUILD THE COMMUNITY! MAZE OF THE GODS IS COMPLETED AND OPEN FOR COMPETITORS! Welcome survivors!, this is ARK OF THE GODS PvP server! Hosted by NITRADO Server Admin Xbox GT: Epic isOver9000 XP Multiplier set at x2.5 Taming/Mature/Hatch rates greatly increased, will be looking at a x5/x7/x5.5 respectively. Cuddle will be at .2 Player weight x4 per level Dino weight x6 per level Player food and water drain at .85 Harvest Amount x3.5 increased Dino Harvest damage x3.2 Most Player & Dino stats increase slightly more per point invested Wild Dinos reset at least once every day, unless requested otherwise (for taming purposes) Slightly longer days, shorter nights. MAX DIFFICULTY, lvl 150 DINOS! Platform item limit increased x6 Infinite mindwipes! Building into the environment is allowed! No longer will that skimpy little half a boulder stand in your way from completing your prideful fortress! Build without having to worry about placement! Admin strives to remain fair towards all players in the server. LOOKING FOR PvPers!! Those who have joined BEFORE THE HOLIDAYS and have been a PvE only tribe since will be GRANDFATHERED into the new PvP server setup and can remain PvE. --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- I am looking for all types of players, particularly other small tribes that would like a brand new home to start up on again(Need PvPers). Solo players are welcome as well! The admin will be VERY active on the server trying to provide a fun, exciting PvP experience with Server Events available Ark of the Gods is a Nitrado run server This will be a no need to pay server! the admin will be paying for this out of his own pocket. PLEASE DO NOT REPLY TO THIS POST, MSG ME ON XBOX. Server has a voting system The server setup is NEVER final, most settings will always be up for discussion if a change in any area is needed. Remember, the final decision will always rest with the admin! You MUST join the servers xbox club! Send my GT a message and I will have you invited ASAP. The club itself is hidden, so if you don't message me, I won't know you need an invite. This is where you will obtain information on Server Event times, Server outages, Rule changes etc... Bring your friends, bring your tribe, start a new Ark story within a reliable server with a fair and active admin. ----------SERVER EVENTS---------- SERVER EVENTS ARE HELD AT THE GREEN OBELISK, A GREAT COLOSSEUM HAS BEEN CONSTRUCTED TO HOUSE SUCH GLORY AND TURMOIL! Events will be held every Sunday, times may vary. Surprise Events do happen during the week usually when 15+ players are on and the admin gets bored. Coming up with more each day. This is real, gentlemen. Each Saturday/Sunday I will hold 2 separate events, the first is the normal weekly event Raptor Boxing, the second and Main event will be chosen from the list below. THE MAZE OF THE GODS(Servers Main Event) - The Maze of the Gods will be a challenge unlike no other, do you dare test your skill? your wit? your... sanity? WEEKLY Raptor Boxing - Breed your champions, EVERY week, the default event will be Raptor Boxing, each tribe/solo player is allowed ONE Raptor champion they may work on from that week only, breeding is allowed, all Raptors must stay within reasonable standards. Equus Horse Racing - Use your Equus tame in a race from point A to point B. Since the track will mostly and favorably be the map of Ragnarok itself, danger could be at any turn, admin has no control over what happens to you, just get to that finish line to claim your reward. Dodo Fights - Each player tames up to 3 Dodos for a 3 round Battle Royale match, each round garners the winner a reward with the final round be the most valuable. Gladiator Battles - Speaks for itself, the most violent sport known to mankind, since the Romans, now the Survivors! take your shield, chose your weapon, walk out onto the sands stained red with blood and thin wine, 1v1 bouts, tribe style team battles, and a main Battle Royale type event! Claim your glory here! Mantis Dojo Death Skirmish - Show up and chose your mantis warrior provided by your favorite admin, Fight atop your mantis in 1v1 style Tournaments, a Battle Royale to determine the challenger to the 1v1 Champ... and finally, out of the 2 will come 1... 1 to officially challenge the Admin and his Mighty Mantis Epic's Ninja Warrior - A parkour like obstacle course, can you get through the Pillars of Impending Doom? Navigate your way through the Hall of Sleepy Silence? Speed is key in this Ark version of Ninja Warrior! Scavenger Hunts - From a box of some valuable materials, to a rare painted Dino of the community's chosing, the admin will place one of these somewhere on the map. Hints will be handed out. First to find it wins the prize! Capture the Admin - You read it here folks, the admin will place himself somewhere specific on the map, much like the beginning of Scavenger Hunt you must follow clues to find me, if I am found, you must capture me, once you have me handcuffed and in your custody, you must transport me to a designated spot on the map called the Prison. this journey will not be easy, as other players will want my hide. The items and Dinos allowed during this event will be specified. Reward will be great. Pirates! - 1 Pirate Ship per team, Each raft is built according to standards (an example will be provided), then slap on a dozen or so cannons on either side and go to battle! structure damage slightly decreased for longer battles! Large amounts of ELEMENT is handed out as a reward for these events, you can use this at the Element Store to buy all sorts of things from high tier gear to rare dinos and wyvern eggs. Rewards for the Server Main Event, Maze of the Gods, are hard items such as a suit of Tek armor, a Unicorn, a Phoenix, a superior level dragon egg etc... the choice is yours if you can make it through! Reach level 75? GREAT JOB! You will receive either a healthy Quetzal, a Griffin, or a high level Raptor for the boxing events! Your choice! HOW TO GET INTO THE SERVER: ARK of the GODS in the name filter Show Password Protected must be unchecked Search under Unofficial PC Sessions category SERVER RULES ARE AS FOLLOWS:rules subject to change No building near artifacts No blocking off of any important or rare resources No killing of Flyers and Resource Dinos on Passive. Wyverns excluded from the list. This is a PvP server, so raiding is allowed. Constant day to day raiding or trolling/griefing will not be tolerated by the admin. 1 Bronto/Diplo per tribe No Tribe wiping! No complete destruction of a tribe or players base, Destroy what is necessary to take what you need then leave, let's not make players quit here. Taming pens are arbitrarily destroyed by admin! Do not leave them lying around for too long No placing of random foundations/pillars etc... Only 1 Oil pump per tribe All final decisions come from the admin Remember, your reputation will precede you, treat others how you want to be treated. If you go around raiding everybody, don't be surprised if you see an angry mob at your front gates. Trolls of any kind will be handled by the admin. VIDEO CAPTURE IS YOUR FRIEND! If you seek justice, I will require evidence! Your admin is almost always hard at work trying to provide a fun experience for everybody when on the server. WE HAVE A FRIENDLY COMMUNITY THAT PARTICIPATES IN WEEKLY SERVER EVENTS EVERY SUNDAY, TUESDAY, AND THURSDAY! RANGING FROM THE PLETHORA OF EVENTS ABOVE TO SOME SURPRISE CHALLENGES FROM THE MIND OF THE ADMIN! Community Building is at Viking Bay 1 by the corner shoreline, PvP will NOT be allowed in or around its perimeter. Come And Create Your Journey Here! Play to have fun; I support fair players who just want to have a good time, make friends, and show off some stellar creations! Don't worry, PvP will also be a big part of the server creating friendships AND rivalries. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- BE SURE TO JOIN THE ARK OF THE GODS XBOX SERVER CLUB! If you are interested in joining this server, please add the GT shown at the top of the page Send a MESSAGE via xBox for your Ark of the Gods club invitation. Once you're in, you will officially be signed up for this brand new server set and ready to write its story. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS, SUGGESTIONS, OR CONCERNS, FEEL FREE TO MSG ME ON XBOX. FINAL NOTE: When the Aberration map launches, I will NOT be switching maps, I will however be smuggling certain new items over to this map for event rewards such as the glider suit and the ice climber picks! Anything I bring in from the new map will be Server Event rewards.
  16. Looking for more players to populate the server. The community is friendly (for PvP) and looking to grow the overall server. There are still a lot of spots available and strictly no griefing of new tribes/players. PvE is also available to those who wish not to PvP. This server is up 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with next to no downtime. The server owners have run a server for this community for over 8 months. We do everything in our power to keep it running and make sure your data is safe. The server is hosted by Nitrado and even though it is not hosted in Australia we have a lot of Australian players who have zero connection issues. If you are Australian looking for people to play in your time zone there are tribes recruiting. Stats are below. Offline raiding is enabled as we provided a safe period to make sure that your base is secure. There are admins but they don't have commands active until required for the server. Admin logging is also enabled. Map: Ragnarok Server up-time: 24/7 Harvesting/XP: x3 Taming/Breeding: x5 Max Difficulty: Creature level 150 Cave Flying: On Longer days to nights Better stamina, oxygen, and food for survivors If you are interested you visit https://www.facebook.com/groups/arkocausnz/ for more info and to sign up! You can find me on Twitter if you wish to have a chat also @electricangelau
  17. No Tame PvP Xbox One 3x Official Settings The Island Offline Raid Protection 2 member Tribe limit Easy Tek Armour 16+ Events Monthly IRL raffles and prizes (We have other servers if this doesn't interest you) Join our group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/thehiveserver Join our Discord: https://discord.gg/nNgmxer
  18. Welcome everyone to a fresh ragnarok PVE server with boosted stats players and difficulty We will be running community centers , tribe vs. Tribe events , caves raids, boss battles, fishing events, laser tag **Every player will receive a starter pack consisting of 1 mantis, 1 griffin, 1 anklo, and metal tools** *** looking for long term players who want to build, breed, and partake in community events with our all the turmoil of pvp servers need adults who dont get bored after 7 days then jump ship this server is for players who have full time jobs,school,kids and a life outside of ark *** STATS - Player and Tame stats are highly boosted as well as player levels but to counter act this and still make it challenging i have also boosted difficulty RULES no trolling no stealing no harrasing enjoy yourself no activities that lag the server communication is mandatory no one under 18/ kids if theres a problem try to resolve before getting admin involved have fun join xbox club of the same name do not abuse community areas clean up after yourself do not tame and abandon = tame it, dont like it, kill it if you lose your animals continously i will have to step in and you wont like it no server spamming add admin to friends list Message me for a slot / slots are limited to only 29 for now and currently I have 25 open Xbox gt - djquestt01 Xbox club - questt4survival Server name - questt4survival Admins gt - sinning lobster, winterturtle371, Mantegna, h0llatchab0y
  19. If this seems like a server you would like to play on please join the Facebook Group https://www.facebook.com/groups/292267071259396/ where you will also find a Discord group you need to join. Upon joining the Facebook page you will need to comment on the pinned post your IGN, GT and Tribe this is to assure we have only quality members and no trolls.
  20. Hi folks, As the title says I will be providing a server, it is located in Germany and I would be honored if you guys would help populate this ragnarok map. We are a 4 people regular crowd and always friendly and ready to help and trade. Everybody is welcome but please don't spam too many pillars and if someone indicates that he is only a pve gamer, let him live. That's all folks, thank you for reading and if you are interested in joining our server send a message to XBOX GT: Donkeywong May the broodmother bless you
  21. Hey guys, I am trying to populate our two 32 slots official stats Nitrado Cluster Server! This is a quality server, with absolutely zero admin spawning. Have you ever wanted to play official but been intimidated by all the duping and huge mega tribes? If so this is the server for you! Our two maps are Ragnarok and the Island. The population is quite low right now, but I assure you that it will not stay that way! We are working very hard to populate it and would love to have you on board! Before we go any further, let me explain one of the key features of our server. Monday-Friday structure resistance is increased making it hard to raid. Turret damage is at 1.5 and it takes 10c4 to blow up stone, 80 for metal walls. There is no rule against raiding, and no rules in general, so this setting is meant to help protect players who can’t play 24/7 because of work/ other obligations. Saturday and Sunday however (starting at midnight Fridays EST), turret damage and structure resistance are at x1. In addition to normal turret damage and structure resistance, during the weekends dino Maturation is increased to x9 (about 12 hrs for a wyvern), gather is increased to x4, and taming is increased to x5. This is all to promote weekend raiding and weekend play in general. Server details: -Tribe Limit 6 -Dino/ player health/melee are both x1 (no boost) -Gather is x2 -Taming is x3 (kibble helps, but dinos are still tamable without) -Maturation 4.5 -Egg hatch is x10 (30 minutes for wyvern egg) -Crop Growth is x2 (should be about 12hrs/ crop) -XP is 1.5X (Island explorer notes make it easy to get to levels 60+, youtube it) 😉 -Spoil time is 1.5 -30 minutes to get back to your backpack on death (x2) -Days are 1.5x longer, nights are x1 -Dino weight and stamina are increased (still tweaking to find a nice medium) -No Collide is on (build into structures) -No Damage Numbers -Yes Player Map Location Player stats: -30 weight/point -25 stamina/pt -50 oxygen/pt -25 food/pt (default drain) -25 water/ pt (75% drain) -8 fortitude/pt (Rag is cold) 😵 Some Nitrado Unique Settings: -Player spawn animation removed (no more waking up on the beach being mauled by raptors). -lockable structures (campfire, smithy, forges, turrets, mostly everything is automatically locked to players outside of your tribe when placed!) -Cluster, transfer between our two servers just like you would transfer things on official. -Flyer regain stamina while flying (I assume this is just for Quetz, but am not entirely sure yet). Our two server names are Survive All Ark 1 (Ragnarok), and Survive All Ark 2 (The Island). ________________________ Here is how to join, Load Ark Survival, and from the home menu: 1. Join Ark 2. Bottom left for “session filter” select Unofficial PC Sessions 3. Above Session Filter toggle the “Show Password Protected” box. If the password is enabled it will be “imaysurvive” 4. Top Middle under “Name Filter” search “Survive All” From there our two servers should appear (toggle password protect if not). Please join us on Facebook Our Xbox Club is Survive All Server My IGN is Omezin if you ever need help. We hope to see you on the Survive All Server!
  22. Welcome to Slice Of Life! This server is a new 20 slot server on the ragnarok map. It is PVP! One admin, which is me. I do not participate in PVP at all. You attack my base or tames, you’re gone. Daily Dino wipes. Stats are basically 10x to begin with, but I am definitely open to suggestions. Taming will be quick, so will breeding, intervals, hatching and maturing. There will be a starter pack which includes your choice of a 150 ptera, 150 argy or 150 griffin. Also included are metal tools, bow and 100 tranq arrows. RULES: No blocking off artifact areas. Don’t be a sausage. There will be community events where you can win prizes and a community area! Undecided if ORP will be on or off. To be able to join once the Nitrado servers are up, please join the Facebook group! https://m.facebook.com/groups/135637207085535
  23. bgreg

    Nitrado servers

    So this week the dedicated xbox server I play on will be switching from box hosted to Nitrado. The question I have is, what are the benefits of this? I've searched around but can't find anything other than they can be controlled from a mobile. Do they reduce lag? (The one I'm.on is terrible atm) do server outages/crashes happen? Nothing worse than being out and about and the host xbox crashing to the home screen. Any info is appreciated. Cheers.
  24. Looking to see if there is a way to set up my ps4 nitrado server to where our Ragnarok map has a Halloween theme to it. Anyone got an answer?