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Found 15 results

  1. RivylScratch

    Alliance Discovery

    We recently found an alliance called (CCK) but we can't find any information on them
  2. I have the Offline Raid Protection turned off. I also have the ?PreventTribeAlliances=False line under game user settings and still cannot ally with anyone. PLEASE help? Is it even possible to ally at all?
  3. SpecimenDelta

    Tribe alliances

    (Xbox) Ever since Ark went full release, it it not possible to form tribe alliances. I have reported this to Wildcard many times, but of course i hear nothing back. Is there any explanation as to why this isn't working or when it may be fixed???
  4. HouseGoldster

    alliance DBU Alliance

    Looking for Tribes to start an alliance on a server (Center)(PVP) looking for hard working people. Looking to eventually do boss fights with allies may then take over an Island server then maybe a Scorched Earth. To join alliance Message my GT - Luck Aftermath (Gamer Tag) Tribe names must be [House Example] (DBU)
  5. Hi, So I know there is a separate key on PC for Alliance chat, as tribe chat can't be read by alliance tribes. What is the Alliance chat button on Xbox? Global chat is LB + Windows button Tribe chat is LB + Menu button Alliance chat ???
  6. I had my only flying mounts stuck on skull island and in order for someone to give me a lift I had to create a tribe, and get an alliance with them: done. the problem is that once we got to my flying mounts I needed to end the alliance with the person. And since the only reason I created a tribe was for the alliance anyways I left that to......ya now everything is locked to "tribe of royalthemaster".....THATS ME!!!! this is all taking place on server: na-pve-official-thecenter86
  7. Cataclisto

    Alliance structure build mode

    In ark the alliances are limited to what we can do together, its more of a town then a community when different tribes are building side by side. Everyone has their own stuff and everyone needs pin codes to access others equipment that we allow each other to use. You could almost say that this is a pvp raid setup. (big group in one area, but everyone sticks to their own and has their own stuff) The following suggestion will be for multiple tribes to build together and actually make a real community building. First we would have a build mode option in our inventories, activating the alliance option will allow us to attach structures or create our own "blank" alliance structures. (structures only) These structures would be blank with the original tribes name on it if we started building it, others would be unable to place anything on them until a player places a door and doorway then holds E on door, and picks the alliance these structures would be for. Doing this will allow the player to be in multiple alliances but still be able to choose which alliance the building will be for. Now we have a designated alliance building and a completed structure after multiple tribes worked together and created a masterpiece. Whats next? Furnishings: A feature of these alliance structures is any player within the alliance will be allowed to place anything on the alliance structures (beds, chests, inventories) these would still be tribe owned. (mostly pve related) While in alliance mode we can hold E on any inventory it and designate it for the alliance we want it to be for. This includes stuff in our own bases too. This way we can have our chests, bookshelves, vaults, crafting and industrial structures usable by people we trust without it being locked for them. This could possibly be used to unlock object for more then one alliance too. Permissions: (Optional) Some tribes have people that others will never trust, the alliance leader would get options to customize what tribes can do what in alliance buildings similar to how tribes work, could have custom alliance ranks too like a military setup. (commanders can place stuff, generals can break object, admirals can demolish structures, stuff like that as a default idea) Further ideas: Whitelist mode, holding E on a door and enabling whitelist would allow any player you have added to your whitelist the ability to build on your tribes structures, community related to bring even more people together, Alliance leaders or people with appropriate rank would get this option too. (a whitelist idea could be something similar to the steam overlay, where we click view players button and get a list of people who are online, we click name then add that person to tribe/alliance whitelist)
  8. RULucky

    Alliances and the ORP

    For what i understand, the alliance and the ORP can not be on at the same time due to the fact that some people would take advantage of it in its current settings. Would it be possible to break down the permissions allies have and when ORP is enabled, some of the permissions are removed? For example: building near allied, use allied structures. I think just the simple ability to see the names in a diferent color and the towers not shoting them would be a plus, since some times i dont want to share my base or ressources, i just want to be able to do activities together and this would allow the players to configure the alliance mechanic as they see fair for the server.
  9. fenixtorador

    Tribe Alliances not working

    Heya guys, Was just wondering if there was a known issue with Tribe Alliances? I'm running my own server and my settings should allow Tribe Alliances, but for some reason they're not working. 'Prevent Tribe Alliances' is set for disables and 'Max Tribe Alliances' is set for 5, but for some reason no one on my server is able to create an Alliance name since the change in the interface. Is anyone else having this issue? How can I fix it?
  10. Nasbit

    Baryonyx issues

    Hi, we just were in a cave-raid with a alliance-member. There were 2 of my tribe, both on Sabers. And a alliance-member with a Baryonyx. The Baryonyx was able to stun alliance-member and -dinos. Server is set to PvE and FriendlyFire is disabled! That means: Baryonyx ignores alliances, ignores pve and ignores disabled friendly-fire! On the other Hand: Piranhas are not able to be stunned by the Baryonyx attack. We were in the Upper South Cave. Underwater. Stunned by a friendly Baryonyx. And eaten by unstunnable piranhas. Well. Fix please.
  11. I only speak about OFFICIAL SERVERS ! Hey devs...again, please do the following: Seperate the serveral Tribe chats if someone got "more than one Alliance". So at moment every alliance can see what I write in the Tribe-Chat. For example: I got alliance with A and B. So if I write something in the Tribe-Chat A "AND" B can see that. This suxx cause if I want that only Alliance A should see that I cant prevent it that B sees it and alliance B see that I am in an alliance with someone else. Change that please and make seperate "color" for (Example Alliance A = Green, Alliance B = Blue or whatever...) /Own Tribe /Tribe xxxA /Tribe xxxB and so on.... Thank you very much !
  12. PrimitivePlusServices

    Primitive Plus Services Launch!

    Primitive Plus Services is a network that has been connecting numerous tribes of all sizes from every ps4 primitive server. Our function is to connect players that are requiring a service or offering one. There are many different services we can arrange and many job opportunities for those looking for a different ark experience. P+Services has been the main focus of our Hive tribe since it began, and it has proven succesful, so we'vedecided to go public and reach out to the forums to further primitive plus and prevent it from becoming a dead mod. Although we do intend on staying anonymous for the time being. Why do we bother you might ask? Because someone needs to be the good guy. Some of our network's P+SERVICES that people have requested or provided are -Mercenaries for hire -Organising safe dino/item trades -Grinders for hire -Breeding programs -Assistance in finding a reliable alliance in your server - Species X tower installations And Wall/Behemoth Gate builders -Character leveling double XP ride alongs -Egg/Juvenile raising -River Sickness outbreak cures and rival tribe infection -Taming assistance -custom recipe/recipe item orders (High crafing skill) PrimitivePlusServices are also happy to send one of our many in game agents to provide services if we cannot find you a provider, although our agents do NOT harm other tribes or players while acting as an agent to avoid a conflict of interest. Only a service provider can engage in pvp like services. RULES. 1. Once agreed upon, a deal cannot be changed. 2. Keep anonymous for security reasons until you are given your customers/providers playstation username. 3. All participants must have a microphone, and must communicate through playstation messages or party only. 4. Only tell your customer/provider your base location if the service requires them to be at your base. (Extra security measure) 5. Do not talk about the network in global chat or forums. (This is an old rule, but we are still enforcing it as we want people to understand how the network works before they contact us) 6. If you break a rule there are no warnings, you are banned from the network and we will cease all communications. So how does it work? Email [email protected] Include in the email your ps username and what service you would like to offer/provide, and any crucial details. (Leaving tour tribe name is optional) We will resond shortly with further instructions (finding a provider/customer for your particular service may take up to a few days depending on the service) Thats it, its that simple! We expect to be hearing from alot of you soon and look forward to making primitive a more productive mod. And remember guys, your tribes can benefit more working with us than trying to cheat one of our members, so do yourself a favour and contact us. Your mate, The candle
  13. While the Offline Raiding Protection for PVE is nice there does seem to be issues with it, which I think maybe have been caused by the hasty implementation of a PVP feature to a PVE environment which is handled differently. ORP Removes pin codes from containers on the server which causes a great deal of issues on a PVE server where we collaborate quite a bit and being able to access other containers is very important. We have various public or alliance spaces which now do not work anymore because unless the owner is online no one can access them as not even an unlocked container is accessible when protection has engaged. It has really destroyed a lot of the ability to collaborate with ones alliance members. One thing I know many from our official server have been wanting for both convenience and especially now with the implementation of ORP is that option to allow Alliance Access to a door or container. A feature that I envision would work by having an option on the Radial menu when interacting with an object to access the "Alliance Sharing" option. When in that new sub-menu you would find the various alliances you are in and be able to enable access for specific alliances to that door or container, So that those trusted with access can maintain and use it. A Small Text Example. Alliance Sharing > Alliance A On, Alliance B Off, Alliance C Off, Alliance D On. If we were able to have Alliance Sharing it would allow having access to containers or doors by allies while still keeping ones base and belongings safe as ORP intends. Since the sharing option would be per object and voluntary the individual would only be risking what they thought was worth risking and if you are giving alliance access to something then I would expect you to know who you are dealing with already.
  14. They all. I have had a search with regards to Official PvE war but cannot find any 100% answered threads. Would people who have been to war, or devs help out? How long does the war last? Allianced tribes go to war? Assumind all dinos and structures can be full damages and killed? Cheers for any information. P.S I play PS4 Official PvE.
  15. Hey guys, So not sure how difficult this would be to implement but i play on official server and we have a variety of nationality's in game. For the most part it seems to work ok, but going between google translate and the game for some things can be a massive pain, which lead me to a few ideas: 1. Could it be possible to implement a way of automatically translating text chat into the players language, ie from German to English for example. Obviously it would be as good as the translation service you'd use, but thought it could be cool. Perhaps have an option to turn it on or off and maybe a small icon to say its an auto translation, and an option to view the original / translated version. That way you could type in your native language and other players have a way to read it, even if the translation is not perfect. 2. When languages that use different characters are typed, like Russian for example, the chat is filled with a bunch of 0000000 so even if wed like to try and translate it we cant. So perhaps a way of adding foreign characters into the chat so we can at least see them and not be 0000 etc. Id rather see the Russian characters than a load of 0000. 3. A way of turning off chat from specific languages etc so that if it is a load of 0000, we can have the option to avoid the chat from filling up. Could be a good addition, as its something that pretty frustrating for me at the moment, and probably others im sure. Feel free to chip in your own ideas on this, to see if we could get something done. Thanks