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  1. hello @Kaprosuchus, idk how to add it to the Suggestion category. Anyway i think is more a bug than a suggestion. Because yes the command do what the DOC says, but have undesired side effects that they should fix
  2. DisableStructurePlacementCollision and the Exploits problem Hello all, this is a chunk of the official documentation bDisableStructurePlacementCollision=<value> Value = boolean (true/false) Default = false If 'true' allows for structures to clip into the terrain. But the real behavior is that then you can place, overlap, glitch every item in the category of Structure between NOT ONLY the terrain, but themselves. And this create infinite exploits on a server, Shouldn't this allow the clip option just with the terrain ? and only for the structural items ( foundations, walls, pillars, ceilings, ...etc) I just read this awesome post about collision feedback by @Mitfrey ( idk why its archived...) while i was looking for a solution to this. I think this should be taking in a higher priorit. Most of players just one a fancy base in a mountain corner, with a cool side of the base being the mountain wall and the base fitting perfecly in the Terrain mesh. the ability to create the base structure ( foundations, walls, pillars, ceilings, ...etc) with collisions with the terrain, but leaving the other item strucures (smithy, storage, fabricator, generator... etc. ) as it is now ( or maybe improve some Hitbox). But at least to update the command to do just what it says it does.
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