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  1. I don't kill otters either, but I occasionally punch mine in the head when she's being particularly dumb. Like swimming around salmon's corpse instead of harvesting it, or charging TWO beavers head-on.
  2. Agreed. I don't think I can do Rouffignac. Not because I think it's too hard or anything but it's because I can't bear the thought of killing Mammoths.
  3. 3-5 years from now. When the lowest smartphone you'll find are those with 4 GB of RAM, and the OS has advanced and Vulkan support is the norm. And that's wistful thinking.
  4. Alright serious question. I'm actually curious. Why does everyone keep saying to bring Direwolf to that cave? Why not for example, Sabertooth or Baryonyx?
  5. 1.) What if the baby's a female? Or even a twin? 2.) By cutting down the time needed to raise a baby, it also cuts down the amount of micro-ing needed. Meaning, you can relax for 5 hours waiting for the next mating cycle with another more adult dino or two in your stable, already raring to go, while someone who doesn't pay for it is still tending a baby or two, while having less reinforcement. See how can it be abused easily?
  6. Thing is, that would make the game a 'P2W'. Maybe they can make it as Single Player only item.
  7. PC's un-dedicated server-ing. But your friend's character's gotta stick with you all the time. Tethering problem.
  8. This is exactly what I do. I have veggie farms on my platform as well as cooking pot and water tanks. And then I have a sap tap impaled to a tree adjascent to mine, then I built some sort of scaffolding with two levels hanging down from the side of the platform to access the tap. I have two snail at that level to, caged in a 2x1 compartement. And finally I have fabricator up there. Easy access to fabricate anything that needs CP and polymer I easily got from the snails. Metal? My tree is next to red peak, and I have Ankylo on the platform too, so when I have to do metal runs,
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