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  1. Was just meshed ps4 (help?) (insight?) So I was mesh raided today, I have already submitted a few reports. Im just typing in the forum to inform current players that PS4 console meshing is still being done and there is no “defence” in place for this. Hundreds of hours of word by me and my tribe gone. I love ark so god damn much. But I am Depressed and sad over this. If anyone has a good way to combat this so It doesn’t happen again let me know. Tips and tricks to avoid being meshed please provide and help.
  2. Ps4 Meshing still being done so, after putting in a few hundred hours in @survivetheark I was meshed and wiped from The inside out.. and it’s like, now what? I love ark, everything about it. But I can’t survive the mesh @survivethemesh should be the new name.
  3. Why don’t we try a server like primitive +? I think it would be great. Primitive style and build and functions. I think primitive + would be great.
  4. There is an issue with the PS4 Primitive plus servers, I can not access them. It’s displaying a “no sessions found” message instead of displaying the servers. It’s been a few days now, with no update or fix.. well, Anyways, I hope everything goes back to normal.. maybe a 3x or 4x is in order to make up for lost time please fix this wc !! Thank you!!
  5. Prim+ Has Been down for some days now. I hope everything returns to how it was prior to this issue. Any idea when I might expect to get access back on prim+ ps4
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