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  1. Battlemetrics.com, just search up the server and it should give you a page with alot of helpful details as well as a direct connect button
  2. Anyone know how long transferring dinos to Valguero will be disabled? Tribes trying to figure out if they should try to build up before mega's are able to bring their poop and steamroll the servers. So should we expect a few weeks to a month or?
  3. Sorry my dude but there is an enormous stigma when it comes to the Chinese on this game. Due to giant Chinese megatribes wiping entire servers while people sleep. And people also say they're the absolute worst offenders when it comes to ddosing, duping, any kind of exploiting, etc. Though I'm not sure if that last part has any truth to it or if it's just people being salty.
  4. Played official pvp on xbox for God knows how long and quit due to...well...a number of reasons. Think I should give it another go on pc? The playerbase any less toxic? Official servers still horrible? Any input would be great!
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