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  1. YanYan420

    Rockwell help

    8 domination rexes, 30k hp and 1200% melee damage. 2k damage/hit when mate boosted. We got wiped by those orbs. We can't off the back of the indoms
  2. YanYan420

    Rockwell help

    Rockwell help I tried alpha rockwell today on a private server with my tribemembers and horribly failed. Does anyone have some tips to defeat him? Our max wild level is 180, we have increased breeding( x100 hatching and maturation), access to the dominus rex from ark additions, s+ and fix it dino mod. Should someone stay behind to shoot the orbs he fires? Many thanks in advance
  3. YanYan420

    Osd help

    Osd help So i have been looking for tips for yellow, red and purple osd, but i only find threads before the velonasaur nerf. Does anyone have any tips what kind of creatures i should bring. I'm in a 3 man tribe on a private server, our max level wild dinos are 180. I won several yellow drops but with an exploit with the personal teleporter from s+
  4. So i have a private server with s+ installed on extinction and whenever i go offline or out of render distance of my base, my creatures stop breeding. I go to bed and when wake up and log back on there is 2 eggs in my hatchery. My breeding rates are high and my creatures mate every 15 min. This never happened before. Does anyone know how to fix this? So that i can get my eggs while doing other things.
  5. Hi This question has probably already been posted. But how do people get boss rexes so high level on official servers? Is it mutations or just taming so many rexs and combining their highest stats?
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