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  1. Hello, I have been unable to play Primitive+ mode of the game on any remote servers. I can connect to other ARK: game servers, and I can connect to Local/Host Game in Primitive Plus mode. But I can't connect to a remote server game running Primitive + I have recently set up a dedicated server running P+ and they have been trying to assist. I made it a private server and my latency to that server is always less than 50ms. I play on PC via steam and moved all my game files to a SSD drive for faster loading. i have cleared the cache files, unsubcribed to any mods, and reinstalled the game and DLC several times. I am pulling 300MBs download speed on my broadband ISP (Comcast) and the PC is connected directly to the router via Ethernet. I have tried direct connecting via steam browser and in game mode to the server . I know there are several files that unzip each time you run P+ but this is a supported DLC and many people are successful at running P+ on a server. Please advise if there is anything I can do to allow the files to completely load before client timing out. Possibly a timeout setting that can be lengthened? I have spoke several times to the server host and that was their suggestion. Hence why I am reaching out to the community to see if we can adjust the time out period or anything else to allow the clients time to connect to this server. before losing the host. Thanks for any help, Zoaric