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  1. Every time I get that message. My game crashes. Every single time. Tonight I got that message as I was flying my PLat Quetzal way high over the redwoods. Game crashed, upon restart I am falling. Somehow manage not to die from the fall but now I am a world away from my base on foot, my quetzal is 2 miles high still flying and I can’t use the request feature for creatures that have plat saddles. You see the problem? This really needs to get corrected, please
  2. Jantiz

    Rubber banding

    I have been playing on my IPad Pro for probably 6 months now. I have never experienced too much of an issue with game crashing or freezing or otherwise ruining the gaming experience. Crashing once in a while, sure. Needing to restart because I ran somewhere and could no longer move because I was clearly running into someone’s wall I could not see, sure. But fun to play otherwise. I currently play on the Redwoods server. For the last week or so however, the server has begun to rubber band ALL the time. I have stopped going into the lava cave as it is impossible to run through it with the current status of the server. I’ve already lost a good Dire Wolf to the server deciding I did not make the lava jump a whole 5 seconds after on my screen I clearly did. As I just logged in to play tonight, I can not even move or open doors in my base because the rubber banding is SO damn severe right now. At this moment, Redwoods server is simply unplayable. As you continue to close down low density servers you force players to crowd more and mor into the running servers. If there wasn’t a plan to handle the extra data traffic caused by this, it was a critical failure. There has to be a little more priority placed on the performance (or sad lack there of) of our mobile servers. I sincerely hope you can do something to correct this issue.
  3. I got this message while playing yesterday. Destroying a couple of small things did nto make a difference either. However, I logged in a while later and it was gone. I think it was a glitch, not a hard structure limit in my case. Did yours reset?
  4. I’m posting this since I did not see it being referred to recently and it is still obviously an issue. I have a PLat saddle on one of my Quetz. As long as I don’t build anything on it, everything is fine. The second I try to build anything on it, you can forget about descending with your flying Quetz. Taking off and flying around is mostly ok. But as soon as you pan down to begging your descent, it starts freezing momentarily every foot or so of your descent. Can take 3 or 4 minutes of real time to get back down to the ground.
  5. Since the last update, I have tried to tame 3 female Tapas in mid air, using my Queta PLat to fire tranqs from. As soon as I fire the last arrow that would have tranqued it, it de spawns in mid air. Hope you can fix this soon.