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  1. I hate to be the one to state the obvious, but I will. You play on a PVP server. Negating other player’s access to the best blueprints is not Toxic; its a solid tactic. Trying to kill you and destroy everything you’ve worked hard to build and tame is just regular Wednesday at a PVP server. Which is why I hate playing PVP with every ounce of my soul. When you’re done with PVP and are ready for some non-toxic PVE play come find me at Clan Wolf.
  2. If you have one of the few birds that will allow you to stand on the saddle, like a Quetz with platform or a Griffin, the simply standing up from your saddle will stop you mid air. If its a regular bird, standing up mid air will also stop the bird immediately, but will also send you flying off.
  3. Jantiz


    Double tap but hold down the second tap
  4. I made that mistake a few dungeons ago, thinking I could go toe to toe with a sword on an Arthro and I swear that thing one shoted me. Lesson learned. Bow it is
  5. I use an ascendent compound bow with 1100 damage. That’s on the high side for a Hard server. I probably have 15 bows over 1K damage from the Yeti cave so 1K damage is not at all rare for Hard. The actual damage done depends greatly on the creature you’re fighting and where you strike it. As a general rule, head shots with a bow will cause very high critical damage. But on creatures like the Arthroplueras, a head shot can do 7 or 8K damage. On my server (hard) I can single shot the Boas easily with headshots. If you haven’t found a compound bow yet with reasonable damage, I suggest spending a
  6. Seriously, just stand them side by side, encumber them with something you have plenty of like stone and set them to wonder. You dont even need to build a pen because they wont move.
  7. I”m on my second server with Nitrado now. My first one had the same issues you are experiencing. I saw no interest in their help desk to try and solve the problem. I eventually got tired and let the server dissolve. I have since returned to play the game and have another server, Wolf Clan. This one has been working marvelously. But I agree that Nitrado makes very little effort to go out of their way to press a few keys to actually “help” their costumers. Its the same with every business that has a monopoly on the service they provide. There is no motivation to help when there is no competition
  8. As always, Thank you!
  9. If you made the mistake of starting your character on an official server, dont feel bad. Most of us did the same when we were ignorant. They are full of idiots that are bored and find entertainment in messing with other players on the server. You would be surprised how many ways they can mess with you if they’re REALLY bored and hardly ever anything gets done about it. I recommend you move to an unofficial server with an active Admin that would correct something like that immediately. Feel free to give mine a try, Wolf Clan
  10. Breeding pens for smaller animals is difficult. If you have a pesky animal that is too big for a 1 foundation pen, but too small for a 2X2 pen, just y encumber it with stones before allowing to wonder. They wont move by virtue of being encumbered but will still breed.
  11. To imprint you have to start with making a baby. You can not imprint adults. You have from the time the baby is born until it reaches 100% maturity to get it imprinted. Of course the aim should be to reach 100% imprint which will give you 30% less damage taken and 30% more damage dished out during combat. Imprinting also raises several of the stats of the animal, namely speed, HPs, and a few others. If the tame is important to you, then you must have an imprinted version. To imprint, do what the baby asks you to do while its waiting to mature. Usually varies from “cuddling”, going for
  12. Jantiz

    Dodo Boss Bugged

    Again last night. You kill the Dodo boss and the little dodos never spawn. @Devs, could you AT LEAST stop featuring the Dodo boss until you decide this bug is important enough to merit your attention?
  13. WOW, now that you mention it, YES. I only noticed it being a problem after doing that boss in the dungeon. So it is yet another bug that goes unfixed. I am a hardcore Ark fan. I truly, I mean TRULLY enjoy this game. I think the concept is a masterpiece. But I get the feeling with all the bugs floating around getting no dev attention that its on its last leg. I’d hate to see it go cause after all this time, I still enjoy it.
  14. Xaos , as always a masterpiece. Thank you for the weekly maps. I’m addicted to your videos
  15. Si encuentras las mazmorras difíciles, estas tratando de navegarlas sin el equipo apropiado o no sabes correrlas. Cada trampa tiene su ritmo. Una ves lo reconoces, es muy fácil pasarla. La trampa de hacha y espina es también muy fácil de pasar si te cambias a tercera persona y caminas pegado a la pared y observas el ritmo a que el hacha y la espina que le sigue bajan juntas. Mi server Clan Wolf es Hard y aun así encuentro las mazmorras relativamente fáciles. No creo que los devs deben cambiar nada en referido a la dificultad.
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