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  1. I play single player. So the mechanics are going to be a bit different for me. However I’m just a hair shy of 3.0 for my male and highest female. The babies now take forever to raise. When I started I could easily stay in my coop and raise a bunch of dodos. Now once I have my eggs hatched I have to go find a bunch of stuff to do. I’m curious to know how big these dodos can get.
  2. I wonder if you may have gone in the cave during the day. They sleep during the day. You may have missed them. They are always there.
  3. Volcano (chitin) cave is probably your best bet. I think the souther cave has them too.
  4. Bush84

    Breeding Dodos

    Ok cool. Ya I do already use potent dust to dye my tames. Only the ugly ones though. Some are already neat the way they were naturally but some of those green spinos and quetz are extremely ugly.
  5. Bush84

    Breeding Dodos

    At this point I’m doing all I can to breed for size. I had a color mutation but decided it would take me to long to get all of my dodos that color and dropped it. I’m currently in the high 2s. I believe my largest is 2.62. Time warp...I’ve never heard of this function. How do I use it and where do I find it? I don’t use god console if that’s how to use it. I do sleep at night whenever possible to advance time.
  6. Maybe it’s a single vs multi thing. I’ve circled the island multiple times and have never seen one. I’ve killed alpha mosa. Tueso seems a bit difficult as well. Only seen a few low levels. Haven’t spent a ton of time there however.
  7. Bush84

    Breeding Dodos

    This is one aspect that single player definitely makes more difficult. The cool down and raising times becomes a big chore when everything stops when I exit the game. So right now I’m waiting on three baby dodos to grow up and can’t do anything until I find out how big they are. So I have to sit down play the game until they are done. Same thing for breeding cool down times. I can’t just log off and come back to dodos ready to be mated. I have to sit and wait. Anyways...I’m getting closer to 3.0. My breeding male is 2.22. My female herd is catching up. It seems that this goes in jumps. I’ve been stalled out between 1.8 to 2.2 for a while. I feel like I’m trending towards the 2.0 and 2.2 and all of a sudden I’ll start getting females close to 3.0.
  8. Bush84

    Breeding Dodos

    My male and female ratios seem to swing. I either get almost all males or females. I’m currently transitioning to a female favorable ratio. Also wow does it take so much longer once they get above 2.0. Is there another jump once they get above 3.0?
  9. I have never seen one.
  10. Bush84

    Breeding Dodos

    Has anybody else had issues getting male dodos? Initially I was pretty pumped to get a bunch of females as all I really needed was one male, but then I kept getting females. When I finally got a male it was smaller than my old one. At this point my breeding male is my smallest dodo but a decent margin.
  11. Bush84

    Breeding Dodos

    Just keep breeding the biggest ones and kill the small ones. They will eventually get bigger. Edit-FYI after about 4th egg hatching I’ve made it to 1.21.
  12. The keeping baby by mother is what’s required to feed the baby. I watched the same video. I also had her right there for when the egg hatched. So I don’t think that was it. I would be extremely disappointed if you needed to buy the crown just to breed griffins. Has anybody been able to breed griffins without one?
  13. Saluting was a rumor initially when they were released. Saluting doesn’t do anything with griffins. Respect has everything to do with level the way I understand it. The higher level the griffin the higher level you have to be to get its respect. It’s name is more about getting two to breed. The last syllable in their name has to match or they won’t breed. I have two low level mir griffins that I bred. The baby was like level 40 and didn’t respect me. It’s gone now. It ran away and disappeared. I more so want to know what’s going on. The videos I’ve watched and the things I’ve read have had no mention of earning a baby griffins respect. The babies came out and they were always claimed without any issue. I’m not max level but I’m by no means a low level player. I should have the respect of a level 40 griffin baby.
  14. Before somebody mentions it I should say that the griffin didn’t hatch above the level I can tame. Even at 91 some of the high level griffins are apparently off limit. I tamed a high level 100s and the baby was like 40.
  15. So I’m level 91. Hatched my first griffin tonight and it doesn’t respect me. DILO...what level do you have to be to raise a griffin?
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