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  1. I love my otter. It’s always on my shoulders. However I think it only works when it’s on your shoulders. As soon as you toss it off you get hot/cold. Even if it’s right next to you. Didn’t know the bear had that ability.
  2. I have used dimetrodons for giga hatching as well. Now I just load up ac and fires. I thought I read that penguins also allow for an insulation bonus. Is that true? If it is then that’d be easier to get assuming you have an argy.
  3. I also revived mine on sp but did so at my own platform. Not sure if this is a single vs multiplayer thing or an obelisk thing
  4. So I’ve used fish plenty of times. I can tell you that all meat eating animals will eat fish but not all meat eating animals will eat regular meat. It fulfills less hunger and in my unscientific observations it feels like it spoils faster. I keep otters and a baryonyx around so I have to keep some fish in the trough. If I happen to be at my raft for a bit I can haul home a ton of fish meat. I typically drop a ton of it when in the ocean.
  5. I play single player hard. My cave wolf stats (keep in mind I haven’t spent any points on it so these are tamed stats) level 881 health 13474 stamina 3770 oxygen 2115 food 18139 weight 561 damage 999.7 speed 130 torpor 24048 Due to tame slots I don’t have the wold I bred her to. I clearly still have my mated wolf. Keep in mind the imprint makes a big difference and I have spent a lot of points into it. Level 736 health 30768 stamina 1898 oxygen 2115 food 11566 weight 443 damage 2780 speed 149.7 torpor 22652 Its equipped with a metal chain collar giving it 50 armor. Keep in mind wild wolves in the cave are much higher than regular wild wolves on the island. I grabbed a few implants earlier in the game without being slaughtered, resurrected in a trap, and bred her to a level 300 male. I am mostly after the imprint and didn’t really spend time breed as again I’m in single player. The result is better than any saber you could breed. Again my first cave tames were sabers. I love sabers. They just can’t match this wolf.
  6. You would be the first person I’ve read about that breeds them period.
  7. I honestly don’t play with sound. I play single so I don’t really need it.
  8. Then as stated above always go with what lasts the longest.
  9. If the game didn’t allow for ice cave wolves to be resurrected then I’d prefer sabers. I used to exclusively use sabers prior to my knowledge of cave wolves. The fact of the matter is that if you can resurrect a wolf from the ice cave and mate it with a wild lvl 300 wolf there will be nothing better to cave with. The resulting wolf will be much higher level than anything on the island. If you put a collar that adds some armor then all the better. You can mate a saber all you want but the starting point for the wolves is simply so much higher. You will always be able to out breed a saber with a cave wolf. If you want to run with a saber then by all means do it, but the wolf will simply always do it better as long as you can pull from the ice cave.
  10. Ok ya. I thought he was talking about something different with the feeding trough.
  11. Wait...where’s the heal button? Is this one of those paid for features?
  12. I suspect this is some sort of exploit. I saw a while back some having similar issues. I believe you can report them with a screen shot if you have one.
  13. We are talking about caves. Theriz don’t fit in caves.
  14. If you are able to resurrect a high level wolf from the ice cave do it. You can then breed it with a level 300 wild wolf. The result is a wolf that will melt through anything wild on the island other than wild giga or titanosaur. I got mine the dollar with the armor for a little added protection. I can run any cave multiple times without worrying about healing.
  15. Bush84


    So I play single. Depending on my needs I may have 2-8 snails. They are weighed down with rocks and I keep them in a dedicated small animal room. They hang out with my dung beetle and otters. They are always stocked with organic polymer and paste. I’m thinking that they fill faster than multiplayer. I’ve never had any issues with them. I view them as one of those essential tames. Aint nobody got time for beaver dams or crafting cp.
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