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  1. I play single player. So the mechanics are going to be a bit different for me. However I’m just a hair shy of 3.0 for my male and highest female. The babies now take forever to raise. When I started I could easily stay in my coop and raise a bunch of dodos. Now once I have my eggs hatched I have to go find a bunch of stuff to do. I’m curious to know how big these dodos can get.
  2. Bush84

    Questions regarding updates

    The way I have dealt with new creatures being introduced is to first go to the spawn map. Find out what spawn group it’s in and find out the closest spots. Some spawns will be better the others. From there kill everything in its spawn group over and over until one spawns in. I’ll use otters as an example. They were one creature that were introduced while playing my single player game. They are in a fish spawn group. I live in the northern redwoods. I cruised around the river north of the redwoods until I found a pool just before you hit the swamp. It was full of coel and salmon. From there I killed every fish in that pool over and over again until an otter spawned in. Rinse and repeat until you find one that’s the level you need.
  3. Bush84

    Questions regarding updates

    There have been many updates since I started my single player game. Some have included new creatures. They take a little time to spawn in but they will spawn in.
  4. Bush84

    Mobile to Xbox

    So I got an xbox for my birthday. At some point I plan on getting ark, especially since I can now play the dlc maps. I posted a topic on the main part of the forum but it got buried without any replies. I play single player hard on mobile. I’ve played through the game once on easy and twice on hard. So I feel as though I’m pretty good at what’s going on with the mobile version. It’s a lot of the same game between the two platforms but just enough different that it changes gameplay. Anybody made the jump that can give me some advice? Also does anybody know if you can transfer your stuff and tames from map to map on single player?
  5. Bush84

    Mobile to Xbox

    So I got an xbox for my birthday. I’ve been through ark on mobile. A couple of times actually due to bugs. Anyways I fully intend on experiencing ark on my Xbox. I hate people (no offense) and have always shunned multiplayer if possible. So I’ll likely stick to single player. I’m looking for some advice on possible differences or suggestions keeping in mind I understand how to play the game just not sure how it’s going to change on the new medium.
  6. Bush84

    Search for the Elusive Megalosaurus.

    I wonder if you may have gone in the cave during the day. They sleep during the day. You may have missed them. They are always there.
  7. Bush84

    Search for the Elusive Megalosaurus.

    Volcano (chitin) cave is probably your best bet. I think the souther cave has them too.
  8. Bush84

    Unique Ways of Killing Titan

    Hello all. I have managed to kill a handful of titans. I do this with a decent level giga that is fully imprinted and has an ascendant saddle. I’m wondering if there are any outside of the box ways to kill a titan. I saw a video of somebody carrying their otter with a griffin and killing a titan. Seems like it would take forever. Has anybody used a platform saddle to take down a titan? I play single player so I don’t have to worry about different server rules about boxes. I’m currently raising a bronto and plan to later tame some paracers. Would it be feasible to create a saddle build to take down a titan? If a turret took down a titan who gets the xp? Has anybody ever taken down a titan with a rex or spino with an ascendant saddle?
  9. Bush84

    Ark Mobile Unicorn Help

    So I’ll start by saying that I have tamed a handful of equus but never even seen a unicorn. What I know is that there’s only one on the map at a time. I had thought their spawns were the same as equus spawns but the spawn map indicates a different story. Looking at the spawn map they can apparently be found on carno island lol. At some point I’ll go looking for one. To me this is one of those things that you just stumble across or it’s a total grind fest.
  10. Bush84

    Breeding Dodos

    Ok cool. Ya I do already use potent dust to dye my tames. Only the ugly ones though. Some are already neat the way they were naturally but some of those green spinos and quetz are extremely ugly.
  11. Bush84

    Moar DoDo stuff!!

    Nope. Just two of the opposite sex. I’ve had plenty of mate boosted tames that have had nothing in common other than being the same species and being of the opposite sex.
  12. Bush84

    Dodo Arrow + Quetz

    I’m not sure what vtol stands for. I can see the usefulness of increased maneuverability, but for larger carnivores that I can’t pick up I just use my max speed argy with a good saddle and a trap. If I can’t pick it up or entice it into a trap then this arrow would be useful. In my experience the quetz and the tape (thanks for alerting me of this) are the only two I can pick up or entice into a trap.
  13. Bush84

    Moar DoDo stuff!!

    My understanding of the mechanics of mate boost only requires a male close to a female. It doesn’t matter where you tamed them from or the time passed between taming. If you put a female dodo next to a male dodo you will get the mate boost hearts popping up.
  14. Bush84

    Dodo Arrow + Quetz

    The Tapejara would be useful. I’ve never tamed one as I play single and don’t see a use for it. It’d be handy to fly two survivors but I don’t think it’s as fast as a ptera. Feel free to correct me or enlighten me as to what their use is. The others can be picked up by an argy or quetz and dropped in a pen.
  15. Bush84

    Breeding Dodos

    At this point I’m doing all I can to breed for size. I had a color mutation but decided it would take me to long to get all of my dodos that color and dropped it. I’m currently in the high 2s. I believe my largest is 2.62. Time warp...I’ve never heard of this function. How do I use it and where do I find it? I don’t use god console if that’s how to use it. I do sleep at night whenever possible to advance time.