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  1. I forgot make sure they have their nose up a few adult tames butts.....not their parents though......as long as they have poop in their inventory they don't stop eating regardless of stage they will need to be fed about every 30-60 mins though so be ready to do some serious grinding before you toss them out.....also I have yet to see any gacha eat off a trough.....raising on ab next to a cliff is good because earth quakes give them stuff to pick up when your not there (can give you up to an extra 10-20mins between popcorning)......at bout 50% you should be able to slot cap them and leave them over night
  2. Try popcorning a huge mix of wood stone and berries.....it's the only way I got a gotcha to adult on xbox official pvp....I slot cap the little garbage disposals.....occasionally for in flint and skins....each one will eat different things but only raw resources I found......oh and raw meat always kills them but spoiled meat works good now if I could just get people to stop putting other tames on passive in the dino daycare with out sewing their lips shut
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