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  1. I forgot make sure they have their nose up a few adult tames butts.....not their parents though......as long as they have poop in their inventory they don't stop eating regardless of stage they will need to be fed about every 30-60 mins though so be ready to do some serious grinding before you toss them out.....also I have yet to see any gacha eat off a trough.....raising on ab next to a cliff is good because earth quakes give them stuff to pick up when your not there (can give you up to an extra 10-20mins between popcorning)......at bout 50% you should be able to slot cap them and leave them over night
  2. Try popcorning a huge mix of wood stone and berries.....it's the only way I got a gotcha to adult on xbox official pvp....I slot cap the little garbage disposals.....occasionally for in flint and skins....each one will eat different things but only raw resources I found......oh and raw meat always kills them but spoiled meat works good now if I could just get people to stop putting other tames on passive in the dino daycare with out sewing their lips shut
  3. 819 xbox official pvp.....where is it.....why would I pay for new game if this one is broken
  4. I doubt that they will do anything.....Atlas got delayed again so they are probably ignoring ark.....just shows me that I shouldn't pay for their new game since they aren't fixing this one also wonder how many servers they took from ark to give to atlas
  5. 819 xbox official missing over 12 hours now
  6. Bahh

    Missing Servers!

    819 missing over 12 hours now
  7. Bahh


    This includes server 672....need proof....meat roll all tames
  8. Server wipe 730 and all servers that tribe of goon squad is on....to include any of their allies.....will discuss payment
  9. Oh just thought of this the forum will ban you for any lack of respect according to its own post, yet the game tolerates behaviour that is absolutely atrocious, just saying maybe put that same balance I to the game
  10. Ok so I've played on a few official servers for xbox, here's what I have seen. The first server was a recommended server, it was also a know troll server the alpha tribe or the server admin placed metal foundations all over the place to prevent new gamers from doing anything, total bs unless it going to be an official battle ground for all server to go to. The server is also known as a troll server....so why they hell is it recommended for noobs. Next all servers seem to like to spawn you right in front of something that can kill you while in your loin cloth,....45 mins of respawning because of poor coding isn't cool. Next the respawn seen takes way to long, you get killed like 5 times before you can move again this is an issue that the devs need to address, I don't need to look at both arms before I can move each time I spawn. NOW for the main topic cyber bullying....now before you moan and groan and stop reading remember that it takes a significant amount of time to build anything up....so let's talk about the alpha tribe's and more advanced tribe's to make the game playable without being forced to join the same people that wiped your small tribe out in 10 mins. All tribe's and players should be in a graduated scale the force you to only hit within your weight class and make it extremely punitive if you are hitting to far below your weight class 2 guys with 4 drinks wiping out 2 weeks with of work for a tribe of 3 that is still on sticks and stone isn't right so here's how I see it should be done. 1. Rank based on all stats, tech, attack, defence, alliance, resources, dinos, and so forth 2. If your tribe's ranking is say in group A with rank of 10000000000, and you wipe a tribe in group R with a rank of 5000 then your whole tribe receives receives a huge loss taking it down to the same rank as the tribe you wiped.....this will eleminate any monetary system an alpha tribe may put in place as well as allows smaller tribes to grow. 3. If the tribe is a repeat offender all dinos they have automatically go to the smaller tribe they wiped....and make it across all servers so that they lose what they have to the small guys even if it's stored on another server. Just because the is game may be PvP survival does not mean it needs to be a place for a** hats to take out their anger on other people.....I looked up wildcard fincial info......and these issues reflect heavily in current and future revenues...... This game has great potential for all players, but the execution to date seems piss poor and I mean that constructively not as an insult, im a disabled vet so it's just how I talk I call it like I see it. 4. Fix the dang spawn/ respawn so people have a chance to include making it so you can spawn closer to your body. 5. Fix the bow glitch, not being able to shoot an arrow because I have to cycle through my items is making it impossible to play the game at times
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