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  1. The void wyrm thing is what i have been using but the affinity is jacked every time. I will be at 100% until wyrm 5. At wyrm 5 it drops to 55%.
  2. With official servers being pillared (PVE at least), I have been experimenting with noglin taming with no trap. So far this is what I have got Noglin Taming No Traps. Anyone have additional ideas? Ive heard about pvp options of carrying them to other locations, but since you cant pick up wilds on PVE I am trying other methods.
  3. Traps are impossible these days, at least of PVE official. I have been using Cageless Noglin Method, but it tends to result in a loss of affinity on noglins over 120.
  4. I think those would do it for Gamma, but I would work on leveling up that mele and health before trying alpha or beta. I used H30k M1400 and absolutely murdered the crystal wyvern queen on all 3 difficulties with no losses. You can see how here.
  5. I have a guide for how i did it here. This is the guide for beta, but I have a guide for gamma and alpha on my channel as well. I went with 15-18 rexes (30k health 1400 damage) and 1 Yuti. There is a pinch point in the arena. If you get her in there she melts. You dont even need wyverns honestly.
  6. Go to gen 2, plan to spend about an hour, use this method to find good quality rex saddles. I got several in the 60-80 range and 2 between 100 and 120. its very simple and every time i do the runs doing this method I get at least one rex bp. I also get a bunch of spino, yuti, and even giga saddle BPs.
  7. If you want a good rex saddle BP go to gen 2 and use this method. You can find good rex bps (up to the 120s), good yuti saddles, good spino saddles, and much more simply doing the steps in the video. I always find at least 1 rex saddle bp using that method. Its not always a high one, sometimes its like 40-66, sometimes its in the hundreds, but its better than running cave drops or ocean loot crates.
  8. Go to genesis 2 and use this method. You can find some really good quality BPs there right now, rex, yuti,spinos, and more.
  9. You have to have it in the water to use it for water tames. I have a guide here on how to use the guide.
  10. Hi everyone, I have created a video on Maewing taming for anyone who is interested. If you have any questions please reach out. Have a great day! Video Here
  11. using the best tame for the job will really help. Take a look here
  12. there is a lot of stuff that needs work to survive the oceans. However there are ways and creatures to survive it as it is for now, you can see the list here
  13. they are, the controls just got changed with TLC. There are better animals for it though. Take a look here
  14. there are better tranquilizer options as well, take a look here
  15. Caving is always difficult at the beginning. Take a look at my list here to see what dinos you should use to help make your adventures more successful.
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