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  1. Take a look at the guide here, I have the majority of the nest locations in this video. Take a look here.
  2. Hey man, i don't know if you still are having issues or not, but I have made a guide for the process. I have personally tested it and you can tame them with regular crystal or primal crystal. Its extremely easy to do. Check it out.
  3. using the best tame for the job will really help. Take a look here
  4. there is a lot of stuff that needs work to survive the oceans. However there are ways and creatures to survive it as it is for now, you can see the list here
  5. they are, the controls just got changed with TLC. There are better animals for it though. Take a look here
  6. there are better tranquilizer options as well, take a look here
  7. Caving is always difficult at the beginning. Take a look at my list here to see what dinos you should use to help make your adventures more successful.
  8. check out my guide, it shows you where to find the eggs here
  9. if you want an easy way to get CP get chitin using these methods to farm chitin quickly to make cementing paste, especially if you cant find beaver dams.
  10. for everyone saying that meat runs are hard on crystal isles, just take one of these dinos and head over to the great plains near the red woods.
  11. i have a list of the best guns in ark survival evolved that you can check out here.
  12. Good Evening, It is always a challenge to find the perfect place to build at. I compiled a list of the best places I have found to build a base that you can view here. On my list I also address why these locations are good to build at. Hopefully this will help you with deciding where to build at.
  13. Hello Everyone, I was just thinking about some of the best dinos in the games, and I created a list of them that you can view here. Tell me what you think, and what are your favorite dinos in ark?
  14. Hi there, There is not really just one answer to this question. It kind of depends on what you are going to be mainly doing with your character. I created a list of the best stat distributions that you can view here. Hopefully it can help you decide how to distribute your stats!
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