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  1. Ok i do think the Megalodon getting the bleed effect is very oppresive in the water. They are one of the most common water dinos seen so dealing with something that common is a bit problematic. I also have mixed feelings on the thyla change im not a fan of the added bleed but ive never been dismounted off my reaper going through redwoods and i can deal with them easy enough with any of my existing reapers. as for Wyverns yeah im sad about the nerfs incomming. I still got Lightning my first ever wyvern still from when i started. Ive had many fond memories of using her including how she kep
  2. It would be beneficial to both players and GMs alike cause a lost toon is already a fusterating enough ticket process when mulitple maps are involved on dino imprints and such. Not gonna rehash much i think Poppet has said much of what needs to be on the subject and hit all the points possible with it.
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