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  1. You may be able to play with him if he launches his world as a private online game you may still need PS Plus though. However you cannot play the world when he is not online and playing in the world. You will also have what is known as the “Host Barrier” tethering you to a certain distance from your friend there is no way to disable that. Unlike servers the world is saved on the system and is only playable when the person is actively playing in that specific world. Much like how Minecraft worlds work in that sense. If you wanted to play in a game with your friend where you don’t need to worry about him being on you unfortunately would need to rent a private server or find one unless one of you has an extra PS4 you can run an extra copy of ARK on as a dedicated session. You will need PS Plus however to access a rented private server. However in both of these scenarios you would need to start over as you cannot access the save data for your split screen game and transfer it to either.
  2. Are you trying to launch single player or on a server? If you are trying to launch on single player see if you can connect to either an official or unofficial server that runs one of the DLC maps or vise versa if you’re trying to connect to a server with them try launching them in single player. Just to see if it’s exclusive to one mode or if it is across the board.
  3. Only bug similar I know of for sure is this issue on a few servers that modded cryo into Primitive Plus (it’s doable just not smart). Any cryopods would vanish upon a server restart which many do at least once a day. Is it possible it is a aberrant dino exclusive bug? I don’t generally tame aberrant dinos and when I do I don’t cryo them but it is possible that it’s exclusive to that or exclusive to maturing dinos.
  4. Okay so upload is only on Unofficial then.
  5. On official you cannot transfer last I heard. As for Unofficial only if the server has crossARK enabled there should be an option to upload survivor in the obelisks or in Tek Transmitters. This is the same case for offline/single player if you wish to transfer between maps. Keep in mind on Unofficial many servers have cluster IDs and you will only be able to transfer to servers with the same cluster ID. That however gives another option allowing you to move from server to server within the cluster with your inventory in tact with exception of a few items. You will be unable to transfer your character into these servers as well unless your character originated from a server within the cluster.
  6. Then your best option is to take another tame and look for it whistling all to follow. Hopefully you’ll find it.
  7. So as Banshee said if you are on the same PSN you should already have it all. You may just need to load up the PS Store and make sure they're "downloaded". As for using them you can use the dinos even without the DLC. Truth be told all of DLC is already in the game itself you just have to buy it in order to access the maps.
  8. Unless adding anything from the post by Fury Spiritz from this topic works, no. https://steamcommunity.com/app/346110/discussions/0/535152511349227303/
  9. Preserving Salt (which is what I assume you mean) cannot be used in troughs or refrigerators. As for the preserving bins apparently this is a console exclusive issue. Some believe it was a “ninja” fix to certain spoiling exploits and they can no longer be added while others think it’s a bug. Works fine on PC, I tested it on both PC and PS4. Troughs and refrigerators wouldn’t accept the item on both while the preserving bin would take it on PC but not PS4.
  10. Did you have it set to aggressive or Neutral? If so it will run off and attack things that get too close if on aggressive or attack things that attack it, you, your base or other tames if on neutral which is default after taming. If that is the case I would grab a Tek Helmet if you have one and some Element and search for it with it. You could also go around the area whistling “follow all” and hope it will hear you. I found the best way to do tames if you want some tame defense is to have a simple tame somewhere in your base that other tames are following that way if they run off they end up coming back. Use it for my underwater base. Or build a dino leash if you have the engram learned.
  11. Three Kingdoms Boosted PvP Cluster Who are we? We are Three Kingdoms a PvP cluster aimed for players who cannot be on regularly along with being able to rebuild quickly after a raid. Server tribe holds a retaliation only policy where we are fairly passive and will not go out on raid sprees. What makes us different? We offer fast taming, breeding, egg hatching and maturation times. Auto engram unlocks and faster leveling. All meat raw and cooked are edited to have stacks of 200. As well as slower spoil times. We have custom tame spawns allowing you to obtain gacha’s and other tames on Ragnarok, Griffins on The Island and more! Element has been adjusted to cost Black Pearls and Polymer to craft in the Tek Replicator. Admins are kept to the people who split ownership over the servers. This means just because someone is in the “admin tribe” doesn’t mean they are admin. This helps cut down on admin abuse. Our admins are friendly! We are here to provide a good gaming experience not to just enforce rules. We are happy to help teach you the game, aid you with finding things or taming. We will not spawn special things for people even ourselves. What are the rules? Really we only have a few, 1. Do not mesh, you will be banned 2. Do not block obs or artifacts or pillar. You will be asked to move if you don’t your base will be demoed. 3. Abandoned structures and tames will be destroyed after two weeks. This is to help the server run smoothly and free up space. If you have additional questions please feel free to ask me on here or on my PSN NumberVIII_Axel
  12. It’s that way for everyone if you don’t give a ticket they can answer with a few quick sentences they just set it to solved and ignore it. For example I asked about if name changes on PSN would affect bans they actually responded and said it wouldn’t. However when I submitted a ticket regarding a mesher raiding they just set it to solved and didn’t do anything. Haven’t returned to that official server since.
  13. If cryoing it in the air doesn’t work try whistling it to follow and get it to land then cryopod it. Or get it to follow you home.
  14. If it doesn’t appear on the list when you select “download character” on the respawn screen/create survivor screen unless they are on the other map your character is unfortunately gone.
  15. Griffins like Gigas lose HP when tamed. I think it’s around -900 before any taming bonus levels are done. Each point into health will boost it by ~4.32%
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