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  1. You need to submit a support ticket for this. Forums will not help you. You can submit a ticket at: http://support.survivetheark.com
  2. If Default Survivor Items is checked you might get some of the skins back, otherwise you will need to perform each action again. As for survivor notes, you will need to find them all again. In the future don’t ascend while in creative it can cause problems.
  3. You’ll need to go through the support ticket system at; support.survivetheark.com Unfortunately the forums lack the ability to properly help you in this regard.
  4. It is a known bug for PS4 players, has been reported numerous times and nothing has seemingly been done about it.
  5. So far there is no official word besides they are looking into it earliest I would expect any update would be tomorrow as Tuesday tends to be a common update day.
  6. This sounds more like a connection issue, if he is moving around on his screen but is stationary on yours or is still shown as sleeping either you or him are lagging. If you log off in a bed and when you log back on you are out of the bed or already standing you're in what I like to call “Limbo” where your seeing the game world but the your and server know you’re connected but are fighting to try and determine your location. (At least based off visuals and my experience with it) A good way of checking if you are in Limbo is if you have any Tek doors, walk up to one as long as auto-open is set to on. If it opens before you are in range or not at all you’re in limbo and the game is trying to figure out where you are. Also structures if you are in a tribe will appear blue instead of green. If you could get a video to show a visual it would make it easier to help.
  7. So the displayed ping on the server screen is unreliable to begin with. As for connecting check your internet first, make sure you’re not running a slow connection or that you’re being throttled by another device in your network. There are a plethora of guides on the Internet for finding ways to increase internet speed and such on different sites so you can Google for that just be careful if they tell you to download software onto a computer or deal with more advanced settings dealing with your internet router. If it’s not on your end the server could have a variety of thing wrong with it; structures or tame counts causing lag, server location in relevance to you, server is suffering from some form of other issue such as a DDoS or even down for maintenance and the server list still shows it or the server’s hardware is just bad. Beyond that there isn’t much that you can do.
  8. A good number of skins are given on each spawn so long as you have Default Survivor Items enabled. Otherwise you have to perform the action to unlock the skin again. Hairstyles either memorize the names (you can still cut your hair if its ???) and styles or again, perform the action to unlock it again.
  9. Earliest will likely be Tuesday since that seems to be the “update day” for many games ARK included.
  10. If you have a cryo pod put it in and back out. That’s fixed it for me.
  11. Unfortunately not all events can be triggered using the current event feature. What is listed under the “Override Current Event” option on Nitrado is what you are limited to.
  12. You need to either destroy the guy or move.
  13. This has been a bug for a long time. I know on the map discovery you can only save the data for I think 3 of the maps. So first 3 maps you play are the 3 maps who’s completion will always be there unless you delete your local data. As for markers it’s just a bug. My suggestion, get a blank note for each location with a name and GPS coords and stow it someplace safe and pray they fix it.
  14. PS4 ARK unfortunately has a bad tendency of disconnecting players especially on high population servers or ones with larger bases. Can’t say why exactly exactly since it always seems to be different things. Build sizes, tame counts, moving too fast, special locations on certain maps, damaging/destroying too many things at once, too many turrets blasting something list goes on. Having two PS4s one wired and the other wireless certain things cause disconnect on both the structures one and certain areas of maps seem to be the most consistent. So some simple but important questions; Official or Unofficial server? Server name? Map? What is the average population and structure count of the server? Average server ping for the server? Do you know the server’s location?
  15. Are you selecting/highlighting the server (pressing X/Cross on it) pressing the OPTIONS button or after highlighting it using the Join Server GUI option?
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