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  1. Generally if it's being used on decent sized structures it has to do with the fact that having so many things happen at once all of a sudden tends to overload the game and crash it. Otherwise a bug has been reported that destroying certain frames such as the large hatchframes and some dino gates has resulted in crashes. Or there is a bug with C4. Without more information it will be difficult for anyone here to lend much support as to what specifically is causing the crash.
  2. What servers did you attempt to connect to?
  3. Everyone, Wildcard releases patches at their leisure unlike some companies that have a set day that they will generally release patches. (Destiny 2 for example generally updates on Tuesdays for example unless there is an emergency patch to fix a major bug). Many are rather large. Unfortunately there is no workaround when these patches are released unless you don't mind playing Single Player mode only as latest versions are required for PSN functionality. Best way to watch for patches is to check the forums main page regularly and keep an eye on the version number for PS4 or follow Studio Wildcard's Twitter as they seem to release information on patches there as well.
  4. What server is it? One thing I have learned is that the ping number on the server list isn't accurate.
  5. There has been no official word and the chances of them making mods for PS4 is slim. Games that have mods like Skyrim or Fallout 4 are extremely restricted when comparing them to the PC or even Xbox counterparts as to what is allowed you cannot add certain files to either game on PS4 that you would be able to on PC or Xbox for example. Those restrictions are set by Sony so chances are Wildcard would have to follow the same rules. Most you'd be able to get for PS4 mods on ARK would be mods that change already existing game files for things like stack sizes, item crafting costs, what dinos can spawn on what maps and other such items. Beyond that you'll only ever see "Official Mods" such as Prim+ or S+ which are already heavily watered down versions of the actual mods.
  6. Have you reported it via support.survivetheark.com yet? Admins do not check forums for things like outages.
  7. If you have it on console it will look significantly worse than PC. PC has a lot more graphic options than console. Also bear in mind PC people may have texture mods or other things to make the game look better. So yeah, need more information to answer.
  8. Issues like this are to be reported via the support ticket site http://support.survivetheark.com the forums aren’t checked for reports of server outages.
  9. It will more than likely be patched in the next update. Weird thing is it doesn’t always happen. Yesterday on my server a few players had it while a few others didn’t. It’s one of those sometimes it happens, sometimes it doesn’t it seems.
  10. It is a currently known bug. Unfortunately there is no word on when or if it will be fixed. I know ARK tends to update on Tuesdays. So either Tuesday unless they decide to release it with the Genesis patch which is supposed to be January sometime unless it is delayed.
  11. Sometimes you need to reequip the mini HLN-A and approach the note again. At least I have had to.
  12. If it is an unofficial server cluster you will have to inform the server/cluster owner. Any issues with official servers need to be reported at http://support.survivetheark.com
  13. This is a game bug, according to Nitrado one of the server hosts Wildcard is aware and at work on finding a fix. I would hang tight and not try to transfer until this is resolved or you may lose your character.
  14. Do you have anymore information? Like do you get any message on your screen or does it just not throw out?
  15. Unfortunately I don’t wish I did but this is all I have http://support.survivetheark.com
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