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  1. Forums will not be able to help you with this. You will need to submit a report ticket at: http://support.survivetheark.com/
  2. Do you have enough space? If so do you have Skyrim or Fallout 4 with mods installed? Or other software that could have UGC?
  3. What about the Switch lol if the Xbox is gonna be on fire Switch will probably just explode.
  4. Again? They fixed it in the first place?
  5. The explorer note one is an interesting one. I have had it happen a few times. I want to say it could be that the save data for explorer notes is cache data? Or something of the sort that occasionally just gets deleted? I mean noted are supposed to be account based. Or there is a bug somewhere that caused the data for discovered explorer notes to be deleted. Remember for trophies once you meet the parameters for unlock you have it unlocked regardless of your save data. a cheese in Skyrim for example for the master criminal trophy or whatever (have a 1000 gold bounty in all holds) players turn off autosave, cause havoc, earn trophy, exit without saving, go back to before crime spree trophy in hand. as for characters I think there are a million reasons they’re lost at this point. Transfer fails, server lag, ARK glitch number 4840594, salty or children admins on unofficial, ascension just deciding to hate you...list goes on. Your issue sounds to me like the boss or ascension decides today is your “lucky” day. Sorry to hear it’s still happening.
  6. Long standing glitch. Not much can be done unless it is sitting on a server somewhere unfortunately. Yes been reported, no it has never been fixed. Would be great if they would.
  7. Change your current event to a custom event like Christmas or Summer and they will despawn. They are event dinos.
  8. Yes it's another way for trolls to troll but honestly I don't see what's "unfair" when it's a tactic that everyone can use. Back when they were an Extinction exclusive I could see your argument having a bit more validation but now that they're a universal engram it's not as valid. If they want to add it to a dino that would mean adding a whole new system to check where the dino was cryoed, when or even if it was transferred to another server and then add a timer that would prevent them from being cryoed again for 12 hours or have it start the same transfer clock. If they just have it do that all a person has to do is cryopod it again and if they don't add a thing to check for a upload timer and apply it to the cryo pod then again there goes the purpose of the cooldown. If they make it 12 hours before they can be cryoed again then you just take it to an ob and upload it from there. It'd add a lot more information that the cryopod and the servers would have to keep track of where every cryopod ever crafted is, what tame is in it as well as what server it was cryoed on and watch it actively. That takes resources from the servers to do. Then how would it function in Single Player? If not then that's ANOTHER check the game has to make as to whether it's in single player or not. or on Unofficial servers where you can just take your inventory on your character? What if they wanted to keep it on their character once then upload the item the next time? If they just have it "stamped" then you have the risk of an exploit arising to remove that "stamp" and transfer it without it getting the cooldown. If they were to say add a 12 hour cool down to use the cryopod again then you once more have the issue of tracking where the pod has been and all you have to do is get a new pod to jump servers again. If someone wants to take a dino from Server A to B then bring another dino back in the same cryopod because say its their only one they couldn't do that for another 12 hours. I could see that being a nightmare to try and find the "fairest" way to code a system like that. People would complain regardless of how you try and honestly, people would probably still find a way to exploit it even with a cooldown timer unless they were to implement it where IF a dino is transferred in a cryopod then released on the new server then the dino CANNOT be cryoed for 12 hours AND it cannot be transferred for 12 hours. Even then I could see it happen. Which for some tames could be an issue. Say it was only to do one thing and you planned to cryo it up and take it back once you were done? Well now you have to wait 12 hours even if it's a good reason like you needed a flyer or a certain tame for something. In that regard needs of the many outweigh the few. TL;DR: There are too many variables that would need to be accounted for and too many things that would need to be constantly monitored in order to implement this in a fair way that even then would just cause other issues be it due to resource demand or even just it leading to other exploits to get around it.
  9. This sounds like something you should put a support ticket in for to see if they can roll the servers back. Honestly in my experience players on official servers seem to have a lot more issues which is likely due to population. More players, more things all linked up in some way and I wouldn't be surprised if a lot of the hardware for official is being overstressed. I ended up going to unofficial because of the fact it had a lot more bugs and the fact that community rules were rarely upheld. Third mesh raid by the same guy in a week was the tipping point. I've only had one or two big issues since I started running a cluster about a year or so ago. One was deliberately caused by a player who was banned for good reason and the other had to do with a service DDoS and the company having to roll servers back. Nice thing about those was I could fix them and help replace things. Lag was an issue at first but literally adding a daily reboot helped fix a lot of the issues. I guess what I am trying to say is that the official servers are likely overtaxed and the moderation is poor. Well, poor moderation is nothing new. I don't know if the official servers have a set reboot time or interval but if they don't I wouldn't be surprised if it's the cause of a lot of it. Again, this is just my experience and maybe I've just been lucky who knows.
  10. As I mentioned before it is likely an issue with the official servers on their end if you're positive it's not your internet. Connection timed out error means that it took too long for either your game or the server to ping back. Generally servers will time you out if your ping is at X amount or higher for a certain amount of time or if it fails to get a response within X amount of time. This is generally done to improve overall server quality, Your best course of action would be to either see if your friend can tell you how much stuff is built on Rag340 and where. If there is too much stuff the game will basically crap itself especially if you're trying to log on for the first time. Or if someone is doing something to cause lag on the server. You could try submitting a report ticket if they get to it a developer would be able to help you a heck of a lot more than anyone here on the forums. Most people on the forums are speaking from experience with the game, general knowledge and such. I know that when players were having that issue on my private server I host and run it ended up being that someone had meshed in the mountains and it was causing everyone to lag out especially new players. Keep in mind the wording on the patch note was "Potential Networking fix..." which means they aren't positive it is a fix for everything or even if at all. I honestly wish there was more I could suggest. I hope your end up being able to get on and play with your friend or even in general at this case.
  11. Are you attempting to connect to official or unofficial servers? Also, you can't trust the server list ping value. They almost always show 9999 for me but when I connect to the server cluster I play on my ping is actually around 20-30. The most common culprit if it's not your network connection is that you're attempting to connect to a server and there is too much stuff on the map and it's kicking you or the server is having some other issue on its end. Or some ARK bug that seems to be present at times.
  12. Basically what hirogun said. Especially since that's the PC version of the game not PS4 so you can rule out a handful of connection bugs exclusive to PS4. My suggestions are just some basic troubleshooting tips really: 1. If you are running a wireless connection swap to a wired connection if possible. This can improve your overall network quality. 2. Check your internet connection speed by either looking at what you're paying for or using one of many websites. You can also use the windows console to ping a server's IP. The lower the number the better. If your ping is high or connection speed is slow you may need to upgrade your internet depending on what you're already paying for. 3. Check the region of the server if possible the closer you are to the server geographically the better your connection should be. If you're in the US, connect to US servers. In the EU connect to the EU servers. There are other things you can do beyond that which get more into playing with your network and I would not suggest some of them as if you don't know what you are doing you could very well screw up your internet network for your computer, other games or just everything else you have on your network. Or even open yourself up to being hacked.
  13. This is a known and long standing bug. Unfortunately not much can be done about it. If you are on an official server you can try going through their support section and see if you can get anything out of it. If you were on an unofficial cluster you can try getting a hold of the server owner or an admin for the cluster and see if they'll be willing to replace the items. Otherwise unfortunately you'll have to just grind it all back out.
  14. More Efficient Moderation It feels like ARK’s moderation abilities are very lackluster. We have kick, we have ban. However I don’t think it’s enough and this is likely a controversial topic but I think there is a lot of room for improvement a few suggestions; bans are permanent unless someone manually unbans them. I think the ability to have temporary bans would benefit unofficial servers more than official but it could have uses on official. Server managers who might want to not make bans permanent but also not have to keep track of time for bans. Command example: cheat TempBanPlayerID <playerID/SteamID> [days] [hours] [minutes] On that topic this is more a console issue from my experience but add a more efficient way to keep people from using alternate accounts to bypass bans. Seen it happen even on PC. On official I am almost certain I have seen where people use alts and just continue to cause issues. Better official moderation is another big thing and I see a lot of people bring it up. I left official due to the lack of moderation and number of people basically breaking community rules and nothing ever being done about it unless it was continuously whined about. The third mesh raid in a week was where I drew the line. Either allow some volunteer moderators from the community or hire some people to be dedicated server moderators. I get there is a lot of potential for abuse regardless but something needs to be done.
  15. If I recall correctly it’s a yes and no. They have the ability to but if I recall they don’t have a CrossARK section on the manager screen you get when running the server making it impossible to set up without some other method. Unless that’s changed.
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