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  1. Imagine putting thousands of hours into a base, to get aimbotted or meshed, put in tickets and the devs treat you like the culprit rather then a victim, god forbid going into the amount of roll backs and character losses, and then yet again the devs treating you like your the culprit. I took more then a "minute" on their game, and countless times I have been meshed or super aimbotted. You want to refer to cristism, that is great, but the thing is half the time the devs wont even listen to their player base let alone grow from it. Go put over 15k hours into a official cluster and lets see if your views will be the same as mine. The game is an absolute joke on the official network, and that doesnt even include the actual GMS patrolling the clusters and making sure people don't cheat. Ark is a beautiful game, very amazing for its time. But at the end of the day the devs really don't care and it honestly shows. The game is broken, fix the current bugs before adding to MORE bugs. Imagine when genesis: 2 is actually released, what is going to be mega broken on that? 😂 Honestly... I played PVP and PVE, best bet? Stay away from PVP officials its an absolute joke.
  2. Its simple, I enjoy seeing these devs deliver on promises time and time again just to see it get pushed back even further. God forbid the amount of game breaking bugs with their expansions and new maps they release. 🤣
  3. Reason I do not support these devs anymore, is because they do not care about their game. Let alone have they ever even released a DLC on time. WC treats its playerbase like crap. Let alone the amount of game breaking bugs in this game. Save your time and money, move on. Also a voidwyrm? Oh wow. A wyvern with a bionic skin, amazing WC really. Lool.
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