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  1. Aha! Excellent! Not for the massive ‘you were right’, a simple thank you should suffice, but for the explorer notes thing. Is it reset when you use a mindwipe or nirvana tonic? After collecting all those notes on my wolf, I would be walking around on top of what can best be described as a furry, canine, anthropomorphic personification of death with the bite force of a small atomic weapon; “Alphas!? What Alphas? They’re all deader than a dead thing in Deathsville.” Smiley face!!!
  2. Thank you @ScreamingViolet. I have not long completed the swamp cave - not bragging, but it was surprisingly easy on my wee wolfy. I took screenshots of before and after, but I also noticed the ‘received 100,000 experience points’ for completion of the swamp cave pursuit and I had gone up 2 lvls. I had only travelled a short distance on my wolf when the game froze, then crashed (insert disaster movie music - dun dun Duuuuuuunnnnnnnnn)!! Luckily for me, I now save (thanks Vi’) before I enter and just before I exit (due to constant crashes and having to partially re-run) caves. The game loaded up where I had saved but then didn’t give me any rewards, even though I had the artefact! ??? “Oh no!!” I hear you cry? Oh yes. Feeling somewhat panicked that my easy, non-efforts had gone to waste I restored the game from the save slot. This time I also watched an ad for 2x exp. Upon exiting I received the rewards but noted that I had actually been rewarded 200,000 exp and gone up 4 lvls. So your primal pass and any extra buffs added would indeed account for your huge increase in exp. i suppose the fact that you pay for added bonuses gives you the benefit of levelling up faster. That’s what you pay for after all! I would be quite irked if I pay monthly only for others with no subscription to rise as quickly as me. Edit: had over 6k chitin - had to drop about 5k as it was weighing me down!
  3. Well, I had to collect black pearls for the daily request so I didn’t end up going into the swamp cave. Instead I tamed an ichthyosaurs which was lvl29 but then somehow beached itself and couldn’t move. I used my argy to move it but she wouldn’t let go of it and it died.... Not one to give in, I decided to tame a Meg’ instead. Tamed it, looked for pearls but couldn’t find any...... bugger’em!! I was quite ill prepared for the level of attacks received by mantas and other Megalosaurus! I am abandoning the sea until I complete the swamp cave and tame a school of sea creatures in order to roam the oceans without the constant; “ohpoopohpoopohpoop....... SWIM YOU STUPID FISH!!! WHY AREN’T YOU KILLING THINGS IN TWO BITES!?!? I WISH MY WOLF WAS AQUATIC!!!. AAARRGGGHHH, HOW BLOODY LONG DO MANTAS CHASE YOU FOR!!?? HELP!! ANOTHER 5 MEGS’ ARE CHASING ME!! WHERES A SAFE SPOT TO UNMOUNT!? PLEASE DON’T DIE!!” I actually can’t wait to return. It was enthralling. Walking about on land with a wolf that kills, even the best conversation with just a look, gives one a sense of immunity. It actually felt like it did when I first started playing.....
  4. @ScreamingViolet - I have a revival platform at my base. See photo - bottom right. It has been set up so I can tranq any creatures with relative ease. So, after inhuming said dire wolf -take implant, go home, revive wolfy, rejoice!! If my theories are correct then after exiting the cave with the artefact for the first time, you should see a significant jump in xp points - but not as much as the swamp cave as this seems to be the ‘final’ cave on mobile platforms. I may have to go into the swamp cave for a wee nosey now, seeing how you easily completed it...
  5. I don’t use primal pass so I can’t comment on that side of things for you, but I don’t think that (the game suddenly realising your lack of xp gain and adjusting itself accordingly) would happen. What seems more likely is that you have been gaining your experience at a ‘normal’ - for you with buffs etc - rate, but due to your inexperience within the game (and like me you may just be milling around the place progressing at your own pace - exploring) you haven’t made the Xp gains seen by other, more experienced players. Factor in the fact that the caves’ xp reward will increase in size according to difficulty and the increase in creature levels found within the final two caves (hard ice and swamp) multiply the primary reward. Also you didn’t complete a lot of the caves until fairly later on in your game, so you wouldn’t have noticed the xp jump for the lava cave etc because the amount required to level up had increased too. I noticed the jumps on all caves as I play practically au natural - no buffs, hardly use free x2 xp and went to the caves comparatively early. In the early game stages - due to my experience - I was levelling up quicker than you, even with your primal pass. Now, however, with your knowledge and experience of the game, you have surpassed me. I haven’t gone into the swamp cave yet and have only completed the hard snow cave once. I have a scuba mask and gas mask but nothing else. I’m still on lvl 77 and have been for a while. Don’t fret young Violet, you are doing well. Try to be proud of your achievements rather than lamenting that you haven’t reached the same heights as others. Enjoy it..
  6. I’m pretty sure that you’re granted a massive amount of xp when completing a cave for the first time (I would compare it to beating a boss or a level for the first time on other games), the harder the cave the higher the rewards. This would explain the seemingly improbable jump in experience, and also follows the fundamental progression formula used within these styles of games. After the initial completion, there appears to be no xp rewards given for future runs, merely the xp gain for kills, and rewards for the artefact. This is just my hypothesis and may not be true, but for me it makes sense.
  7. Go into settings, controls then scroll down. There is a tick box for long hold dismount. Deactivate this and you won’t jump off your mount mid battle when you are surrounded by enemies that are trying to chomp your squishy bits.
  8. Whilst I agree with you regarding the fact that, ultimately it is the devs’ not fixing exploits that cause issues NeNe, I have to disagree that Chinese players are better. If they have to utilise exploits and cheats to win then they are not better at playing the game - they are better at cheating and utilising exploits. You have mentioned in a few posts that it is the ‘western civilisation’s’ attitude and inability to accept losing that causes them stress, however, I believe that you are not looking at the situation objectively. I have said in a previous post (which has been removed) that the devs will not be eager to remedy problems if said problems cause players to spend cash. There seems to be an ignorance to the fact that money is the primary objective in the eyes of the devs, creating a fair and accessible game for all wouldn’t create the revenue that is craved or was wanted when developing the mobile version. I live within western society and do not have a positive view on capitalism, but the eastern societies are also capitalist. The average person is fed xenophobic doctrine by their respective governments and media - which is usually the ‘elite’ of society. That causes them (the 98% of the world population) to fear and to mistrust each other creating pockets of humans that ordinarily would probably get along just fine. We constantly give our - already heavily taxed - income to the rich without batting an eyelid and seem to protest against our own freedom by listening to lying rich folk. The enemy isn’t the West or your fellow ‘working class humans’ NeNe, it is the rich and powerful who are happy to take all you have to live better lives for themselves.
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