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  1. Maybe, but I don’t recall that being a documented restriction when using poly foundations. Also the other person posting about the same problem has theirs built on land.
  2. 8 pillars So 8 pillars + 4 walls = 12 I ended tearing everything down except the poly foundations, then rebuilding up the 4 walls, the ceiling, then only one pillar going up, and again it stops at 12.
  3. I was able to upload to imgur. Here are the links to the images. I also updated the original post with them: Server: Safe Haven (PVX-Medium-NA) - LAT: 72.7 LON:80.4 https://imgur.com/rluXUlk https://imgur.com/toxrFuy https://imgur.com/URsx2a4 PS: The forum file upload didn't work, even though it didn't exceed the file size. It said "There was a problem processing the uploaded file. Please contact us for assistance." I tried from both Windows and an iPhone.
  4. I’m attempting to take advantage of the Geopoly foundation’s higher building limit. I have built a 3x2 poly-foundation area. The poly foundations I had built were connected to and surrounded by metal foundations originally. I thought maybe the metal foundation height restriction was affecting the poly foundation height cap, so I removed all of the metal foundations surrounding the poly foundations, and disconnected any walls and parts that were built on the poly foundations, from any walls or parts connected to the metal foundations. I left an existing wall in place on the poly foundations that had a tall elevator track built on it, just due to the high cost to rebuild it as a step for troubleshooting. It still will not let me build higher than 12 pieces high. Why aren’t these foundations working? Edit: For more clarity, I have a four wall high metal box-like structure built on the poly foundations, with metal ceiling tiles covering the top of this four wall structure. The foundations, and three levels of the four wall high structure is under water. I then have 2 columns of metal pillars and 1 elevator track connecting to the ceiling tiles, reaching upwards. It doesn’t seem to make a difference if the metal pillars are connected all the way down to the poly foundations. The height for everything is still capped at 12, starting with the wall underwater that directly touches the poly foundations as the first level, then counting up. Server: Safe Haven (PVX-Medium-NA) - LAT: 72.7 LON:80.4 Pictures: https://imgur.com/rluXUlk https://imgur.com/toxrFuy https://imgur.com/URsx2a4
  5. This is complete bull poo. Because of the server build limit I couldn’t finish enough of a base at a hard-to-reach location to protect tames or supplies. We lost an entire cabinet full of supplies and a couple tames. I still can’t expand the few foundation tiles I managed to build. What a complete waste of play time. I still don’t know why they thought to only build one North America Easy Primal Pass server for each play mode. I shouldn’t have to play on foreign servers where I don’t understand the language or have to suffer unnecessary latency. People spend hard-earned money on non-transferable items and then realize they wasted it because they get nerfed due to overcrowding on a server. I’m cancelling my Primal Pass until they can expand their service offerings to accommodate the player volume.
  6. Will you be increasing the number of servers then? The volume of players and structures causing a cap on Paladin PVX has all but ruined any reason to continue playing, and thus spending money on Amber (we can’t build, can’t expand), limits reached.
  7. Hi, Tonight (10/19/18), every player on Paladin PVX NA Easy is getting a build limit reached message. Even when we try to build in a PvE area far away from anyone else. Is there a server-wide build limit that we could be running up against? If so, why aren’t there more Primal Pass PvX NA Easy servers?
  8. I’m having the same problem, except for me my game saved right as I was exiting a cave, so now it crashes every single time I try and load my game. So frustrating since I’ve had hours invested in it.
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