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  1. Legit getting meshed and teamed on right now. My tickets is closed and this giga been in the mesh for 9 hours, made ticket 8 hours ago.
  2. I hate to say this, but I think decisions are based on the tribes involved and have nothing to do with teaming.....
  3. Small Tribes: What is Teaming? Devs, Mods, QA Team, anyone.... What is teaming? Honestly asking here. No one knows what teaming is, there is no predictability with this rule and how it is enforced. The rule starts extremely broad followed by an extremely small list of examples that by the syntax does not appear to be an exhaustive list. Even worst though is the enforcement, one of the enumerated examples is joint raids, how is counter raiding a fob not a joint raid. Really do us a favor and please give us some real guidance and for the love of god give us consistent enforcement.
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