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  1. This seems like a little much. I think the issue is more about making outside more viable and less about nerfing caves. People seem to forget about the 6x damage. One thing that would help is to reduce turret cap range outside of caves or just reduce it in general (this wouldn't help caves nearly as much as the outside). The real change should be buffs to outside instead of nerfing caves. That's what will change the meta. Nerfing caves will make nothing viable...
  2. THIS GUY GETS IT. WILDCARD, HIRE THIS MAN OR AT LEAST GIVE HIS POST A GOOD READ. The problem is not caves, the problem is what you (Wildcard) did to the game that made caves, not the meta, but the ONLY VIABLE option.
  3. Legit getting meshed and teamed on right now. My tickets is closed and this giga been in the mesh for 9 hours, made ticket 8 hours ago.
  4. I hate to say this, but I think decisions are based on the tribes involved and have nothing to do with teaming.....
  5. Small Tribes: What is Teaming? Devs, Mods, QA Team, anyone.... What is teaming? Honestly asking here. No one knows what teaming is, there is no predictability with this rule and how it is enforced. The rule starts extremely broad followed by an extremely small list of examples that by the syntax does not appear to be an exhaustive list. Even worst though is the enforcement, one of the enumerated examples is joint raids, how is counter raiding a fob not a joint raid. Really do us a favor and please give us some real guidance and for the love of god give us consistent enforcement.
  6. What I am saying is a ticket reporting current abuse, happening in that moment, should receive priority over a ticket reporting a problem that is not as time sensitive.
  7. Shouldn't they have some priority for current abuse over past abuse/noncombat issues?
  8. Are Abuse Tickets Ever Answered In A Timely Fashion? Do the devs/GMs actually do anything about abuse tickets? I don't understand, every time I hear of a ticket being made, or make one myself, the GMs request to see the offenders in the act. BUT when you make a ticket they don't respond for over 24 hours....... Is Wildcard trolling us and just helping the guys who make twitch and youtube content? I have heard about some corrupt ass poop but I always chose to not believe it. But recently it is becoming harder to deny that there is some serious corruption. I sent in videos 2 days in a row of people mesh biting and no response. I DM the Wildcard members in Salt Discord and they don't respond.... I was told my previous post was fine other than the last line, I deleted that last line so please do not take away my forum privileges. I am making a serious inquiry and will modify my post however to make it fit the rules just tell me please.
  9. So to close this debate. I got a response from a dev in my email. This is NOT considered teaming. Case Closed.
  10. Thank you Logan, my friends are living there and I wanted to make sure they wont get dev wiped.
  11. They allow people from different tribes to tribe up on a different server for raids so their definition of Alliance is not very clear.
  12. Small Tribes: Sharing North Ice Cave on Center - Is This Teaming? Can anyone comment or share physical proof of devs or GMs stating that sharing North Ice Cave on TheCenter is not allowed (i.e. it is considered teaming). For clarification I am asking if 2 tribes can live in that cave without it being against TOS, so can one tribe live on the side with one artifact and then have a different tribe living on the other side with the other artifact? A lot of people are saying this is teaming, and I just want to know what the truth is here.
  13. It's sad to say because this game is so great, but the devs at WC are probably some of the worst I have ever seen. I have been playing games for 15 years now and have never seen support this poor. Bugs last for months/years and the devs constantly lie to the players. We won't get this update for a bit I'm sure.
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