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  1. New player friendly Degeneration Cluster on PS4 looking for new players to join our quickly growing community! X2 experience gain X2 harvesting X5.7 Maturation with adjusted intervals and imprint scaling X10 Taming And some stat scaling changed Island map is Newbie friendly (PvP) with Dino levels going from 1 to 150 , perfect for people who are starting out and would like to learn the game! Ragnarok and Aberration maps (PVP) have dinos levels going up to 240! Offline raiding protection has a 10 minutes Activation to prevent raid logging... Come grind-breed dinos -Prep for boss runs -Raid others!Enjoy yourselves as much as you want! Every maps in the cluster have 30 slots and Totally free, I`m not charging ANYONE a cent to come play and enjoy those map For more Info ask here or add me on PSN under Reimi-Nee !