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  1. LittestFox

    Lost Captains Hat and Manticore Chestpiece

    Hey wardrum studios, I emailed your website about it and there is still no response. I am anxious to get these items back as they costed about 10 dollars. Is there a specific thing I need to say?
  2. Got on this morning and crashed immediately. Got back on and didn’t have my manticore chest piece skin, or my captains hat skin, as well as ALL my crafting stations which had over 300 amber’s worth of credits. Help me please!
  3. Hi. I spent over a month with my tribe working up to getting enough pearls to tame a tusoteuthis. We finally got enough pearls and got the materials needed for a saddle and set out to find one. When we found it, it would simply sit there and damage my Carbobemys but it would not bundle it. To tame a Tuso it has to be bundling something as it is a passive tame and because of this it makes the Tuso untamable in Ark Mobile. After doing some research it seems this is the case for everyone on official mobile PvP servers and PvE servers.
  4. Hey, I lost 180 amber’s worth of stuff on Ark Mobile on PvP server Beast Queen. Bought Manticore Chestpiece and Captains Hat and attached both skins to flak armor. Woke up this morning and both pieces of armor were gone along with the skins. What happened?! It is not found in my inventory and all storage boxes don’t have it. It is my understanding that it can’t be taken away so I am confused as to how it disappeared. Help me! I already submitted a bug report and there was no response.