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  1. LittestFox

    Lost primal pass after I was charged

    Thank you so much. It did indeed help. I was able to be refunded.
  2. I received an email November 1st saying that my primal pass had been renewed. Yesterday night, my primal pass subscription disappeared, even though I was still charged the money for another subscription. I reported it to Apple, but all they will tell me is that I need to contact the app developer directly.
  3. LittestFox


    Hello. Our alpha tribe in our server has questions about ascending. What if we don't want to ascend but we are active enough that we end up ascending anyway? I feel like wiping tames and structures is too far. Can you give us more details about ascending and if we are forced to ascend? I personally want to ascend, but noticed that almost my entire tribe does not want to ascend. It might be smart to make it more enticing and beneficial to ascend
  4. LittestFox

    Asian raft glitch

    Hey. Guess who was raided by asians last night? Our alpha tribe. Guess how? Driving a raft into the beach and killing all of our tames. We have videoed this several times and sent it to wardrum, but they always say that isn't cheating, just a glitch they are taking advantage of. Meanwhile, our allies get banned for doing the Tapajera glitch, but that isn't cheating either...it's taking advantage of a glitch. This raft glitch needs to be fixed, because they blow it into the beach, through our metal behemoth, and their turrets kill our tames. I have video evidence to back this up.
  5. For some reason our entire tribe was just banned. Everyone in our tribe is really confused and angry because we had all metal behemoth gateways and we were alpha tribe. A couple hours ago our whole tribe was banned for 7 days, (the amount of time it takes our tames and base to despawn). When further investigated, the devs simply told us that we filled out a fraudulent purchase form. I am aware that if one tribe member does this then the whole tribe gets banned, but i have had every tribe member swear on their lives they didn't fill out any form. I think there should be evidence to support this claim. I spent all summer and hundreds of dollars of amber to get us where we are. This is becoming very frustrating because of the lack of response from devs. And the fact that the asians continue to exploit glitches such as land rafting and making brontos float in air or fit in caves while the devs continue to turn a blind eye to this is truly frustrating even after clear evidence is shown. Southeast asia must have Studio Wildcard under their palm. Truly a sad thing to see a good game ruined by the chinese 1%.
  6. LittestFox


    Doesn't matter now. For some reason our entire tribe was just banned. No explanation. Everyone in our tribe is really confused and angry because we had all metal behemoth gateways.
  7. LittestFox


    Must be a glitch in the whole server, because we and other tribes have tried several different tuso
  8. LittestFox


    Hi. Our tribe is the alpha tribe and controls the sea in Ark Mobile. We recently tried to tame a tuso, only to find that it will not grab any tames, just does it’s spin attack. This is really frustrating because our tribe spent forever to gather everything to tame it. After further research I learned that the Tuso, is in fact, untamable in Ark Surivial Evolved Mobile. Are the devs aware of this?
  9. Hi. I play in Beast Queen, PVP-Medium-NA. Our tribe spent the whole summer working our way up to alpha with the recent ban of the alpha asian tribe for hacking. Turns out there is still another tribe that stayed hidden until we had a decked out base bristling with turrets, all maxed on ammo. We were nice and kind to everyone and never randomly raided. I wake up the next morning and all our bases on the map had been wiped by the asian tribe and their brontos. It is IMPOSSIBLE to get brontos up to the volcano, yet my tribe was online when it happened and they said the brontos appeared over the edge and wiped our whole base with all our turrets active. None got any videos, which is frustrating to me because of how much money I spent on the game. They said after wiping the base the brontos just floated away to our next base and wiped it. All our bases were full metal too! Please help.
  10. LittestFox

    Cave & Obelisk Building Restrictions coming to PvP

    Will we be compensated for the Amber we’ve poured into this? I’ve poured in thousands of amber into the underwater caves around the map.
  11. LittestFox

    Lost Captains Hat and Manticore Chestpiece

    Hey wardrum studios, I emailed your website about it and there is still no response. I am anxious to get these items back as they costed about 10 dollars. Is there a specific thing I need to say?
  12. Got on this morning and crashed immediately. Got back on and didn’t have my manticore chest piece skin, or my captains hat skin, as well as ALL my crafting stations which had over 300 amber’s worth of credits. Help me please!
  13. Hi. I spent over a month with my tribe working up to getting enough pearls to tame a tusoteuthis. We finally got enough pearls and got the materials needed for a saddle and set out to find one. When we found it, it would simply sit there and damage my Carbobemys but it would not bundle it. To tame a Tuso it has to be bundling something as it is a passive tame and because of this it makes the Tuso untamable in Ark Mobile. After doing some research it seems this is the case for everyone on official mobile PvP servers and PvE servers.
  14. Hey, I lost 180 amber’s worth of stuff on Ark Mobile on PvP server Beast Queen. Bought Manticore Chestpiece and Captains Hat and attached both skins to flak armor. Woke up this morning and both pieces of armor were gone along with the skins. What happened?! It is not found in my inventory and all storage boxes don’t have it. It is my understanding that it can’t be taken away so I am confused as to how it disappeared. Help me! I already submitted a bug report and there was no response.