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  1. Update Why does Ark take 2 hours to update 100m? It is literally the game that takes the longest to update, I have an ssd and it takes a lot, I've seen a game on HDD take much less, Does anyone play on HDD? it must be hell ??
  2. Ice Wyvern freeze like Managarmr I thought you could put the same freezing effect on ice wyvern as on Managarmr as they both have ice attacks and the effect its beaufiful thanks
  3. Wyvern Breathe damage Hello, I got my first wyvern yesterday and I wonder if I increase the melee damage, it would also increase the breath damage. Thank you
  4. Another question, if i die the skins respawn whith me like others ? thanks
  5. Yesss, my first event, thanks
  6. new skins How i can get the new summer skins ? i play in a official server thanks
  7. More Offline raid protection server Please we need more servers, there is only 1 for each map, and they have a lagg that makes the game unplayable thanks
  8. Thank you for responding, and what would you say is the map with the easiest caves to do on your own, official server? ragnarok or the center? thanks
  9. But, you have to take all or only the last one? ?
  10. thanks, and the achievement can be achieved on any map? or only on the island? thanks
  11. Character level lost Hello, it has been more than a year since I played, and when I play again I find that my character is level 1, when I left him at level 90. what could have happened? can i get it back? I was playing on an official server Thank you Edit: I just saw that I have the same points to level up, what levels I had before, it is as if my level had been reset and I could raise all the levels now at once. what happened?
  12. DLSS 2.0 Hello , I have seen that an official announcement says that Unreal engine will have support for dlss 2.0 shortly, is it possible that it also has support for ark? since ark uses unreal engine
  13. Caves Any advice to make caves for artifacts in solo? official server? What is the map with the easiest caves? is for achievement Artifact Archaeologist Thank you :)
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