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  1. Changed to map Ragnarok, New map, New adventure !
  2. Yes or add me psn: nickado070
  3. Do you have any skype @Ibsmokin? or discord
  4. Hey there. I wanna introduce you guys to me new server, Im running it with me mate now for since begin july 2018. We modifyd some things in the server so its a little easyer, Her under are the things we changed. - Night speed = 3x (No one likes nights :D) -Max tamed dino`s = 175 -Weight on humans = 9.0 / Weight on dino`s = 15.0 -Taming speed = 2.5 -Crafting xp = 3.0 We currently playing in The island, Its pve based so there inst any pvp. So ye thats all i wanted to say, And i will see you ingame hopefully -------------------------------------- ~Server information~ Servername: Ark Survival Evolved [Ragnarok][PvE] Slots: 10 for now Session Filter: Unofficial Pc Sessions No password ! -------------------------------------- Greetz Nickado070. If you have questions just ark !