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  1. LogiiX

    pve Looking to join boss fights

    I messaged u on xbox blind
  2. LogiiX

    pve Looking to join boss fights

    I'm assuming you are on xbox official pve? What would you need me to do.. I've got another tribe raising my baby gig and theres right now because I dont have that kind of time lol I am in quite a bit and am off work thur-sat so I'm avail at different times. Lmk what youd want and I'll see if I can make it work.. I really wanna get the tek transmitter and engram... looking to do a boss fight tomorrow or sat
  3. I'm looking for a tribe who's looking for an extra member to help in a boss fight. I'm seeking to unlock the engrams and a little bit of loot would also be great but mostly the engrams. I'm available thurs,sat most all day. Looking to join a fight soon. Xbox pve please let me know what you guys have