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  1. no titanosaur is above level 1 i think... maybe if you level it up with god console it will bug out...
  2. oh i see... so the only thing left for me is to tame a tuso and build a base on my titanosaur and im done then hahaha
  3. yeah... its true, when you already high level and done everything... the game become boring... the only sensible thing is to do cave runs... like the cavern of lost hope i guess? i never entered it though... or does it even exist(?)
  4. you should try to knock it out using cannon instead... its cheaper and much more effective... and the titanosaur have to be able to move (rotating doesnt count) in order for it to take torpor
  5. yes i've done that... its really frustrating... i think alpha mosa was the rarest sea creature on ark and yet after hours of searching, 4 alpha mosa and 0 tuso whatsoever... and i've seen a video of somebody tamed one... its on youtube
  6. hey.. have you found any tuso yet??? i've found 4 alpha mosa and still no tuso at all... where do you could even find it? im sure its the edges of the map right?
  7. so i guess what you mean is sometimes the titan stopped for a second right? and then you shoot it on the head, if the titan shakes its head after you shoot it on its head then yes, it gains torpor, but running away only means it cannot attack you and it runs away when it cant attack you. And be patience when taming a titan, you dont need to barrage dozens of cannonballs or rocket... it loses torpor pretty slowly (in my case i even managed to grab another batch or cannonballs because i ran out of it). make sure you get a accurate hit only to its head
  8. if i translate this correctly. i use cannon and need around 50-60 cannonballs, that include miss shots too. In the wiki i should only need 21 cannonballs for a titan level 1, but i made more instead because i know i will miss a lot of shots. The titan will make a different animation when it get a torpor hit, i guess something like shaking its head, i dont really remember how it is though. Since you keep killing one, maybe when trying to knock out one, check its health too. But killing a titan isnt bad anyways... you get a lot of xp and get to level up quickly
  9. maybe swamp cave instead... the creature there is more manageable... and with intense focus, watch ad for 2x xp and before heading out get a dossier, i get around 1.2 million xp... from level 84 to 92 in an instant... but that include tributing it to the obelisk...
  10. you have to shoot it exactly on its head, or face... and it have to be moving, if its stuck on something, it wont gain any torpor... btw you play on mobile? here to cheer you up a bit... to show you that its possible to tame one... and i do it solo...
  11. i've seen in youtube videos that rpg is okay... but i dont use rpg... its expensive and has durability... try cannon on a quetzal instead maybe?
  12. yeah... it has to move in order to inflict torpor for it... and use cannon for even faster result than rpg or catapult... and hit it on its face... other body part will only inflict damage for the titan
  13. yeah... the reward is fixed then... i also got the apprentice titan saddle too... finally i got to use the titan hahaha
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