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  1. Greetings Survivors. Today we took action on a large tribe that was blatantly violating the Code of Conduct by raiding other tribes through the mesh. This tribe was wiped, and its members banned. Please remember that any violation is subject to tribe wipes, account bans, or both. Severe violations like the one above will receive no warnings. Additionally, toxic behavior will be punished without warning, going forward. This includes any racist, sexist, abusive, or otherwise discriminatory language in Global Chat. We understand that this is a competitive game, and blood can run hot. Trash talking is part of the experience. Keep in mind that this can be done without being offensive. For those who celebrate, have a wonderful holiday season. Fight well, play fair, and know that we're always watching. - Conquest Enforcement Team
  2. Greetings Survivors. Please be aware that attacking through the mesh with dinos, including Titans, is a violation of the Code of Conduct. This type of intentional exploiting goes against the nature of the game, and cannot be considered fair play. We have taken action against this behavior already, and will continue to do so when we see evidence of it occurring. Have fun and play fair.
  3. Greetings Survivors! As you may have seen from this post, the new Conquest cluster will be launching November 17 at 10am PST. Please visit that post for all of the details! Additionally, if you are a tribe leader on Conquest, and would like to join the Conquest Enforcement Discord server, please fill out the form here. Please keep in mind that you must be the leader of the tribe to apply for this server. We encourage all tribe leaders on Conquest to join this server. Fight well!
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