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  1. yea they sometimes spqn when my shoulder pet runs out of light and i dont notice it. However i just have a megalo on attck my target inside my base so it cleans up pretty well in the time it takes me to get a second pet or recharge the one i have on.
  2. Awesome I'll give some stuff a try. Planted some plants around the Outside of my gates and will put light pots around some corners. It's not too bad but every now and then they just pop out of nowhere.
  3. Oh really? I would need a few plant z growing around then? Inside and out?
  4. So I was planning to make a base in the blue biome and noticed that nameless spawn on top of my foundations. What's the best way to combat nameless spawn apart from having a pet on my shoulder 24/7. Am I able to possibly have light pets in cages and certain intervals?
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