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  1. Xocaj

    Àrk mobile pvx

    Hi people just wanna say that I have a couple of problems with ark mobile manly with the new pvx .first problem is the amount of people allowed on I know that the game needs to make money so they have primal pass but considering at the moment there’s only one pvx server for each region that doesn’t require primal pass I think it needs a higher limit of people not 50 .second the free amber I can’t of been the only one that notice the increase of time for the free 2 Amber it used to be 5mins and is now 15mins yet again I know this is to do with getting money but before the change it would take 25mins to get 10 amber 50mins to get 20 Witch I found fare as most things cost about 20 amber but with this increased time it now takes an hour and a half to get just 10 amber 3 hours to get 20 witch I find annoying I think that rather you need to get 9 amber for 15mins or make things cheaper in the shop people will enjoy the game more .last of all for now at least is on pvx i find it hard to build a base because it will tell me that I have reached the build limit when I haven’t even come close I don’t know if anyone else has this problem but I find it rather annoying if you have the same problems/thoughts let me know
  2. Xocaj

    Admin Commands for Mobile?

    I wouldn’t mind having some of theses thing in the mobile version of the game. I think it could make the game that much more fun