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  1. More info on this: I uninstalled the entire game and all the expansions then reinstalled just vanilla Ark and it also crashes at the splash screen. Interestingly it installed in about 30 sec which tells me that it doesn't fully uninstall. There must be a ton of stuff that it left in place so that the install re-used a bunch of data. With the short install I wasn't surprised that it still didn't work. I then took a laptop we have in the house and installed the game there. The server ran just fine. We went through each expansion and checked that the server would still run and got through everything and it works. My gaming machine still can't run it so I still need to get that sorted out, but it does work with a clean install on another computer. So at this point I guess what I need to figure out is how to completely blow away the game on my machine so that it really does install it from scratch.
  2. Xbox game pass Win10 won't run My son and I have been running Ark together for ages. He has an Xbox and I have a PC. Usually my PC is just running a server for him and his friends but I've played it as well. When Genesis came out we bought the game pass, as usual, and it installed and runs on his Xbox but my PC version won't run. It download and installed but when I run it there's a splash screen for a few seconds then it just vanishes. No error messages. No pop up windows. We've hunted for a solution for this and came up with nothing. Eventually we saw the minimum requirements were beyond what my PCs graphics card can handle. So I bought a new card hoping that would resolve the issue. Nope. So $35 game + $300 graphics card and it still doesn't work. Every time a new update is released we have to jump through so many hoops it's insane but we've always managed to get it working eventually. But this has been broken for months with no updates. Any ideas?
  3. This is exactly what I have as well. I get the splash screen when I launch the game then it just disappears.
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