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  1. This is exactly what I have as well. I get the splash screen when I launch the game then it just disappears.
  2. We haven't bought more than one copy. I just assumed that, like every other program I've every used (games included), that when you install it on the PC it's available for every user. If I go to the Microsoft store it does have an "Install" button and not a "Buy" button, which implies that I shouldn't need to purchase it again, but I don't want to actually install it more than once. Eat up drive space for the exact same game? " If you wish to run a separate instance of the world on dedicated servers, you will need to setup a new world. Just the same way you did when you made the first dedicated server. If you want them to be able to run together, you will need to make sure that they use different ports. " I don't really follow here. Is there a way to use one dedicated server and switch (easily) between worlds? Or are you talking about running the same map on two different server instances?
  3. My son uses my PC as a dedicated server. Currently the world he plays with his friends is on my Windows 10 account. If he wants to create another world for just him he should be able to use another windows user account, correct? We tried it (using my wife's account since he'll be playing on his) and I can't even find Ark to run it on my wife's windows account. Where is the executable on Windows 10? Will the game not allow me to run it from her account for some reason? Does Ark not allow the executable to be shared by all users on a PC? To be clear: We are not trying to run the game twice on the same PC. We just want to use another windows user so he can have a separate world to play in by himself. (Why they don't allow you to load different maps into the dedicated server is a whole other issue.)
  4. I'm currently using a PC as a dedicated server for a handful of Xbox1 people. Can I build a PG Ark on the server and then use it with my Xbox1? I was able to create the map on my PC. But when I run it as a dedicated server map and try to connect with my Xbox1 it kicks me back out to the menu.
  5. I am seeing this problem as well. It ran for a few days and then showed the same crashing problem: It dies during load and then seems to corrupt the graphics device. (No other game will work, visually, after this happens until I power cycle my system.) I deleted the save and made a new one, and it worked for a few days before it did the same thing again. Is there still no solution? Is there any information from the devs about this problem?
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