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  1. I just wandering when the God Console is available on IOS. It's a lifetime when we purchase it or every month we need to pay. And also it is still there when we want to reset our single player progress ? Or reinstalling the game ? or reset the phone that can delete all the related files. I wanna make sure because for me 15 bucks is a lot of money to spend on game like this. @WarDrumBecca @WarDrumJordan @WarDrumKeys
  2. I already did this like a million times. It's just always white screen then boom close. i'm so annoy to do it everytime then always the same results.
  3. oh i see. Can i ask it's the same issue that you encounter on mine ?
  4. So there's no solution in here ?
  5. outside on the swamp cave with my direwolf
  6. always i restarted also my phone, then do the turn off wifi and do the airplaine mode when opening it.Nothings work Also i'm using iphone8 so i think the phone's not an issue.
  7. I encounter on single player when i open my game then appear to white screen after loading then crash but on online it's perfectly working. Is there anyone knows how to fix it?
  8. XiaoSui

    God Console

    agree to this. Ark with cheat was not fun at all. All the excitement in game was easily gone being on a survival island you need to do everything to survive that's how survival game works, but with this cheat?! nuh you just kill the fun fact of the game. What's all the grind ? Taming process ? It's all gone with this cheat.
  9. The scenario is the game was easy to cheat that's why "hey our game was cheatable, why we allow in it and make them pay for it! " duh there's a bunch of cheat on youtube that comes up, this god mode was nonsense.I'm saying it but i'm not use any of it. The game was fun. Really really fun. The grind and taming of dino was amazing and need to spend more time but the God Mode cheats that need to spend real money even though you're on single player mode was awful. They need to solve first the game to be uncheatable to any kind of hacks to make this God mode really really worth.
  10. XiaoSui

    God Console

    They don't feel anymore the pain to grind for materials and stuff haist and also on taming monstrous dino like giga and titan even the underwater creature
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