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  1. There hasn't been a real dinosaur added in any paid dlc by wildcard, both the deinonychus and tropeognathus each a year apart and from free dlcs. The last dinosaur added to the game that hasnt been from a dlc was in 2017. I don't know if calling it a mostly dinosaur game is right at the current stage we are at. Ark was always advertised as a dinosaur game by Wildcard to pull in players that liked that genre but it was quickly forgotten with their dlcs. I personally really like the tek and sci-fi of ark, but also the primitive. But saying it is mostly a dinosaur game is kind of wrong. But I wil
  2. Uhh, I don't know if anyone else noticed am I'm just late to the party but the plants that have been shown in the background of the recent reveals(specifically the canoe and ammo box). If you look at the Gen 2 teaser trailer they are super abundant on the ground under the shadowmane near 1:11
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