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  1. Yeah, it would seem. Wiki could use an update on that.
  2. Wiki says: ARK: Eggcellent Adventure: The DodoRex can be summoned and claimed at a cooking pot using 600 × Bunny Egg. It's also available for the thanksgiving event, using the wishbones. From what's being discussed on discord, it was around for the earlier Easter events, but has since been disabled. Bunny suits, I guess...
  3. Popped onto discord, and got no answers. On official servers, I see all the Easter engrams in the cooking pot, except for the dodorex summon. Did they change this?
  4. The patch that just dropped, messed up the xp multiplier. It's supposed to be 4.5x on Smalls. It's not... It used to be 2x (still wrong) before this latest patch, now it's 1.75x Seems the harvesting is also truncated...
  5. That's not solution. Not even in the same ballpark. Start hardware banning. Most of these turds are either too stupid, or too lazy to spoof their hardware. Maybe with this newest patch we'll get a small break while the little turds are too afraid to use their cheat software until it's updated or confirmed to still be undetected. Wildcard carries a lot of the responsibility here...
  6. Title says it all. The amount of cheating has utterly exploded on official servers this month. Far beyond what it was in the past... Between the ESPing, aimbotting, and duping this game is getting beyond unplayable in multiplayer PvP. It doesn't help that a good portion of these cheaters are exploiting naming conventions so they appear to have no name, confounding reports. What the heck are you doing about it Wildcard? Are you going to just let what remains of this game burn and slide into a big pile of steaming crap? It sure seems like it. Your inaction and silence is not encouraging, and sales of your next game are going to suffer because of it.
  7. I think one of the developers must have over looked a 10x multiplier when they re-skinned/updated the genesis missions for the gen2 launch. The menu and status timers all got new fonts/layout, and the leaderboard is no longer integrated in the mission description (it's a separate tab now). "poop happens". Especially on a big update to the game like a new expansion. "Wildcard poop happens" when they don't care enough to address or comment on the issue. They left us hanging, and should be ashamed of themselves. It's broken, and they screwed up. Nobody at Wildcard is willing to step up and say it (big surprise). The hexagon reward currency is too low for the effort. Even in the new Gen2 missions. The price in the hexagon shop for items needs to be reduced by a factor of 10, or the rewards need to be brought back up to their original levels. As well, the developers need to reexamine the reward rate vs time spent for the Gen 2 missions. I expect it will be silently corrected in a patch, and they will pretend it never happened. If it doesn't, then Wildcard needs to start cleaning house, and replace the people working on this game. They have no clue about things like gaming theory, or balance.
  8. Wave Ray Alpha on repeat gives 123 hexagons atm. 123... At that reward rate it would take 17 laps to buy a single piece of element. lol I can't imagine this is intentional. If it is, then yikes...
  9. I should have said only 12 for Small Tribes, but still... That's pathetically low.
  10. Ark II needs this. Heck, it should be introduced into the original Ark as well. Players hide behind generic/default names, making it difficult to report them. Tribe names also need some naming enforcement. Blank names are rampant among cheaters. Lets get some proper naming conventions/rules in place. As it is now, hordes of cheaters hide behind the generic default "Human" name. Confident, customer service reports of abuse go into the "oh well", pile.
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