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  1. Toxic187

    Flags and canvas

    Is there a way to upload images on a non steam Ark survival account? I've seen some done on my (unofficial)server while on the xbox and PC (Flags). I looked it up and it's always "Steam/steamapps/common/ARK/ShooterGame/Saved/MyPaintings/" I do not have an ARK extension after the "Steam/steamapps/common/" so I can not do the .pnt files and I play on the Xbox/PC unofficial servers. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  2. Toxic187

    A unique problem.

    Yes, i tried all of these. And the problem persist. I've tried this. Killing the character and then making a new doesn't solve the problem. It still crashes when i try to use the ob. I think it has something to do with my account on Xbox. Because when i log into my other account, it works just fine.
  3. Toxic187

    A unique problem.

    Tried that. It still crashes the game. Because I still have a character on each server. I need a way to wipe my character completely from the server maybe?
  4. Toxic187

    A unique problem.

    So, this problem happened a while back and i've just been living with it, but i didn't realize its severity until recently. I play on a cluster server. Rag/Center. And one day I used my transmitter to move from Rag to Center and then finished playing and logged out. Well, a roll back happened on the Rag server, and the next time i tried to log in, i had the same character on both Rag and Center. I didn't understand how big of a problem this was until I went to use an Ob for a boss fight. Everytime I access an Ob, Drop, or Transmitter the game crashes on me. If i were just trying to switch servers it wasn't a problem, i simply log onto the other server. But I'm now realizing I can not transfer dinos, I can't run boss fights, or transfer servers. I put a ticket into Wild card but they are busy and slow to respond. Does anyone have any idea how to fix this problem? Its the same on both servers. I crash the game any time I try to use one of these things.
  5. Toxic187

    Player ID Question

    Ok, so I'm an admin on a unofficial server and i was looking at the players on the server using ShowMyAdminManager, and i noticed 1 of my players had a 7 digit id code when everyone else is 9 digits. Is this something I need to take action against? I.e. someone hacking or doing something they aren't supposed to? Or is this explainable?