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  1. To add to this, start all the exp buffs you can before completing the quest.
  2. docredduke10

    Green dye

    Some colors use the exact same ingredients, but in different proportions. So you need to follow the recipe exactly.
  3. I think they have to have a foundation below them. Check to see.
  4. There should be a foundation below it to blow up.
  5. docredduke10


    Did they tell you the ban was from having exploited tames?
  6. docredduke10


    Because it is so hard for the moderators to monitor every server for players who use exploited tames and participate in undermeshing, there is a zero tolerance for these behaviors. Any person using an exploit will get their whole tribe banned if the exploit is documented and reported. It may take them some time, but they are real thorough.
  7. What type of server are you on?
  8. @ScorpiousI don't think that Mobile has a forum wide trade market. You would probably need to start a Discord channel for your server and invite players from your server to it.
  9. What device you using?
  10. On official multiplayer servers, each person can have 12 tames. So 6 players in a tribe x 12 = 72 tames. Primal Pass gives you 50% more. 72 x .5 = 36. 36 + 72 = 108 max tames per tribe if all 6 players subscribe to Primal Pass. As far as being able to play in a populated server, I can tell you that if I go near a large base with lots of tames, my game will always crash.
  11. Bro, I have been playing on a PvE and PvX hard servers for over 6 months and I have max tames that are stuck on level 450. Stop the trolling.
  12. On ARK Mobile Official Hard Servers, the max tame level is 450. Anything above that gets erased at server maintenance.
  13. I have been continuing to breed sabers and learning. For your breeding stock and to get the best stats, tame level 300 dinos if possible. For most dinos, you want to maximize health and damage, but there are other stats you may want high also. So keep and breed those until you have a dino with all the max stats. You need to convert the just tamed dinos stats into levels. I use Dododex for this. It is good to use levels to build your "ideal" dino. Use a pool of 380 levels and place them in the dinos stats like you would if you could just program the dino into ARK. Post hatch/tame levels increase more than pre hatch/tame levels for most dinos, that is why you use 380 levels. 380 + 70 max post tame levels = 450 max total level. Some of the stats you will want low and the only way you can work these in to your breeding stock is to tame lower level dinos to breed with your max level breeding stock. My experience is that the lower level dino has to at least be 1/2 the level of your higher level breeding stock to get any of the higher level stats. So, you cannot breed your 450 level max breeder with a level 15 dino in order to try and get a low movement speed stat. That means looking for a dino between levels 150-160 to tame with max effectivness, in order to get a dino at 225-240 level. You will find that this is your sweet spot as far as getting really good dinos to sell and use, because even if you get a dino without the max stat in health, it only takes 10 or so post tame levels to get it there. If you get lucky and get the perfect dino in a set of opposite gender twins, you can clone it as needed, lol.
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